Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Okay, I’m here in Colorado and I wanna thank Brent and Linda Christensen for bringing me and Devon Graham out here to film. And these amazing ice castles. Um, all the information is in the description with their websites, and they actually built this. So yeah. They build them for people to some see, so um, you’re more than welcome to check them out as well. Also, big thanks to Devon Graham for his amazing cinematography. You can check out his YouTube channel right there. If you see, he has incredible stuff, on his channel as well. Um, also, let me know in the comments what you think of my dubstep music. This is an experiment for me, and so, let me know if I should try it again, do more, um, or whatever you think. So, thanks so much guys, and you’re awesome.

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  2. I personally enjoyed the dubstep. Do what you want with dubstep sister, it's your life, can't please everyone… you can please your heart and soul

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  4. Por que será que todos videos antigos que eu entro, só tem comentário de " Quem esta vendo esse vídeo em 2019?".

  5. One day my dad showed me a video of her and I think that was the start of me always wanting to play a violin im now in my second year learning from my school im not the best but not the worst i wish to be just like Lidsney Stirling

  6. still great. Maybe trie other electronic beats to match nowadays standards (for future songs) but this music is still great 7 years laters

  7. Это лучший дабстеп который я когда либо слышал, я влюбился в него! Линдси, ты умничка твори дальше такие шедевры!!! Привет из России!

  8. I can´t believe Roundtable Rival surpassed the number of views of this amazing song. Not that it´s not a great song, but this one is just so much better.

  9. Guys, im getting started with violin and now im deciding to buy a violin. Any recommendation? Im currently living in Chemnitz, Sachsen, Germany and i want to buy a violin costs from 300€-450€

  10. i remember hearing this when i was only 13-14 back in 2012, and loving it. this is one of the oldest videos on my liked videos page. all these years later and its still just as beautiful as the first day i listened to it

  11. When i was watching this video the first time in 2012, though loving it,

    i couldn't imagine that it would have over 200 millions views some day.

    I'm so positivily surprised.

  12. Für meine Begriffe verstehe ich den Erfolg nicht, das Musikstück ist nicht wirklich gut….. nicht mal Mittelfeld und alles extrem bearbeitet

  13. I love you beautiful music…I think it would be awesome if you could do a video with animals walking arou and wolves and Tigers, etc. People will love it. Thanks for sharing your talents. 💜

  14. I listen to this on loop while writing my stories, my only regret is that the ten hour version with the ending message cut out isn't on Lindsey's channel so all my millions of views don't show up :'( You're awesome Lindsey and your music inspires me to write books 🙂

  15. I have been a fan of her music, even when she went to AGT, and even then the judges just didnt get it. She truly is a pioneer of her craft and her sky rocketing career has shown just that. All of her music IS and will ALWAYS be timeless. her music has so much feeling and is uplifting. Thank you Lindsey for propelling such a beautiful instrument into a new age for fans of ALL ages

  16. I love your music <3 I cant even describe the way it moves me!!! Its so beautiful I cant help it but I tear up every time I listen to your music! Do you ever come to Victoria Canada I would buy tickets in a heart beat

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