Cinema Grade Plugin For Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & FCPX

Cinema Grade Plugin For Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & FCPX

The right video can open doors. As independent filmmakers we want to create
things that can have an effect on the world. But how do we get noticed? How can we make that powerful first impression? There are many things that define the look
of a film, but everything comes together in the color grade. As I was sitting in a cubicle one day early
in my career struggling to learn a complicated piece of grading software. A thought occurred to me… Why can’t I just reach in and touch the
image to make a change? Why isn’t there a step-by-step guided approach? Why can’t I instantly visualize different
creative looks that support the needs of the story? Why do I need to spend years trying to master
complicated tools to make my work stand out? The culmination to those ideas wouldn’t
come until 9 years later. I met Dmitry in 2014. He had similar philosophies and had experience
developing software on some of the biggest films like Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy. Together we created Color Finale and introduced
industry standard grading tools to Final Cut Pro X. It was a huge success even being featured
on the Apple website. But it was still borrowing on ideas and concepts
that were decades old. And then in 2017 Apple introduced their own
set of grading tools and it felt like the rug had been pulled out from under us. We had to make a decision. Do we give up or do we innovate? That’s when we decided to go back and look
at those early ideas. It was time to do something completely revolutionary. After 9 months of development and spending
every last penny we had we created a modern grading plugin for the independent filmmaker! It puts imagery, story and ease of use at
the forefront. It allows you to learn color grading in a
fraction of the time and easily produce images like the one’s you see in Hollywood. We all want to have that feeling of feeling
like we’re good enough, that we have what it takes. That we can do something great. We created Cinema Grade so you can make films
that you can feel proud of, films that get noticed and open doors to new possibilities. I want to invite you to take the next step
in your filmmaking journey. Just try it out! It’s FREE to try and you can start seeing
a difference in your films today! Your next film can be an epic masterpiece! Works in Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve as a plugin effect.

100 thoughts on “Cinema Grade Plugin For Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve & FCPX

  1. This video comes across as a very professional outfit.I am so impressed with the joy and dedication from the host of this video. He is going far.Keep up the good work!

  2. If people use your colors then what shall they do with their own art? If using your colors we can make world known EPIC projects as you said, then where is your own EPIC world known project?

  3. I like the concept of color finale to make the output of the video. Those are amazing for people who are enrolled in video making. Love it.

  4. This video seems to be an expert outfit.I am so awed with the delight and devotion from the host of this video. He is going far.Keep up the great work!This is marvelous yet in addition when will Windows adaptation be available?

  5. This video seems to be interesting. I'd hope for you to make a tutorial to teach us how to professionally edit videos to look as good as this.

  6. Coloring is very important in any type of photography. It is what 1st meets the eye nerve. Great job ! Thanks for info and l8ve your work.

  7. comment Nice video. i enjoyed this video all situations.
    this will make more fun. thank you for sharing.

  8. Nice app to do graphics with, hope in the future it will be compatible with windows as well, it could probably raise its popularity.

  9. i really liked the, Grade application for Premier pro Da Vinci Resolve & final Cut pro X. it is new method of film making.

  10. Wow. That makes it so much better and easier. It is also nice that you can try it free for 7 days on Mac.

  11. Apple is pretty reliable. Color grading is a must for films if you want to be successful. Good video for explaining.

  12. Realese a WINDOWS version!!!! You are loosing at least half of your potential clients!!!!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this. It will make a great viewing experience. We are looking forward to more, and how we can use it

  14. Hey bro, how long is the trial? And are there in watermarks or restrictions with the trial. I’m gonna buy it but I just wanted a full test drive

  15. Great techniques and great explanation, this is really interesting stuff. I am going to look into this a lot more and I have subscribed for other new videos. Good work!

  16. So I was about to purchase this today and then noticed there was a trial version so I thought, why not? Since downloading and installing I’ve had a bit of a play but noticed I didn’t see all the stuff accessible I saw on a couple of vids I’d previewed prior to trying it. Where are the scopes and some other important tools to do a proper grade? I checked back to the website where it said ‘full version’ for the trial for 7 days but I must be missing something as I don’t seem to have the scopes or some other features, at least not that I can find? Also, I can’t find a way to move the transport from one part of a scene to another while in the grade. That’s important to see how it’s going to affect the entirety of the clip rather than just one moment in it. Please, some advice?

  17. Stumbled upon Cinema Grade. Got really excited. Immediately went to the website to buy it. "Mac only". Closed window 🤷‍♂️

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