Dulaara (HD) Hindi Full Movie – Govinda – Karisma Kapoor – Superhit Hindi Movie – With Eng Subtitles

Dulaara (HD) Hindi Full Movie – Govinda – Karisma Kapoor – Superhit Hindi Movie – With Eng Subtitles

James here.
– Confirmed information Heera, the bastard,
has agreed to depose against us Before he does that, dig his grave
inside the police station James, the job
must be done tonight itself Who called?
– Bhai (Don) Why did he call?
– Wants some goods freed from the dock Or to give someone freedom
from his life? Why ask when you know? Look James, giving and taking life
is God’s job If you interfere in his work,
He won’t ever forgive you Florence, when will you understand?
What is crime and sin… for you and your God is business
for me. It’s God for me Your father has left us money, enough
to spend a lifetime without worry Then why don’t you quit your business?
– Because when I stepped into it… I never knew it was a one-way traffic.
A business, where one can enter… but he can never return James. John, I won’t raise you like James I’ll make you like Lord Jesus Yes. You’re running high fever It’s a serious attack
of gastro-enteritis Where’s his father? Get the jeep, quick Get the medicines immediately, else,
the child’s life can be in danger John. What…? What has happened to John?
– An attack of gastro-enteritis Not to worry. Get these medicines.
Give him a dose every two hours God willing he’ll be
all right before dawn All right, doctor.
– I’ll leave now No. Florence. James. James.
– Florence. Florence, don’t let John
take the path… that is a one-way traffic Please. Oh, God. My baby! John. John. John. John. John! John! John! My baby! My darling… Whose baby it is? Who left him here? “In my heart is a prayer” “In my eye, a tear” “From my bosom…” “flows a sea of elixir” “Time robbed me of everything” “Now you are the darling upon whom
I shall shower all my affection” “You are my darling” “I’m not Mother Mary” “Neither am I Mother Yashoda” “Then how am I to make you a God?” “My darling boy,
I shall try…” “to make a virtuous man out of you” “You are my hope” “You are the life within me” “You are a part of me” “You are the apple of my eye” “In my heart is a prayer” “In my eye, a tear” “From my bosom…” “flows a sea of elixir” “Time robbed me of everything” “Now you are the darling upon whom
I shall shower all my affection” Damn! Gosh! Before I wet my pants,
I’ll scoot She’s all fire. I’m so scared!
– Shut up, chicken! Don’t scare us His company has made a chicken
out of the two of you Now watch me use formula 44. My drama
begins the moment Mummy’s prayer ends Careful Bad times, really. No one is
bothered about other’s needs You come home tired, but there’s
no one to offer you a glass of water I’m fed up. I’m tired of this life.
There’s no one to hear my tragedies There is! There is one.
But she is a fake too She loves me for selfish reasons.
I know why I was picked up… from the steps of the church.
Not because she needed a son… but because she’d get
a slave for free Oh, God. I’d rather die than
live in such a world But I can’t help it,
poison doesn’t come for free Will you hear only
after I kill myself? Are you deaf? Why are you shouting?
Would you say clearly what you want? Mummy, I want some…
– Yes, you want money That was straight out of my heart.
That’s why my friends say… my Mummy lives in my heart.
– I know. How much do you want? 500.
– 500…? You know how much that is?
Have you even seen it in your dreams? Never, that’s why I want to see it.
– Why? What for? Mom, my friend Peter…
– His mother is ill Who told you?
– I know, I know That’s one excuse to fleece me.
But I’m not giving you a penny I’m telling you the truth, Mummy.
Peter’s mummy is suffering from cancer Jesus, have mercy! Cancer? No chance of survival? Then why waste money? I’m not giving.
– You’re saying that, Mummy? You? Yes.
– No sympathy at all? Why don’t you earn money
and give her? I can’t study if I work. And if I don’t
study, how will I realise your dream? Enough of the drama. Stop it.
– Drama…? Mummy, in God’s court justice
is delayed but never denied I’ll certainly find a job soon Congratulations Raja.
Congratulations, buddy What are you screaming for?
– You’ve found a job Yes. Really?
– Yes How much is the salary?
– 1000 bucks 1000 bucks…? At Iqbal’s garage. He’ll give you 500
in advance and 500 when you start work Come on.
– Coming. Bye Mummy Stop. Will you really work, Raja?
– I must, I can’t help it How can you? If you work, how will
you study? And if you don’t study… how will you realise my dream? Mummy. Mummy. Just think. If I don’t work,
how will I get my pocket money? And how will I help my friends?
– Your mother isn’t dead as yet. Wait You won’t do the job, eh? I grovelled
at Iqbal’s feet to get you this job Damn! Your mummy and her dreams!
– Sorry Gulshan Here… give it to Peter’s mother.
Okay? I’ll pray for her good health Oh, Mummy. You’re great. Rascals! Scoundrels! Frauds! Loafers, all of you! You conned me?
I won’t spare you I’ll fix you when you come back Why did everyone get up? The chair you’re sitting on
is always reserved for Michael And if you’re rooted on it even after
seeing him, he takes it as an insult Is it not an insult for us
to stand up everytime he comes? Look, you are new here, so it was
my duty to warn you. It’s your wish Bloody bedbug! I’ve been watching your antics
for long. Will you get up… or do you want me to box your ears?
– It’s not right to hit someone There’s plenty of space here,
you can sit anywhere you want Bastard! I will sit,
after I send you to your place Need a little massage? Gullu, I wish to sit on this chair.
What say? Shall I sit? I’ll talk less, so understand well.
It’s just a chair, buddy… not a pretty woman’s lap.
Dare to sit Really?
– Go on, sit. No worries Murari, I’ll sit if you tell me to.
– You’ve already sat. No sweat Look, are you out of your mind?
Quit the chair quietly… before I kill you. Then don’t tell me
that I didn’t give you a chance Deepak, is he threatening me?
– No, he’s just telling you Right. The ass isn’t brave enough
to threaten you I’m threatening you!
– Murari My friend is very stubborn. It’s just
an ordinary chair he’s sitting on Were he to sit on the Prime Minister’s
seat, all the ministers put together… can’t topple him.
– Boss, the boys are acting too smart Come on, break their jaws Gullu, he’s going to hit me.
I’m so scared It’s my hands that are itching, pal.
– All right, get it cured I’ll fix them later. Don’t spare them.
– Let’s go Gullu, why did we come here?
– To have some tea Then where’s the tea?
– Here you are Give me.
– Right away Where’s my tea?
– Sorry. Here it is Had to negotiate several
speed-breakers on the way Run!
– Police! Scoot! Scoot, Murari Where did the police come from? Was it you who mimicked the siren?
– You bashed up Michael To celebrate it, I blew the siren,
before you could destroy the canteen Great. You are amazing.
– Are you kidding? Oh no. Just to celebrate
Michael’s fall… hands off Keep this 100. It’s for this month.
– Why d’you deposit money… with him every month?
– I’d have deposited with you But ever since your father passed
away, you’ve been irregular at college Where do I go looking for you
when I need it? Why don’t you deposit with me?
– For fearing of getting fleeced Shut up Why are you saving money?
– Got to buy someone a gift For whom?
– I have but one darling One piece. I’ve never seen such a beauty I wish I could…
– Do what? Praise her.
– If you feel like it, go ahead May I?
– Sure Excuse me… do you hear me? Beyond compare Who? Who is beyond compare?
– The goldsmith who made your earrings Well, even he is amazing…
– Who? The cobbler who made my sandal This is disgusting She’s hot.
– Shall I…? Do what?
– Cool her? My word “Touch, but lovingly” “Touch, but lovingly” “Touch, but lovingly” You’ve been displaying “Touch,
but lovingly”, and now you beat me? I’m displaying?
– Who else? What’s this? Damn you! Want another one? Here… Professor Varma Sir…
– I know, and I know very well Yes, he eyed you,
from every other angle And at him,
you shot every possible sandal Amazing!
– Am I not? May I recite a couplet?
– Of course, of course No good is the moustache
that is not twisted No good is the moustache
that is not twisted No good is the beauty
that is not teased Now hear from me…
– Give it here! What’s a book…
– Great What’s a book without a cover? Well said. What’s a book without a cover? What’s a girl without a…
– Lover? Shut up. You idiot! Wow. Wow. You abused Raja.
– So? Know he is?
– Who? Every girl in college is mad for him.
