Coolest Cinemas Around The World

Coolest Cinemas Around The World

Good movies are always a great experience
and to watch them we should see them in places that enhance that amazing experience. Luckily for us a new brand of intrepid cinephiles
have pushed the limits on how to enjoy a good movie with theaters that are as amazing as
the movies they project. Here we invite you to see our Coolest Cinemas
Around The World. 10.- Stairway Cinema, Auckland
An experience in simplicity and smart design Stairway Cinema is a new way of living the
movie- going experience used to improve the life of people in their everyday. Designed by the designer collective OH.NO.SUMO
the Stairway Cinema melds practicality with simplicity to create a space where people
gather to enjoy short movies with total strangers as they pass through a busy street. The idea behind the project is for people
waiting for the bus or attending laundries to gather and watch a movie instead of going
into their mobile phones to push for more social interaction. 9.- Rooftop Cinema, Melbourne. On the rooftops of Melbourne we have a cinema
that combines an amazing movie experience with the beautiful skyline of one of Australia’s
largest cities. Open all year long and with an open bar, the
Rooftop Cinema gives the audience the chance to watch movies in the comfort of Melbourne’s
skies while at the same time enjoying an atmosphere of fun only Australians can create. Rooftop Cinema also encourages people to have
fun before and after every screening so that the experience extends beyond a simple movie
going. 8.- Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, California. Leave it to Disney to make a Cinema that puts
a twist on many different things. Located in Disney’s Hollywood Studio it
was opened in 1991 with amazing success. It is the most popular restaurant in the park,
sitting about 2200 people in busy days. As its name suggest this a restaurant that
matches the design of a dine-in, with tables designed as Cadillac’s, while projecting
clips of famous B sci-fi movies on a large projector such as “Attack of the 50 foot
woman”. With such details and designs it is no wonder
that it has become a staple of the park itself. 7.- Electric Cinema, London. We are back in London for another movie theater
that makes the movie experience different, in this case “Stylish”. The Electric Cinema is one of the oldest in
England and it has managed to revive from its once doomed life thanks to comfort and
style. Thanks to architect Gabler Tooth and entrepreneur
Peter Simon the Electric Cinema now counts with a top notch restaurant as well as leather
sofas and armchairs instead of the regular seats. The Electric Cinema has become a staple of
class and a landmark for Notting Hill, London. 6.- The Archipelago Cinema, Kudu Island, Thailand. Moving from a theater full of style to one
that could easily steal the movie. Located in the Nai Pi Lae lagoon of Kudu Island
this theater was built for the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival and today belongs to
the locals of the area. Designed by architect Ole Scheeren, the theater
two main attractions are both the fact that it floats in front on the waters of the lagoon
and also the breathtaking surroundings of the island itself, making it a very exclusive
and idyllic place to watch a movie. 5.- Fox Theater, Detroit. A marvel of a bygone era when Detroit was
the heart of the United States motor industry, the Detroit Fox Theater is quite possibly
one of the most sophisticated old school movie theaters in the United States. Lavishly designed by Fox Williams to look
as an old opera house it has William’s distinctive touch of grander and splendor that the 1920’s
had. Used for both theater and cinema its decoration
and style are so rich that just entering will make you feel that the ticket was worth it. 4.- Hot Tub Cinema, London. London appears yet again for a cinema that
is everything but normal. Created by Asher Charman what began as a party
now is a moving theater where people gather in any place that can host a great amount
of Hot Tubs for the moviegoers to relax as they watch movie. The Hot Tub Cinema projects in different locations
each time, from rooftops to abandoned train stations, old factories. It has proven so successful that it is now
present in Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham as well as the United States and Ibiza. 3.- Cineteca del Matadero, Madrid. As you have seen anyplace can become a place
where to enjoy a good movie and a slaughterhouse is no exception. This once huge slaughterhouse was closed in
1996 and it southern area was repurposed as a cultural center with its cinema as one of
its main attractions. Dedicated to the preservation and screening
of non-fiction movies the Cineteca del Matador sports a unique atmosphere and lost surreal
design thanks to its light work. The location also allows the Cineteca to offer
Spanish gastronomy to the visitor as well as access to great examples of market design
and construction in the Madrid of the 1910’s. 2.- Elgin and Winter Garden Theaters, Toronto. Everything has its rare beast and movie theaters
are not the exception. As the last Edwardian Stacked Theaters in
the world these theaters are as precious for both its history as well as the breathtaking
decor they have been enchanted with. Elgin Theater is decorated with ornate opera
boxes and golden fillings that make it look like an opera house while Winter Garden Theater
possesses beautiful watercolors and a ceiling ornate with a selection of dried leaves and
lamps that give you the feeling that you are indeed in a garden. 1.- The Secret Cinema, London. London gets the crown of this list by having
one of the most original cinemas in the world. Founded in 2007 by Fabien Riggal this company
works in a unique way mixing the audience in an experience of entertainment, mystery
and performance. The screenings are both themed and secret. Once the ticket is purchased is up to the
would-be viewers to decipher the movie’s name and location of screening. By following clues you discover the different
places they screen movies, such as abandoned schools or old warehouses but that’s just
a small part of The Secret Cinema magic. The show also mixes an element of theatricality
as the viewers are ask to disguise themselves to take part in reenactments of movie scenes
of the movie being screened. The places chosen for the function are transformed
into the sets the viewers will reenact and briefly become a part of their favorite movies. Which of these places would you want to watch
your next movie? Let us know in the comment section below. Be also sure to subscribe for more videos
as we search high and low for the craziest, most random and coolest things on earth.

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