Connection – Singapore Drama Short Film //

Connection – Singapore Drama Short Film //

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  1. guys, stop with the harsh comments about the boy. I know him in real life and he is a very nice person. so please don't judge him from this film.

  2. This kind of situation… parenting issue. For the boys must be guided by the men, ideally the father. girls guided by the women, ideally the mother. Some would argue on the basis of favouritism since the father favours the son and when the daughter grows up and have dissent towards the father. If the father mother are not good role models, would be obvious the children also will follow suit.

    Kids would do anything to get what they want. Includes violence. But, they too must be guided by older people. That mother who says it in a tone of voice of "can i have that back". Truly a loving mother, but situational awareness is really poor not the right way to do it. When the kid grows up and be a manager, you will get a lot of shouting versions of manager. Hope this will open a light to see who your bosses really are. A spoil past with a broken childhood.

    Kids need to be guided, so someone in the house have to be the leader in charge. Many parents seem to fail to that because of fear breaking the law. When i was a child, my parents were also strict and with reasons. Not excessively control parents but visions. Not to mention, caning are included.

    The law also have to understand that, children raising up, is the responsibility of the family and no government interference. while necessity for control is required, it only suppose to be limited in education not as a law.

    As much as I hate my parents who put me up with such painful situation, I say it is worth it. Because i am able to control my spending habits and not cause too much trouble. Trust me, it is worth caning your child to prevent a bad future.

  3. "Anjeeeeeeng…"
    Well, said.

    So, I never wants to give my smartphone with my nephews. Internet got a TONS of violence information that kids shouldn't read or watch. They even could access some restricted website (even on YouTube) itself. Be careful if you allowed them to access internet. Always pay attention.

  4. Imagine if the power shuts down at his apartment and he has to go to the electricity center and prob kill everyone just to get turn back the power lol

  5. Lil Shit :Nah….My Brother Is Immortal I Can Just Wait For Him To Reborn And Then Kill him again 😀

  6. This is why I hate getting glued to the phone I play my hand phone and still able to pass my exam with A, c, b, b

  7. Hi, if any of you have questions about the video or the main character just ask me…

    ..cause I’m the main character

  8. I mean as a technology fan I rather be with my dad or mom then with my tablet computer or phone

    Is better to stay with you parent take them as granted and help


  10. This young boy should be locked up in a hospital. He killed his own relative with a knife. He’s just like a slave to phones. The iPad isn’t even his. Is there a part 2 to this?

  11. That's kid is fucking stupid he is addicted to the gadget and even killed his brother WTF bro😬😬😬
    This is the case of the children that addicted to the gadget so don't give them a gadget that is my note

  12. Literally that kid is a psycho has a mental problem he has autism, ADHD and he is total bullshit anybody like that deserves to have their device taken away forever and put into a highly secured asylum

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