Could You Survive The Movies? – Official Trailer

Could You Survive The Movies? – Official Trailer

I’m Jake. And I have
two loves of my life. Science and movies. Fire in the hole! It wouldn’t actually look
like it does in the movie. The punch would go
right through you. The particles orbit around
the accelerator. What could go wrong? We have nothing to fear. Oh well that’s great! Or do we?! It’s about celebrating
someone else’s creation. And then celebrating
the sciene behind it. We want to see if you
could survive the movies.

100 thoughts on “Could You Survive The Movies? – Official Trailer

  1. THE TRAILER IS FINALLY HERE! I can't believe the show is coming out so soon! And just so we are all ready for October 21st when the first episode comes out, you can get Premium and binge all the episodes OR wait and each episode will come out once a week for FREE! There is no difference in the content you'll get if you watch for free or have Premium. Oh, and there will be a Behind-the-Scenes video for each main episode. So, to recap, October 21st the first episode + BTS is released for free! Following week the 2nd episode + 2nd BTS for free etc. etc. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

  2. Oh sweet this is isn't dead!! I've been watching Mad Max Fury Road a lot on repeat lately and was thinking about your Mad Max video and thought "I wonder what happened to this show"

    I'm glad it's coming back!

  3. I love vsauce and veritasium and all that, but I'm not paying for anything. Along with the amazing properties of science, there's also an amazing lack of income for a lot of Americans.

  4. I got really giddy when I saw the list of special guest YouTubers (super pumped to see captain disillusion) but what shocked me the most is that I made a happy squeak when I saw Ian hecox

  5. "I dont know if Youtube Premium is worth it" The Vsauce trio make content for it "guess ill have to re-evaluate that".

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