DIY Giant Human Snow Globe!!! – Man Vs Madness

DIY Giant Human Snow Globe!!! – Man Vs Madness

Hey, what’s going on? Rob here, welcome to a very Real f*cking cold episode of man vs. Actually, you know what it’s not a man versus anything because none of you actually even asked me to do this I just woke up this morning, and it was snowing like all hell, and I thought to myself I think I have all of the supplies to make a giant human snow globe Right? Have you have you seen that online before have you seen that on the youtubes I don’t think so. We’re gonna try it out right here in the in my own backyard Just from all the bullsh*t that I’ve been ordering online throughout the years I think down in my basement once we find everything we can make this happen. Simple enough. Holy sh*t it’s cold. All right I gotta get inside. I gotta find these things Yep, this is my basement. All right now somewhere in here. I’ve got all the supplies. I know it. I just got to find it So much stupid sh*t in this basement. That’s the Christmas trees. F*cking chair that Corinne’s had since she was a kid is always in the way, Oh get in here now What am I gonna? What is this? How many f*cking blow up mattresses do I need? Holy sh*t I can’t find anything in this f*cking sh*thole. Here it is! This is one of those giant blow-up balls that you can like physically get into and then I’m thinking that I could use this blow-up pool Possibly as like the base? right? This is all coming together. Step one is to start blowing all this sh*t up This is going to be a good amount of the video so you may just want to fast-forward through this Alright, now this is this giant bubble that I got last year. It’s huge Can i fit in here? Get in the like this and then somebody blows it up around me? I think I need Corinne to help me. This is getting to be a real pain in the ass So what I got to do right now is I got to fill this thing up Preemptively with all of the things that I’m gonna need once it’s blown up. Some lights, gonna throw a little christmas tree in here a bunch of bags of fake snow. Alright, we got Corinne over here behind the camera agreeing to this madness. C: No I didn’t agree. This is too big to blow up in here so i gotta drag it outside C: Does anyone feel like this is the last time we’ll see Rob? We got the air pump running through a series of different extension cords which is gonna lead out here I safetied them together.
C: You safetied them? Yeah, I safetied them up. With some plastic bags. Due to the moisture.
C: I see. And I have my phone, you have your phone.
C: Yeah, I got it We got our phones so when this is blown up, I’m gonna give you a call. You’re gonna unhook it then I’m gonna snow globe it up. C: Okay, yeah, hey neighbor C: Hi, yeah no, don’t worry about it, my husband’s just gonna snow globe it up in the yard apparently! C: Can you fit in there? It’s warm inside of here. C: Wow Alright now you hand me the air pump.
C: Alright. C: This is some weird stuff
R: Alright. C: Okay, now what?
R: Now you velcro me up here. R: Alright, thank you, keep your cellphone on! Okay, we’re gonna blow it up. So now we just wait until this thing blows up the tent. Which I’m not really sure how long that’s going to take. I see Corinne, oh is she walking the cat? Getting a little chilly in here. Get these gloves on in here. Is this thing f*cking blowing up? What’s going on? Because I have this thing in here it’s only recirculating the air, that’s in here. So obviously that’s not going to work. Hey Corinne! Oh she can’t hear me. Oh goddammit. I’m just gonna get that thing unzipped. okay now I’m getting a little claustrophobic Maybe if I go over here..Oh wait no I can’t I just realized I’ve been circulating the same oxygen into this thing for a little while And now I don’t have any real air in here at all anymore. Okay, call Corinne call Corinne call Corinne, stop freaking out. Oh god, pick up your phone! Okay, so I found out there’s a problem. I’m recirculating the same air in here, so I’m just running out of oxygen slowly C: Oh, do you need more oxygen?
R:Yes! C: I have the cat on the leash, I’ll be right there.
R: Oh god I don’t know how much longer! Okay, you just see them zip it like a little bit. Huh all right so I gotta keep this out here Zip this into the hole Yeah, this is what I’m talking about! So much better, I got a roof now Getting roomy in here Check this out I can stand up in here now There it is, it’s flowing in right through there Getting a lot colder in here that’s for sure Yeah! it’s working! By far one of the [bleep] coolest ideas that I’ve ever had on the show [bleep] genius C:Hello?
R: Hey I’m gonna need you to turn off the air pump C: Ok I’ll be right out C:No problem
R: yeah, thank you Alright, I’m gonna try to maneuver my way through the yard I gotta get over to the base which is over there on the other side of the of the yard C: Hey, can you see this R: No, what are you doing, okay? Alright I gotta push the- [Corinne laughing] R: Ahhh! [spitting] oh one of these bags of snow opened up [spitting] it went in my mouth I Got a new plan. Get that base just bring it over here. C: How did I become part of this project what the [bleep] I don’t know, I need your help Cold [bleep] in the snow [bleep] dragging kitty pools all over the place and neighbors think we’re crazy R: what is she talking about? I can hear her talking [bleep] C: Feet are wet. What what do you want me to do with it? R: lay it over here Alright, so that’s the base, I’m gonna try to get right in there. Okay, I’m just gonna to roll into it. Alright, I’m in the base. C: It’s all about that base. R: How does it look?
C: It looks, it looks, uh, great. R: [loudly] We did it! human snow globe! We got the Christmas lights here, check that out What do the [bleep] neighbors think now? Looks like a real snow globe right? Looks like a real snow globe. C: You have to do the fake snow R: Oh yeah! I got fake snow! Check this out. look at this! Wooo Human snow globe! Whooo! Yes, snow globin’ it up in here [spits] [coughs] [chokes] I got fake snow all in my mouth C: Ok, I’m gonna go inside now. You have fun
R: hold on. Oh don’t go anywhere. C: Bye
R: Watch this look at that- where are you Oh my back, it’s so itchy Shouldn’t have done that [spits]
We did it! I don’t know I feel like I’m losing oxygen in this name giant uh Human snow globe joining you in small globe you saw it here first I think I’m not sure anyone else was people didn’t do this But that’s all I got for you here on this crazy snow day. Ah subscribe like up this video If you haven’t done that already because this is some likable sh*t And I will see you next time if I ever get out of this bubble alright sing you up Alright, look a little tipsy burn that oxygen hey, I gotta get out of here now call current up here lightheaded here Okay all right call her again Come on can anybody even here in here all right. She’s not picking up come on Okay, well, this is my existence now well I thought I was having this episode, but now it’s just you and me a f*cking gigantic snow globe Okay, that’s taken lovely neighbors never never Oh that came in here Macduff cuddle her again Oh, Shh 5:30 the sun’s going down. Okay. All right. She’s not answering we got to do this ourselves, okay? it’s not working I Can’t get the zipper oh Yeah, if I can roll myself back over to the house He’ll tell me I can see the other camera anything, I needed saving lassie go get help Oh Way back here and wait for Crick the rape the doorway, so she’s gonna see me. Oh so cool. It’s so cool. Yes cool Yeah, I think that’s through. This is a like 28 days later James the Franco may cut off his arm in the canyon This was nice. Oh the YouTube channel all the fans all the things it was fun while it lasted Yeah, you get a little bit projects just take it off on my phone call yeah, okay? Please it’s a there’s nothing nothing oh It’s getting darker oh god help me. It’s getting warmer. It’s getting so Tim. Huh breathe oh god. I hope my neighbors Don’t find me like this. I’ll be terrible Like man, they’re gonna catch breath in here They’re out hey Rob you okay in there, buddy hey are you alright. Hey Rob oh f*ck .Let’s not tell anyone about this yeah, just leave him there It’s okay all right hold still hold still I can’t give it off if you don’t hold still Jesus. I can’t get the zipper thing C: My phone battery died I didn’t realize C:Are you okay? I’m sorry about that Yeah, what will they think of next

