Cinema Trailer | ‘The Love Affair’ | Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, and Bea Alonzo

Cinema Trailer | ‘The Love Affair’ | Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, and Bea Alonzo

When your perfect love… Is not what it seems… You’re cheating on me with my best friend! Vince, I’m sorry… Ads, I’m sorry it was a mistake I didn’t do that to hurt you. It just happened. What bull! Her undies just magically disappeared and you couldn’t stop your pants from falling?! Does a broken heart set you free? I want to file for annulment. Adultery is not grounds for annulment although adultery can be grounds for your next marriage. Does getting lost give you a way to find yourself? Can I do this? You can. You’re stronger than you think. Adie! When you’re out in the water you forget all your hurts, all your problems. Really? Even a broken heart? You sure you can’t love your wife again? Twenty-four years, Vince! You’ll throw it all away just like that? Did you think of that when you did what you did? Does getting hurt give you the right to hurt back? We’re a club of broken hearts! Until we’re not anymore! Tricia, I can’t do this. He may not have taken your body, but what if he already owns your heart? Star Cinema proudly presents a story that will change the way you look at love. Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta and Bea Alonzo Stay away from my husband. What if he’s the one who refuses to stay away? Then you’re a slut. Look who’s talking. In this tale of love and pain What is this? What are we? We’re happy. When does the story become a love affair?

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  1. yack!!!! walang kwenta puro kabit kabit kya madaming nastrestress sa mga ganyang penikula pedophile si richard gomez

  2. ano kayang kasalan ni TOM RODRIGUEZ bakit wala sya sa billing,grabe no ..greedy talaga STAR CINEMA..dahil nasa kabila syang station..diosko ..GREEDY OF MONEY AND FAME .Sayu na lahat para malason kayu sa karangyaan mga SATANAS..

  3. ''baka nga di siya nakapasok sa katawan mo, pero nakapasok na siya sa puso mo!!!’’— in a broken heart, ano ba mas kaya niyong tangapin?? great lines

  4. "Ano yun? Bumagsak ang bra't panty nya? Tapos bumukas ang pantalon mo, tapos wala kang nagawa?"


  5. i watched it and it was worth it… mejo nabitin lang ako sa confrontation scene nina Bea at Dawn. Hindi xa kasing intense ng No Other Woman at A Secret Affair.

  6. sa mga di pa nkapanood, dont assume like you've seen the movie and predict what's the movie all about! it only shows how ignorance. I personally watched the movie and it brought tears into my eyes, honestly.. It will make married couples realize how to value their marriage and not destroy it just because youve been hurt. Watch it guys! You'll love it too πŸ™‚

  7. A story that will change the way you look at love. Worth watching para sa mga sawi sa pag-ibig. Although there is an awkwardness between Richard and Bea. Must watch:)

  8. Lesson learn,wag muna pagmamay ariin ang pag aari ng iba!kahit sila ay hiwalay na!masasaktan ka lang!lalo pagminahal muna sya tapus may bglang umarangkada wala karin peace of mine…

  9. wasn't there like 2 other cheating movies just a while ago? can't they do another theme? how sad that this is what Filipino movies are all about

  10. ang ganda ng movie na 2 NAG absent pku sa work mapanuod Lang 2 ..nkakaiyak sana my part 2πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  11. ang ganda ng movie na 2 NAG absent pku sa work mapanuod Lang 2 ..nkakaiyak sana my part 2πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. my god gustong gusto kong ulitin panoorin ang movie nato
    i've watched this for 3x but still dying to watch this again for many times, kahit na ang every single scene ay walang ibang ginawa kundi paluhain ako..maraming aral akong nakuha sa movie nato isa na diyan yung wag basta sumuko,ipaglaban mo kung ano ang para sayo kagaya ng ginawa ni Tricia (Dawn Zulueta) .

  13. lols. anong uncommon and babae nag cheat.! heller 2015 na mas mababangis na mga babae ngayun kaysa lalake. living in 90's pa ata tong si mokong nag spoiler kana nga sa movie kabobohan pa pinag sasabe mo. bumalik kanalang sa saya ng nanay mo.

