Chance The Rapper Debuts A New Song

Chance The Rapper Debuts A New Song

100 thoughts on “Chance The Rapper Debuts A New Song


  2. Does anyone have the link to this song's performance at the Obama function? or even Chance's whole performance at that event?

  3. bruh i don’t know why people want it to drop cause he literally says “the day is on its way” (The Big Day) this was a track to feed us while we wait

  4. This track could have saved Big Day, just a little. Or this song's entire theme on Big Day would have helped, alot.
    Alas 💔

  5. this song opening the new album would have been perfect (especially with that hook). seems like a missed opportunity

  6. I want him to drop this as a single, and not a studio version or anything, literally just copy the audio from this video and drop that, CHANNO COME ONE MAN

  7. This is what the Big Day could have been. I've been following Chano since 10 Day, and this shows hes the same amazing artist as when he was 16 and 18. He's capable of creating amazing art. It's so sad the debut album was so poor when this is what he is capable of

  8. There are a lot of great tracks on The Big Day, still this song would have improved the album. (some tracks on TBD are not worth remembering imo)

  9. I so enjoy this song…it is beautiful, honest and soulful…it fills my heart with joy and tears. L'chaim from Jacova, Jerusalem, Jesus….

  10. Always find my way back to this video, to hear this song ( especially since it’s the only place I can find it) and took me almost 3,4 viewings before I realized the performance goes through the night into sunrise and finally light as the day approaches and is finally there… beautiful

  11. This shouldn’t be a song because this was a moment where chance takes music to political viewers . It not controversial or shades America. It shows you should always see the good in your life and focus on your dream on what you wanna do. He speaks on the “American Dream” or every persons American Dream what they want. You just got to put the work in day by day. It’s a beautiful song I cried , with the sound of the guitar itself felt spiritual but I think it couldn’t fit into an album because it was a wake up call for America

  12. Immediately thought about this song after the owbum came out. The big day is not great and it’s awesome. He showed his vulnerability in this song and I’m so happy to see a happy chance the rapper. The last thing we need is another artist suffering from depression and other mental issues due to the fame.

  13. Chance the rapper and Daniel this is a message to all people all nation and all tongue ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Hey! Coming back to this video I just realized it's those guys from thirdstory backing and one of them even playing the guitar!

  15. For all you guys that, like me, are bummed this isn't on Spotify – you can download it and import it to your account. I'm pretty sure you can edit out Colbert's intro too 🙂

  16. This would have been a perfect intro to the big day. It’s a blend of old chance and new chance and he literally talks about the day coming

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