Drama Between Kailyn, Javi, & Briana Heats Up | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

Drama Between Kailyn, Javi, & Briana Heats Up | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

– Hello fellow Sneak Peek heads. Do you love being in the know? Me too. I’m Amy Pham and welcome
to The Sneak Peek Show. The show all about giving
you a little preview of what’s going down on MTV tonight. First up is Teen Mom 2, where tension between Briana
and Kailyn has been simmering. Last week at the reunion,
things came to a full boil with Kailyn confronting Briana about what was really
going on with her and Javi. This week Javi enters into the mix and things go in Kailyn’s words, full Jerry Springer. – I’m gonna go talk to her right now. – I’m coming. – Stop, let me talk to her first. Nah, let me talk to her first. Yo, don’t try to act hard with me. – Let’s go. – Bri, don’t try to act like that with me. – I’m not, but,
– Yes, you are. – Somebody’s lying,
somebody’s doing something. They wanna barge into my
room, I can barge into theirs. (knocking) You wanna go and talk so? – Don’t act up, come on. – I’m not doing this on camera. – Okay. They can stay outside, alright? – I’m gonna talk to you,
they can stay outside. – It’s so Jerry Springer and I’m not – – You did Jerry Springer,
you did this, yes you did. – You did this, you did this all. – Are you for real right now?
– You did all of this. – You literally sat there and were like, “Shut up, you’re annoying,
shut up, you’re annoying, Shut up You’re annoying.”
– Because you are. – That is so childish.
– And how were you yesterday? – Okay, how about today?
– How were you yesterday? – First of all, it had
nothing to do with you. – It had everything to do with me. – No. I said I don’t want
these people around my kids. These people generalize everyone. – We had this conversation already so, – So have a nice day, Briana. – Alright, well let me talk to you. – I don’t want to talk to you right now. If you want to talk
about this, we’ll go back to the hotel and talk
about it, but not here. – The cameras can wait
out here, we can talk. – Have a nice day guys. – I never knew this much drama went on behind the scenes at the reunions. No wonder things are always
so tense out on the stage. I’d be crying all the time probably. Anyway, enough about me, After Teen Mom 2 is Teen Mom Young & Pregnant, where Brianna ends things
with Danae over the phone. (soft music) – So today I’m gonna call Danae. He has been texting me,
like, every two seconds. I know that I have to tell him what’s up between him and Braeson. I don’t really wanna do it. But, I feel like he does deserve to say goodbye to Braeson. (soft music) (cellphone ringing) Hi.
– What’s up? – Nothing really, how about you? – Not much, how has he been? – Um, it’s good, he’s in the crib. – He’s sleeping in the crib? – Yeah, he wakes up every four hours. – Is he sitting up at all?
– He’ll try. He laughs a lot, and he does that. I kind of feel like it would be a closure for you seeing him.
– A closure? – Yeah.
– Hold on, time-out. So you, hold up, so, this
is more of like a goodbye? – Yeah. – So you’re telling me that because of that one (bleep) night, That one night that I (bleep) up, to everything else that I’ve been there for I
can’t see this kid anymore. – That one night that, yeah.
– It’s pathetic as (bleep) that I wasted all that time with you. – Yes, it is. Did you just call me a hoe? – All the (beep) I did for you, bro. Like it’s just fucked up that– – You’re immature as (beep),
you’re a (beep) child, dude. Why would I want you to raise my child if you’re a (beep) child?
– I’m not a child. – Because you’re disrespectful,
and you’re (beep) rude. Oh my God, why did I have to get involved with such a (beep) person,
I don’t give a (beep). I would never take
somebody’s kid away, bitch! – Whoa, what do you think? Will Danae and Brianna reconcile? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Well, that’s all for the
Sneak Peek Show today. But, don’t miss all new episodes of Teen Mom 2 and Teen
Mom Young & Pregnant starting at 9/8 central on MTV. If you like what you saw be
sure to like and subscribe so you can keep seeing stuff you like. If I say the word like one
more time I’ll explode. Bye!

7 thoughts on “Drama Between Kailyn, Javi, & Briana Heats Up | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV

  1. Her ass is fucking disgusting, and Javi is just as big of an ass. He is one of the stupidest people on this show. He does have a bad ass Nightmare before Christmas back piece though.

  2. Kail and bre are both beat. They both love drama. Kail is a cheater too hoe many baby daddy’s does she have? 3? I rest my case… WHOREable.

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