– My foot “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after me” “I live in every heart” “Because…” “I wear sexy trousers
and sexy shirts” “My hair is sexy,
my gait is sexy” “My handkerchief is sexy too” “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after me” “I live in every heart” “Because…” “I wear sexy trousers
and sexy shirts” “My hair is sexy,
my gait is sexy” “My handkerchief is sexy too” “You’re a girl so cute,
and your face is sweet too” “You’re beautiful
and charming” “I’ll hold you in my heart
and make you mine” “I’ll show you around London
and feed you pani-puris” “We’ll have our honeymoon
before we marry” “I’m Romeo, you are Juliet.
Don’t take me for an idiot” “Don’t spurn me, don’t go…
we are made for each other” “Ever since I stepped
into youth…” “every girl has been
mad after me” “For some I’m a hero” “And for some I’m a sweetheart” “Ever since I stepped
into youth…” “every girl has been
mad after me” “For some I’m a hero” “And for some I’m a sweetheart” “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after me” “I live in every heart” “Your skirt is sexy,
so is your blouse” “Your scarf is sexy,
so is your attitude” “Sexy is your sway” “Your mummy is sexy,
your daddy is sexy…” “entire family of yours is sexy” “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after me” “I live in every heart” Hey! You’ve put on airs, eh? Come on. Try me honey. “I’m smart, you take me heart
before I give it to someone else” “My heart is crazy,
and I’m obsessed” “If you act smart,
I won’t spare you” “You are crazy about him,
but you won’t let him know” “You are crazy about me,
but you won’t let me know” “If you want to love, be brave.
Why must you fear, silly?” “Why do you play hard to get?” “Why, why?” “Neither are you handsome,
nor are you intelligent” “Then what are you so proud of?” “Under my feet,
I trample the likes of you” “Neither are you handsome,
nor are you intelligent” “Then what are you so proud of?” “Under my feet,
I trample the likes of you” “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every boy is after me” “I live in every heart” “Because…” “My sandals are sexy,
so are my kicks” “My anger is sexy,
my slaps are sexy” “My abuse is sexy too” Damn you! Let go “Lay off, moron.
– Shut up, kitten” “I’m disaster.
– You are an innocent doll” “Loafer!
– No, hero” “Lunatic!
– You’re a zero” “Vagabond!
– Only yours! Get the hint?” “He’s beyond compare,
he’s much sought after” “He has but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after him” “I live in every heart” “Because…” “he wears sexy trousers
and sexy shirts” “His hair is sexy,
his gait is sexy” “This boy is sexy all over” “This lad is sexy” “This lad is sexy” “This lad is sexy” “This boy is sexy” Welcome, sir Shut the door Come on, Daddy.
– Coming, son Let’s go, son
– Come on, Daddy. Go on.
– He’s got his son handcuffed. Weirdo I’m his father. I’ll tie up his hands
and legs. How does it concern it? Daddy…
– Let’s go, son I’ve found it impossible.. ..to carry.. ..the heavy burden of responsibility.. ..and to discharge my duties.. ..as I would wish to do. Without the help and support.. ..of the woman I love. Hey, Murari. Where’s our stylish lady? Excuse me. Hello, sir. – How’re you? I am fine. How are you?
– Fine. How about you? I’m forever happy. I hope you are
happy with the students? I’m very happy.
– That’s all one needs I hope the girls
don’t harass you, Mr Sathe? Not at all I should be leaving now, Mr Varma.
– Bye At 10 tonight we’re meeting
at the girls’ hostel’s terrace I know you remember,
but it’s just a reminder I need to tell you something.
I’m distressed. Yours, Madhuri Who are you? Who are you? I… I wanted to
discuss my problems… Please, leave me. Please. Let go Please. Job done Good. Very good. Hello, police station? Mummy? You haven’t gone to bed yet, Mummy?
– I’m awake to see… how you enter the house
after the main door is closed I just wanted to see.
– Mummy, you know the lame Gullu? Yes, your Gullu.
– I had gone to show him to the doctor Shameless! Every day you come up with
new excuses. You lie to me? Aren’t you ashamed?
– No Mummy, don’t throw me out Don’t do this to me.
– Sit. You’ll sit there all night I won’t sit here all night.
I’m scared of ghosts Look, even the dog is howling.
– That’s fine, you sit and howl here What do you chant every morning to
ward off evil? That forty somethings Sit there and chant that.
– Forty? Yes. Every morning you chant that.
What is it? The forty holy mantras of Hanuman?
– Right. Hanuman forty will help you Sit and chant that all night.
– Calls the holy mantras Hanuman forty Lord Hanuman, forgive my innocent Ma.
As of now, she’s climbing the stairs The rascal tries to fool me.
He’d even scare a ghost off Now she’ll take off her glasses I know why You sent this boy
down to earth You couldn’t handle him,
so You sent him to me Now she’ll sit down to relax “Hail, Lord Hanuman,
the sea of knowledge and virtue.” “Hail the monkey God,
who illuminates the tree worlds.” “Lord Ram’s messenger,
the one with incomparable power.” “Born to Anjani,
blessed by the God of the wind.” For all my hollering,
Mummy wouldn’t budge Must try something else I hope he won’t catch a cold Wonder if he has eaten Raja. Goodness Has he really run away? Actually Mummy, I was famished,
so I… Bloody thief! Stealing food, eh?
Shameless! Stealing…? Eating food from
one’s own kitchen is not stealing Your house? You bet? Did your father
leave this all behind for you? What’re you talking, Mummy?
You won’t let me bathe, eat or sleep All you do is scream at me.
Would my parents do this to me? Would your mother have washed
your clothes, cooked for you? Would she have stayed up all night
without eating, waiting for you? First you eat up all the food, and
then you say I’m not your real mother I know. I know you won’t eat
unless I’ve eaten That’s why I kept your share aside Come on now, eat.
– No, I won’t Why not?
– Why did you say that… I’m not your real mother?
– Hey! I still maintain that You’re not my real mother.
– What…? Yes, you are not my real mother.
No, no, not at all Oh, my God. You are my Mother Mary You are my Mother Mary.
Come on now, eat Come on… eat it Didn’t I tell you?
You’re my Goddess, and I’m your dog My Goddess I warn you, if you untie him, there’s
going to be an earthquake here A tempest will follow and my honour
will be ruined. Let me go No. Unless you tell us why he is
handcuffed, we won’t let you go You won’t? I will go! Untie him quietly, or…
– Or, he’ll rip you apart Untie him Do it!
– Done Give me! Give me alms
in the name of the Lord He’s a beggar Give me.
– Try another, please Folks, we’re beggars, traditionally.
– It’s a matter of pride Begging all these years made
a millionaire out of me. I changed But he didn’t change,
nor did his attitude So I handcuff his hands,
to prevent him from begging Today you released him
and ruined my honour Who admitted him?
– Must’ve begged for admission Police? My mother-in-law stays in Delhi.
Why have you brought me here? He’s the hostel’s watchman All right. What’s your name?
– My father died without a trace Apes are our ancestors. So I named
myself Bandar-ud-din. (Bandar – Ape) People lovingly call me Bandru So Bandru, where were you last night
when Madhuri fell off the terrace? I had gone to watch a movie Which one?
– Grab A Lamp In The Moonless Night Which talkies?
– Shyam Talkies Ram Singh. There was a fight
at Shyam Talkies last night, right? Yes sir. The manager received
slippering for selling tickets… in the blackmarket.
– The manager himself was at it, sir Would he get almonds if not slippers? So you were there too?
– By God, I slippered him twice I got some practice, you see.
– So you too hit him? Forgive me for my mistake.
But I really hit him once Really? Bastard! There was no brawl
at the Talkies Exactly. You are right.
– Now come out with the truth Where were you last night?
– I had been to meet my girlfriend Where?
– At the brothel Brothel? Then you must be boozing too.
– No sir, it’s forbidden for us Heroin, marijuana, opium…?
– No, never No? Beedi or cigarette?
– Never. Goodness No smoking either? Which means you got
no vice, other than visiting brothels Sir, I do one more thing.
– What is it? I’m a liar, by your grace.
– By my grace, eh? Bastard! You will answer me honestly.
– I will, sir Was Madhuri in love with someone?