100 thoughts on “DIY Giant Human Snow Globe!!! – Man Vs Madness

  1. Holy fuck that was a trip. Kudos for managing that, looked pretty dope. Hope you never do that again, very worrying experience. Noted to never do that or to not let the person leave if I do (probably wont though)

  2. I bet Corrine was like painting the house galaxy and and stealing all the food in the cabinets when rob was stuck she was probably like
    "Looks like Rob is stuck for a while, I can finally complete my bucket list!"

  3. I don’t know why but I wasn’t subscribed anymore even though I’ve been following for ages, thankfully I noticed the lack of rob in my feed 😂

  4. This is so amazing!!! Where did you find the giant ball from? I can’t seem to find one anywhere!

  5. Imagine someone calling in for an emergency telling you they need the fire brigade or something like that because they are currently freezing and slowly running out of oxygen in a fucking giant snow globe they built in their garden because they thought that was a good idea. (I am just gonna assume it wouldn't have come to that because the situation wasn't a s serious as he wanted to make us believe, because otherwise my claustrophobia would probably kill me. Who came up with the idea of building a giant, human-sized ball without putting a zip on the inside? Oh god.

  6. You should have kept the air pump in there so the snow could have been blowing around ://

  7. Like one of these days all jokes aside, the bit is gonna get taken too far and someone is actually gonna get hurt

  8. Your not supposed to be in one of those balls for more than ten minutes other wise you run out of air and die and then Corrine will become a bigger cat lady than she already is

  9. This gives me horrible claustrophobia. Like, being stuck in an airsealed container, without any way of getting out or contacting anyone, slowly running out of oxygen without knowing what to do. Even if they staged that, I really wanted to call 911. Like, slowly losing conscience and freezing to death afterwards seems like a horrible nightmare.

  10. 12 months later and it still kills me that he missed the opportunity to blow the snow around inside with the air pump at the end

  11. Does Rob ever remind anyone of Uncle Eddy from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? WIth the tree in his hand the only thing I could think of was "Shitter's clogged!"

  12. I got rid of cable, but binge watching Threadbanger and Simple Nail Logical is way better. I'm dying. Glad you escaped the bubble!

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