Der Eisendrache pc xb1 trailer song “Dead Again Theatrical” – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Der Eisendrache pc xb1 trailer song “Dead Again Theatrical” – Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

A wolf is at my door I feel it I see it in my dreams a world of my design A force enlightening reveaks it I found a life that I malign and I feel it I feel so strange Like I’m everywhere and no one was there We only want to live forever Repeat serial suicide you can’t find you and hide Are we dead Did we cross over What is our name now (What is our name) Are we dead now Are we dead again

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  1. Who does the drum,s? Or do you guys use a drum machine?
    I have all ways wanted to know. Abracadavre drum parts are freaking hard as hell!!!

  2. …The road is long and dark but I know where we are going… I..we will complete our mission…I know you have questions but you have to trust me…I have seen things you wouldn't believe..things you wouldn't even imagine…Richtofen claims knowledge of worlds beyond this realm… do you believe this is possible?… This creature is not of this world…It is not of any world…a pact has been made but at what price for my soul?…I SHOULD HAVE NEVER OF TRUSTED YOU RICHTOFEN…NEVER!!….5….4…..3….2….1


  4. I'm gonna miss Zombies once it's over. WHO'S GONNA BE THERE TO PREFORM TASTY METAL JAMS ONCE DLC 4 IS OUT?!

  5. +kevin sherwood
    I know there is almost no way to get a response from you, but I love you music! I have since… About 2010 I think was when I started listening and I can sing pretty much all of your songs. I wanted to thank you for this. Not this video. Everything. Kevin, without you, zombies would not be the same.
    I say all this… Because you're an awesome dude. Have a great life, and if you ever see Elena again and remember say hi!!!

  6. A wolf is at my door, I feel it.
    I see it in my dreams, a world of, my design.
    A forced enlightening reveals it.
    I have a life that I malign, and I, feel it.
    I feel so strange.
    Like I'm everywhere.
    And that no one was there.
    We only want to live forever.
    Repeat serial suicide.
    You can't find you and hide.
    Are we dead?
    Did we cross over?
    What is our name now?
    Are we dead now?
    Are we dead now?
    Are we dead again?!

  7. This has slowly become one of my favorite Easter egg songs of all time, right behind Pareidolia. Der Eisendrache was just so perfect in every way

  8. I already miss Kevin I'm excited for something fresh like spaceland zombies and whatever Sledgehammer is doing but I want Treyach just for more Kevin

  9. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭Rest in pieces zombies after 8 yrs of kicking ass, and maps. until then we wait.

  10. "i can see dempesy jumping from the castle where the others are sorounded and traped and as he fall from the castle the chorus plays and he land on a dragon from gorod krovi and you control the dragon and breath fire on the zombies and then you go with the dragon and shoot down the rockets headed to the moon so that history change in a way"
    just an idea

  11. One of the things I will miss the most about treyarch zombies is this. The music that you've created Kevin has become some of the most memorable pieces I've ever heard. Each song fit perfectly with the maps and invoked all kinds of emotions upon hearing them. I can now no longer envision a treyarch zombies map without hearing a piece of music by you, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  12. I almost like this better than the normal Dead again, because you can hear the main guitar riff by itself without vocals and the vocals by themself. And then mashed together into this masterpiece

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