– Not with me Bloody ape! Who used to come
to meet Madhuri? No one would dare that when
I’m around Sir, I’m a liar, but I’m honest too,
by your grace He’s telling the truth. For fear
of him, no one visits this place All right. Go now Mr Chauhan, I want to know if Madhuri
killed herself or was she killed Madam, until the
autopsy report arrives…. ..it’s very difficult to
predict whether it’s a murder.. ..or a suicide. I tell you, it was murder.
– No, it was suicide. You dig? Stop fighting amongst yourselves.
Professor Varma is a ladies’ man Let’s ask him. Well Mr Varma,
was it murder… or suicide?
– Murder Murder!
– Suicide! Neither murder nor suicide.
– Then what was it? I’ll talk less, so understand well.
The girls’ hostel is haunted Shut up. I don’t believe in ghosts.
– D’you believe in God? I do.
– Have you ever seen Him? There! You got no answer.
If there is God, there is ghost too Come on, pal. I don’t believe you. I can show you one.
– How? Tonight all us will go
to the girls’ hostel I’m not going.
– Damn you! Even your pop will go The police will reach before you Why were you doing
at the girls’ hostel? Talk!
– We went to exorcise a ghost, sir Or to destroy the evidence?
– Destroy the evidence? Yes, to destroy the evidence
of Madhuri’s murder Inspector. – Sir? Frisk them Properly Silence! Don’t press…
– Shut up! If you open your mouth,
I’ll break your teeth I can’t help it, I feel ticklish Shut up! Search him properly
– Yes. What’s this?
– A ball-pen Leave those coins, please Mr Principal, you know in
what state we found them there Still you ask me to release them?
– Inspector, Deepak and Raja… are merit holders in our college.
It’s a question of their careers Yes, they were upto mischief,
but who doesn’t at their age? Excuse me, Sir.
– Just hold on, please. Yes
– Nothing on them but money, sir Sure?
– Yes. All right Mr Principal,
I’ll release them if you say Thank you. Thank you, Inspector. I’m going to be thrashed again.
I’m late once again I never imagined that your friendship
would prove me so costly In just one night I had to deal
with ghosts and police. And now… I got to deal with a woman on fire!
I’m going to wet my pants tonight Shut up.
Give him the bottle Yes, give me the bottle. Drink Am I stinking? Open the door Raja, cool down.
– I’m not cooling down I’m going to break that door Really? Do that, and
I’ll break your limbs He comes home late, and on top of it,
he screams aloud. Loafer! Yes, I’m a loafer Go on, abuse me.
– You are drunk, Raja? What’s a liquor?
Look, here’s a bloodstained blade You committed murder, Raja? Yes. The bastard was raving So I tore open his tummy
like one would draw an eight… just to make sure
he doesn’t get it stitched No stitches No stitches Raja, you murdered?
– I did. So what? When I entered this business, I never
knew it was a one-way traffic A business, where one can enter
but he can never leave I killed… Mummy! What happened? Mummy! What happened to you? Mummy. Mummy. What happened to you, Mummy?
– Raja, did you really kill someone? No Mummy. I didn’t booze,
I didn’t murder either. Sniff Am I stinking? No You’re lying.
– I’m not lying, Mummy I came late. To avoid your ranting,
I put on a drunkard’s act Come with me.
– Sure Swear on God that
you didn’t commit murder I may swear falsely on God But I can never
swear falsely on you, Ma Honestly, it was only a joke Look Raja, even if you
kill someone by mistake… you will see me dead.
– No Mummy I can do anything,
but I can’t ever hurt my Mummy Papa. What happened?
– Murder, murder Murder…? He must’ve seen some terrifying
murder scene in the movie Damn these filmmakers! They don’t make
movies without showing murder and rape I’ll serve the food.
– Okay Come, Priya May I ask something, brother?
– Go ahead Was Madhuri murdered
or did she kill herself? Circumstantially, it was suicide.
– Why would she? Madhuri was pregnant.
Her boyfriend must’ve dumped her And she might’ve killed herself
for fear of disgrace Where are you lost? What happened?
– Nothing’s happened to me But those boys are going to have
what they never had before Why have you summoned us here? To tell you why Madhuri
killed herself Why?
– Because she was pregnant Someone from this college
ensnared her with his sweet words… and made her pregnant. To save herself
from disgrace, poor Madhuri… killed herself D’you want history to repeat itself,
another girl to kill herself? No!
– Then by the holy fire… by which we take marital vows,
let’s swear that… we shall never fall in love I won’t swear.
– Damn you! You want to get pregnant? Shut up. I won’t swear!
Go, take a hike Is everyone ready?
– Yes So, let the holy fire be our witness
and let’s swear that… we shall never fall in love.
– We swear by the holy fire… we shall never fall in love And as…
– And as… the deceitful boys…
– the deceitful boys… ensnare us and make us pregnant…
– ensnare us and make us pregnant… likewise…
– likewise… we shall lure them with our beauty
and make them pregnant… sorry we shall lure them with our beauty
and make them pregnant… sorry No. And use shoes…
– And use shoes… slippers…
– slippers… sandals…
– sandals… and hockey sticks to beat them up.
– and hockey sticks to beat them up Long live Women’s Union!
– Long live Women’s Union! Murari. Baby. Why are you tickling me? What am I to do?
– Will you do as I say? Yes, I will What? My ice-cream candy stick Sure. But not here.
– Then where? In the garden Garden! Excuse me.
Any problem? What do I say? Water…? From where?
– Not water… they are tears of repentance.
– So much? Stay there. On the first day itself
I was rude to you I even hurled my sandals at you I’m very embarrassed for what I did If you can, please forgive me.
– What are you doing? I have forgiven you.
– Really? Yes.
– You’ve forgiven me? Yes Thank you.
– Itís all right. What happened?
Are you hurt? Yes.
– Where? Here.
– No! Yes. I think I must’ve got out
of bed on the wrong side I’ve been tripping over and
hurting myself again and again Hurting where?
– Over here You must be in real trouble.
– Seriously That’s why I got this soothing balm
from home. Please rub it on me Where?
– Over here No sweat Go ahead Look…
– Show me Everyone is watching. Not here…
– Then where? In the garden “Here begins…” “the journey…” “of love” “The journey begins…” “from one heart to another…” “from me to you…” “it’s the journey of love” “The journey begins…” “from one heart to another…” “from me to you…” “it’s the journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “My life meant nothing…” “before I met you” “My life meant nothing…” “before I met you” “My life has found joys now…” “as if I have found God” “The journey begins…” “from one heart to another…” “from me to you…”
it’s the journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “When you raise your eyes…” “the day dawns for me” “When you raise your eyes…” “the day dawns for me” “When you cast your glance away…” “the sun sets for me” “The journey begins…” “from one heart to another…” “from me to you…
it’s the journey of love” “The journey begins…” “from one heart to another…” “from me to you…” “it’s the journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” “Journey of love” Stop! Hold it! We won’t get beaten up like this?
– Then how would you like it? Girls, you exposed your bodies… lured us with your sweet words,
sang a song and beat us up Likewise, we’ll get bashed up,
but by exposing our bodies What…?
– Really. Murari’s grandpa says… a naked man scares even the devil.
You girls are just nothing Friends, take them off!
– What? Your clothes. Undress! Hey, beat me up now.
Please, beat me now. Where to? Come back here You’ve been offering your youth
to everyone. Let me taste it too Want to taste, eh? You can’t escape, bitch! I’m going
to rape you right before everyone No! Deepak! Michael is getting fresh
with your sister What! He left his lunch Brother!
– Bastard! How dare you lay your hands
on my sister? I’m not sparing you! Gullu! Brother Gullu…
– What is it? Michael tried to molest Ranjana I know, you are in love with her Go on.
– Pay the fare, while I go and fix him I pay the fare?
Well, would you take money from me? Yes All right, come to me when I’m dead.
– What… Ranjana! Don’t worry, Ranjana,
I’m here Michael! I’ll rescue her. But who’s going
to save you guys from me? Hey, lame ass! What will you do?
– You’ve seen a lame man limp Now watch him dance, sonny Hey, my honey-coated babe. It bites! It sucks! Come on I will not spare you. Leave me. Let her go
– Back off. He’s trying to rape a girl! And
you guys are watching the fun, eh? There doesn’t seem to be someone
who is man enough in college Raja, where were you? Michael
tried to disgrace Deepak’s sister And you’re eating fries, eh?
