Carmilla | S3 E26 “Objects in the Rearview Mirror”

Carmilla | S3 E26 “Objects in the Rearview Mirror”

[‘Love Will Have It’s Sacrifices’ Theme] I know he’s an awful old man, but… I could barely do it before, and that was when he was about to kill Carmilla. We can’t afford to be squeamish. This universe is only a temporary pocket, generated with what little remains of the Library’s strength after all the attacks by The Dean. If you can’t find the heart by the time it dissipates, our entire world will be lost. If it helps, his existence won’t extend beyond the life of the pocket either way. I’m not sure that helps. So you’re saying that me, and everyone I know, are temporary manifestations, contingent on the alterations you and the Library made to the extant casuality? [awkward] Cool. All you had to change was me getting fed to the Anglerfish? It was the best point at which to reconfigure reality. Because none of last semester happened. The Dean isn’t loose and all of those people are still alive… But only temporarily. You can’t afford to let might-have-beens distract you from our cause. Yeah. Well, I can’t help you so much on the ethics, but if you want access to the Baron, I think I have an in. This had better be an emergency. Dean Morgan has a very busy day tomorrow. It’s totally an emergency. Laura’s back, and she needs our help. Hey Per. No. no, no, no, no. Laura is dead. So whatever freakish experiment you’ve performed to make me hallucinate her here, well, is just in poor taste. I didn’t make you hallucinate the giant mushrooms. You inhaled spores and helped burn down the theatre building. Deal. I am dealing. I have an excellent job with the Administration, in spite of my regrettable associations with individuals who blame campus tragedies on vampires. No. Laura is dead. I know this to be true because I organized a very tasteful memorial. If Laura weren’t dead, it would mean that – You’re elaborate world of denial would collapse? It would mean that it isn’t over. That the very dangerous people – who killed those girls, well, they might start looking at us again. Perry. Look. I know what happened was terrifying and I understand just wanting to stay safe – but, we need your help. You’re so much smarter and braver than you know, trust me. You always were so inspirational. Which is how you got yourself killed. And you will not be getting me killed. Perr-. Now don’t contact me again, Su – LaFontaine. And, remember to change out your HEPA-filters. There’s a lot of dust in the Library. Sorry. She’s been like that for a while. I guess I thought maybe seeing you again… She’s so scared. Everyone is. Ever since The Board arrived it’s like… something coming. So, whaddya want to try next? [Knocks] [Opens door] Hallway. [Knocks] [Opens door] Hallway. [Knocks] [Opens Door] Hallway. Anything? So the Library’s not moving or dropping books on us – I think it’s dead. Well, it’s not the only thing that’s about to be. I told you NOT to bring Mother here. And what did you do? Now Laura’s gone, and you’re saying there’s a chance that we might not get her back? I’m sorry if there’s too many variables in “I don’t know. She just disappeared.” URGHHH! For me to form a hypothesis. Okay! Okay. Since, murdering you might be counter productive. Let’s move on. What I want is Laura back. Safe and unharmed. And while, mysteriously vanished leaves open a wide range of possibilities, I would like to exhaustively explore every last one of them even – if it means a sentient space-time anomaly has STOLEN HER AND I HAVE TO BURN IT AND ALL OF ITS DISTURBING LITTLE BOOKS TO THE GROUND IF WE DON’T GET HER BACK. Alright, let’s get started before I get irrational. I’ll go get the books. What about Danny? Locked up after what she did to the Zetas after the whole “Kirsch murdered you” thing. Which also rules out Kirsch. and the Zetas. There’s not many of them left. Betty is… gone. What about The Summer Society or the Newspaper Kids? Or the Alchemy Club? Summers got disbanded because of Danny. The Newspaper kids have been having some “life-expectancy issues” after they made a mistake in a profile on the Dean. And… since the mushroom thing, the Alchemy guys have been less helpful geeks and more roving fungus zombies. But, all of last semester’s badness was averted here. No rising demigod, no ill-advised coup. I mean, there has to be someone left standing. Oh no! Quick, frosh we gotta hide! Wait! Carmilla? No. No-no-no-no-no. You’re not here. You’re not here. You’re not here. Oh! For the love of – Carmilla, cherie, if Maman finds out you’re hiding out muttering in the Library again, she will be seriously displeased.

100 thoughts on “Carmilla | S3 E26 “Objects in the Rearview Mirror”

  1. carmilla´s little breakdown tho. have we ever seen her so… shouty? her style's usually cold rage and nihilistic mayhem.

  2. Love the carmilla season 1 look again 🙂 and it's so good to see the old perry again ahh still can't believe these are the last episodes I don't want it to end this web series is everything 🙁

  3. 've just realized that I miss so much Perry but I had to admited that Annie playing the cynical Dean i fucking awesome

  4. YESSS TO THAT 'SCREAMING AT THE LIBRARY' SCENE. That was so beautiful. And I loved the captions with it, just brought it all together.

  5. why is the,solution to everything is to burn it
    theater building burn down 2 times
    Carmilla solution to kill the dean knife,poison, fire
    get Laura back threatened to burn the library down
    what's up with black tell me please cause I need to know the answer.

  6. Me: "LaF's gonna say cool, any sec-Called it!" I love LaF, so much. We're both NB and even have a similar haircut. They're my favorite, even though I love all of them.

  7. What I don't get I'd how Carmilla and Mattie didn't see Laura behind the chair hiding, I mean her head was literally out in the open?????

  8. HOLY MOTHER OF ALTERNATIVE REALITY!!!!!!! So, we have 2 Carmilla one is loosing it because Laura dissapeared to what she rightfully assumed an alternate reality and the other went insane after Laura was killed interesting and seeing Mattie alive and sassy is rinvigorating for me jajajajaja xD Cool ep tyvm.

  9. 1:18 Oh, Perry…. :'( I'm so sorry. Seeing Laura alive again obviously caused another big shock for her… And can we just talk about Annie's acting here? That was really well done!

  10. "So you're saying that me, and everyone I know, are temporary manifestations, contingent on the alterations you and the Library made to the extant causality?" …That's all, huh? Ok then

  11. I just love it when Carm is angry cause Laura isnt there.It like being on your period and your craving sweets but have none.

  12. Im gonna miss this show that i've been binge watching for the last week! lol
    It might sound ridiculous but there are no shows at all like this for the lgbt ppl and specially for women who like women
    HUGE THANK YOU to Kinda TV for making this happen

  13. I though my heart died in the last ep… But this… sigh idk anymore 😢 Carmilla you adorable, stoic, head over heels in love with Laura

  14. I love how Carmilla seems to have like three modes.

    Total kitten in love and making heart eyes at Laura
    Murder kitten freaking out over the possibility of losing Laura.
    This broody air of doom, gloom and snark and lack of care she puts out into the world about 70% of the time.

    Now mode 2 has been fully activated. She's usually the one calming Laura down and reassuring her when Laura thinks she's doing everything wrong in her single-minded determination to save the world and help everyone.

    But have her lose Laura and she looks ready to burn down the world to save her. It's glorious.

  15. what i do not understand is why you would give a video or music music clip, a dislike. i mean okay you don't like it obviously but why show that to the rest of the world? i just don't get that tho

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