  14. This is my favorite movie because it have a happy happy ending and it is sad it almost made me cry love affair

  15. for me….this movie make us realize that love break you apart……but…..that love also bring your life back……

  16. The story was actually "a web of love affairs" which tackles and relates the subjects with each others environment and experiences which I find receptiveable. The execution, not really the direction coz I really want to single out one person or just the director, was haphazard or there's confusion whether to take it on "stage", like watching a play or really to do it cinematically. The plot did progress but has a weak foundation on why this and that happened or should happened. There were scenes close to kinda cheesy which I find personally ruining the integrity at least in conveying the ideas and emotions with a grip. Acting wise, I could sense that there "holding backs" which are apparent on Dawn's side. Bea was predictable and Richard was superficial. Generally good as it was for me what I want the movie should end, it only lacks on some components especially in concentrating the ideas for some of the scenes. I rate the movie with 6 with ten as the highest. Just pass as it relatively likeable and relateable however doesn't uproot the consciousness to understand and appreciate the story cohesively from one scene to another or from one moment to another in a scene.

  17. Hi po .. ask ko lang po kung bakit naging single si adie (bea alonzo) .. salamat po sa sasagot .. need ko lang po ng answer πŸ™‚

  18. One of the best films I have ever seen. World class ang pag kakagawa. Sana ganito mga films natin. Walang masyadong violence.

  19. yung mga maarte na nag sabing hindi maganda. mga panget kayo wala kasi kayong love life. lol. walang kwento ang mga walang kwenta nyong mga buhay. kayo nalang sana mga namamatay sa balita kesa mga inosenteng tao. kasi wala naman talaga patutunguhan mga buhay nyong pangit kayo. uncommon ang story ang daming twist and turns. mga bobo lang siguro kayo kasi mata lang ginamit nyo at ang panghuhusga nyo. ang daming lessons na matututunan. oh di ko need mag effort wala din naman kayo matututunan kasi mga bobo nga kayo. maganda ang movie. kayo pangit pati mga ugali nyo!

  20. pls pki upload nman ung full movie..npanood ko noongbisang araw pro nputol ksi nwla ng signal wifi ko kinabukasan d ko na nkita ang love affair full movie ang ganda pls…

  21. it also happened to me. i fell in love. den brokenhearted , i met someone whose story is like of richard's. supposedly happily married but the wife got entangled with other relationship. after i broke up with my ex bf , i just found love in this married guy. but my problem is his eldest son . i have had past one night stands with him before my present ex bf . but i love the married guy. sometimes i dream of them at the same time naked πŸ™‚ uhm his son is super delicious but who doesnt want commitments but the father is as super delicious and super yaman and i think who loves me . please tell me what to do πŸ™‚ i want to have them both hahahaha:)

  22. they do not love each other much..hurting back is not always a solution if you wanted to keep your love you learn how to forgive and forget..

  23. grabe namaga mga mata ko kakaiyak. Galing umarte ng tatlong main stars! Lalo na si Bea! sya na talaga pinaka the best umarte sa generation nya. maiikumpara na ang acting nya sa mga stars natin like, Nora, vilma, sharon and the likes. Kabog!! The story itself hindi naman special. kasi parang paulit ulit na lang mga love affair movies natin. pero yung acting talaga Superb!!! I love you bea! pinaka nagdala sa movie!!

  24. Cguro maganda i real life..pra ksing d na nya binigyan ang asawa nya..buti king lumandi c dawn ksi mahal nya c richard..din c bea…isa syang lawyer tapos pinatulan nya ang lalaki…mali parin…god bakit ksi pi apalabas tu gnito movie..kya bmarami ng loku marami ang pg ng kamali ang asawa imbis na punan…ih prang balikan lang ng baho …

  25. hy nako hindi naman boo yong palabas ng love affair ang tagal ng pilikola poro lang commercial bakit saan ba kita makita hangang ngayon….nga nga paren

  26. Beautiful movie. I was hoping that Bea will end up with her boss gwapo naman at ka edad nya. Para lahat masaya

  27. A modo de conclusiΓ³n luego de ver esta pelicula: todos los hombres mienten asΓ­ que comprate un bote y andate a la conchatemareee……

  28. I am always impressed by Richard gomez..i've seen him in the movie she's dating a gangster and yes bea alonzo she is always beautiful as she is they are my favorite actor among the wish from india

  29. The "Look who's talking" part was sass and snap and shade and diva all in one! πŸ‘Œ SNAP SNAP SNAP! πŸ˜‚

  30. Bea is one the gorgeous and engaging Asian actresses whose movies deserve more screen time on Netflix. I really hope ABS CBN expands its collaborative efforts with more streaming sites to provide local Filipino directors and artists the needed international exposure.

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