Destroying Makeup We Hated In 2018 feat. James Charles

Destroying Makeup We Hated In 2018 feat. James Charles

what’s up everybody, welcome back to my
channel! happy new year!! how are ya?? now in today’s video first of
all hi January good morning!! we’re going to say goodbye to 2018 in this video I’m
sure you saw the thumbnail.. oh baby it’s real life
so in today’s the video we’re going to just give a little you know or evoi to
2018 there has been so many highs a few lows.. a lot of craziness and a lot of
makeup products! I think that 2018 was one of the most insane years of the
beauty community.. besides all of the tea and bullshit that went down; by the way I
think we learned a big lesson last year.. don’t come for Jeffree Star because
you’ll end your career! alright so now let’s dive in into the tea all right so
I have a laptop in front of me and I’m on my channel and I went back to the
very first video I uploaded in 18 and I can’t believe it it was showing off
custom pink Gucci luggage but fuck the luggage my dog drama was literally only
a month or two old we had gotten her a few days before January 1st of last year
so a lot happened um in 18 we got drama of course and then we got another baby
DaVinci so we have six Pomeranians in our household and it is so magical I
love waking up every day to Nate and six teddy bears it is the best so as I look
through everything there is a lot of makeup that I tried you guys and a lot
of it was amazing and a lot of it you guys know so as I’m scrolling I want
to do a little recap of this year first of all let’s talk about some really
amazing highlights now 2018 is when I first launched the coveted blood-sugar
palette now when I say that this palette changed my life I don’t mean like it
changed my whole course of living but this did it changed my life because when
I put this out the makeup community was a little shook they couldn’t believe it
but it was a little revolutionary if I may say so myself four rear wise last
year was pretty life-changing for me jeffree star cosmetics really grew again
and just from our packaging our formulas all the new stuff we put out we really
hit a sweet spot with a lot of people so if you’re watching this video thank you
to anyone out there that has supported my brand it has just been the best
journey so what do we have in store for this year oh we are launching so many
products literally and in February we have concealers and setting powders
dropping hello and there is a lot more to follow I have my next eyeshadow
palette and collection coming out in March hi do you guys want a sneak peek
it’s blood sugar part 2 so also with our brand we expanded into all of the morphe
brushes store locations so now we are in a retail I get asked a lot Jeffrey why
aren’t even Sephora why aren’t you in Alta why aren’t you and this or that are
there no you guys know if you are someone that does not live in America
internationally last year I really went big we are in so many countries now like
to buy Singapore Philippines Germany Sweden Switzerland France ever we are
everywhere but in America we are still mainly only on my website so when I
expanded into all the morphe stores it was something that I really believed in
I love them so much and I’ve been with them since the beginning no there is a
lot to celebrate – all of the crazy drama that happened which I really
wasn’t a part of much this year I have definitely been learning and growing
since birth you guys but just to live your life online and to go through so
many insane moments whether it’s really grand or tumultuous it makes you just
think differently so I’ve grown a lot as a person and my perspective on things
have changed and my priorities as a person as a business has chain
now I think one of the most life-changing things that happened to me
this year was my series with Shane Dawson it broke so many records we are
over a hundred million views on this series and it has just changed my life
and it is one of the biggest accomplishments I think of 18 I am so
proud of what me and Shane created and I’m very excited because this year we
are diving into a whole other subject and we’re going to do another series so
I cannot wait for that besides that in 18 I was in Forbes magazine for top 10
most liked highest grossed youtubers which was so insane I won the beauty
category for paper magazine and there’s just been so many cool moments so cheers
to 18 thank you alright now it’s time to spill some tea
about all of the products that were not jeffree star approved and for a little
twist I’m going to invite my dear friend James Charles over today and we are
going to destroy some makeup that just didn’t work for us
no James is not really a review Channel but he does review some stuff sometimes
so medium have we found each other reviewing similar or the same products
because of course it is a hot item we both want to see how we individually
experience them and girl it’s been fucking insane so we’ve tried out things
let me just scroll through my channel y’all one of them that really sticks out
Christian you may remember this one the Nickelodeon eyeshadow palette listen
after that never tried Hot Topic makeup after that horrible formula it was i
mean we’re gonna dive into a little deeper of why later but girl that was a
flop some great moments box of crayons
eyeshadow palette i lived for that remember the full face a foreign makeup
oh that feels like yesterday i’m doing remember okay you’re gonna die chris is
buying the camera there’s so many memories here ten months ago following
at Anamosa makeup tutorial that was last year that was that was 2018 doing my
makeup and Tesla autopilot which was I think illegal but hey y’all loved it
