Dragon Ball FighterZ – Gogeta Essentials

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Gogeta Essentials

64 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ – Gogeta Essentials

  1. Alisa video this weekend, in the meantime Dan is bringing back our Dragon Ball FighterZ series in style with the mighty Gogeta! Give him a follow on Twitter here to stay up-to-date on all upcoming airdasher content: https://twitter.com/MechaManDan

  2. I don't play FighterZ nor do I care about Dragon Ball but I love the quality of these videos so I'm dropping a like👍🏾

  3. OK This video is pure gold, well edited and i'd like to see many more videos like this in this near future. The way things are presented and especially the editing is on another level. Keep up the good work!

  4. If yall don't finish breakdowns on tekken characters before moving on I'm gonna find yall and rough yall up. WHERE IS MY MARDUK BREAKDOWN!!!!!

  5. Good video. Almost makes me want want to play DBFZ again. Too bad I really don't like tag-based marvel style games

  6. I don't understand how the quality of these videos is so high while the viewership is so comparably low, honestly makes me a little sad.

  7. I don't play Dragon Ball FighterZ but I still watch the video because I was hoping for a high level of making the video and it was FAR BATTER them I thought, keep up the good work

  8. Hell yeah dude
    Do this 4 blazblu if any of yall play it or hell I will for ya its my favorite franchise that ain't currently dead
    Rest in peace Darkstalkers

  9. Ayyy you even remade the intro! Thank you for you’re great work as always peeps! But I’m gonna be more hyped for essentials guides for vanilla chars like Tien or Nappa. I don’t have any dlc characters so Imma wait :3. Still it’s good to know the matchup.

  10. I did not expect a DBFZ Essentials out of nowhere like that and I really appreciate : like the Tekken 7 video, it's really well made, big but precise enough to make it a really enjoyable video and information gathering and hearing Dan again being the sole narrator of the video is really great. Can't wait to get more.

  11. Been saying it for a while but nobody listens, I knew season 3 was a big mess. The game hardly looks like Tekken anymore. :/ Jokes aside, amazing video as always TBS! <3

  12. Good video. I agree with Gogeta as the second character. His level 5 allow for quite easy sparkless TOD (as long as you have 7 bar before going into super). I will say Base Goku is the best "partner" for Gogeta. When playing base goku on point, you can charge spirit bomb with Gogeta quite easily making meter gain insane and TOD possible from four bar (no spark, 2M starter, spirit bomb level 1). When playing Gogeta, base goku can allow combo extension from his special kamehameha. You can also combo big bang kamehameha to level3 spirit bomb making easy TOD (0.5 sparking TOD with only Gogeta and Base Goku).

  13. I understood nothing because I don't play DBFZ as consciously as I play Tekken. But I love all TBS videos!!!

  14. I IRL popped off at 15:45–I was super excited to see this video, but a "Next Time…"!? H Y P E

    I seriously didn't and don't care who it was/is (well, I do; Trunks is hype), I'm just so thrilled to see new DBFZ content on this channel! Hell yeah, Dan (and the rest of the crew, of course)!

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