(eng) 생애 첫 미국🇺🇸 USA TRAVEL VLOG ep.1 BOSTON / 뽐니 bbomni

(eng) 생애 첫 미국🇺🇸 USA TRAVEL VLOG ep.1 BOSTON / 뽐니 bbomni

What is it? [We’re at the Korean Air counter for the check-in!]
How many kg is that? 18kg. We’re waiting at the gate. The flight to Boston is a new route, so the airplane is also a new model. They say that the seats are wider than on the existing airplanes, even for economy class, so I think that’s kind of a relief. [Thanks to the joint venture between Korean Air and Delta Air Lines, the routes to the US have become a lot more varied, and transfers have become more convenient as well.]
[They say it is possible to use the earned mileage together, and that they share the lounge and the check-in counters]
We’re flying with Korean Air on the way there, and transport within the US [Joint venture? – The most extensive and the highest level of cooperative partnership between two airlines where they optimize the flight schedules through adjusting the departure and the arrival times and flight operations, as though they are a single airline]
And on the way back to Korea, We’re using Delta Air Lines. [They say they’re planning to further widen the routes of the codeshare flights, from being limited to the North American regions to including the Central and South American regions.]
[I think it will certainly become easier to go overseas] [We will be using Korean Air when flying to Boston, then Delta Air Lines when returning from Minneapolis!] [They provided us with the amenities, such as the blankets, the slippers, the headphones, etc.!] [We will be using Korean Air and transportation within the US on our way to the US, then Delta Air Lines on our way back to Korea!] [Thanks to the Korean Air x Delta Air Lines joint venture, they say it is possible to transport to 290 cities within America with convenience.] [As you can combine the earned mileage as well, I think this would be great for those who travel a lot, and for those who are planning a trip to the US!] [The first in-flight meal! There are two in-flight meals in total, and I chose the beef dish] [It was good, so I finished everything without leaving a bite.] [Everyone’s got their nails done newly for the US trip] [I had downloaded tons of drama series, movies, etc. on Netflix!] [When getting tired of Netflix, watching movies on the in-flight monitor! I was so happy because they had Aladdin] [The pizza they gave us as a snack was seriously delicious as heck] [HaeBong the professional YouTuber, editing even when shes’s on the airplane…] [After the repetition of eating, sleeping and watching drama series, we’re almost here!] [We departed on the morning of the 8th of September, and when we arrived, it’s the morning of the 8th of September again!] The weather is splendid! We’re in the USA~ This is the hotel we’ll be staying at. It’s The Whitney Hotel Boston. I have just entered our accommodation. [As it was a newly-built hotel, the interior was pretty and clean, and the staff members were very nice and friendly!]
It’s so great~ What do we do! The bathroom is spacious, too It’s nice to be at a newly-built place, huh? I like it! There are many hangers as well, I hesitated so much about bringing a few of my own hangers. What should I do! It’s too nice! Oh, it’s so nice! Guys, what should I do? Oh, now I’ve got to shoot for ‘Get ready with me’ here. It’s too nice! First, I should unpack and get ready to go out. [I just quickly hung my clothes and put on some makeup, then went out!] Why are the streets so gorgeous? After unpacking our loads at the hotel, we’re on our way to get lunch. As there was no time, I had to finish my preparation without getting changed. Is this the place we’ll be coming to in the morning two days from now? This is apparently the number 1 pancake place in Boston. [The menu is widely varied, including pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, etc.! It’s a famous eatery, so there were lots of people, too.] The avocado tuna sandwich I ordered! Is THIS yours? This is the banana strawberry pancake. What’s that one? – I think it’s a french toast?
– This one’s the cinnamon waffle. Oh, that’s mine? Oh, my salad looks so tasty! Now, we finished our meal. [Having filled our tummies, we’re planning to meet our guide and go on a walking tour!]
Now, we’re on the way to a walking tour. But the streets are so gorgeous. The guide is giving us the explanations right now, but I can’t understand them as it is in English. [Not understanding what exactly is being said, but just pretending to get it… (Looking afar)] [The Acorn Street, which is very famous for being the most-filmed street in the USA!]
How is a street so gorgeous? Look at me too, please! Oh my, he’s strong, too! [Georgie the cutie-pie, who we met at a shop that we visited to look at the dog supplies]
Georgie! Georgie! Georgie~ He’s going, ‘Give me just one!’ Aw, cute! We arrived at the Prudential Center on Uber. [It’s a multiplex shopping mall, kind of like Lotte World Mall, IFC Mall or COEX in Korea.] We’re at the Blue Bottle. [The New Orleans-styled Iced Coffee, which is the most famous item at Blue Bottle! It’s creamy and sweet.] – The latte here is seriously good.
– I know, right? [A short break, where we sit outside after getting our coffees to-go!]
