Couples Play Date, Marry Or Disappear With Celebrities

Couples Play Date, Marry Or Disappear With Celebrities

I’m Frankie Francisco my name is Wyatt and my name is Roxanne we are here to play screw marry or kill yes Queen oh I already got mine this one’s easy this is a good picture of Shawn Mendes well I know I actually barely yeah Shawn Mendes you see this this is a great big reveal are we thinking the same thing first okay right here at 1 2 3 Taylor Swift as Tara sorry this is actually really difficult I don’t even know what it is you know where there’s no hostess this is Shawn Mendes Oh Oh can I just kill multiple people kill Cochise okay you choose like screw oh I think you’re choosing yes on you and you sleeping on the couch there’s one first there’s a guy this tables Lardner I guess I would have sex with John Landis off a screw and then we’re gonna marry Beyonce because she has money like what Bianchi owns the money huh you see in it for the money yeah I love her too but it’s a different type of love that would last forever in like ears beds of money you know okay Mary I agree Mary Mary Beyonce screw Shawn Mendes yeah beautiful man I don’t want to look at your you yeah I’d have to kill Taylor Swift you can go the Queen No okay I’m gonna I’m gonna be kept clear yeah yeah I’m gonna kill Shawn Mendes cuz I Kevin Kline is just a girl that’s a game screw Taylor Swift just good get have sex with Taylor Swift maybe and they gonna marry the Queen because just the Queen Oh screw just look at interests like super-handsome mix James Bond hopefully we’re hoping I said marry for what’s her name save her long Jennifer Lawrence hey I’m sorry she looks like she has money I’ve seen her in a couple film and there’s a silver lining there too so and then kill I was kind of like the last option for me so I think it Mary Eater selva I don’t know who’s gonna top I feel like maybe like screw screw okay look it’s like I don’t watch Game of Thrones not really my vibe I don’t know I’m gonna go with Mary definitely going marry him because this guy is a good-looking guy I don’t know this guy looks like he’s like wise and refined over this guy yeah I feel like he he looks like a wise refinement I think I’m have to agree with you I might I might actually screw this guy messing wise we’re gonna kill Kay Harrington because Game of Thrones not my show not into medieval stuff these are multiple people we got all these people screw all of them well there’s a little designer sex with the Avengers come on better get my Infinity stones let me tell you I would clearly kill the Kardashians like it’s not even need to begin and then Harry Potter is this not very all advanced there I’ll be cool like a magical wedding in London this one is easy for me I’m just gonna go I’m gonna screw the Kardashians 100% we’re gonna marry the Avengers fam cuz endgame was ridiculously good and we’re gonna kill Harry Potter they’re just a little too old nowadays yeah I gonna say screw the Avengers the whole point brother mark roughly there’s anyone in 30 it’s a totally I can’t cure the quite I shouldn’t right now but they’re just so awfully amazing to like following that so Mary you were in and then I just watched every part or so I’m fighting they’re impervious to death by okay I’d say I’d also killed the cast of Harry Potter never in the books kind of behind on the movies and I know is that sad no I’m gonna need some marry into the Kardashians we’re gonna go marry Kardashians I’ll be iconic and screw the adventures he goes for The Avengers cast I really am surprised that he is going to marry the Kardashians but I’m not that sub Christ you did say marry whatever as long as I get some of the wealth that’s all that happened to me I’m surprised that he said he’d screw the Kardashians usually it’s like pretending he was like not attracted to them or they’re too dramatic so expose expires [Music]

100 thoughts on “Couples Play Date, Marry Or Disappear With Celebrities

  1. hey beautiful person scrolling through the comments, I hope you have a wonderful nice day and life gets better

  2. "Can I just kill multiple people" when walking out of the building, he noticed a suspiciously high amount of cop cars in the area.

  3. Most trash bunch of people who are ready to kill the queen Taylor swift or the cast of harry potter. I'd rather kill myself

  4. Well of course if you put BEYONCÉ and Shawn Mendes next to Taylor they’re all picking her but she gets such a bad rep

  5. If they are going to do all these "couples" videos with the same couples and shoot them on the same day, they should tell them not to wear distinctive clothing. I feel like I've seen the Frankies wearing those same shirts in 40 different videos now.

  6. “Date marry disappear” Jesus YouTube really has turned into something all of us tried to escape from tv sad times

  7. HAHA. Love the title. "Date,Marry,'Disappear'" screw to harsh of a word for youtube? What if you are talking about the right screw to use when building different pieces. I understand "kill"

    I wonder….Does YouTube have an official list of trigger words that gets your video flagged or demonitised…haha

  8. the people who would rather kill the harry potter cast instead of the kardashians are people i never wish to have in my life lol

  9. The chick lost all my respect when she said she is behind on the Harry Potter movies. You cannot be behind on a set of movies that have been out for YEARS.

  10. It’s really nice to see a straight dude who’s confident in his sexuality and isn’t ashamed to say when another guy is handsome/hot. Hell, I’m 100% gay but I still can tell that Rihanna and Beyoncé are hot as hell!!! 😍😍🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🤙🏽🤙🏽

  11. am i the only one who caught wyatt saying he'd kill the harry potter cast because they are "just a little too old nowadays." so he wouldve fucked them when they were 10? hmmmm

  12. kills Taylor swift “I wanna marry Beyoncé because she has money” when the truth is Taylor Swift has more money than Beyoncé 👀

  13. When they killed Taylor, i had a doubt that they didn't have taste but they confirmed they didn't have ANY taste at all when they killed the harry potter cast!!

  14. You're gonna kill the Harry Potter cast because they're not looking like kids? AMMMMMMMMMMMM – SEND HIM TO THE RANCH!!

  15. People who killed Harry Potter and marry the Kardashians instead will go to hell.Harry Potter is everything 🖤

  16. "They're just a little too old nowadays"
    What? Would you have preferred to date/marry them when they were teenagers?

  17. 1) f: shawn, m: beyoncé, k: taylor
    2) f: that one guy front game of thrones, m: idris, k: jennifer
    3) f: the kardashians (then k), m: avengers, k: harry potter

  18. Why so much hate for Taylor? She’s just really hated on by the media, if people actually give her a chance she’s so talented and nice!

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