(English Subtitle) The Legend of White Snake Epi 01 – 《天乩之白蛇傳說》第01集(楊紫, 任嘉倫, 茅子俊, 李曼, 劉嘉玲, 趙雅芝)

(English Subtitle) The Legend of White Snake Epi 01 – 《天乩之白蛇傳說》第01集(楊紫, 任嘉倫, 茅子俊, 李曼, 劉嘉玲, 趙雅芝)

E01 The Destiny of White Snake The beginning of heaven and earth,
all creature was born. The Empyrean Heaven ruled… three realms of deity,
mortal, and demon. The Demon Emperor was not pleased, he secretly provoked
dragon tribe to cause chaos. Heavenly Emperor ordered
White and Green Emperors… to lead 10 thousand heavenly
soldiers to suppress them. The war between the four seas
had suffered a great lost. The war ended… with dragon tribe surrendering
to The Empyrean Heaven. In this war, the disciple of
White Emperor, Ling Chu, and the disciple of
Green Emperor, Zi Xuan… had done a prominent work. Their reputations were spread
greatly in the realm of deity. Due to that, Green and White Emperors… made a promise of thousand years
for both of them. Master. What kind of promise did they make? Both of them were gifted and… endowed by unusual intelligence. So, Green and White Emperors
promised to… hold a grand battle
after a thousand years… to figure out whose disciples… is the number one
of the realm of deity. I want to be the number one
of the realm of deity. You are always lazy… and don’t cultivate well. All you know is daydreaming. Why did you sneak out… despite of the blizzard… when you know that… I am going to
the Heavenly Peach Festival? Master, didn’t you say that… consuming a Heavenly Peach… can help with the cultivation. You little… You are only giving yourself a
reason for your gluttonous. Do you know why… I brought you here to Mount Jiuxi? I once told you that… you bear the justice of the world. But look at you… You have not been
cultivating seriously… and can’t perform
the transformation yet. This person will definitely
able to help you out. Master, who is he? He is Zi Xuan. He was born with Seven Prowesses. He is definitely able to train you. The fate of three realms
is right in front of us. You two are destined to be together… to rescue the mortal world… but shall also go through
8 sufferings of mortal world. Eight sufferings of mortal world? “Mount Jiuxi” Zi Xuan. I’ve already heard
the sound of your zither. You can’t hide today… no matter what. I didn’t think that… he would have come here. Mount Jiuxi fills with
snow the entire year. How did you end up here? Did you lose your way? You are white like snow. Sure are beautiful. Mount Jiuxi doesn’t suit you. Snakes will hibernate in the winter. You should hide at somewhere now. Zi Xuan! I didn’t think that… you will break your promise. Ling Chu, the chaos of
four seas has just ended. Why should you and I… still have to compete with each other? This is the thousand year promise
which our masters made… to figure out who’s the best. It was only a thoughtless promise
from a thousand years ago. Everyone is comparing us. We have to find… who’s the best today. Ling Chu. You are too obsessed with fame. The goal of our competition… is only to learn from each others. Why so serious? To me, it’s not that simple. This white snake interrupted us. This competition doesn’t count. I’m not convinced! There’re injuries all over you. How long do you want to hide it? These are all minor injuries.