– Yes. And listen… you won’t a better opportunity
to win Priya over. Go on You must’ve pitted Deepak first.
– Right Then Gullu.
– Right Now you want to pit me.
– Right And you wish to watch the fun?
– Right. What’s new? I’ve always been doing that.
– Not today Why?
– Today you will fight, while I watch What are you talking?
I follow non-violence But today it’s time for violence.
Come on Move You’d rather drown yourself
than rape some helpless girl What are you doing? Not me,
Murari was the one who said that What…? I never said that.
– Shut up. Are you scared? Michael, you’re a dog, a scoundrel,
a loafer. I won’t spare you Hey, what are you doing? Not me,
Murari was the one who said that I’ve done you no harm. What mistake is
mine that you’re taking it out on me? Murari, you spoke like a man.
Now don’t act like a sissy Twenty-five years ago,
among the eunuchs was born a baby His parents lovingly
named him Michael Did he say that too?
– No. I’m saying that, cur! Sir, they picked up a fight Inspector, those boys are outsiders.
They come here, pick up fights… and tease girls. Arrest them Hi. Raja, I can’t repay this favour even
if I have to sacrifice my life for you Don’t be silly, pal. Brother is right Had someone fought for me like that,
I’d have offered him… my wealth, heart and body.
Won’t you at least give him a kiss? Madam, think over what she just said Raja, d’you remember
the fight at the beach? I risked my life to save you. I got
bashed up, but I saved you. Remember? So? What are you raving? So you want to kiss? So go
and kiss the fatso beside her Even better. She suits my size.
– I do He thrashed all of them, all alone.
– He’s the only ace in college The rest are all eunuchs Darling… When a pretty young girl looks over
her shoulders again and again… it means she has fallen in it.
– In what? Love I was looking for Rani.
– Or Raja? Shut up. You know, we are sworn not to
touch a man before we marry Suppose he comes here,
and your oath goes with the wind… where will you let him touch you? You fatso.
– The bus! Come, come. Come on. What happened? Gone with the wind.
– What? Your oath I amÖsorry. You know, I have taken this oath Don’t grab my left arm
and break the oath Please, no more.
If you have held my arms, fine But don’t embrace me I beg of you,
don’t kiss me “O my beloved” “the showers warn…” “O my beloved,
the showers warn…” “the naughty breeze
is intoxicated” “Your enticing body…” “drives me crazy” “How do I hold myself?” “O my beloved,
the showers warn…” “O my beloved,” “It’s stealing away the kohl
from those drunken eyes” “Oh, what’s this rain in for?” “It’s stealing away the kohl
from those drunken eyes” “Oh, what’s this rain in for?” “How did it steal the kohl away…?” “My eyes ask” “O my beloved,
the showers warn…” “O my beloved,” “The weather is tormenting…” “in this wilderness” “And I can’t help squirming” “The weather is tormenting…” “in this wilderness” “And I can’t help squirming” “Your squirms
in this wilderness…” “is so inviting” “Your enticing body…” “drives me crazy” “How do I hold myself?” “O my beloved,
the showers warn…” “drunken is the breeze” “Who loves not.. wine, women and songs..” “..remains a fool.. ..his whole life long”, says Luther.. And believe me,
he is 100 per cent right. The reason why lovers
and the mistresses.. ..never tire of being together is.. ..because they’re always
talking of themselves. Am I right? We’re delighted to announce that
Christmas night will be celebrated… with much fervour in college.
Attendance is a must. Principal Attendance is important. Are you coming?
– I’m not coming I haven’t asked brother.
– So ask him I told you I’ll be here at eight.
– What…? But I didn’t ask you I’ll be here at eight sharp.
– Weird! You’ve been rambling Did I ask you?
– No good throwing pearls… before a swine.
Fatso, look ahead I see. You’ve been passing ideas.
Go ahead. Be there at eight sharp Sure, bye.
Listen… give me my money, Murari.
– Money? That was unexpected Can’t I ask my money
I deposited with you? Why?
– To buy a gift For whom?
– I have but one darling Hey, mother. Who is it?
Oh, it’s you! You had me scared You don’t recognise your son’s voice?
That’s why I say you’re not Mummy You are Mummy’s dummy.
– What did you say? I’m mummy’s dummy, eh?
– Forget it How could you wear such
a rotten dress on Christmas? Aren’t you embarrassed?
– Well, well! You talk as if… you’ve bought me a new dress.
– Of course, I have Look What say?
– You bought me a Christmas gift? Hey Mummy, I have no time
to watch you weep Now wear the dress quickly.
I want to see how you look in it Take the ladder to your room Ladder?
– Yes You mean, I take this rotten ladder…
– Just do what you are told! Okay. All right. I will. That’s no reason
to pump up your blood pressure Thanks. Thank you, mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Coming In dressing up, these modern girls
waste half their life… and half of someone else’s Very very.. ..nice. What are you staring at, man?
– Ruined What? Ruined. Actress Sridevi is ruined You look so pretty, Mummy Apple polishing me, right?
– Seriously not Tonight is the time to
apple-polish God, not me Come on, pray to God Just a comparison with an actress
makes her change her gait Mummy, I’m off.
– You’ll leave me alone… on Christmas eve? Where to?
– Actually, Mummy… What?
– I have a date tonight Date? Then I’m going with you Don’t be a spoilsport.
– I want to see how the girl is Come on. You really want to see her?
– Really You’re serious?
– Yes, I’m serious. You don’t.
– I do Is this fair?
– Fair with me Mother.
– Raja You really want to see her, Mummy?
– Really, Raja God bless me.
– Bless you. What are they doing?
– Begging. Sometimes here… sometimes there.
– You’re right Modern boys and girls don’t know
how to dance How dirty they dance. I feel
embarrassed to even look at them Close your eyes,
if you’re embarrassed, old lady This is the latest style of dance,
you old-fashioned lady Bloody sissy!
What did you tell my Mummy? Wait Raja, let me talk to him What did you call me?
You bloody old flat tyre! Ever seen into the mirror? You are
a cross between a boy and a girl! You will teach me dance, eh? Tonight
I’ll teach you guys how to dance Stop dancing and watch me Yes, come on, Mother. Great! Wonderful, Mummy!
You dance so well Come on, Mother.
You’re wonderful, Mother. You’re superb, Mother.
You’re too good, Mother. Hello.
– Hi. Who is she?
– She She, who?
– My sweetie-pie Really?
Your sweetie-pie! Who is she?
– Spoilsport Spoilsport?
– My Mummy Mother!
– Yes! Mother.
– God bless you, dear. Oh, my God. She’s so pretty. So, mother. What say, Mummy?
– A necklace of pearls… around a monkey’s neck.
– It happens What happens?
– It happens after one crosses sixty One goes senile Tonight I’ll dance
with your sweetie-pie Oh, Mother. Ranjana? What happened?
– Nothing Ranjana, any problem? Ranjana. Hi Ranjana. Let’s dance.
– Please, I’m not in the mood Listen to me Let me go, Gulshan.
– Any problem? Someone might watch us here. I’ll see
you at the girls’ hostel’s terrace And listen… don’t tell anyone about the blue film.
– Okay Go. You? Let me go! Let me go Hey, what happend? Ranjana?
– Ranjana? Ranjana? Rajjo. Raja. Raja. Rajjo. I know how it happened How? A while ago I saw Ranjana
meet Professor Varma on the sly Then she went to the girls’ hostel.
Professor Varma followed her After that, she was murdered Hello. Hello, police station. I’m Akash Varma,
a professor in DNV college A student, Ranjana, has been
murdered. I have seen the murderer He is… Hello. Hello. Where are you running away, cur?
– Out of my way, Raja Why did you kill her? Stop Get up Let me go, Raja.
– Why did you kill Ranjana? No. Believe me… Don’t spare him, Raja.
He’s the one who killed her Don’t believe him. I didn’t do it.
– You’re lying? Raja. Acting, eh? Sir. Sir. Sir. Raja, even if you kill someone
by mistake, you will see me dead Raja. Raja. Mother! Oh, no! Come on Oh, Raja. Yes Mummy?
– What are you guys doing here? Know what? Someone has been murdered.
I’m scared. Come, let’s go away Let’s go.
– Hurry up Did anyone see me murder?
– No, no one We want to ask you
some questions, please No comments. We need fresh information about
the DNV college murder case, sir We’ve told you everything we know.
