Darcy Wickham Drama – Ep: 44

Darcy Wickham Drama – Ep: 44

Lizzie: Hi everyone. So we’re back from Carter’s and my parents are asleep but I couldn’t wait to tell you about the major drama that happened. And for once, Lydia had nothing to do with it. My name is Lizzie Bennet and there is weirdness afoot. “Darcy Wickham Drama”
Written by Kate Rorick I swear I am not being overly dramatic, in spite of it being the dead of night and whispering. Nor am I drunk. When one takes their crazy baby sister to a bar they limit themselves to one drink, lest said baby sister sneaks away and starts dancing on table tops. Is she asleep? Jane: Yes. I had to promise Lydia that she could be the lead singer of our new girl band. Lizzie: Is that wise? Lydia is uncanny about remembering promises when tipsy. Jane: I promised her she could be in it, I never promised we would form one. Can you imagine? Lizzie: Well now they can. Jane: Oh, and we don’t have to whisper anymore, mom and dad actually aren’t home. Lizzie: What? Where are they? Jane: There was a note on the counter, dad took mom to dinner. Lizzie: It’s two in the morning. Jane: Yes, but dad said that in order to get mom’s mind off of recent troubles that he was going to take her to dinner on the coast, at that hotel. Lizzie: Oh, okay. Let’s not think about that. But the upshot is I can tell you about the major drama at a normal volume. Jane: It was not that major. Lizzie: You didn’t see it. Let me set the stage. We’re all at Carter’s Bar, George Wickham is off fetching us drinks. Jane: Which was very gentlemanly. Lizzie: And had the added benefit of keeping Lydia away from the bar, or as she likes to call it, “her stage.” Anyway, so as expected, in walks Caroline, and Darcy, and where was Bing, I thought he was coming? Jane: Yeah, Caroline said that he had to fly out early for an interview. I got an apology text a few hours ago. I miss him. Lizzie: Yeah, especially tonight, as you were drawing the eyes of several charming young gentlemen. Jane: Yes, but my eyes are only for one, I’m sure he knows that. Lizzie: But I did see you chat with several of your suitors at the bar. You hussy. Jane: I was just being nice. Lizzie: And just as Jane, like clockwork, was being nice, Darcy was just as reliably being Darcy. Jane: Lizzie, if you’re going to tell this, you need to tell it fairly. Lizzie: Such as? Jane: Such as… I was actually trying to be really nice to you. Lizzie: Here we go again. Jane: Oh, hi Lizzie, it’s so good to see you. Lizzie: See, you do it with your niceness. Darcy doesn’t have any niceness. Jane: This is verbatim. Lizzie: It’s his tone. Whatever, continue. Jane: So I was thinking about what you said about how Tolstoy thought that Shakespeare was a poor dramatist. Lizzie: And this is where we interrupt this attempt at civility to bring you the major drama. Because what happened next was George Wickham came to the table. Jane: And then? Lizzie: And then Darcy just left. Jane: I’m sorry that just doesn’t sound very dramatic to me. Lizzie: Well, let’s let the viewers decide. Lizzie: I’m sorry, I have to go. Jane: See? Not that dramatic. Lizzie: Oh come on, the tension. There’s got to be a deep dark backstory there. George and Darcy know each other and what’s more, they hate each other. Proof that George is an excellent judge of character. And when I asked George about it he said they had “a history.” Jane: What kind of history? Lizzie: He wouldn’t say. Jane: Okay, that’s a little dramatic. Lizzie: Do you know if Bing knows George? Jane: Not that I’m aware of, he’s never mentioned him. Lizzie: So, a history so shameful, Darcy hasn’t even confided in his best friend Bing. The secret gets deeper and darker. Jane: I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for everything. Lizzie: What do you think it is? Maybe George has incriminating photos of Darcy. Maybe George has videos of Darcy in a boyband. Jane: Maybe someone’s getting a little punchy. Lizzie: Alright, maybe I am letting my imagination run wild. I just really want to know the story behind tonight’s dramatic staring contest. Jane: Lizzie, don’t be nosy. Lizzie: It’s not nosy, it’s investigative. They didn’t call me “Lizzie the Spy” in middle school for nothing. Jane: Okay, Lizzie “The Spy” Bennet, don’t let it bother you. Lizzie: Okay. Goodnight. Jane: Goodnight. Lizzie: I’m totally going to find out and it’s totally going to be good.

