Drunk History – Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club

Drunk History – Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club

Hello. I’m Katie Nolan, and today we’re gonna talk about Gloria… Steinem.Our story begins
in the year 1963.
Gloria Steinem was a graduate
of Smith College,
very smart,
she’s 28 years old,
and she’s a journalist.And “Show Magazine” was like,hey, Gloria, we have a story
for you.
We want you to go
at one of Hugh Hefner’s
Playboy clubs.
And Playboy clubs were
advertising themselves
at the time as, like, being
in a real live version
of “Playboy.”So, you would have, like,
beautiful women everywhere,
and drinks and food
and “dude stuff.”
– Yeah!
– Boobies and vaginas!
– [laughs] And Gloria was like,I don’t think
this is what I want.
I want people
to take me seriously.
And her editor was like,I think this could be
your chance
to call Hugh Hefner
out on his Goddamn bullshit.
And she was like,
you’re right. I’m in.
Let’s [bleep] do it.Um.Uh, what was I talking about? – Uh.
– So she says yes to the thing… to the assignment.And so she goes
to the audition
which is at a Playboy club.So she’s this alias
she’s created for herself
which is Marie Catherine Ochs.And the woman that she goes
up to says,
take off your coat.
Let me see your body.
Gloria was like,
um, okay
and, like, took her coat off.And the woman was like…you look a little old
for 24,
but your body’s great.Come back on Saturday
for a fitting.
And so Gloria comes back
a couple of days later,
and she sees this woman named
And she’s like,
I’m the bunny mother.
So she goes,
and she gets sized.
She puts on this leotard,
and she’s like, this fits.
And they’re like,
no it doesn’t.
And they keep going
in and in.
And Gloria’s like,
I think that’s tight enough.
I can hardly breathe.– [laughs] – I just had an ice–
– Are you good? – An ice cube
just assaulted me. – You got ISIS-ed. – [laughs]
– Sorry.– So the bunny mother,
Sheralee, is explaining
to the bunnies…there’s all these things
that they can take
your money away for;like, if your ears are
that’s a demerit.If your bunny tail’s dirty,
that’s demerits.
If you’re not smiling enough,
that’s a bunch of demerits.
They also give her
this “Bunny Manual”
which is a list
of all the rules
that you have to follow.And in the Bunny Manual,
it says…
you’re not allowed
to date any customers.
But then they were toldunless they hold
the special key.
These special key memberswere allowed to do
whatever they want.Ew.That’s [bleep] up.Anyway. So, they’re like,
great, you’re all set.You’re going
to start work soon.
We just need you to complete
your physical.
And Gloria’s like,
what do you mean?
I’m going to be a waitress.And, like, oh, we just need
you to complete a physical
with this doctor,and then you’ll be fine
to start.
That’s gross.
– Yeah.
– That’s just gross.So, she goes to the doctor.She sits on the table,
and she sees there’s stirrups.
And the doctor walks in,and the first thing
he says to her is…
so you want to be a bunny.Which is alarming,
as a doctor.He exams her,which to a woman means…you know. – Pap smear? – Did you say “patch”
smear? – I’ve never had one.
– It’s not a bagel, Derek.
It’s a… – It’s a–
– I’m from New York, eh. [together]
I’ma gettin’ a pap “schmear.” [both laugh] So, she finishes the exam. And she goes the next day
to train for this job.That’s a fancy word foryou’re going to work
and not get paid any money.
She’s training
as a table bunny.And they teach her
that she has to follow
the other bunny servers
and so she’s going around,
asking these people, like,
hello, I’m bunny Marie.
What can I get for you?
And they would say things
yeah, girl, let me
see your titties.
Open it up.Which is bullshit. How many times are you allowed to say bullshit on Comedy
Central? I’ve said it a whole bunch. – Whenever you want.
– Okay. – It’s some bullshit.
– [laughs] – Do you want me
to teach you how to bunny? – Yes, all right.
So, when I walk– How do I walk? Well, so, it will be
on a tray, and I need you
to be on your tippy toes all the way up. Higher than that.
– This is all I can go. – And then cross your legs
when you walk. Bend over the table
to serve the drink. Butt out.
– Mm-hmm. Titties out. Go away, you slut. Anyway.She’s working
all of these shifts,
and she’s like,
in her journal,
she’s writing
all these injustices.
They’re, like, working
these long hours.
They’re not making
any money.
On top of that,it’s basically
a prostitution ring.
And finally, after working
in the Playboy clubs
for four weeks,Gloria was like,
[bleep] this shit.
I have enough
in my journal.
I’m gonna publish this shit.I’m out.It’s just all the stupid
sexist dumbass bullshit.
She just wanted
to get the [bleep] out. And so she quit.And soGloria writes an expose
on these Playboy clubs.
She’s like these women
were like…
not making as much moneyas they were told they were
going to make.
It’s insane hours.They’re being grabbed
all the time.
They’re treated
like prostitutes.
They’re basically being used
as a tool
for the male sexual
But the women themselvesdon’t get to
own their sexuality,
and that’s shitty.So they publishes–they publishes–They publ–They publish…
– Mm-mm.They publish the story
in the magazine.
So, the world reads
this article,
and to his very tiny credit,Hugh Hefner says
Yeah, maybe they won’t have
to go
to these physical exams
And you know what,I’m going to
stop making them
have to give so much of
their money to us
if they make a mistake.Which is, like,
a really cool thing… that Hugh Hefner did. But also, not as cool as just,
like, always treating them
that way.This article made Gloria
Steinem a household name,
and she went on to be this…huge feminist icon.It’s tough, but I swear
to God, if it weren’t
for Gloria Steinem I wouldn’t be able to be
on TV. It’s very hard to be a woman
that’s like, I love sports. – And you have stuck
to your guns ever since you’ve started. And that… is what… – You cried. – I’m sorry. – Can I get somebody else
to do– to do this? – [laughs]

