Casts : Yuri should just focus on drama [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.17]

Casts : Yuri should just focus on drama [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.02.17]

(I’ll show you now) (First equipment: Glasses) – Equipment. / – I can’t see very well. Right, your vision isn’t great. (Too serious for putting on eyeglasses) (Second equipment: Gloves) (First place is mine) First place is mine. Today’s dish is spicy garlic fried chicken. Spicy garlic fried chicken? I got my name engraved. – Oh, Yuri. / – Yuri. – She got her name engraved. / – They do that? Chef Yeo Gyeongrae, I got my name engraved. (Hehehe) It’s with boneless chicken, so I should cut it into bite size. Chop them up. This Chinese cleaver knife is so… It feels different with a Chinese cleaver knife. I should marinate this. Ginger, sugar, soy sauce and rice wine. One spoon of chili oil. Use flavored salt. This is spicy salt. I’ve never seen that before. It’s my first time too. There are so many kinds of salt. Depending on the kind of salt, the taste changes. Lemon flavored salt. Smoky flavored salt. (A bit of pepper) (Marinade for chicken is ready) This will do. (Mixing well) Massage the flavors into the meat. The batter. (Cover every piece) It’s done. (Into the oil) (First stage of deep-frying is finished) (They already look great!) Chef Yeo Gyeongrae told me to break them up, to get the air out. Chef Yeo gave me that tip. Break them and fry them three times. That would make them crispy. Restaurant kitchens have bigger stoves, so they only need to fry twice. But at home the stoves are smaller, so you should fry them three times. (Ready) I’m going to stir-fry them. (It’s time to make the actual dish) (Let’s get ready) There’s no popping sound. (You can see her training worked) She has amazing knife skills. She is good. The knife is so big that I can get all of it at once. Drizzle some soybean oil. Chili oil. Minced garlic, minced ginger. – Green onion and majiao. / – Majiao? And syrup, Vietnamese chili. That’s like mala. – It is mala. / – Right, it’s mala. (So refreshing) It smells refreshing. Different chili peppers and green onion oil. Oh, I should be in heels. She’s on her toes. Add them in. Are we going to see some wok work? (Excited) (Getting started) Good job! She’s good. (Thank you, Chef Yeo Gyeongrae) (But this isn’t over yet) Will this catch fire? Will this catch fire? (Do the flame show at home?) She wants to do that with a portable stove? (A bit nervous) (Well?) Light it up. Let’s go. (Fire!) (Don’t try this at home) (Yuri’s the best) (Yuri’s exciting achievement) – It was a small flame. / – That’s amazing, Yuri! – Yuri, that’s so cool. / – A tiny flame. It’s my home. (It was only brief) (But she was able to add some smokiness) (Proud) This might turn into a flame show match. The competition is fierce. Isn’t that above using a torch? It is. (Sea of flames) Just finish this week’s show and try to focus on doing dramas. (Nip the bud before it grows) I want to play a chef one day through this. He wants you gone because you’re good. Junghyun, you seem to like what I said, am I wrong? I’m loving it. (A rare sight / Fun-chefs uniting) (Sichuan-style spicy garlic fried chicken) That looks good. (How does it taste?) Frying them three times made them crispy. – This tastes very unusual. / – How is it? That looks great. It’s Sichuan style, but it’s crispy inside. It tastes like spicy garlic chicken but in Korean-Sichuan style. (Anyway, it’s delicious) I’m going with this. I’m going to enter this. But… When it’s hot, it’s delicious, but now that it’s gotten a bit cold… Should I warm them up? She put it in the microwave. My biggest concern was how food tastes bad when it gets cold. I thought about that a lot. You knew the purpose of this show and worked on it. You have to freeze them and reheat them. No one has tried that yet. They turned a little soggy. (Crispiness is the key for this dish…) I should look for something crispy. What’s crispy? When you microwave it, it turns soggy because of the batter. (Extreme crispiness / Crusty rice) You have so much food at home, so you know how to improve the dish. Oh, it’s crusty rice burger? (Crunchy, crispy) The sound is… (Crusty rice and spicy fried chicken go well) It’s crunchy. But crusty rice might scrape the roof of my mouth. People with bad teeth – won’t like crusty rice. / – We couldn’t eat that. (Crusty rice is out) (Garlic flakes and cereal combination) (Serious) That could be sweet and savory. Cereal is flavored. It could be sweet and savory. (She is smiling) This is far more crispy. This will make up for the sogginess. (Load the spicy fried chicken with the crispy topping) Guess what? – You have to dig the chicken out. / – Guess what? They don’t have that, do they? They don’t. No. That one’s interesting. (Yuri is pretty good) So no one can tell what it is. (Yuri’s spicy fried chicken with added crispiness) Ta-da. – The end. / – That’s a good one. That looks crispy.

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  1. Wow she is a genius. She not only looks at the taste but also considers about the condition of people who is going to eat it (like when considered if people with weak teeth may struggle chewing). Impressive

  2. She looks so cute with a ponytail and glasses ,while in dramas she can look either beautiful or sexy so in other words she is amazing 😍😍😍😍

  3. Yuri looked so stunning on this podium with others on the show. His looks here is perfect. The hair down to what she is wearing.

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