it was fun getting ready in the Vegas suite
before JLo tattoo Diaries part 2 oh my god there’s so many here oh my god the
cush mascara I’m actually wearing that today BAM actually love this we’re not
destroying this today now oh my god of course last year was when I finally
filmed with Trisha Paytas I got to meet Kathy Griffin and become friends with
her Miss Jane Charles did my makeup and
transform me I dived into ASMR we went to Alaska my trainer did my makeup I’m
like oh my god do you even remember any of these things it’s just crazy how it’s
like we uploaded so much alright so there was a lot of flops now there’s a
few brands I don’t support anymore that you may saw in my full face of brands
that hate me girl we’re gonna be chopping them up today so let’s uh wait
okay I think James actually just pulled into
the driveway so let’s get him up here and then let’s get to destroying hi
sisters how are ya all right now James Charles is back hi baby
now today is gonna be crazy I am very very sorry that protects me I’m sorry
it’s like trying to burn some things and I was like sure
alright so you guys saw the thumb now you saw the title we are going to go to
one of my photo studios and we are gonna play with a bunch of stuff that flopped
for us yeah we reviewed a lot of the similar stuff this year the Crayola
makeup Oh scary very scary bring about traumatic experiences yes I know we’re
having a little bit of PTSD right now I’m choked okay so we’re gonna so I
brought you a flamethrower from Tesla now that you’re a Tesla oh yeah Elon
create a not the flamethrower that’s what it’s called
I guess you legally can’t call it a flamethrower all right so it’s called
not a flame okay I love that we love a good legal rounded loophole yes well I
just got into a scandal regarding this actually because there was a video
circulating of a girl who destroyed my pallet and when I first saw I got really
hurt by it yes obviously I had worked on it for so long and also too it’s been
sold everywhere so all you to give her all right
that were so upset of people that couldn’t get it and I was again we got
this girl wet just to destroy it but after further thought like once she
was getting hey Collins which is so not okay and I need to perform so I felt
really bad but to like it’s her money and you can do what you want with it and
like I just it was I hurt at first but I was like when we get over this it’s not
that deep so I figured for today so you learned a life lesson yeah I’ll be
burning it for her yeah oh I think yeah we’re gonna burn it
yeah Lauren today is your moment sunset has been kind of a large topic in the
beauty industry recently and the holiday season just passed and from both of us
having products that we saw so many tweets of people either not being able
to get things or four things which is yeah really really sad and for us we’re
both so blessed with the followings that we have and we’ve had an amazing year
yes we both hit 1 billion views on our channels so insane it’s like whoa
so I think it’s really important to give back and show people that you know this
video is light hearted it is for fun yeah but I think you know I love giving
back I know you do I’m all about charity so me and James are going to pledge
$25,000 each to women’s shelters in the Los Angeles area and there’s so many
people out there that need a makeup whether it’s to get a job or even just
to feel beautiful yeah I think it’s really important to get back so girl be
ready to head on over and get to destroying ready for life alright let’s
see what happens alright so we’re here at star studios my
photography studio where shoot on my campaign and we have this full bag of
makeup first of all I brought you some safety gloves Oh perfect then courtesy
of Miss Louise baton thank you oh my god now we just
did you get don’t wanna get them Burton Crispin okay perfect so we’re just gonna
go to put a lot of stuff the glut II and I shut up you never even tried that huh
no and you never will thank God now since Victoria’s Secret hates the
trans community and anyone plus-sized we’re gonna be burning I left losses
today my girl alright yes kids makeup we have remember this whole thing one of
the worst reviews literally yes so I brought a few for us to have fun we have
some kid this little highlighter palette hey girl I just didn’t work for me mmm
neither did her homophobia for me amen to that old friend the iconic
Chanel bag finishing it up once and for all let’s finish her off we have a
Sephora palette lid for Sephora but this was so powdery I think I almost got
black long um the eyebrows damp you never use this huh
this is I think my mom would use yeah not a good one of this you know that
girl how many highlighter palace is one need of this man alright almost last but
not least I would MIDI blender foundation lid for their egg it’s
amazing but if you were a brand in 2019 anyone a release foundation please do
more than five thank you the shade range not acceptable alright
um this is a good one I really need you to smash this with a hammer we all take
this it looks really pretty on the skin it’s pure rubbing alcohol with no
glitter it’s and then last but not least I live for a frente moment but this was
so sticky I feel like it would be really pretty destroyed Oh
and really last family’s iconic Morphy James Charles ballot oh my god I can’t
wait to see you destroy this you know it’s gonna hurt a little bit but there
is a resaw coming soon yeah I love that yeah and because we’re doing James I
thought you know what I never thought I’d take a sledgehammer
or a flamethrower to blood sugar but let’s give it a whirl
all right so we have some gas masks for us yes have you ever used the
flamethrower ever alarms like when I ask those questions all right
