Dynam Waco Red 1270mm (50″) PNF Ultimate Quarry flight

Dynam Waco Red 1270mm (50″) PNF Ultimate Quarry flight

Dis is it my dear friends. I can call this bird now the Dynam masterpiece. It cant be much better then this. I love it. Big salute to all RC lovers all over the world from Captain Blaž & Pilot Robert Slovenia. See you soon. Oh yeah…

99 thoughts on “Dynam Waco Red 1270mm (50″) PNF Ultimate Quarry flight

  1. Oh yeahh–> what a nice take off with a amazing zoom it's a good looking plane guys big salute from Lase cheers

  2. Awesome flight and camera work. Good job on the sticks. Pilot Robert and Capt Blaz thanks for the video keep flying you guys. Just having fun RC'n.Thanks

  3. Flying in the quarry is just great … I tested the Alix there. can you remember? great bird the wako. have fun my friends. Greets Captain Dani

  4. Wow, as advid follower of your videos, this was your most ultimate and sexy video ever!!  Those film shots were incredible, oh and don't say you are a novice flier anymore, not with all that inverted you just did.  No yellow, only red is the way to go.

  5. Amateurs ???
    Pilot Robert flying skills and Captain Blaž zooming skills have little in common with amateurs !!!
    Great video… as always.
    Big salute from the Netherlands !!!

  6. Captain Blaz is really the superior cinematographer. Very good filming on this video. I see your trees are beginning to change. Here, in West Virginia, we have had a very warm fall. Normally our trees change the 3rd week of October but it appears that they will wait till November for this year. All the best and Thank You for the great video.

  7. I have the yellow Waco, still not flown it yet as I lost one of the control horns during assembly and haven’t gotten around to fitting another. Maybe today I do will that. Also need to buy a 4S 4000mAh pack. Nice flying Robert, very smooth.

  8. That is such a fantastic and beautiful place to film in such scenery great flying and fabulous filming you two are just great and the plane was sexy with its landing lights twinkling a big salut from the UK and thank you for making my day Tim ps big hello to Andrew

  9. Great video gents! Get both the Waco and the Tiger Moth in the quarry together! I love flying in exciting places, I flew my PZ FW190 in a quarry and I fly off the cliffs above the sea – its great fun diving down to the water and chasing your shadow over the waves! Keep up the great work 🙂

  10. Oh yeah ! The mighty Waco, that was one of your best flights ! Great skill by Blaz on the camera too. I’m sooo glad you are loving that beauty! All the best from “The blighty” my friend.

  11. Great video guys!! That Waco sure looks like a great flying bi-plane and that screwing you were doing was the best I've seen yet from you Robert!! Captain Blaz,that was a very fine job with the camera,now we need to see you fly the Tiger Moth and Pilot Robert the Waco in the quarry before the leaves are gone from the trees! The quarry was very beautiful today!! Cheers guys!!

  12. Zadnjič sem bil v tem kamnolomi s pobeci iz vaše okolice. Smo šli na trail na gorjance, nazaj grede pa v kamnolom zbijaz 🙂
    Tale frčo pa res lepo leti. Posneti na 60fps pa potem na 50% hitrost in bo pravi Alaska bush flyer 🙂

  13. Wow, what a impressive flight. That was awesome best ever. That look so beautiful flying in the quarry. Pilot Robert that was spectacular piloting. Capt Blaz best video ever

  14. Another great video for pilot Robert and Captain Blaz! Have you guys ever thought about trying the Dynam DC-3/C-47/Skybus? I have heard good things about the plane which is weird for dynam product.

  15. Wow, I believe Pilot Robert loves that little Red Waco…Ok, you mastered the loop and inverted flight I see…Now, there are many, many more tricks you can learn with that Waco…Like the flat spin, Immelmann or split S, tail slide, hammerhead, cuban 8, barrel roll, tumbles and many more…Check it out…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerobatic_maneuver

  16. Yesssss!!! Ultimate flight! Perfect zooming from Captain Blaz and great to see some stunts from Pilot Robert, especially cool to fly inverted within the quarry. Long live the bisexual plane and its sexy wheel pants, hey!

  17. What the hell id dis eh? Your flying skills are impressive. You are now promoted to Colonel Robert. A great video. Captain Blaz zoomed the shit out of the video. Salute Colonel Robert!! 😀

  18. Capt Blaz zoomed the shit out of that video. Just fantastic.
    And Capt Robert. You did an amazing inverted trip around the quarry. Great set of aerobatrics. Even more fantastic.