Oh, it’s gotten so warm. This is what you call a trip! Aren’t you way too happy right now? Why are you crying, sis? [The type to tear up and cry when she finds something too hilarious…]
It’s the tears of being moved! Don’t cry! Am I actually an idiot, I… [Providing context: Yuzu’s camera ran out of battery, so sister Ini handed hers to Yuzu and said she will lend it to her, but it turned out that Ini’s battery had also been all used up…]
I was gonna change it once earlier, but I couldn’t remember it and forgot… I think sis is crying out of pure frustration right now. – I don’t wanna touch my face, because my hands are dirty.
– You know how when you wipe your tears, the philtrum always gets longer and stretched out, right? We’re now climbing up to the Skywalk Observatory. 50 floors?! Oh my, it’s super quick. It’s the Skywalk Observatory. We’re on the 50th floor. I can see the whole of Boston from here. Look at the sky! What’s up with the weather! [I don’t normally take pictures of the scenery, but I took loads as the scenery in the US was very pretty.] [As we decided to have our dinner on the first day at the hotel, we’re back at the hotel!]
The hotel has this sort of a garden-like area, which is very well-organized and pretty. Don’t you think it would be absolutely gorgeous if you could see this place like this? The view is gorgeous! Today’s dinner will be eaten at the hotel. [It’s the wine recommended by the waiter, but I don’t know what it’s called. I liked it, as it was mildly dry!] [Tried to parody the Jan DeunGeon meme but failed] [I wasn’t too hungry, so I just ordered a tiny pizza!] [And the nape of the blue-backed fish that is said to have been caught on the day, just in front of the hotel…] I had dinner and came back to my room. Now, I’m going to wash and head to bed. I’m exhausted. Then, we’ll meet again tomorrow. This is Day 2 of the US trip. Today, there apparently is something called the Boston Duck Tours Which, I hear, you simply must go on when you come to Boston. We’re gonna go there today, and I hear that Boston is very famous for the Boston Red Sox, its baseball team. We’re not gonna be watching a baseball game, but we do want to take a look at the souvenir shop, so I think we’ll be going there too And I think we’ll also be visiting the famous markets here and there. [On our way to the Boston Duck Tours!] I think this is like the station where you wait for the bus for the Duck Tours. [An amphibious vehicle made by remodeling what was actually used during the Second World War! They’re using this for the Boston Duck Tours.]
The Boston Duck Tours is the tour of the Boston city which uses [An amphibious vehicle made by remodeling what was actually used during the Second World War! They’re using this for the Boston Duck Tours.]
The amphibious vehicle that was used in the Second World War through remodeling it. So this later transforms into a boat, a boat. Please look at the camera once~ Like this, they even provide the guide in Korean for those who can’t speak English. [The guide was very delightful…!] [They briefly stop at the key places on the way, and provide information on them.] Incredible! Wow, this is fun! I mean, it goes in much deeper than I would have expected! Aren’t we a little too close to the water? Incredible! [They even provide a time for the passengers to try controlling the vehicle themselves!] [The river that we are crossing now is the Charles River!] Wow, how fascinating! The Duck Tour is over, and now we’re headed to the baseball stadium. [The home field of Boston Red Sox and the oldest baseball stadium in the US] [There were TONS of souvenirs, such as the baseball caps, clothes, equipment, etc.]
– I think they’ve got all the caps in the world here.
– I know. That’s cute, huh? – This is totally a soju glass, huh?
– So cute. Right? It’s totally adorable. These things are worth buying. This one’s got a handle. They say there are 3 markets in here. [The restaurants were laid out like at a food court, so we each selected what we wanted and got them!]
The restaurants are laid out all the way here. [Bbomni got a pizza again…] The pizza’s the size of my… [They said 2 slices of cheese pizza, but nearly half the pie came out, so I was perplexed;] How are you supposed to eat this? [And the lobster roll… Perhaps because Boston is close to a body of water, we heard that it is famous for the seafood, especially the lobsters!] [So I tried the lobster roll!] How is he balancing on top of that? – Amazing.
– What is that place? We’re going to Sephora. But filming is banned in the interior of Sephora, so I don’t think we’ll be able to shoot inside. [They said they were only gonna do window shopping, but ended up buying]
I bought the least. After grabbing a few things at Sephora, we’re on our way to a museum. [The 5th biggest art gallery in the USA] [Quenching our thirst before beginning the tour inside! It was like a sparkling apple juice (?), and it was tasty!] [It’s an ice cream parlor that is only found in Massachusetts, where Boston is located!]
We’re at the ice cream parlor in Boston that was recommended to us. [There really were so many types of ice creams, cones (or cups) and toppings!]
Is this heaven or what? This looks good, too! [They allow taste tests, so it was nice that we could try this and that!] Tasty! The cookies ‘n’ cream is tasty. – Would you like to order?
– Yes. [I said I was gonna have the cookies ‘n’ cream, but ended up ordering a salted whatever] We’re here for our dinner. [After having ice creams and a quick rest at the hotel, we’re headed for our dinner!] Cheers~! [The inside skirt steak!]
