DRAMA: Capítulo 4 | Playz

DRAMA: Capítulo 4 | Playz

(Relaxing electronic music) (Camera shutter) Did you take a photo of me?
Eh, you’re deleting that now.
I can’t.
Excuse me? I can’t, I can’t.
It’s such a good photo. Yeah, right.
Show it to me then.
I can’t.
You have a photo of my arse. Either show me the photo
or delete it.
(STUTTERS) It’s an analogue camera. I can’t show it to you. Delete it then. (SIGHS) I can’t do that either.
I mean, I could take out the film and ruin my work,
but I don’t want to. It’s an incredible photo. You haven’t seen it,
how do you know it’s incredible?
Because I took it and I saw it for a second.
It’s really good. I want to see it too, then.
You do?
I can give you an e-mail address.
I’ll send it to you
when it’s ready. No. I’m not letting you leave
with a picture of me.
I want to see it now. (Distorted buzz) Morning!
Hi! Is this yours? What are you doing?
Washing up. Right, cool. Any plans today? I’m telling one of the guys.
Shit! How did it go with my brother?
Quite well. Well?
It was cool. Good morning.
Hey there, sister. Well… Are you back together?
No way. It was just one night. OK. Does he see it that way?
I was very clear. (AGREES)
Can I use your toothpaste?
Yes, of course.
Thanks, babe. (LAUGHS) Can I interfere? Fucking him
is the worst you could do.
Do I interfere in your
You don’t know him. Who don’t you know?
Her boyfriend. She hasn’t met him? And you have?
We had lunch a few weeks ago. I can’t believe he knows him. It’s been two months.
You didn’t ask to meet him. Let’s have lunch today. OK.
OK, cool. There’s an expo in the Ciutadella,
we’re free after.
You do everything except work.
Shut up. (LAUGHS) OK, perfect. Shall we eat here?
Yes. Like I said before,
this afternoon I have to…
Ah, OK. Yes.
I think he’s busy, too.
Yes. Lunch, then.
(AGREES) Cool.
(LAUGHS) I’m free, too.
I’ll cook if you want, OK? (CLEARS HER THROAT)
I took your toothbrush.
Bro. What did I say? Shit! (Electronic music) EPISODE 04
ÉRIC Did you take it?
Yes. When I was in Kenya.
You were in Kenya?
Wow! You’re not in any of them.
I didn’t go
to take photos with black kids. (LAUGHS) I was doing a job for a magazine. They’re really cool, you know? Yes. Hey! (Camera shutter) No. Seriously?
You took another photo?
Look at this.
(SIGHS) Amazing.
(SIGHS) I mean… (LAUGHS)
Do you like it?
No. Delete it.
You love it.
No. Delete it. Shall I delete it?
You’re sure?
Yes. Gone. (Pop-rock music) It was nice.
It was lovely.
Where did you come from? (Music increases in intensity) Got a siphon? What for?
I’d like to make potato foam,
but I think I’ll make Parmentier. Right?
Parmentier is better. What’s Parmentier?
Don’t look at me like that.
It’s like mashed potato,
but similar to… Hi! We’re in the kitchen. I bought those pasties
you mentioned for lunch.
The guy’s so nice.
He said if we live here…
(LAUGHS) Hello? Sergi, you’re here.
What’s up?
My hands are dirty.
Ah. I’m making lunch. Ah.
Scarlett’s bringing her boyfriend and annoying Sergi
insisted on cooking.
Are you in?
(STUTTERS) No, I’m out.
I already bought the pasties.
I don’t mind making Parmentier
for four or five. What’s Parmentier?
Come on, guys.
It’s potato with cream,
nutmeg, cheese… It’s delicious.
Ah, mashed potato. It’s not mashed potato,
but it’s similar. It’s mashed potato.
Damn it.
I’ll eat my pasties. Parmentier for four, then.
Say no more. How are you? Everything OK?
Still doing the roomscapes? Is that right?