100 thoughts on “Drunk History – Gloria Steinem Goes Undercover at the Playboy Club

  1. Yeah, the bunnies should make more money.
    But Gloria is being a bit presumptuous by not realizing some women want to work there.

  2. They should have bought the rights to "for Dummies" because watching these people act like they are drunk is cringy but watching the reenactments is actually funny. AKA IT SHOULD BE CALLED History for Dummies

  3. Bunny's weren't the only women who had to do a physical, some office workers had to as well. There was a scene in mad men that showed this in detail.

  4. I can’t help but wonder the number of times Gloria Steinam has watched some belittling, disrespectful slut like this ride on the tails of Gloria’s honest work on behalf of women and thought – “Why did I bother”.

  5. Remember when Steinem defended serial sexual predator Bill Clinton and then shamed women for not supporting Hillary Clinton? That was so stunning and brave…

  6. Dude I cried too when she said that shit!! Its sad that it happened and its beautiful that she has such an appreciation for it.

  7. I don't give a fuck what none of y'all nerds say, that lil nigga look like a rapist and he only crying cuz he guilty of something

  8. yeah…..and since then, gloria has belittled and insulted women for not voting for Hillary. fuck that bitch AND Gloria.

  9. I think a lot of people in the comments' section are very much misinformed on what exactly feminism is: the advocation of women's rights on the basis of equality among the sexes. The operative word here being equality. True feminism is not the same thing as "misandry," or the dislike of men. Gloria Steinem isn't a perfect person, but her flaws can't take away from the significant, positive impact she's had on women's rights in the United States.

  10. I don't understand why we never get to hear the actors deliver the lines. What's the point of even using actors? Might as well have animation.

  11. A friend who grew up in Chicago told me how her family’s car broke down outside the Playboy club in a snowstorm when she was a kid. They went inside waiting for a tow truck. The dad was drooling, the daughter thought the bunnies were glamorous, and the mom was like “I’ve gotta get these 2 idiots outta here, pronto!”