– You didn’t tell us that… the deceased Ranjana was pregnant.
Is it true? Yes.
– What conclusions do you arrive upon? Only one person is involved in the
murders of Madhuri and Ranjana How come?
– Both the girls were pregnant And the modus operandi was the same.
They were flung down the terrace Any evidence?
– Not yet. But one thing is certain The killer is an extravagant person.
He lures girls, and… has illicit relationships with them.
And when they become a burden… he kills them.
– But who killed Professor Varma He, who killed Ranjana and Madhuri.
– On what basis do you say that? Professor Varma saw Ranjana
being murdered He himself told me over the phone
that he saw it happening I see. But he didn’t tell you
who the killer was It is not funny. Before he could mention his name,
the killer killed the professor Has anyone been arrested in suspicion?
– Yes Who?
– The hostel’s watchman Bandar-ud-din I’ve been telling you, I know nothing.
Why don’t you believe me, sir? Bastard! If you know nothing,
then what are you paid for? Are you a guard? Or a gardener?
– I’m a gardener too Damn you!
– The hostel doesn’t have a gardener So sometimes I cut the grass.
– And now I’ll flay you Talk! Speak up!
– I know nothing, sir, really Damn! We looked everywhere,
and here is Raja. I can understand your anxiety, friend.
For the sake of my friendship… you risked your life.
– But why do you worry? No one saw you murder. Even if
someone did, it’s no big deal You didn’t commit the murder
intentionally. At the most… you will be sentenced for life.
You won’t be hanged Fourteen years pass by
in a snap You think I’m afraid of the sentence? I don’t care even if I’m hanged All I care, is about Mummy.
If she finds out… that I’ve committed a murder,
she will die Why have the police
come here, Deepak? For taking the fingerprints.
– Whose? Of all the students The police say that Professor Varma
too was murdered by a student What am I to do, Gulshan?
– Raja, listen to me. Run away Yes Raja, run away They are right, Raja.
Before the police gets here, scoot Run away, Raja.
– Get out of here Go away before the police arrives.
– Run away Don’t try to escape.
We have the college surrounded Come on, let’s go downstairs.
Got to take your fingerprints Come on, hurry up. Go on, I’ll be there Sir. All right.
Ghanshyam, stay here Yes.
– Thank you. Open the door Open up Open the door, will you? Let’s go, sir. Come on, don’t be too smart How long will it take
for the police to finish? Another 15 to 20 minutes Name?
– Raja Address? Joynaho 102, Ruia Park road. Next! I can’t give my fingerprints, sir.
– Why not? I just can’t.
– Why not? Look.
– Handcuffs? Who handcuffed you?
– This chap Unfasten it.
– There’ll be a mess if I unfasten it Mess, eh? Do it! Let me see what he does Give me! In the name of the Lord,
give me alms He’s from a family of beggars.
– Give me! God will promote you Hi, Raja. – Hi. Raja, did you give your fingerprints?
– Yes But mine won’t make an impression.
– Why? Because I had waxed my fingers.
Got it? Bye. No one can save him now. He’s trapped.
– How come? Our fingers’ impressions will come,
but his won’t And the police is going to
suspect only him Aren’t you going, Raja?
– Where to? Priya is throwing a party. It’s her
birthday. Have you forgotten? Oh yes Hi, Raja.
– Hi, Priya. Happy birthday. Many happy returns of the day.
– Can’t you say it properly? Great.
– Happy birthday Thank you. Where’s Gullu?
– The lame man is on the way Let me introduce you
to my brother and his wife Me too Brother… My brother and his wife.
This is Raja… and they are his friends.
– All the guests have arrived Cut the cake now, hurry up.
– Priya… Mummy has sent a cake.
She baked it herself How sweet! Sister-in-law, may I cut this cake?
She has sent it so lovingly Caring so much for your
mother-in-law to-be? At this rate, you will forget us
after marriage. Come on Welcome Priya said you were adopted.
Who adopted you? Florence Joyner Florence Joyner The name seems familiar. Anyway,
what was her husband’s name? James Joyner James Joyner
– Yes Excuse me… the cake is being cut Happy Birthday to you. What was Mr Joyner into?
– He was a businessman How did he die?
– In a car accident In a car accident?
Or in a police shootout? Stop it. Brother! I don’t want you to be involved
with a fraud and a dishonest man What are you saying, brother?
– The truth. Know what he told me? The husband of the woman who
has adopted him was a businessman In fact, he was
a professional killer He said that man died
in a car accident But the truth is, he was shot dead
by the police What would a merciless killer’s wife
instill in an adopted child… other than deceit and hooliganism?
– Watch your tongue, inspector! Enough! One more word
against my Ma… and I’ll forget that
you are a policeman Shut up and get out from here.
– Its okay, I’m going. I’m not glad to get caged
in your gentlemanly zoo Bye, Priya. Let’s go Stop Take your Ma’s rotten cake with you Forgive me, Ma,
I was helpless But I’m not a gentleman. I can’t
let someone go free who publicly… insults you, without letting him
know how it feels to be insulted If I say,
I want to kiss you… would you…? You.. Are you serious? It was only a joke.
– What joke? The drama’s final scene is over.
Now pull the curtains You only said the drama would end
the moment I kiss Priya Ladies and Gentlemen Whatever you saw, wasn’t reality It was a preplanned drama to give you
all a surprise on Priya’s birthday… played by me and Mr Chauhan. And
for Mr Chauhan’s lovely acting… give him a big hand I never knew you could act so well Of course, Mr Chauhan,
there will dance and music too Come. “I shall steal you away
from yourself” “I shall steal your very being” “I shall make you my destiny” “You shall mean everything to mean” “You shall mean everything to mean” “I shall steal you away
from yourself” “It’s making me more restless” “Togetherness
is driving me crazy” “It’s making me more restless” “Togetherness
is driving me crazy” “Come closer
and merge into my breath” “Let none…” “disturb us” “Let’s bridge all the distances” “Let’s bridge all the distances” “I shall make you my destiny” “You shall mean everything to me” “I shall steal you away
from yourself” “What kind of a high is this?
Am I drunk?” “I don’t know what’s come over me” “What kind of a high is this?
Am I drunk?” “I don’t know what’s come over me” “Desires make me passionate” “It’s a feeling
I’ve never had before” “I shall hide you in my heartbeats” “I shall hide you in my heartbeats” “I shall make you my destiny” “I shall steal your very being” “I shall steal you away
from yourself” “I shall make you my destiny” “You shall mean everything to me” “I shall steal your very being” Papa. Yes son? What is it, son?
– Murder Murder? Where?
– He Come, Papa Come. Raja, I think inspector Chauhan
will follow you to your house Gullu is right, Raja.
Hide somewhere with your mummy But Deepak, where will I hide?
– In our stable, among the buffaloes Shut up. One of my friends is
in London since the last two years The police won’t suspect the place Come on, Papa The murder happened there, Papa.
– Where, son? Over there This is Juhu Police Station. Varma? Chauhan here Yes, sir. Has the students’
fingerprint reports arrived? Yes sir. But one boy’s fingerprints
are hazy Experts say that he must’ve used
oil or wax on his fingers It’s Raja, isn’t it?
– Yes sir. But how do you know? Never mind. I’ll be there in
five minutes. Summon up the force Come on, drive it in fast Get down. Raja, quickly. Come, Mummy.
– No. Drive me back home right away Why don’t you understand, Mummy?
I can’t go back there I’ll be murdered there. Mummy,
I’ve seen someone commit a murder He and his gang are now after my life Are you telling the truth, Raja?
– I… I’m telling the truth, Mummy, really I’ve seen the murder
with my own eyes Hey! You’re crying, silly? A mother’s happiness lies
in her child’s smile I’ll stay wherever you tell me.
Come on, let me see you smile My darling boy Mother, what do you feed on?
– Why? You are so fat and I’m so thin.
– Good. Now get the stuff out Go.
– He says anything. Rascals, all Raja, a lie is like a whore. It can be
concealed, but the not its existence Your lie saved you today, but the
kid’s testimony will blow it up What would I have done?
I have no choice There is a way out.
– What? I’ll send the kid abroad.
The police won’t find him What’s big? The brain or the buffalo?
– The buffalo. I’ve seen it Shut up! Look Raja, I tell you,
kill the kid No fire, no smoke.
– Are you out of your mind? Would I kill a child to save my neck?