Nothing serious. Could minor injury hurt you that much? You didn’t heal yourself
when you are injured, yet you come to compete with me? At least, convince me that you’re better. With your characteristic, how can you be convinced? Today, we will never know who wins… if it wasn’t ruined by
that white snake. I will… kill the white snake with my hands… if I see it again in the future. It suddenly appeared. How is it related to it? This is the medicine I made for you. It can suppress
your inner heat temporarily. Stop thinking who’s the best anymore. It’s good too
if we don’t figure it out. You treat me the best. But I’m not as big-hearted as you. Ling Chu! You inner heat is beyond serious. Why didn’t you say it earlier? If we ignore this, it will consume up your deity prowess. The heart of snake is cool-natured. It can heal the inner heat. Snake is always considered as bad. Why not use the heart of a snake
to cure the inner heat? Yet you’d rather pay so much effort… to make an elixir a day. Although the inner heat of Ling Chu… can be healed by the heart of a snake, it would be harmful… to his cultivation in the future. But Ling Chu is so anxious about it. I suppose something big
happened at Mount Kunlun. White Emperor is always
concerned about his reputation. He definitely will not leak
any information. Not a single bit. I can’t ever fall asleep now. Or else I will lose my life… when my heart gets taken. I still need to cultivate
to become deity. I still wish to travel around. I have never tried the Heavenly
Peach from The Empyrean Heaven. How precious life is. I just have to work harder. It’s only 3 years, 3 months… and 3 days… to reach Mount Li. You don’t even grant me
to die with grace. How dare you squash my face. As long as I can recover
from the inner heat, I’ll definitely defeat Zi Xuan. Zi Xuan, I will have to take… the heart of the snake today! If you ever try to stop me… This Icy Lingzhi of Eastern Sea
was given by Herb Deity. You want to use it all up
to cure Ling Chu? There’s no better than this… if these herbs are able… to cure Ling Chu. One who survives a great disaster, is destined to have
luck to taste delicious food. You ate the precious
Snow Cherry Blossom… like it was a walnut. Don’t you know that… with just one, a person
who cultivates himself… will get strengthened
a hundred years of prowess? You ate three in a row. You somehow have intelligence. Once you heard about
getting the heart of a snake… you fled at that very night. Although… you are clever, you have never been trained. You were caught
even before you flee the valley. I’m just saying and
you got mad already. It seems like you
understand human speech. How about this? I’ll address you as
Xiao Bai from now on. Xiao Bai. Why are you here? You should rest. I heard from Crane that… you wish to raise that white snake. You are still thinking about
the heart of a snake. The injuries in you
are from sometime ago. What actually happened
on Mount Kunlun? There are only a couple of people
who can hurt you such badly… in The Empyrean Heaven. Is it… You know my master’s temper… I will take care of it… when I’m fully recovered. It seems like I can’t trick you… with this kind of
simple covering-up trick. It isn’t like who you are… to protect a white snake. You are always sloppy
about everything. I somehow like
this little white snake. It is intelligent. Furthermore, it risked its life to protect me. It seems to be very afraid of me. Ling Chu. Do not use your deity prowess… before you are fully recovered. If not, even I can’t save you. I know that, you’re being annoying. This zither sound can relieve pain. I wonder… does it work on snake as well. You have to control your appetite. Or else all the people
from Mount Jiuxi… will starve to death. Oh no. I woke Zi Xuan up… instead of chasing the mosquito away. Go to bed, Xiao Bai. Mosquito won’t bother me sleeping. Remember. Don’t kill for my sake. Darn it. If I could transform into human, I would be able
to help Zi Xuan to dress. Xiao Bai has gained some weight,
but you seem to lose weight. This snake sure has its way, it ignores me. I told you. This snake is intelligent. Your inner heat
is your inner weakness. What is crucial in becoming a deity… is to accept the nothingness. Somehow what you can’t give in… is your competitiveness. I have been cultivating
to become deity with Zi Xuan. But now, I’m no match for him. The deity prowess of you two… are quite the same. It’s just that you’re injured, which got your deity prowess affected. Both of you… are destined to
lead the life of deity. All these years, you guys are like dear brothers… and also rivals. So, I have to ask you… to do me a favor. I used Mirror of Ice… to fortune-tell for Zi Xuan. His Fate of Seven Prowesses… is a curse of loneliness. He is destined… to have no one close to him. But he needs to face
a fate of life and death. If he is able to conquer it, he will become a deity. If not… What will happen
if he can’t conquer it? His body and soul
will go with the wind, and dissolve in the heaven and earth.Longing for love to return
in a cold autumn night.
How long would it take to return?It’s better to be left unsaid.Longing for someone…to spend the rest of the days forever.Who cares about…the glorious future ahead?Not envy about how a
human year is a day for the deity.