Just for a while. Did she say we’re going to Vietnam?
(HESITATES) We’re looking into it.
I knew you’d back out. We have to
look into it carefully.
I already bought my ticket.
No way! I’m definitely going.
You do what you want.
What time’s lunch? I don’t know, Scarlett’s at an expo
with her boyfriend.
Around 2:00 p.m., I guess.
OK. Have you met her boyfriend? (Clattering) (Frenetic music) (SCREAMS) (LAUGHS) Cheese!
(LAUGHS) No. (Camera shutter) (Camera shutter) Excuse me, did you take my photo?
No. Hang on. Where are you going?
(PAUSES) Home.
With that photo of my arse? Yes, yes, yes. What the hell? Delete it.
I can’t, I’m sorry.
I can’t because it’s analogue. Ah! And? (Frenetic music) You’re an animal.
(LAUGHS) You love it.
(PANTS) Got any condoms? I don’t know. I’ll look.
(MOANS) (THEY BOTH PANT) (PANTS AND MOANS) That’s so good. (PANTS) África!
Hi! Here, this is Éric. Éric, this is África. Go on, two kisses. (LAUGHS) (Clinking) Sorry.
Let me show you the flat. Delicious. It is, isn’t it?
Wow, bro. Those courses. Cookery, swing…
I’ve hardly stopped. (AGREES) -It’s so good, mate. -Thanks. It turned out OK, right?
-Delicious. What’s in it? Nutmeg?
-Yes. Nobody notices, but it’s the key.
Good palate. Éric eats like a viking. (GROWLS) (LAUGHS)
No pasties for anyone? No, thanks, Jordi. You neither? Unbelievable. What do you do again, Éric?
He’s a photographer. He takes incredible photos. Show them some, go on. I love taking photos, too. Jordi, it’s not the same. (LAUGHS)
Why? He’s a professional
and photographs models and stuff.
I used to photograph models.
Used to. I haven’t for a while now. Show them some.
I only brought the analogue.
If you’d had the digital one
that day,
we wouldn’t be here.
-Woah! How did you meet? -Not far from here.
No, but what happened exactly? (LAUGHS) I caught him
photographing my arse.
(LAUGHS) So I told him
that I wanted to see the photo,
he said no
because it was an analogue camera.
We went to his studio
to develop it.
(IRONICALLY) Wow! So cool!
(LAUGHS) Yeah. Do you sell them?
Do you sell the photos you take?
No, no.
So you’re not a professional. What do you mean? Professionals live off photography.
If you don’t photograph models
or sell photos,
you’re not a professional.
Jordi’s our lawyer
for when we have questions about legal things, that stuff.
(THEY ALL LAUGH) Sergi’s our chef.
He hasn’t been around for a while.
We’ve missed you. You went to the studio, then what? (HESITATES) It was all a bit crazy. We went to the studio
and developed the photo.
It went smoothly from there, right?
Yes, I mean, yes…
At the beginning,
it wasn’t very serious, was it? Course not. (PUFFS) Are you OK?
Yes. Ah…
Isn’t Éric cool? Yeah, I don’t know.
We have such a good time. He’s fun, really active,
loves reading, swing,
playing tennis, like me. But you’re very
“I like him today, gone tomorrow”.
Éric’s the same.
We have a strong connection.
On all levels.
What do you mean? I mean… He has the most amazing dick,
you couldn’t imagine.
Circumcised. I thought
you preferred uncircumcised.
Not any more. Sucking it… Sucking it is incredible, I get…
You like his dick, I get it. Not like, I love it!
It’s the thickest I’ve ever seen.
It turns me on. Sure you don’t want
to try the Parmentier? No, I’m fine. Thanks. Know what’s most important? Being with him makes me happy. Really? Shit. (Mobile ringtone) Dad? Dad? What’s wrong? What? OK, OK. But, what happened? Dad!
Why didn’t you call me earlier?
