Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died – Darwin Awards Winners [Part 1]

Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died – Darwin Awards Winners [Part 1]

100 thoughts on “Embarrassingly Dumb Ways People Died – Darwin Awards Winners [Part 1]

  1. Grim reaper: so how did you die?
    Me:there was a big fire in my kitchen and i quickly jumped off the building
    Grim reaper: Facepalm

  2. Hard to pick a dumbest way to off yourself. Since the grenade incidents come up 3 times, I'll have to go with that one.

  3. #16: Well, so all of us deserve the Darwin Awards because every driver forgot the handbreak once in his life. So Darwin Awards are just like the Oscars, they mean nothing.

    Fun Fact: Stupidity has nothing to do with Darwins theory of natural selection. 😉

  4. Me: laugh while watching this video
    Also me: lying next to a ground electricity sokets while holding a glass of ice water

  5. God talking to dumb people who died:
    So your telling me that you have a grenade and you cut in in half? Person: yea that is correct.

  6. Why the f*** would you drink hot sauce anyways s*** for brains was he trying to sober up before he drove home or something

  7. These people are stupid but I'm still against the idea of mocking idiots when they kill themselves. They still are human and lost their lives.

  8. Actually after you die you can still pass on your genes,i aint sure if the body still produces,but a dead body can have his dick hard and ejaculate or liberate sperma in some way,there was a woman who worked at a morgue in my country and had sexual relations with a dead body and got pregnant and later arrested lol

  9. there's one more.
    a magician using chainsaw to perform which to cut his wife and bring her back.

    unfortunately, her wife did something wrong and tried to warn him to cancel, but it's too late.

    there's a video in youtube somewhere. I forgot the title, it's really long time ago

  10. It's called "Idiocracy," where stupid people are now increasing and spreading their stupidity to the rest of humanity. Best example of this resides in the east coast where white women often procreate with black guys who are jobless, drug dealers, and often left them-thus creating the single mother phenomenon. Society is in a downward spiral as we rely on social media to communicate then people lose the ability to speak appropriately in person, where women go for the biggest jackasses/losers rather than intelligent, successful men. The media/entertainment industry has a lot to do with this over-representing hip/thug culture.

  11. I couldn't help but think about #1. How did anyone know this guy thought a jar of gasoline, in a kitchen no less, was hot sauce? And he couldn't tell by the odor?
    Edit: Aah, alcohol and possibly drugs were involved. And it was North Carolina.

  12. It exp-
    2:31 Ad comes on
    Edit: OH MY GOSH ONE LIKE THE MST I HAVE EVER GOTTEN wait why is it blue?🤔
    Other edit: no hate comments guys plz🙂 thank you

  13. Three others need to be on here:

    1. There was one guy who recently died, his name was Steven Weber and he tried to impress his girlfriend by diving 30 feet underwater without any scuba gear, just some goggles, to propose to her lol. As if it wasn't stupid enough, they were already in an underwater hotel room, but this idiot went outside of the underwater bedroom at 30 feet and tried to propose to her by placing a note inside a plastic bag asking him to marry him and placing it on the underwater bedroom window for her to see it and while holding an engagement ring . He obviously stayed down underwater for too long and didn't have enough time and he drowned before he could resurface lol.

    2. The other idiot was a famous YouTuber (can't remember his name), his channel I think still exists here. Anyway, he tried to get recorded his girlfriend to shoot him at close range on the chest while holding a phone book. Obviously the phone book wasn't thick enough and it went right through his chest and instantly killed him. What's hilarious is that while they were recording the video and prepping the viewers, he said that he would be remembered for this and that his viewers would love the video stunt so much after seeing it, that they would go, "Damn it, boy!"
    —LOL damn it, boy, indeed!

    3. The other one, I don't remember his name but I read it on an online article. This idiot tried to impress a bunch of his friends by jumping off a bridge by tying himself with a rope and thinking that he would just dangle with the rope and that he'd be ok. His mistake was that he made the rope too long LOL! That is just so hilarious LOL!! I remember the article's title was, "He made the rope too long" —LMFAO!!!

    People are stupid!!! Zero common sense and zero value on life. They deserve it. It's very difficult to feel sorry for these people lol.

  14. My father had a grenade when I was little. He wasn't dumb, but if someone threatened his family, you might find him over there and over here and a little over there. lol Theres to many god damn grenades in this world and thats nothing compared to the amount of landmines there are.

  15. So many choices….but the honorable menchion girl looking down the barrel…WOW… although they are all , well, insane…well they were .

  16. After all the education system human create. If they are this dumb they dont suppose to pass on their gene anyway……

  17. Darwin awards are so meh…
    I bet 70% are made up completely or have only shreds of truth in them.

    No verification of any of them, it's basically… Here's a story of how someone died because of their own stupidity. Maybe it's real? Maybe not…. but it IS a darwin award.

  18. Update for those who have been out the science loop Darwins theory has been debunked and eggs are good cholesterol you are all welcome 👍

  19. Attention Walmart shoppers, even Your small spec of common sense, has left the building!! Please sign in and the Grim reaper (cough clears throat) dr, will be in shortly.

  20. Wow. With texting, such a large part of how we converse these days. Very few know how to spell. Fewer know how and when to use commas, or the apostrophe, like you’re and ‘cause. More and more use acronyms and initialisms, because they can’t be bothered to type “on my way home” and instead type “omwh”. Haha, but very sad!!
    Thank You lazy kids and the “No Kid Left Behind”, initiative for public school- Bush Jr!! Now we all talk like him lmfao!!!

  21. That dude must have been well endowed to fit a whale bone in there. At least I can take conciliation that I'm safe from dying the way he did.

  22. The guy who drunk gasoline and then lit a cigarette knew exactly what he was doing…Prove me wrong

    Oh wait😂 he's toast

  23. My dad told me a story when a guy was filling his boat up in the dark and didnt know how full it was so he pulled out his lighter and tried to use the flame to see if it was full, the fumes caught fire and he blew up.

  24. There are old pilots and there are bild pilots. Doesn't that mean the "bold" pilots don't get old? So he didn't forget to add anything. Js.🤷🏿‍♂️

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