Courtroom – SNL

Courtroom – SNL

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  2. Did anyone else notice that Mr. Miller posted on Instagram his friend getting slaughtered? The day of the slaughter? Permission to treat the witness as mentally ill. THIS COURT IS ADJOURNED!!

  3. This is the kind of SNL sketch comedy I love, just completely ridiculous and pointless. There's a reason we call them The Not Ready For Primetime Players! And Keenan: "I know I'm not supposed to weigh in, but that's what that was."

    I thinking I'm missing some pop culture references in the skit, but don't care. Someone always explains it in the comments.

  4. The most fucked up but true statement in this segment is when the lawyer says the law considers your friends and family items! Facts

  5. Wowwwww, black Ppl actually interacting with white Ppl and not once did they make it about race or their precious skin color.Im impressed.

  6. For the Republican party to stand with such a man like Donald Trump who had committed all crimes overwhelmingly and them to shut their mouths is something all the Americans have to judge for themselves

  7. He could have had a future in comedy IF HE WASNT SUCH A LYING, RACE BAITING , ENTITLED DUCHEBAG.. And his taste in names in very questionable jussie smallet sounds like finnish AND French guy..

  8. “I can’t read it, it’s covered in my friends blood” ….. “well then move your friend Scott’s blood around, with your finger, until you can read it” 😂😂

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