How could you think something so sick? I’m ashamed to call you my friend.
You’ve gone crazy Raja, I was only kidding Teja here The kid’s testimony could mean
death to us. Kill the kid Priya, food is served.
Come on Coming, bhabhi
(Bhabhi – Sister-in-law) Sunny! Let go! Sunny! Aunty.. Priya, open the door It’s me.
Open the door, Priya Are you all right, Priya?
Is Sunny with you? Open the door, my child Brother, he wanted to kill Sunny Don’t worry. Come here, Sunny. Varma, Vijay Chauhan here. Send two
constables over for security, at once For whose security?
– For my son Sunny A while ago Raja attempted
to kill my son Had I not reached on time,
Sunny wouldn’t be alive How dare he? Don’t worry, sir. Kishore
and Samant will be there in 10 minutes Thank you. Brother, what convinced you that
the attacker was Raja? That man was wearing a mask.
– Your eyes are masked You are blind in his love, Priya.
It is hard for you… to believe this bitter truth that Raja
is a murderer. He’s so merciless… and dangerous that, to save his life,
he wants to kill our Sunny He dares to enter a police officer’s
house and attempts to murder his son You know why? He is no longer
scared of the police department Because he thinks he’s James Bond
and he takes you all for morons It’s a shame. A new kid in the block
of crime has been pulling wool… over our eyes, and we’ve not been able
to find an iota of evidence against him Sorry sir, it will be mistake to
consider him a new kid in the block What? He has inherited crime, sir.
– What are you trying to say? Florence, a Christian woman
had adopted Raja Her husband James was shot dead
by the police exactly twenty years ago James? – Yes, sir. That notorious criminal who shot
a convict inside the lock-up… and spread terror?
– Yes sir. His wife adopted Raja Police bullets killed the father.
Police bullets will kill the son too Did the watchman talk? Even a dumb man speaks in police
custody. But this man is different I know nothing Constable, what are you doing?
– Boss has released you Why? Has he got an order
from government of India? Sir… may I ask you something?
– Ask When you had to release me,
why did you disfigure me? Think it over…
ten times if you want If you’ll call me again to bash me up,
I’d rather stay here than go home It’ll save the travelling.
– Shut up! Go away.
– Thank you You.. – Yes, sir. Keep a strict eye on him.
Follow him Ms Monica? How are you? Who? Bandru? You are freed?
– All thanks to you Ass! The police is watching you.
– What are you talking, ma’am? For all the beatings, I kept mum.
A mere constable can’t catch me What do you want?
– Money. Need to salve my wounds How much?
– Only 500,000 bucks 500,000…?
Do you deserve it? All right, I’ll reveal it all to the
police. And when they thrash you… you will know my worth.
– Okay, come and take it after a week Put the money in a suitcase.
These days suitcases are in vogue Bandru is released. He can lead us
to Madhuri’s and Ranjana’s killer What are you talking? When the police
couldn’t make him talk, how can we? Simple. We’ll feed him salt. If he’s
a real man, he won’t betray us Bandru didn’t break down before
the police because he knew that… the police would thrash him
but wouldn’t kill him But Raja, the fear of death
makes the toughest talk That’s fine, but where can we
find him at this hour? At the Zenith Health Club.
He has quit the girls’ hostel But there’s a problem getting there.
– What’s that? Men are not allowed in the club.
– So what? We’ll disguise as women I’ll be back You will eat those fruits all alone?
– I won’t eat, I’m going to stick them What did you say? Stick them?
– You won’t understand I don’t want to understand.
Stick them…? Stick them up.
– Let me decide These are for you For you And you fix these.
– What am I going to do with bananas? I’ll be back Excuse me. Now what? You will knit sweaters?
– No, I’m going to stick them up too Stick them up? We look good.
– What a babe! Sis, he calls me a babe.
– Cur! Want to get slippered? I’m a cracker from Kolhapur.
– Don’t be silly. Let him be All right, if you say. Else,
I’d have had him frazzled Damn him! Raja… Call me Rani, moron.
– Okay. Look, there’s Zenith It’s so hot here.
– Let’s go Mind your frock,
it’s windy out here Oh, the things we have to do! Wait here. I will come. Know what? I met Vimal Kumar
at the party Really?
– Yes. He praised my figure so much I was so elated!
– Liar Honestly. Director David Dhawan
was just stunned when he saw me What are you saying?
– Really Deepika, she’s been hogging
for so long now Excuse me Can’t you see I’m talking on the phone? I can see and I can hear too.
Will you pay some attention to me? Wait. Anil Kapoor and Boney Kapoor were
pulling my cheeks from both sides Flirts, aren’t they?
– Yes And when Mr Pahlaj praised me…
Pahlaj Nihalani Looking at the glutton
is making me feel hungry It’s going to be one, and
I haven’t had anything since morning I haven’t eaten anything Hey, food is here What are you upto, Murari? Why is your hand going downwards? Aren’t you ashamed?
– When the devil of hunger… starts dancing within,
shame goes for a toss It’s unbalanced now.
Everyone is watching No problem.
I’ll take the other one too Some flat girls look very sexy God! But when I think of you,
my body is set afire What am I to do?
– Get into the refrigerator Who are you?
– A woman. Where is Bandar-ud-din? He’s in the pool.
– I’ve been standing here… since an hour, just to ask you that.
– Stupid! Lunatic!
– Mad! Fatso!
– You too Stupid I just saw Raja and his friends enter
the health club in women’s attire Where is Bandar-ud-din? I’m fine by Your grace. I just
want the towels to be in place 2.. 2 x 2=4.
4 x 2=8. 8 x 8=16. There’s nothing after 16. “My heart throbs…” “in fear” “My heart throbs…” “in fear” “My love, touch me not” “I’m still a virgin,
don’t plunder me” “My love, touch me not” “I’m still a virgin,
don’t plunder me” What are you watching?
– Your slap too is so sweet I come from Maharashtra, you see.
– I swear, if you come to my place… you will create a sensation.
– I’m still at your place Let’s go to that corner,
no one can see us there You want to take me to a corner?
– Yes Give me a kiss.
– You want a kiss? Yes.
– Once I had been to Ilahabad… to listen to Amitabh’s sermon.
He came down the stage and… He kissed you?
– And then in Hyderabad Chiranjeevi and Sridevi were shooting
for a film near the Charminar He left Sridevi, came to me and…
– Kissed you? When I had been to Madras,
I had visited Rajnikant’s bungalow He came downstairs, and…
– He too kissed you? No, I kissed him.
He’s from my city, you see All right. Tell me something. How
come you’ve been to so many places? Daddy is in the transport business.
– I see You want me to kiss you?
– Yes Just tell me who killed
Madhuri and Ranjana? Who murdered Madhuri and Ranjana? Tell me! Else, you know
what’s going to happen to you? Your legs will go to
Jalgaon and Goregaon Your clothes will go to Satara,
and I’ll send your ears to Nagpur I’ll make you eat dirt at Dhulia,
and I’ll sauce you at Virar You will be half-dead in Akola, you
will remember your grandpa in Thana After all that if you still don’t
name the assassin… then I’ll kill you in Pune Police!
– Where…? Get him! Catch him. He’s not a girl.
He’s a guy. Throw him out. Take care of these.
I’m off Let me go I forgot to tell you about Amitabh.
He said I look like actress Neelam Really. They all love me so much. Bandruddin.. Bandruddin.. Dead Stop! Stop! Stop! Or I’ll shoot! Scoot! Bandar-ud-din
has been murdered Run.
– Let’s go. Call the rickshaw! Where’s Gullu?
– Rickshaw! Hurry up! Oh, no. Fourth murder Raja, I’ll be at peace only
after I send you to the gallows Hey, Malika.
– Hi, Bhikaridas. Hi, Malika. Hey. Malika, I’m coming. Coming, darling I’m here Careful, Bhikaridas.
– Don’t call me Bhikaridas Everyone calls me Bhiku,
you too must… call me Bhiku How sweet Bhiku. Look at her! The bitch
has to be got rid of I’ve been longing
to tell you something I have loved you dearly.
I’d like a small price for it Fifty percent partnership in the
blue film business. Will you give me? Don’t think that I’ll dance
to your tunes like Madhuri I give you two days time.
If you don’t heed me… I shall expose you What’s that?
– The blue film video cassette… that we confiscated.
