Dynamic Queue Drama – Raihnbowkidz INT feeding on stream? LoL new TOS against Tyler1? xPeke as ADC

Hey whats up guys, its League of Drama here
with fresh news from the LOL community, This episode contains extra information from
the last video about Dynamic Queue if you haven´t watched it yet, click on the video anotation! it will pause this video and open a new tab
explaning the situation, then you can come back to this video… After the release of the “autofill”, league of legends pro players start sharing opinion
on twitter and youtube videos: “until it gets fixed, I think I’m going to
pass on playing ranked” “Hauntzer got support after 3 minutes in queue,
when his selected roles were mid and top” “This is going great already, i´m support
and my adc doesn´t play his assigned role.” Lcs teams and players decide to quit Dynamic
queue for “in house” Solo Q, teams use realm servers to practice agains´t each other “can confirm, playing in houses on NATR is
great so far, sad we can’t stream them though” I will leave a mega thread link in the description
below with all the information about this topic. In other news 5 days ago, reddit user makes a post titled: “Rainbowkidz intentional feeding on her stream in ranked” “She queued up for ranked, and ran it down
mid 10+ times tyler1 style…” Reddit users have also posted oddshot links
showing what happened in the stream here is a preview: “It’s actually embarrassingly sad that me feeding on draven jungle on stream is somehow deemed front page of league sub Reddit worthy.” “I’m a mid gold sub par streamer. How the
fuck is it that people care? Lmao” “I can’t win it, always comes back to my appearances
and being a cam whore. I’m wearing an hoodie.” “Lesson learned, I’m a cam Slut no matter
how I dress.” “Something I learned recently, It’s better
to be what you want people will love you, others will hate you. But it’s better than being nothing” In other news: League of legends LCS team known as
Origen, makes a new announcement: “we would like to announce that due to lack
of motivation, “Forgiven will no longer be part of the starting lineup of Origen.” “Until we find a suitable replacement ADC, he will be replaced by xPeke” In other news: League of Legends Youtubers known as: Keyori and SoloRenektonOnly, quit League of Legends “I think I’m done with League” “I can’t support the directions the game is going in and the attitudes of the designers…” “I’m actually really upset but it just clicked like “I am done.” “I feel like I just left an abusive relationship that I tried to make work for years ” in the other side, SoloRenektonOnly, explains that he is enjoying Overwatch, being that the primary reason to quit league of legends. In other news 5 days ago, the company behind league of legends, have recently update the Terms of Service of the game. there is one change in particular: “All things that you see, (including replays and streams), are riot intellectual property, you won’t use them without written consent.” There is a slight chance that this is to give
control over banned players that are still using their game on streams, such as Tyler1 or Dopa. All links in the description below! If you enjoyed this video please dont forget to drop a like and subscribe for more drama and news from the league community, Thanks for watching!

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