Cinema 4D R21 Win

Cinema 4D R21 Win

hello again everyone this Khaled back on
KKCA with a new video and today’s video is gonna be so badass because it’s the 5th
of September cinema4d r21 has just released I mean two days ago that’s no
time but if you would do so much calculations then it will be one day and
guess what my friend we’re gonna get your hands on a free perpetual license I
mean this you don’t have to pay for my friend so anyways if this is gonna work
for you then just be sure to consider donation to me on PayPal and you know
the address is gonna be down in the description and also I’m gonna be
answering a lot of comments same as last year and the previous year so it’s all
gonna be so perfect and you know if you have any kind of question that just be
sure to read this section in the comments I mean in a very description
called Q&A it’s questions and answers so before asking any questions in the
comments and just be sure to read that section okay cool
so without any further ado let’s get into the video I have not touched this
shit or whatsoever so we’re gonna do it together okay
so we’re gonna have to get your hands on this file which you have to skip two
advertisements to get to but that’s not gonna be a problem for anybody so just
go to windows click and then install cinema 4D like you would normally do
click on next and then you know just next and then next and wait for it a
little bit okay and now it has finished so just
uncheck this one then click finish just copy this file and this is just a rare
file so in case this one gets needed for it for some reason then you will surely
have it back up okay and just be sure to have this copied copy and just go here then go to your drives like files
Maxon and then just go to the car libs and just paint them paste the file just
be sure to replace the original okay go back
Synnex okay let’s see if this is a quote fuck anyways it says that anonymous
application activity just come on okay and you know you can just go here sorry
just just a second so you can just go you can turn this function of under
preferences communication anonymous application activity by selecting
disable okay so you can just go to edit preferences and then where my friend communication anonymous activity
disabled I mean it’s checked okay cool
okay so this is actually cinema 40 or 21 and it looks different because it
actually is different and it’s a lot better and it can even render as you can
see so that’s pretty cool you know cinema 4d r21 perpetual license for free
and there’s actually something you need to know because this actually works only
with Windows 10 64 bits it does not work with windows 7 or 8 even if they are
64-bit so that’s just something you have to keep in point you must update to
Windows 10 you know so anyways you know what to do some YouTube stuff like
comment share subscribe and all the goodies so yeah just be sure to consider
donation to me on PayPal if this worked for you and if it is gonna help you in
any way then you would probably want to help me to you so peace out if you want

25 thoughts on “Cinema 4D R21 Win

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  2. Thx but do you know how to fix the systematic error: "the external render is calculating an image" ?

    It really seems that there is a rendering in the background

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