Cinema 4D Tutorial – Otoy Octane Render Overview

Cinema 4D Tutorial – Otoy Octane Render Overview

100 thoughts on “Cinema 4D Tutorial – Otoy Octane Render Overview

  1. Great tutorial! Is there a way to get the astronaut model? I'm struggling to find a decent rigged model, just like that one. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. If you just need Octane for C4D and don't need the standalone version, after subscribing in Paypal you can cancel one or the other. So then it's only $10/month!

  3. This was stunning. Found out so many cool tips. Best resource on Octane! Lot's more please, please, please.

  4. oh heyyy, i think i'm following you on instagram! (unless i recognize your profile picture from somewhere else, oor i've never actually seen it before but it looks familiar. hmm…)
    edit: 0:07 says guest tutorial, so this might not be your face. haha, i'll watch more of your videos and see.

  5. Wow what an eye opening tut! I'm trying to decide which 3rd party render is best for me (2.7Ghz i7 with 16Gb RAM). With the $20/mo I think you helped me decide! Thanks!

  6. Dude. Please more tutorials. You're really great at it. I learned more watching this one video about Octane that I've learned in all the other ones combined. Really helpful, inspiring stuff. Thank you.

  7. Amazing explanation, just love your way of teaching David. BTW could you share your c4d layout to download it please?

  8. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Thanks so much! Please keep on releasing Octane tutorials, there are not enough good ones out there.

  9. Great tips about the c4D Camera Focus Object overwriting Octane's focus.
    However, I use camer morph a lot for my cam moves, and I can't seem to have Octane taking in consideration the differences in focus lenght of the two (or more) cameras.
    So I need to animate focus by hand wich is not super awesome…
    Any trick on this?
    (by the way I've learned a lot in this tutorial, thx!)

  10. This video was AWESOME. I've been wanting to learn more about how Octane compares to Modo's preview renderer, and your video was perfect. I'm so used to art directing shots in Modo and a non-real-time renderer is unusable for me. But Octane looks better for animation flickering and THAT BLOOM on the lights looks incredible. Fantastic overview!

  11. Great and smooth tutorial ! Was fun to watch.
    I always think, that you can learn a piece of software at its best, if you follow your own or someones else workflow. And as an Octane user, I'm always curious on how other guys find their ways and dig up some secrets.
    So, thank you for this 🙂

  12. Amazing tutorial! Really worthwhile watching it and super helpful the first minute info about the subscription to Otoy. Thanks guys 🙂 Greetings from Spain

  13. This was a much better intro tutorial than one I paid for! Thanks, greatly appreciated. I would pay for your series. Specifically…as inviting having a real time render is, I would appreciate learning from others how to anticipate starting design in Physical, vRay, because of ultimately long renders.
    So far I've used Octane for product shots, and like u say, art design can be awfully fast. I've found the material system lacking compared to vRay, et al, but maybe thats my lack of expertise.

  14. Can someone teach me how to install the damn program? I tried to install it, I am using the subscription btw and cinema 4d r17. And I opened cinema 4d but I don't see octane anywhere. Please help!

  15. Can I use a GTX 780 and GTX 980 together in octane? I know that SLI won't work, but I'm pretty sure that octane doesnt use SLI

  16. GAME CHANGER!! I wish I could have told this company that because of this video and all you information that I purchased this program because of you! Many thanks and I appreciate all the information!!!

  17. Thanks guy , really nice tut. BTW, what are your exact GPUs in bottom of octane render? there are two green bar I saw. Give us some reference of render performance.

  18. This one was an AMAZING tutorial…. Of course i subscribed and ill patientily wait for more Octane/c4d tutorials…. Thank you a lot for this!

  19. This is a freakin' awesome Octane Tut ^^ Fast but not too much, and just learned so much things/tips/good practices within octane! Thank you :))

  20. I never comment on videos but I had to comment on this one. Excellent tutorial, to the point and covers a lot in 36mins.

  21. Thanks so much! I have a question – and this may just be objective – but is there a reason why so many people use C4D with Octane and not Maya with Octane? I'm in a dilemma because I come from a Maya background and really want to learn Octane from the ground up. I'm not sure if I should dive in and learn C4D as well or stick with Maya…Can I please get your thoughts? I'd mainly be using this for print design, not much animation just yet.

  22. Watched this tutorial about 5 months ago and learned about the subscription. Immediately subscribed and it changed my life! Now delivering much better render work, having a blast and my clients are all smiling. Thank you for adding the subscription info into this video !!! Lovin' Octane !!!

  23. im having trouble setting up the program after subscribing. I have a mac and there are zero tutorials with recent updates.

  24. This is such a great tutorial! I've just started using Octane and this has changed my life. Thank you so much! 😀

  25. Hey i am using CARD: NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24 GB and HPz840 Workstaion with 64 Gb Ram. I am new user in Octane render.
    looking for some more tutorials

  26. Again, you're my spirit animal. Thanks for the tip on the subscription option. You just saved me a couple hundred.

  27. wtf I am blown away by this stuff… I can't even imagine spending the time on this and actually getting a full video done. How long does this shit take?!?! YEARS?!!?! I can't even fathom this it's literally insane.

  28. In order to have that workflow with the render viewer, do you have the cinema 4D+stand alone bundle?

  29. Как вы задолбали. Вы когда по русски научитесь разговаривать? Ничего же непонятно.

  30. Hello my friend. How many and what video cards were used in this tutorial? What CPU? Thank you!

  31. why does my image look great through octane live viewer but shit when i complete rendering it? My primary renderer engine is the octane renderer. It's mostly the shadows that the lights cast that look bad, they look very pixelated

  32. Bruh.
    I just got in Cinema 4D a little bit.
    I got the octane-Plugin as a present from my friend, so I wanted to use that.
    Aaaaand that is VERY much of stuff you can do there.

    Too much.


  33. Is Octane THE best renderer to use in C4D in terms of quality, speed and ease of use? Thinking of buying C4D and wondered what others thought.

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