Charlie Hunnam Got a Master Class in Acting from Hugh Grant in The Gentlemen

-Let’s talk about
“The Gentlemen.” Here we go. This is
gonna be a giant movie. [ Cheers and applause ] You, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant,
directed by Guy Ritchie. -Yes, indeed.
-It’s an action movie. It’s funny. It’s everything you want
in a big blockbuster movie. What was it like
working with those guys, Matthew and Hugh?
-Fantastic. I was — I mean, Matthew and I
had a long period of time to work together, so I got
to know him pretty well. And he’s just every bit
as weird and wonderful and wacky and lovely
as you’d imagine. -Yeah.
-Hugh, honestly, I didn’t know what to think,
you know, coming in. I thought it could go
one of two ways. I was prepared for either,
and he just was a treat. -He was.
-He really is. We spent four days together.
4 1/2 days together. He had 45 pages
of dialogue to deliver. And, you know,
he just put on a clinic. But it was strange ’cause,
you know, it’s Hugh Grant. You think he’s — You know,
he’s a giant movie star and been doing this a long time. Came in very, very nervous,
and I guess he does a lot of homework, you know,
and really relies on this sort of Bible of notes
that he creates. And I guess the night before,
his car had been broken into and his bag had been stolen,
and all of his notes were gone. So he had these 45 pages
of dialogue to deliver and no cheat sheet. But I got to say —
You’ll see the movie. I think he’s extraordinary.
-He’s unbelievable in the movie. -Right?
-Yeah. -But of course
that would happen to Hugh Grant. -Yeah, right.
-He’s been on the show. Now and then,
he’s a little grumpy. You know, he’s very —
-Oh, he’s a curmudgeon. -Yeah, he really —
And so for that to happen to him,
you got to be kidding me. -Yeah.
-I’m not laughing at him. -He was very nice.
But I got to say, I don’t know if I’ve ever been
as impressed being on the receiving end of — you know, being opposite
an actor in my whole career as I was in that four days. He’s pretty extraordinary.
-He hit a home run. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Charlie Hunnam
and Hugh Grant in “The Gentlemen.”
Take a look. -So what is that?
Is that barbecue, as well? -Yes, it is, Fletcher.
-I love a barbie. That is a useful bit
of planning, isn’t it? So that heats up you’re knees
and cooks at the same time? [ Chuckles ] You got to show me
how to get one of them. -Well, you can take it with you
if you [bleep] off now. -Ray… Is there any chance of a steak? -Yeah, all right. Got a bit of wagyu
in the freezer, as it happens. -Oh, I never had wagyu.
-Yeah, well, it’ll be wasted on you,
but it’s all I’ve got. -I’ll get it, mate.
-No, no, you’re all right. Just stay right there. Ow!
[Bleep] me! -It’s hot. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -How fun is that?
-You know, Guy Ritchie — That’s Guy Ritchie’s design.
Guy Ritchie makes those. And he’s just shamelessly
promoting his own product in his film, and now…
-That’s not true. -…seems like I’m shamelessly
promoting his product, too. But, yeah, he makes those
and is selling them now, those barbecues.
[ Laughter ] -Does he really?
-Yeah, yeah! -Guy, I want one of those.
That’s Guy, but… He’s got to send me one now for that little bit
of free advertising. -Yeah, exactly.
Right? See you at the barbecue, man. -Charlie Hunnam, everybody.

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