Coraline (6/10) Movie CLIP – The Play’s the Thing (2009) HD

Coraline (6/10) Movie CLIP – The Play’s the Thing (2009) HD

She’s practically naked! I’m known as the siren of all seven seas the breaker of hearts by the bay! So if you go swimmin’ with bow legged women I might steal your weak heart away! [dogs barking] Oh my God… A big bottomed sea witch may bob through the waves and hope to lead sailors astray. but a true ocean goddess must fill out her bodice to present an alluring display! [dogs barking] -Oh!
-Beware of old oysters too large in the chest let’s banish them from the buffet! I’m far more nutritious!
-You smell like the fishes! -Did I hear a banshee?
-You’re sea green with envy! This mermaid enchantress! No, I “Birth of Venus!” -Will send sailors swooning –oh!–
-Will send sailors swooning all day–oh!– [dogs barking] I can’t look! Ready to break a leg, Miriam? Our lives for the theater, April!

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  1. when i was little i laughed at (0:48) because i was with my class at camp and since my daddy was in control of the movie he quickly turned it off ?????

  2. After they revealed their younger selves, a gate was opened.
    To what?, you may wonder.
    To a rule as old as the Internet itself…

  3. I was 11 when this first came out and I remember thinking what the heel did those boobs that big look like underneath and well I was so surprised they asnwered my question in this scene. My mom was pretty shocked but my dad was laughing at it.

  4. For anyone wondering, the references are "Ulysses and the Sirens" by John William Waterhouse and "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli.

  5. I got my teacher to play this movie in class, because we finished all our work and had nothing else to do. I only wanted this movie on for this part, just so I could see my teacher’s face and oh my god she look petrified.

  6. My mom, upon viewing the movie with me in the cinima at the time was too busy laughing at HER SPARKLING NIPS!!

  7. Months of my shrimp binge this movie was my theme….i will always have a outerexperience feelong towards this masterpeice

  8. That moment when you realise the voice actress for Miss April Spink is the same actress who played The Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2…

  9. I remembered in third grade my teacher put on this movie and it got to this part then she ran the fastest to turn it of.

  10. real mom coraline we need to talk about your old lady fetish

    other mother lets give a whole play about it for you .


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