100 thoughts on “Darcy Wickham Drama – Ep: 44

  1. "I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for everything" Jane Bennet, you pretty thing! I just had a Caskett fangirl moment thanks to your comment! 🙂

  2. I shudder when I think about how Lizzie actually thought George was a better person than Darcy. And that we did too. *shudder*

  3. "There is a weirdness afoot!" So Holmes, so cute, it's great! I'm watching the playlist just now, I'm a bit late, but it's awesome!! And Jane's Darcy… XD

  4. after i heard 3:46 i thought: 
    maybe George  has a picture of spongebob at the Christmas party!"  lol   …….. wait that can't be right XD

  5. These videos are addicting! I really enjoy watching this version of Pride and Prejudice, but I feel like Lizzie's portrayal is a bit more…judgemental and selfish than how she is in the book.

  6. Darcy in a boy band. My life is complete. 
    (This is like my 5th or 6th rewatching of the series, I need to calm down.)

  7. My one compliant of the show was that they never did was a video with Darcy and Wickham actually together in it!!! I CRAVE A CONFRONTATION! 

  8. I think I prefer Jane's Darcy to actual Darcy. She seems to enjoy playing him.
    Or maybe I just haven't seen the cuteness for a while.

  9. I can imagine Darcy watching this and being simultaneously angry that Lizzie believes Wickham and cracking up at Lizzie's antics.

  10. I love how she does, "…and there's a weirdness afoot!" at the beginning. Repeat. Repeat. Okay, now I'll watch the rest of the episode.

  11. i always wonder when darcy watched over these videos what he thinks of jane's portrayal of him. i feel like it'd make the two of them have an understanding in a weird way since she seems to get him pretty easily and tell lizzie what he most likely meant most of the time yknow? it seems like it'd be something he should thank her for eventually xD

  12. rewatching the series and once again thinking that "a history" almost always means a bad breakup. Anybody else ship it? (wow i'm such a fangirl end my shame)

  13. I need to do my homework. Why does this need to be so GOOD. AP Chem waits for no one, and my last thermo test says that this can wait… but it's just…ugh.

  14. Fans always imagine Darcy's reaction to what Lizzie says in the vlogs, but can you imagine his reaction to what JANE says? Not only was she super-sweet and devoted to his best friend, Jane was always, ALWAYS trying to make Lizzie see past her prejudice of Darcy. She tries to make Lizzie see Darcy actually likes her and she even has fun portraying him in a more flattering way than Lizzie does. If I were him, I'd feel like I killed a bucket of puppies when I get to the later videos and knowing that I did THAT to angelic Jane! I'd be kicking myself!

  15. Jane is adorable and lovely 🙂 Her trying not to crack up in those goggles was so quintessentially Jane. I LOVE her Darcy impression!

  16. The two of them trying not to laugh during thier face off is one of my favorite scenes in this series

  17. Collins sidekick= Katherine
    Hank greens wife= Katherine
    At the end of the last video lizzy said did we turn British in the original pride and prejudice they're British

  18. Okay, but having just finished watching Spies are Forever, I immediately go, "Hmm, if I didn't know this story I'd totally think they were romantically involved at some point…."

  19. See here, Darcy, their is an upside to Jane being nice! She keeps reminding Lizzie that there is more to you than being a stuck up newsie!

  20. There actually is a P&P adaption where Darcy is in a rock band with Bing and Fitz on a summer tour and their opening act is Lizzie in her own band with Charlotte and Jane. The name is Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star if i'm not mistaken.

  21. For some reason I always found the actual story of Darcy and Wickham to be more dramatic and more interesting than the fake story of Darcy and Wickham.

  22. I don't understand, they are ruined but their father is taking their mother to a restaurant and then a hotel on the coast ? That doesn't make any sense D:

  23. YO I would LOVE to hear the tea Darcy was spilling in tolstoys opinions on Shakespeare!! Love these videos

  24. Genuinely will always be a little mad that Darcy saw Jane TALKING to guys at the bar and thought "that attached woman is making conversation with men, she must be a conniving kinda slut!" Ugh.

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