  12. I'm an enlightened male, totally progressive, but I'm also a hetero male, and therefore an idiot, so I have to say leave Hugh alone; he didn't do nothin' wrong…

  13. Oooo I like Derrick
    I must share it
    He resembles the guy that took my male virginity 4x a week in college good n plenty
    Cum take it again
    Derrick say when

  14. I fucking love Katie Nolan. Such a crush on her. Maybe it's because she married a server she had at cheesecake factory and I was one of those or something stupid like that. Or that's she's fucking awesome (even being a Pats fan)

  15. In 1997 i worked in a tulip factory with an 11 year old boy who worked 11 hours per day. His story will never told but I'm glad people are talking about feminism all the time because the horrible shit that has happened and is happening to the other half of the world doesn't matter.

  16. I like the history part of this, but if you're a non-drinker (I quit in the 90s.) listening to someone's drunk story is more annoying than funny. I wish these weren't written so well so I could stop watching them.

  17. I listened an NPR interview with Gloria shortly after she married. A young mom called in and gutted Gloria for her life long don’t get married stance. The mom asked how anything would change if women didn’t marry and raise strong girls and sensitive boys. Gloria didn’t have much of a reply.

  18. She is drunk! That is so funny. This schtick can go on for another 10 years because being drunk is so funny. Nothing funnier than a drunk person narrating a story. Writing sucks, drinking is cool.

  19. 0:13

    That pencil isn't even sharpened. It's brand new.

    t̸͈͒̽ḫ̶̢̒̔i̸̤̍̃s̷̗̊͝ ̶̡̽m̷̭͗î̴̥l̴͉̲̽̍d̶̢͋͘l̵̘̈́̈́y̴̌̐ͅ ̴̞̌̈u̵̼͊p̶̛͉͛s̸̫̾ͅe̷͉̱͒̑t̴͚͊s̵̰͘͠ ̸̛̠̦̃ḿ̴̪̰̕e̷͙͘

  20. A lot of women claiming feminism is bad are standing tall on the shoulders of feminists.
    Can’t remember what movie this is from but some guy says “men won the gender war when women started pole dancing for exercise”.

  21. feminist: an unattractive female who projects the plight of others unto themselves and champions their cause without any regard. Incels got nothing on the fuglies.

  22. Oh. So her assignment was a man's idea. Of course it worked.

    I say that at Hooters. Lets see them tiddys, OPEN IT UP! I'm not a real doctor, but I'll do THAT examination for y'all.

  23. I'm glad this one was about English speakers. The Hawaiian one where they were mouthing modern jargon was offensive to me. I'm Hawaiian bro, bro, I'm Hawaiian, bro, for real bro, yo! I'm Hawaiian dawg. Bro, I'm Hawaiian. That was basically it. Also ghetto trash slang out of the mouths of Ancient Egyptians got me all ryled up too.

  24. Feminists today are NOT the same as back then! Feminist today are a disgrace to females. Back then they were doing things that fought for women's rights. Now-a-days they just want men out of the picture all together; men are tooooo masculine, man-spreading because gosh forbid they have balls and a penis between their legs, etc.

    Feminists back then were icons. Now-a-days the feminists are just angry fat women that need mental help.

  25. They're working in a lewd industry you should expect lewd things to happen in a lewd industry, watch CountDankula's video on hugh Hephner as he goes into more detail on the Subject

  26. Hef didn't get rich selling magazines. He had to pay those women for modeling. He for rich be being America's number one pimp.

  27. It's great she got them better working conditions by exposing how fucked the system was.
    Same time I will never understand why it seems like feminists focus on unemploying attractive women who wanted to get hired to cash in on their sexuality. Bunnies, Booth babes, Grid Girls, etc. Seems like if you're working for someone else to show off what your got then it's bad but if you are your own boss they back off.

  28. "are you actually calling gloria steinem a skank?"

    "Who's calling gloria steinem a skank?"

    "She is!"


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