You wanted to watch it Yes Raja, producer of blue films Raja? Producer of blue films? Raja. Raja. What happened?
– This is real bad What’s bad?
– You produce blue films, don’t you? What…?
– You won’t call us even for a shoot? I’ve grown up. At least
show me a shoot once What rot are you talking?
– I’m not talking rot Look, it’s in the papers Raja, producer of blue films.
– Don’t shout In a raid at a video parlour, police
confiscated a blue film videotape Police is hunting a DNV College
student Raja… for allegedly murdering
the actress Madhuri According to the police,
Raja is the producer of the film What’s this new farce?
– Read on The police say they will soon arrest
the absconding Raja and his friends For what crime of mine will they
arrest me? I haven’t even seen a shoot Shut up! Sonofagun! Who would call here? Hold the newspaper, Deepak.
Mummy shouldn’t see it Hello. Raja? Priya here Priya. Who gave you the number?
– One girl. He gave me a letter too What’s written on it? Hi, Priya. – Hi. My brother is here. Meet me at
the Shiv temple at four. Bye Rajni All right. I’ll be wearing
a police uniform Okay Come on Raja. – What? Stay alert.
– You had me scared Don’t worry. I’m with him. C’mon! Hey Priya. Where’s the letter?
Let’s see what this new farce is If you want to know
who the real murderer is… come to Emami Naturally Fair Contest.
Club Dancer Monica You’re under arrest. Move. Freeze! Drop your weapons! Gullu! Stop! I’m innocent.
Don’t move you! Deepak, Murari… come on run! My slippers…
– Damn the slippers! Scoot! Get them! I lost my slippers!
It cost me 90.95 There they are Come fast.
– Hello, sir. Stop there Monica is on the stage This isn’t a place for recluses,
but for fun-loving people We’re not recluses.
– Are you beggars then? I don’t have change. Go away.
– Not beggars, we’re policemen Ashamed to beg in uniforms? Get lost Clothes! Clothes! “It’s me you look at” “But alas,
your heart is elsewhere” “For the promises you make to me,
you fulfil them for someone else” “God help me from
such attitude of yours” “It’s me you look at” “But alas,
your heart is elsewhere” “For the promises you make to me,
you fulfil them for someone else” “God help me from
such attitude of yours” “It’s me you look at” “I fell for those big eyes” “But alas,
you are crazy for someone else” “Goodness me” “I fell for those big eyes” “But alas,
you are crazy for someone else” “You still don’t know
how much I love you” “For you,
I have taken on the world” “Hey pretty one, give in to me,
don’t make me pine” “Goodness!
Your heart is elsewhere” “For the promises you make to me,
you fulfil them for someone else” “God help me from
such attitude of yours” “It’s me you look at” “It’s unfair
to torment your admirer” “It’s unfair
to make him jealous” “Do you understand, lassie?” “It’s unfair
to torment your admirer” “It’s unfair
to look make him jealous” “It’s unfair
to ensnare someone” “It’s unfair
to seduce someone” “Why do you want to kill me?” “Goodness!
Your heart is elsewhere” “For the promises you make to me,
you fulfil them for someone else” “God help me from
such attitude of yours” “It’s me you look at” “But alas,
your heart is elsewhere” “For the promises you make to me,
you fulfil them for someone else” “God help me from
such attitude of yours” What happened? Hold it! No one steps outside Raja. Hello? Hello, Juhu Police Station? Note down this address.
10, Shankar Villa, Versova Beach 10, Shankar Villa, Versova Beach Whose address is this?
– Raja’s Raja’s?
– He’s hiding there Who are you? Hello? Hello? Gullu went to buy a newspaper.
What’s taking him so long? Raja, police. Run!
– Run! Where’s your mummy?
– At the bazaar. We’ll stop her there Come on.
– Run Quickly, let’s go. Come on. Split.
And search properly Mother. – Mother. Don’t, Raja.
– Mummy is walking towards death Let me go.
– Are you crazy? Mrs. Florence Joyner. – Yes? So Raja is your son?
– He’s my son But what is the police doing here?
– We’ve come for your son Stop inspector! Stop! Inspector, you want to know
about the assassin, don’t you? Let’s go inside,
I’ll tell you everything. Please Mummy, I’ll be right back Inspector, I’m willing to accept
all my crimes But don’t tell my Mummy anything.
She’s a heart patient If she finds out that her son
is a murderer, she’ll die Really?
– I beg of you Spare my Ma, inspector.
Please spare my Ma Please spare my Ma, inspector I beg of you, inspector It’s good that your mother
is a heart patient Her husband was a professional killer.
And her son is a born killer She ought to be punished, right? Arrest him! Arrest him for what?
What crime has my son committed? He has committed homicide No, my son can’t be a killer He can’t commit murder.
– He can’t kill, eh? Mrs Florence, not one
but he has committed five murders He’s lying, Mummy!
He’s lying! Shut up. If you haven’t committed the murders,
then tell her… what were you begging of me
inside the room? Raja. – Yes. Once you told me that
you can swear falsely by God… but you can’t swear falsely by me.
Swear on me! Say you didn’t murder Say it, son. Swear.
– Ma… Say it, son No!
– Ma, hear me out… Take him away! Take him away! Raja You used to jokingly say that
I’m not your real mother Today you betrayed my trust, son.
You’ve proved… that I’m not your mother.
– Move it! I’m not your mother Sir, it’s strange. He’s been
hanging since an hour… but he hasn’t even sighed.
– The hand that five murders paint… will not be so weak. But third degree
torture cracks even the toughest This bastard will cry too.
He will rue his misfortune Hurts a lot? Where? Here?
Or here? That body of yours hanging on your
arms must be as heavy as a mountain You must be feeling that
your arms are letting you down You must also be feeling that
your arms might break any moment And this wound here… you must be feeling… as if someone has thrust
a hot iron rod on an age old wound You would want to scream too.
But you can’t, because you are gagged I feel pity on you Verma. – Yes, sir. Free his mouth Right, sir. Hear me. If you want to
break free from this hell… then admit to your crimes.
– Honestly inspector, I’m innocent I haven’t murdered anyone,
not even Professor Varma While defending myself,
he was accidentally stabbed You stab only once accidentally,
not twenty times Twenty times…?
– Yes, twenty times You didn’t thrust the dagger once,
you thrust it again and again This is a lie, inspector!
– If that’s a lie, look at this Look! Look at Professor Varma’s picture.
Open your eyes, bastard! Look at the number of incisions!
– I didn’t do that, inspector. No I accidentally knifed him only once.
– Only once, eh? Grow old hitting me! But I’d still say
that I accidentally knifed him only once Raja. Raja. Raja. Juhu Police Station. Sir. What is it?
– The hospital authorities called His mother is very serious.
She’s calling out to him Ma!
– If they call again… tell them that this is a
railway station, not a police station Go. – Inspector. I accept everything I committed all the five murders That’s good. I’d also like to show you
how I committed those murders Speak I’ll tell you… everything First I killed Madhuri Suppose he’s Madhuri I had illicit relationship with her I forbid her,
yet she wanted a baby When she refused to heed me, I flung
her down the terrace. Like this What farce is this?
– This is no farce, inspector It’s the truth,
that you want to know first hand Second was Ranjana’s murder Suppose he is Ranjana This bitch too was pregnant
with my baby Really?
– Yes. I gave her a chance to live I told Ranjana to abort the baby.
Abort it! But she wouldn’t listen. Before she
could malign me, I flung her down All right. Next This cur saw me murder Ranjana.
– I…? I mean, professor Varma I went up to him, grabbed him,
tripped him… drew the dagger from my pocket
and kept stabbing him Stop it. Fourth murder was
watchman Bandru’s He tried hard to evade death,
but he couldn’t He ran, but I caught up with him
at the Zenith Health Club I grabbed his neck I squeezed his neck
till he dropped dead All right, leave him Inspector. – Yes. Then came your turn.
– Mine…? Remember how you tried to arrest me You held the gun at my temple, when
all of a sudden my friend drove in The car rammed into me, and I was
thrown back on you. Like this Until that day, I thought
it was I who committed the murder But now I’m certain, it was
someone else who murdered, I didn’t Because I had stabbed him only once.
Until I find out… who stabbed him nineteen times,
you can’t catch me, inspector No way. Come here!
Lock it! Do it! Bastard! This drama
will prove you costly To prove myself innocent
and to save my Ma’s life… even if I have to shed my own blood,
I’d do it Give me the keys.