exactly hook James okay now that we’re getting closer
yeah I know hopefully we don’t die so we’re gonna flame throw these in the
rinsed I take turns this is the beautiful the boring company a to a Elon
Musk’s company aka Tesla first of all where’s the dog okay going also for
safety we do have fire extinguishers here we also have a big one on standby
we have several people here in case there’s any accidents or no it’s just a beauty all right I don’t want to get too
close to you my girl I wish you were the world
alright now we’re gonna do a little Nickelodeon eyeshadow palette oh look at this shirt it looks like
marshmallows I’m late let me help these Victoria’s Secret literal plastic
looking at lip glosses sorry says transphobia homophobia and great shaming
just on our 2019 last both I buy it was really good knowing you Victoria
my girl all right you’re gonna burn the iconic Chanel ball boy at the honors yes
please because finish her off sister let’s get rid of her once and for all Wow oh my god this is crazy shit man wait my passports
in there the chain looks like on it the map watch him
oh that’s a good look for them and that flat change we love a good marketing
meeting alright now it’s time I’m gonna do blood sugar and James we’re gonna do
all right never thought we’d be starting off the New Year like this but girl oh my God look at the mirror oh my god
oh the shadow that’s a president oh my god
so apparently some of the press paper through this collagen cause staining
yeah hopefully it doesn’t cause explosions – I’m scared
oh-de-boy love you my girl love you oh my God look at the actual power my
babies every day oh my god that is crazy look at that one how it cracked like my
how that one game oh my god the package exploded holy crap this is so crazy
oh the green are still good shoes the ferocious to good it’s just Lauren that
one’s for you girl okay James I don’t know how you look at this girl
that type chairs are gonna know is probably so hot I’m scared these two
shades you guys are fire retardant they are ready to keep you safe and all these
girls pegmatite but it’s also safe it’ll keep you safe yes that is so cool look
at our look at this the ashes from both of our packaging that is so crazy
wow they look like barf s’mores they really do it’s a good flash bag it looks
like a freeze like a marshmallow okay I want to like touch one of the shadows
what do we have well they’ll be horrible idea or I don’t have a wand or anything
but I’m just gonna take this mascara and I want to touch this so bad I’m a little
scared Oh oh my god this shadow is not that
pink so this is so weird to see it look like that oh look at that
it smells kind of weird look at shade prick oh girl it’s beautiful okay let’s
look at James look at this looks like a s’more my god
underneath it’s still ready to roll baby oh look at that look at yeah that’s
funny we sure do hi all right you ready we got
our sledgehammers we have our circle of makeup and we’re just gonna go ham oh oh my god that wasn’t really that was cute
look at this moment huh look at her sister give it a good sister
sledgehammer disgusting looks like a yolk so Janelle
we’re suing that blew over Zach sighs sorry daddy
it looks like Chucky’s oh my God look powdery and the bottom oh whoa Beauty
blunder Huck thinks waiting to do oh that is so weird
that’s disgusting okay we have another Beauty Blender one let me do one oh there she is
all right this next one is for Beauty bakery we want no copying next year oh
that was sick that was so dope like 9 to 300
Geoffrey that’s it my leg I’m really what the hell go baby
city Mellie is gonna be calling you my girl okay we got a few more Oh I would love to make a note that the
packaging literally just came out before even smashing it yeah that’s why I hate
it alright let’s say goodbye to Crayola
I’ll revoir we reviewed it separately we hated it together not with that thing
what was the cold again the brows down look at the little eyebrow not today
sweetie I’ve never really seen one of these broken like this crazy so I gotta
break my own mirror no bad luck oh that didn’t even move look at the quality
bitch hi welcome it back to my destruction alright we have one less
thing to destroy it was my last piece of Kat Von D makeup in my beauty room we
talked about it last year it’s time to move on baby
because in 2019 or vaccinating our kids and this is for not putting me on your
PR less bitch how’s the work how’s my cardio for the next year this is really
heavy okay beautiful destruction kind of party
it’s kind of cool huh I can’t get over our palates specif so iconic through
this entire video is one big it sure is Wow okay that was fun oh my god kind of
felt good to get a lot of pent-up anger out yes I’m ready to slay it the New
Year anxiety free and calm calm healthy and collected under the mazing products
yes yes ma’am I love that alright baby do you have any final last
word all right you guys thank you so much for
watching us destroy makeup we really weren’t into last year
do you have any final words uh-huh No thank you guys for watching this has
been such an incredible year for both of us and I know on behalf of both Jeffrey
myself we just like to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for us yes
in 19 is gonna be even more iconic than 2018 hopefully so it definitely is we
have a lot in store for you guys there’s so much content coming and of course if
you guys are not already subscribed to James’s channel follow him on all social
media everything will be linked down below come and hi and if you’re if
you’re not already use code James for 10% off all right you guys we’ll see you
on the next one

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