Counterpart | Official Trailer Starring J.K. Simmons | STARZ

Counterpart | Official Trailer Starring J.K. Simmons | STARZ

♪ [ beeps ] I have come to this building
every day and done my job. [ beeping ] Three decades I’ve given
to this office. [ beeping ] But honestly,
sometimes it scares me. [ beeping ] I don’t know what we do here! [ beeping ] Have I done something wrong? Someone’s walked in
from the other side. The other side? I- Whatever you do,
don’t panic. [ stutters ] Hi, Howard. ♪ I mean, do you have any idea
how lucky you are? No one, no one
gets to meet their other. Other? 30 years ago,
during the Cold War there was an experiment. Something went wrong. They opened up a passage. When you go
through this door you come out the other side, you’re in another world,
identical to ours. There was one reality
and then it duplicated. We share genetics,
a childhood. I wanna know how you became
so different. Shhh. A kill order came out
from my side. Targeting people on your side. Handle is Baldwin,
she’s a contract assassin. Your wife may
be her next target. We’re caught in the middle
of something whether we want to be or not. Let’s just build a wall
and never come back. [ yelling ] They hate your side for
what you’ve done to ours. You don’t know
these people like I do they don’t tolerate mistakes. ♪ The last thing you want is me with nothing left to say. [ gunfire ] ♪

100 thoughts on “Counterpart | Official Trailer Starring J.K. Simmons | STARZ

  1. Just watched the pilot, interesting….its like Fringe distilled down to just the alternate universe mytharc minus the science and add spyfiction. Or simply Fringe and one of John le Carré's work had a baby !

  2. I thought that this show was going to have more science fiction in it. Instead it’s all about spies. It’s getting king of boring. But I am going to stick it out for a couple more episodes and if doesn’t improve, I will probably stop watching it.

  3. Calling it now on the other side the USSR won the Cold War hence the story having the timelines diverge 30 years ago (1988) right before the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR. Also, having the show set in Berlin mirror having to cross from West Berlin(the American side) to East Berlin(the Soviet side). There are also differences in the quality of vodka and the reverse R that's common in Russian.

  4. My NuCompanion device may help Howard's wife, Emma Silk, awake from her coma. I got the idea from a friend. I originally designed the device for creative people who don't talk much and tend to stay single. #nucompanion

  5. This show is amazingly complex and quite interesting. I rank it right under Westworld as my favorite current Sci-Fi Show. Starz knocked it out of the park.

  6. This show reminds me of Fringe ( an underrated show that nobody knows) , so this gives me a reason to watch this series!

  7. Can anyone help me with a plot hole?

    Watching the pilot. The versions of people there are so different, and they say it started in the 40s. Butterfly effect, anyone? At that rate of change, their present would be so different that the same people won't exist. Okay, maybe they are finding people intentionally to work there who has their genetic double (would be a rare occurrence). The same tie, are you kidding me?

    Or the differences only appear at the point of contact between two worlds?

  8. just watched 1st season 1-10 …iv watched many series or tried to just didnt cut it for me …finally i found something that comes close to breaking bad in that i could watch more seasons and get addicted …i just simply loved it.hope theres a season 2 and with more episodes this time

  9. 寫了一些評論請多多指教 “#相對宇宙# #CounterPart# 兜了一大個圈,就是講東德和西德?”

  10. Starts with an interesting concept, even though "passage to other side" is a bit of a worn out idea. Then commences to shooting and standard textbook action. Meh. NEXT.

  11. This is HANDS DOWN one of the most important shows on TV today. A compelling view of the dangers of secrets and concentration of power. This isn't SciFi, this is an alternate view of the dangers we face if we continue down the fascist/corprateist road we are currently on – where vulnerable people are despitefully abused and destroyed for incremental gains by those at the top.

  12. spoilers please. what is the meaning behind all of this? please explain the deeper meanings of what is going on in the series.

  13. Nice series the only problem I have it is Berlin it is pretty but so so depressing every where is so dark or grey there is no sign of happiness.

  14. I liked the show even though the german of the actors hurts my ears. They should have put some german actors in the cast….

  15. This freakin' show!! Waiting for episode 9 of season 2, it just keeps getting better and better. Counterpart is the whole reason why I subscribed to Starz. WORTH IT

  16. I hear Starz refuses to carry Season 3. I'm old enough to remember when NBC canceled Star Trek and the BBC refused to finish the Tripods series. It would be nice to imagine a special circle of hell for the kind of people who make decisions like that. Imagine reading a really good trilogy and discovering that volume 3 won't be printed.

  17. they should’ve gotten sam rockwell to play JK’s part. nothing against him, but maybe then i’d watch it.

  18. Only thanks to a Digital Spy article did I ever hear of this, 100% Fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating, which is unheard of. I read it has not had the promotion it deserves.

  19. This looks epic I've never watched it the only reason I'm hear is because I was watching an episode of Millennium which featured a song by James Carr a dark end of the street and it reminded me of the first time I heard the song way back when I first watched millennium in the late 90s so I thought I'd jump on YouTube and listen to the song and in the comments a few people mention it was in a show called counterpart I thought what the fuck is counterpart so here I am and dam it looks good how can I watch this show is it on DVD or something

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