Cinema Lens on a $600 Mirrorless Camera = EPIC Cinematic Canon M50 ??

100 thoughts on “Cinema Lens on a $600 Mirrorless Camera = EPIC Cinematic Canon M50 ??

  1. I don't know what exactly is going on at this point, but hey, who am I to judge. 7:36 to be honest these shots actually looks good.

  2. Saw your channel again, wow. The last time I was on your channel is your latest video with the giveaway and that was the first video of you that I watched. Like I said there I saw your channel because I'm looking for cameras to start my channel and camera reviews on what I should get. I entered the giveaway and I'm hoping that I get picked it would be helpful for me❤

  3. Hey Potato, How did you reach here? How did you start and reach up to buying Arri Alexa? Make a video about it or maybe just tell me in the comments. Would really love to know. Thanks.

  4. what I learnt from this video? that you can buy a 10k tripod.. that's basically my budget for my Mini Ursa G2 rig (minus lenses), oh and it's not even gold plated shrug

  5. Instead of making people realize that a $600 camera can do amazing video, you have made everyone sell their cars for a cine lens. 😀

  6. I think it misses the point. If you're spending this much money on accessories, there's no point saving on the camera body.
    Ofc glasses have a greater impact on image quality, everyone knows that. Anyhow, good experiment.

  7. person who looked at cinema camera prices: "why are camera loadouts for hollywood films like 200,000$ when the cameras are only 40k?"

    Potato Jet: "let me explain"

  8. Not sure if it was the lens or the camera, but I noticed some chromatic aberration sometimes, especially on the shots with Chris dancing.

  9. This video kind of proves that glass > camera body any time. Investing in great glass is never a bad idea! (maybe not these cinema lenses but you know what I mean xd)

  10. Yo the arri Alexa I've been looking at it and would for sure love to see your reaction to it but personaly on my honest opinion just as a viewer never will own a camera above $200 lol but my opinion is that the arri Alexa is one of the best cinema dramatic scene for movies back in 2008 or something but I Personaly love it so Do a quick video on it and Also If you red this comment check out our channel I've been recording on an iPhone lol so let me know how should I improve my video quality from an iPhone thanks and much love!

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  12. Hey i am you new subscriber and i have to say i liked all the content and helpful tips. One request that i wanted to see is any info about the Z cam. i am planning to buy this for my studio but i wanted your opinion as i did not get any detailed description and rating.

  13. maybe anyone knows how to set the custom button for time-lapse, somewhere on camera canon m50.

    Same as the record button but one time pressed a button for time-lapse.


  14. How does the footage of the Canon M50 look like a cinema camera's footage and how does the dynamic range look so good? Impressed!

  15. there is a lot of people say that canon m50 is not good enough for video, man look at this.. the best filmmaker using M50 to the next level 😂

  16. That was a beautiful monstrosity! You should do a giveaway of that WHOLE Pimped Out Canon M50 setup!

  17. I had a dream last night you came over to my house and started talking about your YouTube videos lol & I asked you if I can help you with your YouTube videos haha

  18. Chris is a sick dancer but that short sequence of him just having fun as the sun went down was awesome all by itself.

  19. I love when he read the comment about making a video about IMAX cameras he was instantly just like nope and went "Heeeyyy another Arri video?" because Arri is expensive and people want too see it and IMAX is just too fucking expensive to even rent hahah

  20. I need help deciding on what camera to buy my m50 broke but I've heard so many bad reviews . Ive heard good things about Sony 6400 idk what to buy

  21. this video should've been named "how to shoot good vlogs with 500$ camera and a little bit of accessoires"

  22. $1,950 for a matte box? Man, do I have a bridge for you!!!!! You're going to love it!! And priced just right!! Seriously though, filmmakers need to stop being suckers at filmmaking equipment manufacturer's exploitation of us. I am a Toolmaker and I've also worked in a die and stamping plant. I know how things are made, what it takes to make them, and what their value is. NEVER, EVER pay almost $2,000 for something that should be no more than about $250, or less. This is insanity. $10,000 for a tripod? It had better be able to literally hold a car because that is MORE than the price of some above ground lifts for working on cars. But we are just holding a camera here, and want smooth movement. That can be accomplished for $9,000 less, while still "splurging" on a nice tripod and head.$1,800 just to see on a bigger screen what your framing looks like? Exposure? That can be done at an exponentially cheaper price as well. Man, don't overpay by multiple times on accessories and put that money into a camera or lenses, which is actually what's going to do it for you.

    Otherwise, NICE video man. Thank you for making this.

  23. I can't figure out if this video is supposed to make people ooh and ahh over the "cheap" camera, or if it's to brag about buying ridiculously expensive items like a $10k tripod or a $28k lens. Regardless, this video is not for the vast majority of people shooting video. It's for people who have the disposable income to drop $60k on name brand gear. Neat.

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