Yo, do you have my… Shut the damn door!
-Sorry! I didn’t know you were… What were you watching?
-What? Pornhub? Redtube? Well? Just tell me.
-Next time you should knock, man. I just needed my power bank. What’s rule one?
-What? House rule number one.
-Do your dishes straight away? That’s rule two.
-When the bin is full, empty it. Rule one! Closed door means knock?
-Exactly. Sure, but yours was wide open.
-Bullshit, dude. Come on, man. We all do it, don’t we?
-Listen, we’re not doing this. Just tell me what you were watching.
-Just eat your fucking yoghurt, man! Okay..! Sorry..! I thought we were having a moment. But okay. Never mind.
Sorry. I didn’t watch anything. What?
-What? Then what the fuck were you doing? Oh, you were thinking about stuff. Sexy stuff.
-Yeah. Hot stuff.
-Yes. Casting couch.
-What? DP.
-No. No?
What, then? Okay, listen… Oh, fuck, not your sister or something?
-No! Or your mother?
-Stop it! Not animals!
-Dani! Dudes?
-What? No! But that’s totally cool.
That’s no problem. Dani! From class.
Danielle. What the fuck, man. What? You know her. Yes.
-You talk to her. All the time… Sometimes. So what do you tell her?
“Hey Danielle, had a nice weekend?” “Oh, that sounds fun.
Guess what I did this weekend.” “I came all over your fucking face!” I don’t do that!
-Okay, fine, no facial. What the fuck, then? Sex.
-Really. I’m across from her in class, yeah? Yeah? And then she looks at me, like… DTF.
-What? Down to fuck. Yes.
-Tight. Then she goes to the bathroom…
-Yeah? And I go after her…
-To the bathroom. And then I eat her out. And then? That’s it.
-Oh. Okay… Yeah, no, cool. Cool, cool, cool… That’s really fucking sick, man. Sorry?
-You don’t even fuck her. I’m the sick one?
-You don’t even fuck her. Casting couch? DP?
Four dicks in one pussy? Two.
-That’s fucked up, bro! One in the pussy, one in the ass.
Usually. Like you never do that.
-What, DP? No, fantasizing about anyone.
-Like whom? I don’t know, it’s your fantasy.
You can literally do anything you want. So?
-With anyone you want. Like Danielle.
-Bro, find your own chick. All I have are trashbags in my class. Why would I fantasize?
I have unlimited data. I just saw this Netflix documentary…
-No spoilers! Those girls are barely 18! So? I’m 20.
My parents are two years apart as well. That’s fucking insane, man!
-Okay! Jesus! Sorry..!
I didn’t know you were the fucking Pope! You know what?
Fuck this. Fuck it. Just give me one good reason! Why we should all be ‘fantasizing’? What, is it fucking 2001? No, it’s fucking 2020! And why the hell should a normal,
healthy adult from motherfucking 2020… …not be allowed to jerk off to… You just come harder! Bullshit… I have to go. Sure… Going to class, I bet. Say hi to Danielle! Dude, I still have your…

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  1. I understand no words except that the show is about sex education am I right? anyway Nils Verkooijen – is my crush since 2012, thank u for listening

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