Constance Wu & Mindy Kaling – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation

Constance Wu & Mindy Kaling – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation

100 thoughts on “Constance Wu & Mindy Kaling – Actors on Actors – Full Conversation

  1. Yep, this confirms all the rumours. Constance Wu is a stuck up arrogant fucking bitch. Jesus, no wonder nobody wants to work with her

  2. I feel like Constance Wu and Gina Rodriguez are cut from the same cloth and see Marvel movies as the end all, be all. They need to just chill a bit and appreciate what they are doing in the moment instead of using it as a launchpad for the next big thing.

  3. First of all,it was director's talent that makes some movies great. Not because of their gender. Second, don't act like every female director can make a masterpiece

  4. I only know Constance for 2 things and I really loved her in Crazy Rich Asians but why am I getting a weird snobby vibe from her here?

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  6. Mindy kaling is ugly. And constant wu is ugly. Lool guess it's true white men get the ugly reject women that are non white. One of the ugliest indian women I have ever seen. Mindy looks more like a man than her brother

  7. As an asian american woman I love seeing Constance Wu thriving and I really want to like her. But I can't help but feel this quite ignorant and snobby vibe from her even from the beginning when she was talking about the box office and how it "wasn't like avengers or anything". I think she really needs to humble herself a little because it would be awful if she becomes a representative of asian women in Hollywood with that attitude.

  8. Is it just me or does Constance Wu seem like a haughty and condescending person? I've watched so many interviews of her and every time she's so off-putting with a 'holier than thou' attitude.

  9. If I didn’t know Constance had thrown a fit when ‘fresh off the boat’ got renewed last year, lights would have gone off when I found out the ‘bok bok bitch’ in ‘crazy rich Asians’ was her idea.

  10. I like Constance s mind. She may seems cold or standoffish. But I could tell she s a thinker and very smart person.

  11. more conversations about inclusion and its importance like this are needed & necessary. 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿 AND A NOTE TO THOSE WHO FEEL INCLUSION IS “TAKING WORK AWAY FROM YOU”: remember, there is enough abundance and blessings for ALL OF US. Be happy that others get to shine their light and that light will be reflected back on to you. Periodt. ✨


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  13. Right off the bat, Constance gives off a bad vibe. Unlikable. She was great in Hustlers, obviously a good actor, but I would do minimal press if I were her. She's just not very likeable, a little pretentious and up herself. She lacks real warmth and humbleness. Mindy, however, is the opposite of all of that.

  14. I think personally Constance and Mindy had a good conversation, idk how everyone here is hating on Constance. Y’all need to relax

  15. I like Constance, but ever since Crazy Rich Asian came out, something just feels… not-humble. I also think that being the lead in Hustlers has been completely being overshadowed by J.Lo, that maybe triggered her abit.

  16. Please give Mindy another chance with this interview with someone who cares. I'm beginning to believe there is something wrong with Constance.

  17. Shit there's just whole bunch of Constance Wu Haters here. She didn't have a negative vibe at all throughout the whole interview. She didn't say anything negative, "Coming from a theater world" isn't a bad thing. What she said about this was true, all the theater performers have to come prepared. It's a different type of culture between theater acting and film acting. STOP COMPLAINING PEOPLE! She's a good actress, she's doesn't need to be anything else. I feel like everybody is just angry about Fresh Off The Boat, my god!

  18. I would love to see an 'Actors on Actors' with two animators talking about their character scenes and process. Maybe a 2d animator from Klaus and a CG animator from a Pixar movie.

  19. I seriously don’t understand how most of you guys are getting this bad vibe from Constance 🤷🏽‍♀️. Like I really don’t see it at all 🤣

  20. WOW CONSTANCE WU HATERS I had no idea you all were such great actors and actresses and were qualified to criticize Constance Wu! Let alone, know Constance Wu well enough to criticize her personality! Hey can you all please send me a link to your recent movies that you have played in! Also send me your resumes that has all the Hit movies you all starred in…….

  21. Everyone complaining about Constance being cold… I see as someone being unapologetic & wanting to discuss their craft with another person in the industry, as her equal. It really does feel as if there’s a double standard. Because she’s not falling over backwards to be charming or warm, Wu’s pegged as snobby. I could easily see a man holding himself the same way and not receiving as much flack… but rather being celebrated as respectful, reserved, and stoic. There’s also so much about the Asian American experience that I won’t even go into. I would just ask some people to reconsider their initial impressions. I have some homework to do—i.e. go watch her other interviews as people have been referencing… but overall, I loved this pairing, and Mindy was as sunny & inviting as always!

  22. Mindy is just amazing and great talent!! 🥰🥰 CW is so full of herself and snobbish, she does not come across nicely…..👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  23. I really appreciate this interview. Both women are such gracious, intelligent actors with interesting questions and insights.