Give it here! Sunny is absolutely fine, bhabhi.
You don’t need to worry Why did your brother have to lift
the security? I’m dead scared Take care of Sunny
and shut the doors properly Okay Bye. Sunny Sunny Let go! Let go! Let Sunny go! So it’s you! I knew you’d come here… to kill Sunny, so that you get rid
of the final thorn in your path… in turn hammering the last nail
on my coffin How deftly you saved yourself
and kept trapping me Stop, cur! Oh shit! The swine escaped Brother thinks you are a murderer,
but you… I wish he had seen you
save Sunny’s life Sunny, did you see me murder?
– No Did you see someone else murder?
– Yes Which means he has seen the man who
stabbed the professor nineteen times Sunny Who is the murderer?
– That man The guy who had been here now?
– No Then who is it?
– He Sunny, can you recognise him?
– Yes Priya, I want to take him with me.
– Where? To the hospital. My Ma is suffering
for the false charges on me Only Sunny’s testimony
can save my Ma’s life “All day, all night…” “I pray” “My you become…” “a sea of virtue” “No matter…” “how hard the trial is…” “I must not see you become…” “a criminal” “If ever…” “you shatter my hopes…” “I shall…” “leave this world” Doctor. Doctor. – Oxygen. Excuse me. Where is Mrs Florence Joyner?
– Third floor. Intensive Care Unit Thank you. No! No! No! Uncle Uncle No! Cur! Sunny. Bastard!
You wanted to kill Sunny? You are lame,
so am I I’ll teach you to dance Sunny. Uncle, murder! Murder!
Uncle, murder! Murder! Deepak…? You? Sunny, run! Run! Run, Sunny! Get up! Oh, how you paid a salute
to our childhood friendship. Great! Framed me for the murders
you committed, eh? My Ma is on the verge of death
because of you. Why did you do this? Why?
Why did you do this? Why? Speak! Why did you do this?
Else, like Madhuri and Ranjana… you will also have your bones broken!
Speak up! Talk! Raja! Pull me back! Why did you do this?
Speak up! Pull me back! Pull me up, Raja!
Else I’ll put Sunny down No!
– Pull me up, Raja! Uncle, help me!
– Pull me! Uncle, help me! Uncle, help me up!
– Hurry up Uncle. If you act smart, I’ll do to the kid
what I did to Madhuri and Ranjana You will blow me up, eh? You want to know
why I did all this, don’t you? Then, hear. Blue films are the reason
why all the murders were committed Tired of my lavish ways,
my Father on his deathbed… bequeathed half the property
to some trust The other half was to be
shared equally among me and Ranjana My expenses were rising.
So I produced blue films Because that’s the only business
which you invest a buck… and get back hundred bucks But the problem is, people want a new
girl everyday, a tender one at that That’s why targetted
the girls’ hostel I included him in my business I lured Madhuri first One day I sedated her And in my bedroom
I used her to make a blue film After my job was done,
I dumped her But she got pregnant,
and considered me responsible To tell me that,
she wrote a letter to me Unfortunately, professor Varma
got hold of the letter That foolishness of Madhuri
could expose me, I feared So I hurled her down from the terrace
of the girls’ hostel and killed her After that I had to kill Ranjana Because she had caught me
redhanded, filming Despite of my warning,
at the Christmas party… she told her boyfriend,
professor Varma, everything Professor Varma called her
to the girls’ hostel’s terrace Ranjana was waiting
for professor Varma And we reached there Bitch! Despite my warning you told the
professor about the blue films. Why? If you don’t stop filming,
I’ll inform the police Bitch! I’ll kill you Will you kill your sister too?
– Even if my real sister… were to pose a hurdle, I’d kill her.
You are only a step-sister Help! Help! Deepak I set Teja and Salim Langda
after professor Varma And I went near Ranjana’s corpse,
to avoid suspicion But at Gullu’s provocation,
you attacked professor Varma And you accidentally stabbed him After you guys left,
I went there… and I saw that professor Varma
wasn’t dead. He was only injured Sunny saw me kill him I came to know that
at Priya’s birthday party… when he pointed his finger
towards me But since I was standing behind you,
people thought he pointed towards you The police believed that you killed
Madhuri, Ranjana and professor Varma And like bloodhounds,
they chased you Then came Bandru’s turn.
By demanding 500,000 from Monica… he had invited death. I wanted you to
be held responsible for his death too So I took you to
the Zenith Health Club At the first opportunity
I killed him The police suspected you once again Likewise, I framed you
in the murder of Monica She rebelled against me. She wanted
fifty percent stakes in the business I decided to clear her away
from my path I used her name to write a letter,
passed it on to Priya… and got you to the Emami Contest At the first chance,
my men switched off the lights I flicked inspector Chauhan’s gun
from your pocket… and blew up the bitch Monica’s corpse,
the inspector’s smoking gun… and your fingerprints on it! Could there be a better plan
to send you to the gallows? But there was still a thorn
left in my path. It was Sunny His testimony would prove that someone
else committed the murder, not you It was imperative
that I kill Sunny Deepak. So I sent Teja to kill Sunny But you reached there
in the nick of time And then you made a great move You knew that the assassin
would certainly come to kill Sunny And look, you really
forced me to show up… and to rid the mask of friendship But I haven’t given up yet, Raja.
Along with Sunny… I’ll send you to hell too Out of my way!
– Deepak, let me have the child Move it!
– Give the child to me, Deepak No! Deepak I’ll kill the kid if you move.
– Let me have the child, I say I’ll kill the kid! Great, Deepu! Amazing! When you sweat,
we shed our blood I considered you more
than an elder brother… but you turned out to be a bastard Murari, take Sunny to Priya Whatever you told me,
say it once again before my Ma Come. Come on! Cur! Get up! Come on Sunny, whom did you see murder?
Me? Or him? Him.
– Him, isn’t it? Mother… Who are you? Where are you going?
– My Ma, Florence Joyner She is inside.
– You can’t see her. She’s critical No one can stop me. Understand? Mother. Mother. What have you done to yourself?
All because of me, Mummy? Look… I swear by you,
I did not kill anyone I didn’t kill anyone!
Do you hear? I can understand your feelings. But
your behaviour can turn things worse She’s in a critical condition,
she could die No doctor My Ma cannot die My Ma cannot die My Ma can’t die! They say… You could not reach out
to help every man That’s why You created a mother Lord, everytime You
reincarnated on earth… You needed the support of a mother That’s why probably You gave a mother
a status higher than Yourself I have been to… many places of worship But I never entered this temple Just because I feared, here
I might be reminded of the mother… who left me here in the solitude
of the night, lonely and uncared for Before I could curse the word mother,
You saved it In Your doorstep, I found
Mother Mary in the form of a mother Florence Joyner Florence Joyner, who loved me
more than she’d love her own son Who, always taught me one lesson.
The lesson of humanity Right now she is
fighting for her life She is in a shock, because she thinks
that her son is a killer But when I have not killed anyone, why
would my Ma die out of such a shock? Why should she be punished
when I have done no crime? She’s a mother,
whose love for me is exemplary Will You snatch her away from me? You are God. Will you
snatch my Goddess away from me? Truth cannot be buried
in the grave falsehood digs Last time I was here,
I didn’t go away as an orphan This time too, I will not
go away an orphan, Lord I… I want my Ma Save my Ma, Lord Save my Ma, Lord Save my Ma Raja.. Raja. Raja.. Your mother has come around Really? – Yes. You’re grown up now… yet such affection!
Goodness! The moment she came to,
she enquires, “Where’s my Raja?” I admit, you are
really her darling baby She asked for you so lovingly, that
I just couldn’t hold back my tears No, don’t.
– Let’s go What’s that? Oh, it’s only
a minor bruise, it’ll heal in no time Let’s go.
She’s waiting for you Mother. – Raja. Mother. Are you okay?
– To save my life… you did so much, son You have proved today that… the relationships of the heart
mean more than blood-relations Everytime I’ll pray to God,
I’ll ask… for you to be born of me
in the next lifetime “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer” “Every girl is after me” “I live in every heart” “Because…” “I wear sexy trousers
and sexy shirts” “My hair is sexy,
my gait is sexy” “My handkerchief is sexy too” “I’m beyond compare,
I’m much sought after” “I have but one heart
to offer”

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