It’s the inside skirt, I ordered the inside skirt steak, medium rare. After having our meal – And buying some wine for us to drink by ourselves at a liquor store
– That translation is on point! – And…
– ‘Liquor store’! And we are on our way to buy cheese. – We must eat it with wine. Why? Liquor store. We are going to Haebong’s room. I don’t think you are too good at this. I’m not good at this. Isn’t it in too deep? You can’t do it you can’t do it. Didn’t it work? It worked! It worked! Is it usually this hard to open wine? What if the cork breaks as well? [The day ended with us chatting while drinking wine]
You’re awesome. What is with all the cameras? Today I will go to Harvard and MIT The headquarter of Converse is in Boston So I will go to the Converse headquarters as well. These people visited my room.. [I came here to take-out some coffees and bread near the hotel before heading to see the park.] [I wanted to visit here while passing by during the walking and the duck tour.]
Our first schedule of the day is the Public Garden. It seems like they are watching us. What? Why? They’re so cute. Come here! Come here! [It was amazing how the animals weren’t so scared of humans, ]
Oh it drank water! [Boston Common is the oldest city park in America. ] If the public garden we visited earlier felt like a botanical garden This place is like a city park. All the parks here are really wide. It’s really big. Isn’t it really wide? This is not the end of it.. And here too. The smell of grass! We came to the Bunker Hill Monument before visiting the converse headquarters. We stopped by because we heard that the view was really good here. [This is the last stop of the ‘Freedom Trail’, it’s a place we can get a glimpse of the independence of America ]
Something is written here but, I don’t know what it means. [If you climb up 200 flights of stairs then you can see an amazing view!]
But I’m passing. [Converse headquarters located in Boston! I won’t be going in here, I will be going to the Flagship store] [There was a group of dogs(?) so I asked about them, she was a dog sitter! Aren’t they cute?] Ah they are so cute! They say I can purchase shoes here, so I will look around to see if there’s anything I can buy. There’s a collection of shoes I really wanted to buy. I like how this phrase is written here. There’s a spot where you can do some customizing. How about this one, Haerin? I bought this one. [I can’t believe I’m in Harvard.. It’s not just the campus here, but it’s constructed very wide, almost like a town!] Oh my, it’s so pretty. Oh my! This training suit here for babies, it’s so cute! [clothes, caps, bags, baby clothes, items for dogs, etc. This goods shop located in Harvard has everything] [I think I bought all the presents for my friends here!] I came to a restaurant in Harvard to eat some food. Oh, I like this restaurant’s beer! I didn’t order this oyster dish, but he gave me to try it out. I ate it, and it just went down without a getting a chance to chew. [The seafoods were really fresh and so delicious!] -I’m so happy.
-It’s huge! I think I saw this somewhere. [I had some time left before going onto the Harvard Tour so I visited MIT which was not far away!] [We are back at Harvard, the Harvard tour has finally started !]
Hello! My name is Kim Young-jun, I’m a sophomore. [It was even nicer because a Korean student in Harvard gave the tour.]
-Are you a Harvard student?
-Yes, I am. Harvard University, majoring in Economics.. Economics, wow! I’ll talk to you as we move this way. This famous place is where the first U.S. president, George Washington, lived. [There was no building that had no story.]
As you know, U.S. had American Revolutionary War that was for independence from England. There’s a famous precedent. If you look down here, you see the big gate? [Students come in and out of this door when they first come to school and when they graduate! They actually pass through the side gate next to it]
According to the students, they pass this gate only twice in their life time. You can come in here once as a student when you first enter school Later after graduating, you can leave this gate as a graduate. [You are looking at the most expensive building at Harvard.]
Why not? Because Harvard has many relics and it is historical so you can’t just build anything. [There is a rumor that if you touch the statue’s foot, your child will go to Harvard..]
As I told you, Harvard is a very old school. This building is built by Polaroid because the family of a company that made Polaroid invested a lot of money. [The library that Seri mentioned in the drama Sky castle! (Those who watched the drama know this right?)] We came to Newbury street after our tour at Harvard. [Vans, Patagonia, Urban Outfitters, etc there are many good shops for shopping!]
So I think I’m going to go shopping. I don’t know what I’ll be buying [A break before going shopping, this is Boston Coffee shop!] It’s like the clothes are made for you. Okay, I’m buying this one. – But it looks really good.
-Yes! The color too. How is it? -Does it look good on me?
-Is this mine? After saying, “Is this mine?” her face seems like she’s saying “If you don’t agree, I’ll kill you” – Right? This color is pretty, right?
-But isn’t this better on Bbomni? [But this color is so pretty] I finally bought this padded vest. I’m here for dinner. [It feels like a cart bar on the riverside! I could enjoy the night view while eating here so it was so good.] We’re at the riverside so there’s a lot of seafood. I guess lobster and oyster are really the signature food. Lobster roll? [People perform in the restaurant, there’s a good night view, and good food, I really liked this place.] So delicious! I came back to the hotel, packed my bag, and took a shower. This is my last night in Boston. Now we’re leaving for Minneapolis tomorrow. I like Boston so much! It’s a city I really want to come back to later. Then we’ll meet again in Minneapolis. I’m going to bed. Good bye~

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