  24. Comparing this interview and the one with JLo and Robert Pattinson, I have to say constance is much more eloquent and well spoken about hustlers than JLo did. Jlo initially really put me off the movie and how constance talks about it I am interested again

  25. Snobby or not, stop putting all expectations of Asian/Asian-Am actresses on Constance. She is not the only actress deserving of support and visibility. Tons more are already here or on their way. To say "If Constance is Snobby, ALL Asian actresses are Snobby" is disgusting.

  26. i love them their convo was very empowering and like refreshing , there r so many other awful interviews this one was nice

  27. ever since constance made that tweet i got over her. she doesnt seem humble or grateful. its such a shame that someone like her is one of the representatives of the asian american community.

  28. Mindy: Extremely accomplished, humble, talented funny etc.. and took her time to watch Constance’s film.

    Constance “Boo-Hoo” Wu? You’ve done a handful of projects worth noting. You weren’t even that amazing in Crazy Rich Asians! You did your part, but let’s face it, Henry Golding and Awkwafina outshone you in your scenes.

    SO, I’m sorry but you need to stop behaving like a wounded jaded human being. There’s confidence, but then there’s absolute arrogance. You’re embarrassing the rest of us in the asian community.

    Don’t represent us with that attitude. You’re intelligent and an intellect, awesome. But throw out your unnecessary grandiose snobbery — we don’t need it and it’s ugly.

  29. The responses to this video are so completely bewildering to me. How is anyone watching this conversation and getting that Constance is cold? She may not be as effervescent as Mindy is, but she's totally engaged and laughing and participating in their discussion. She's not closed off, or rude or disinterested whatsoever. I feel like people just WANT to be mad at her, so just twist everything she does into something negative. Get a grip guys. Come on.

  30. constance is a witch. she torments other actors and crews on sets. she would not even take photos with fellow actors who she felt "wasn't on her level". constance's 15 minutes is almost up. and she's gonna wish she had a network TV show instead of bemoaning it.

  31. I enjoyed this conversation between two professionals. They are thoughtful about their career choices and interested in each others experience.

  32. i have to confess that until this point I didn't know much about Mindy… now I am in love. She has the presence I aspire to have one day. She is so brilliant and humble!

  33. Body (your instrument): "Fuck you. I'm not gonna let you use me for your own idolation." Wow… That was a very powerful statement Constance. 🤔

  34. Poor Mindy having to pair up with this snob, I have no respect for Constance nor will watch anything she is on ever again.

  35. Mindy deserves a lot more credit than she gets, she's a force of nature who is pathing the way for females and minorities to thrive in a world that had preconceived notions of what it looked like to be successful

  36. If you comment before you see the whole thing you may have a skewed perspective of Wu. This felt authentic. Her answers felt reasonable & in alignment to her experience in the field, while her questions evolved showing depth and perspective hinting at her knowledge and admiration of the various crafts within the entertainment industry. Mindy, a joy as always! Hats off to both of these champions!

  37. As an Indian woman, I think Constance did a great job reciprocating and interviewing Mindy! lol don't understand these comments, both ladies did great!

  38. why everyone suddenly become personality expert though? just admit that you don't like to see an image of unapologetic Asian woman already

  39. I think that Wu could have done a bit more to get to know Mindy’s work. she’s done a lot more than the Office and Late Night, and she didn’t match Mindy’s effort in getting to know & being a fan of Wu’s work 😔 but respect & love for both of these incredible women ❤️

  40. Man Constance Wu is so unlikeable and has nothing interesting to say or contribute to this interview. Thanks for holding up on your end Mindy. Tough break on this one.

  41. I don't know anything about Constance Wu but she seemed fine in this interview – I'm not sure where the condemnation in the comments are coming from.

  42. There was nothing wrong with this interview. Perhaps the two actors did not connect that well. People calling Constance a snob or stubborn should watch her actors on actors with Felicity Jones which too was after the success of Crazy Rich Asians. That conversation was surely more engaging. It's not possible to have have great conversations with everyone. Constance did ask some really interesting questions to Mindy as well. Specially about her writing. I guess people hating on her have pre conceived notions and they just wanna exploit it.

  43. I'm an asian that lived in Singapore once for work- and it's really sad that crazy rich asian's didn't have a single brown person… It's not an accurate representation of what Singapore looks like, and the racism that non chinese singaporeans face…

  44. I don't think Constance is a snobby person as some commentators said. There's just a big difference between these two women in personalities. Yes,Mindy seems more open and bubbly and her personality shadows Constance's. Probably,Constance is an introvert.

  45. As an Asian American, I'm so proud that two successful Asian Americans in Hollywood are interviewing each other about their respective successes! We Asians have come a long way in Hollywood and America! #Pride

  46. I thought the interview was great! Sure, Mindy maybe delved into more details about Constance's movie because you could see she clearly loved it but Constance did ask Mindy some nice questions. I loved this.

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