Dhadak | Official Trailer | Janhvi & Ishaan | Shashank Khaitan | Karan Johar

Dhadak | Official Trailer | Janhvi & Ishaan | Shashank Khaitan | Karan Johar

One day I will build
a big mansion for you. I don’t want a mansion. I want a home. Our home. One two three four How can I tell you why I love you,
I can’t even if I try. My eyes express the feelings
of my heart to you… You know English right? Then sing an English song. What does Parthavi mean? Atom bomb. The day it will explode
we all will die. What did the doctor say? It’s a heart attack,
could slip into a coma. Take care. Why are you acting
smart since yesterday? Nothing.
– Why aren’t you looking at me? I am looking at you.
– Why aren’t you looking properly? Yesterday you had braids in your
hair wearing a multi-color dress. Today you are in a suit with open hair,
If this isn’t proper what is? Madhu… I love you… …you also say. I am feeling shy.
– Shy! I’ll give you a tight slap… I love you too. I want a pappi (kiss)… Puppy? You mean a dog’s baby? Long live Ratan Singh Madhu….. leave him…. I will shoot myself. I made a mistake
by coming with you here. Huge mistake. One two three four… …how do I tell you how much
I love you, I will never be able to. You don’t know, you don’t know. Dhadak so who will cook in the
new house, you or me? You! And make it calorie free
I want to stay slim.

100 thoughts on “Dhadak | Official Trailer | Janhvi & Ishaan | Shashank Khaitan | Karan Johar

  1. Plz koi full movie ka link snd kr de bht din se nikal rahi hn movie but nikal ni rahi ye movie

  2. l think iska part 2 aana chayyi where pathvi take revenge for his husband and baby from his brother who is agree with me

  3. 1 year of Dhadak! Can't believe it's already been 1 year! truly cherished every moment of this film. loved it

  4. King love one day
    Queen love one day
    I love one day that is dhadak first year complete day
    Congratulations and love you so
    much janhvi and ishaan 💋💋💋❤❤❤
    Hope you will get more success in your life
    Keep it up 😘😘😘

  5. I do not leave comment unless I have a strong feeling toward something. This movie was one of the worst movie that I watched so far. The ending was awful. I do not understand, why even you guys waste money to make such a movie. I strongly do not recommend it.

  6. Great and well done in acting debut by both new actors janhvi and ishaan. Worked very hard , natural , confident and younger generation love in decisions. The ending needed a closing ceremony after what happened at the end. Too much of silence.

  7. Part 2 please, when jhanvi take revenge on her brother and the others who murdered her husband n kid….

  8. the flim is ok but the ending is very phaltu. maar diya koi insaaf nahi. aise kon khatam karta hai flim ko

  9. Well polished one… but none of the remake is equal to the sairat… Nagraj Manjule just create a magic on his own way and one more thing no one near to rinku's acting for archi character even if u r big star.. I am from tamilnadu not Maharashtra

  10. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dhadak 2 bhi banao plz plz plz and this movie 's last scene is shocking 😲😲😲😲😲💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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