Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy

Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy

83 thoughts on “Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy

  1. if the people who did that to the elephnats see this comment beacuse one day i hope that happens to all them artards im proud to say that ive never been to a circus and i hope those people die in pain and agony

  2. Figures. And here I thought that this sort of barbaric and out-dated practice was being constatly watched and controlled by not only laws, but ppl who checked and watched to enforce those laws. Hmmmmm…..the next time the circus comes to town, myself and some friends would like to say "Hello" to these cattle prodders. I think we could have a really meaningful chat that would leave them seeing this is a very wrong practice. No need to say what state. We'll come round, ya' all hear?

  3. Thank you for showing this, as horrible as it is. I don't go to circuses that involve any type of animals, or roadside attractions, just for this heinous reason. Why haven't these men been arrested and fired for animal cruelty caught on video? If they have or they haven't been arrested and fired, can you please respond and let us all know the outcome to these cruel men for animal torture? Thank you : )

  4. I hope those people one day get tortured like they are doing to the elephants. I wish the elephants would kick there butt.

  5. No voy a los circos, ni iré, educaré a mi hijo para que no lo haga así como le digo a todo el mundo porque no deben ir, ojalá esta pesadilla pronto acabe.

  6. one of these days these people will learn the hard way when the elephants take control and kill those sickos!


  8. Why has this man not been prosecuted for cruelty? Why are these circuses not banned . It is disgusting, these animals would be happier dead than suffering this TORTURE every day.

  9. To those sick, evil pricks with the whips and bullhooks…an elephant never forgets and one day they WILL remeber you and you will get your just deserts. Serves you right!!!

  10. No idea how i found this video but seriously those fucking sickos needs to die the most horrible painful death. argh im shaking im so angry.. these beautiful giants deserve nothing but care

  11. This is so sad. When I was an uninformed little noob years ago, I went to a Ringling circus. I was so excited to go to my first circus I didn't even think about the cruelty. I saw all the elephants had big red holes behinds their ears, and told the workers "Fuck the bullhooks!"
    Everyone needs to take a stand for these animals, because no animal deserves to be treated this way.

  12. No not just poor elephants! It's a fucking disgrace! Then people wonder why the poor elephant goes crazy and has to be shot. Bcuz of heartless assholes like this treating them this way. The whole life and everything that comes with a circus is HELL for these animals. Being such gentle creatures, loving families when free and living how they were intended to – IN THE WILD! DO People like this feel "big" and good bout themselves to know they conquered something so much bigger than them!!??

  13. @DWHOMEMEDIA- i wish what u say could happen and ne true. I'd b rite next to u in the very front of that war- the sad fact is animal abuse- whether it b in labs circuses fur ALL ANIMAL CRUELTY in all it's forms will probably never stop. Small steps and rules could b passed but never will they stop all animal suffering. I cry and think of the atrocities daily

  14. At the very least, zoos can claim they're preserving animals on the verge of extinction. These people are only doing it for the money.

  15. stars of this show you are low life son of a bitches . if you want to confront me i'll make it easy for you. let me know

  16. ringling brothers mel knopf said he did not see any abuse in the tape i believe the trainer was moved to another position but still handling elephants .i said if he worked at all he should be washing poop off trucks

  17. I'm nearly in tears. Its hard to imagine that someone can look at a creature with so much kindness and gentleness in their eyes and treat them that way.

  18. If people would stop going to Circuses, they would make no money, so there will be no need for the stupid Circus. People don't care about animals, they care about entertaining them selves. I've told people about this & they still tell me they're going to keep going to the Circus.

  19. Do these trainers feel good about themselves after abusing animals? Do they feel like their dominate doing this or something? To who ever went undercover, I say thank you. Stuff like this needs to be exposed.

  20. Man sollte sie foltern auspeitschen und in engen Käfigen zusammen gepresst sperren und von vielen Leuten bis zu ihrem Lebens Ende Demütigen!

  21. i had no idea this is how they trained them now i feel bad for going to one of their shows last summer if there is proof that they do this how are they still aloud to keep them

  22. This makes me very sad. You can hear the trainers calling for specific elephants, and then hurting them intentionally. I hope they get stomped on.

  23. a video were you could see someone treating a human like they treated this elephants, you can bet it would hav millions of views and these assholes would rott in hell. but no, they are only animals, not a big deal.

  24. im so in your army!
    lets go back to the original circus in rome, build the collosseum up again and throw in all animal and child abusers and let them kill each other in front of a cheering and clapping audience.

  25. That fucking piece of shit instructor is the type thaqt stems from the little boy that used to hurt kittens – then grew up to prod elephants – absolute SCUM of the earth , I am going to see to it that this gets seen on tv.

  26. To the posts saying this was from PETA other animal organizations ( Born Free, Aspsa, Humane Sociecity) have documented animal abuse done to these animals. Even employees and animal free circuses have deemed this abuse true! Think before you post.

  27. OMG!!! this is so horrible! Why is this guy not in jail? He should be! These poor beautiful, gentle creatures! If only, if only they would turn on him! They could fix him in about a second. But then, THE elephant would probably be put down for it. Now I am crying. I will go and protest when the circus is here this weekend. This is so aweful!

  28. True tragedy poor human behavior, God is watching you! You will be punished by God Almighty. Proverbs 12 Verse 10 "A Righteous. Man Cares for the life of the Animals" Shame On You Mad Men!!!

  29. This man in the video is sooo tough.  Sir, does your wife and kids at home not listen to you, you have no power nor authority and you're the little, sniveling loser in your family?  Is that why you feel the need to "show her who's boss?  That's the way you want it, so that's the way it is?"  Go buy yourself those raised pickup trucks with giant wheels while you're at it – then everyone will know how small your genitalia is. 

  30. I know it would mean the elephant being put to death but boy wouldn't i like to see a few of those trainers get their heads stepped on.

  31. Why is it always the white man usein animals to make money off of them, and yet so cruel to them. The hunt then for fun, for fur etc etc and yet they are still doing it and getting away with it. To hell with u.

  32. Terrible and sickening. At 62yrs old, I have never been to a circus and never will go to one. That evil man should be stepped on, or at least locked up in prison for life. Unfortunately, elephants are just one of many animals that are abused. What about cows. Cows are some of the nicest animals. Then again, what about people. We can't even control abuse against other people. People are more important than animals, so that is higher on my list than animal abuse. Still, I do not believe in abusing animals. Yet, I drink milk and eat dairy. Such a quandry from how we were raised and taught.

  33. I think it all comes down to exposing evil to make it better. With new technology and camera phones everywhere, hopefully the evil will be exposed and dealt with to bring a positive change. This carries on with people too. I know families who hide rape and many evil things in their own families, and just sweep it under the rug, nevery dealing with it. Instead, they hope the bad things are forgotten. Until we admit the evil of our ways, we will never change, and few evildoers will ever admit to their heinous acts. I don't see human nature changing. Perhaps, we humans need a bullhook used on us to force us to change, instead of using one to try and change elephants.

  34. Then the lady asked what's wrong with his leg and the girl says nothing like nothing's wrong obviously something's wrong

  35. Any kind of sport (such as horse racing) or any thing that has to do with forcing animals to "entertain" or "win" should be outlawed. Why? Because though the act may bring joy and entertainment to you, you don't know what is happening behind the scenes, and it makes me sick. As a child, I did go to one circus. However, my older self will never go.

  36. I am glad Ringling is gone. The way they beat these elephants for no reason is beyond conscionable. Elephants feel pain. They hired some angry people who took their frustrations out on innocent creatures.

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