No, no. Dad, I’m coming.
Yes, Dad, wait for me.
OK. Bye! What’s wrong?
My gran fell over in the shower. Did they go to the hospital?
Yes, but they’re home now. Is she OK?
I don’t know. But I have to go. What’s wrong?
África’s gran fell over. Shit. Are you OK? Where’s my coat?
Is it in your room?
Where are you going?
To her house.
I’ll come, too.
No, you stay.
I want to go alone, it’s fine.
Jordi, have you seen it?
No. Éric has a car. We’ll take you.
No. I’ll get a taxi. Don’t be silly, we’ll take you.
Éric doesn’t mind.
(ÉRIC) No.
Get your keys. Afri, Afri. Let me come with you.
Sergi, fuck, we’re not together. Let’s get that straight! Do you mind taking us?
Didn’t you have plans? Yeah, but it’s fine. Let’s go.
OK. África, we’re taking you.
(SHOUTS) My fucking coat! Shall I come?
No, it’s OK. África, let’s go. (Distressing electronic music) Oh.
It’s OK.
(SIGHS) How is she?
Fine. It was just a scare.
Want some cake? What cake?
No, why do we have cake now? With this mess, why? To celebrate.
She’s fine, after all. We have to celebrate. (SIGHS) Don’t you want any?
No. Scarlett? No, thank you, Gregorio. Come on, woman.
No, no. Who are you?
-Éric. -Want some?
-Yes. -Go on, then.
-Yes. (GREGORIO) -This is a celebration.
(ÉRIC) -Delicious. -The papaya cake is good.
-Yes. Gran, how are you feeling? Don’t disturb her now.
She took quite a tumble. What happened?
They discharged her immediately.
It’s like a pit stop…
(IMITATES A MOTOR) Get racing, Gran! What happened exactly?
She slipped in the bath.
Hit the tap. Pam! Unconscious.
Mercè has a head of steel. She can’t shower by herself.
I keep an eye on her.
I don’t get in with her.
The elderly need their privacy. But…
Luckily, Flora was here.
She’s the girl I’m in love with.
Really? Yes.
That’s great. She was here
and helped me save her. You have to meet Flora.
I will one day. Can I ask you to leave?
I’d like to be alone.
You want us to leave?
Yes, please leave, I want you to leave. Don’t get like that.
She gets on edge. I’m sorry.
Well… Shall we wait for you?
Yes, won’t be long. (ÉRIC) I’ll go smoke. Can I take the cake?
-Take it. Off we go, then. (Door closing) -Who are you? I’m your granddaughter. What’s your name? África. That’s lovely, África. I have a granddaughter. She’s called África. (Intimist music) (SIGHS) (Melancholic music) (Mobile notification) (Melancholic music) Did you know África? Did you take my camera? (NERVOUS) Éric.
Did you know África?
You can’t touch my things.
Éric! Yes. What do you want me to say?
I didn’t know she was your friend. You fucked her. (SIGHS) Did you fuck him?
Can we talk? (SOBBING) Did you fuck him? I had no idea he was with you. I didn’t know. You were laughing in my face. I don’t care that you’re a liar
and that you fucked,
the worst thing is that
you’ve been laughing at me all day.
Hang on! I didn’t know!
I had no idea!
You deserve what happened,
you’re so fucking selfish
and self-centred. Get fucked, both of you. I hope he knocked you up. (SIGHS) (Boxing bell) (GIRL SHOUTS)
Fucking hell. Take that, bastard.
Why are you so good? (SIGHS) Because you’re terrible. (SIGHS) I’m not shaking it,
you’re an addict.
You have to know how to lose. But I want revenge. I won’t shake hands
with a loser like you. (LAUGHS) (MUMBLES IMITATING HER) (SIGHS)
What are you doing? (LAUGHS) (Melancholic music) (Animated electronic music) Translation: Amy Sue Bennett
Subtitles: Jordi Bosch BBO Subtitulado

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