  19. The Waco looked really at home over the famous quarry,nicely flown and landed with a burst of power on that bounce ! I love my yellow Waco as well it really handles well with those double ailerons.

  20. Good flying Robert good camera work blaz ffs put that plane away every time I see it I want it more said I would never buy another dynam never say never eh my friend's

  21. beautiful job guys. blaz you are a pro with the camera and robert bud you really are a very good pilot and that was a beautiful flight buddy

  22. Who would have thought a Dynam plane would be your favorite? You fly that Waco very well, and I can tell from the way you get so excited flying it that you just love it! I think this might have been Captain Blaz's best recording job yet! Keep 'em flying – All the best from rainy Nebraska!

  23. Another successful mission in the quarry. The Waco looks like a winner oh yeah!
    I salute the two of you, thumbs up!

  24. That really was the Ultimate video! Did I really just see inverted, loop and a roll? Wow. And that Waco is almost too sexy. She is one sweet bi-sexual plane for sure. Thanks guys!

  25. WOW! Fully aerobatic Pilot Robert!! Amazing. That WACO is uber SEXY! Such a sweet flyer!!! I have an e-flite UMX WACO is it flies just as sweet. I used to think the Timber in the quarry was your best video…this is even better. Thanks!

  26. Nice location, flight and video cam operation. Would love to know what equipment Captain Blas uses and it would even be neat to see a video of him shooting a video!

  27. Just SICK!!! This one may be the best Dynam plane of all. Great flying and great filming by the The Engine Dr! I loved the inverted flying. Your a great pilot Robert! I salute you both! Thank you!

  28. I have had up to 30 planes at one time, and this plane has always been my favorite! I have had it now for 4 years…still my favorite. For even better scale, swap out the prop for a wooden one…it even has a different sound!

  29. As an added note, I am extra happy you pronounce the name properly! It is not “Wayyco”, like the city in Texas, it is “Wahco”…just the way you say it!

  30. You guys outdid yourselves on this one. I love my Waco and Stearman because like you say, they just fly like a trainer. RocHobby has discontinued their line of yellow Wacos from Motion so just push that button and buy the Dynam while there still available.
    Great job flyin and the cameraman must have taken his meds today because the filming was extrordinair

  31. He he it's on my wish list my hangar 9 xcrafter cub has just arrived in the country I will be occupied for a while because this is a big big box speak to you soon my friend

  32. Pilot Robert and Captain blaz , that was a great tutorial on how to fly inverted with a beautiful Waco !!!!!
    Motion rc are goin to sell these planes very quickly oh yeah…
    Big salute from UK too. 👍👍👍👍😜

  33. Just perfect to see this bird flying in the quarry it just looked great, also it can fly pretty fast. Nice plane all round thanks for showing that brothers.

  34. Cobbers now that was some fun oh yeah, this bird stands out so well in the quary, Robert that was some landing. And CPT Blaz your filming was awesome. Cheers Steve

  35. Super flying Pilot Robert and the first loops and inverted flying I have seen from you, well done! Excellent video by Capt. Blaz. I have the yellow Waco and it is a great plane. Big salute to you both.

  36. Hello lads ,that is one beautiful plane ,i have the tiger moth the bi-sexual planes from Dynam are their best products i feel . The Devil 3d is also a good one ,i might have to pick up a red waco as a comparison with the yellow moth.The waco is more aerobatic and can be thrown about more, as usual great flying and filming

  37. Pilot Robert…  We would be entertained if you got a pilot figure in your image ….  (they make them I am certain you know) This one reminds me of that since it is missing one..

  38. A bisexual Waco eh? I love it Pilot Robert! You and Captains Blaz and Andrew are hilarious! Another great and sexy video from the quarry heh!! Great job!!

  39. Just SICK a!!! BEST YOUTUBE WACO VIDEO AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!

  40. Kpitain Robert, Big salut from Sao Paulo – Brazil!!! The planes are great but you guys… you are even better!!!! Excellent video – beaultiful scenario!! Congrats.. Love Your videos!

  41. that video was awesome pilot robert and capt.blaz was like you picked a dofferent scenery from the simulator screen selection , was very nice and great view and the flying was awesome too big salute from me cheers once again – now cut QUICK !!!

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