Only hate that human
doesn’t live a thousand years.
Cloud and rain remain
and the score is unsettled.
The love is unfulfilled.Love echoes for thousand years.If memory would not fade.There would be nothing to fear
going through dozen of reborn.
Thousand of years
will be worth waiting…
if I can see your smile once again.You are the unstoppable
heartbeat from my previous life.
You are the mark on
my chest in my next life.
Without knowing the end of us,how can I leave you forgotten?Longing for love to return
in a cold autumn night.
How long would it take to return?It’s better to be left unsaid.Longing for someone…to spend the rest of the days forever.Who cares about
the glorious future ahead?
Not envy about how a
human year is a day for the deity.
You are?Only hate that human
doesn’t live a thousand years.
I wonder where you are from? Kindly respect the etiquette. Do not cross the line.If memory would not fade,there would be nothing to fear
going through dozen of reborn.
Thousand of years
will be worth waiting…
if I can see your smile once again.You are the unstoppable
heartbeat from my previous life.
You are the mark on
my chest in my next life.
Without knowing the end of us,how can I leave you forgotten?If memory would not fade,there would be nothing to fear
going through dozen of reborn.
Thousand of years
will be worth waiting…
if I can see your smile once again.You are the unstoppable
heartbeat from my previous life.
You are the mark on
my chest in my next life.
Without knowing the end of us…Zi Xuan, are you afraid of me? You’re a demon. How can you come to Mount Jiuxi? Zi Xuan, I’m Xiao Bai. Don’t you like me
when I’m transformed into human? You are Xiao Bai? I didn’t think that… you’re able to cultivate
and transfrom into human so fast. So, am I a human or a demon? Human or demon, it is up to you. I have hands, and legs now. It’s so convenient to be human. Come and sit. Look at how you walk. You should practice more. I have been a snake for 200 years. I just transformed into
a human not long ago. For sure I can’t learn all of these. You have only been learning from… Sacred Lady of Mount Li
for around 200 years? It must be the Snow Cherry Blossom… and the environment of Mount Jiuxi… that speed up your cultivation. By the way, there is some distance between
Mount Jiuxi and Mount Li. How did you reach here? There was… a Heavenly Peach Festival at
The Empyrean Heaven. I was following my Master, then, I got lost afterward. I heard people say that… Heavenly Peach is the
most delicious thing in the world. We can have it together… if we have one here. After you ate the Heavenly Peach, your deity prowess will rise. Then, you… don’t have to be afraid of
that bad guy anymore. I never know that… snake is so gluttonous. I… I…I’m hungry. I don’t know how to use chopsticks. You were the one who fed me
when I was still a snake. You’re a human now. Naturally, you have to feed yourself. Look here, you just have to hold
the chopsticks this way. This way. Thumb and index finger. Put your middle finger here. Observe it carefully. This way. When it is well held, move your index finger. Here. Delicious. Get up. What now? I’m feeling sleepy. Physical contact is forbidden
between men and women. You can’t sleep here from now on. Why physical contact
is forbidden between men and women? I have just transformed
into a human. Or… It’s better for me to transform
back into my original form. Sacred Lady, you have my greetings. You are cautious at everything. No wonder you are titled
as the number one… of The Empyrean Heaven. I’m flattered. You once ordered that… I shall handle things covertly. So, no one other than us… shall know that I came to visit you. Xiao Bai finally is able to transform
into human with your teaching… on Mount Jiuxi. If she stayed with me, it might take another
thousand years to achieve that. Xiao Bai is born clever, she will able to transform sooner or
later cultivate under your teaching. These… are only coincidences. You must have a lot of doubts… about the little white snake. I don’t dare to conjecture anything. I only heard Xiao Bai said that… she is here… because of
the Heavenly Peach Festival. But you have long rejected to come to
the Heavenly Peach Festival this year. It seems like… you came here on purpose. You don’t wish Xiao Bai
to stay in Mount Li. You’re right. There is magical barrier
around Mount Jiuxi. If it weren’t for you, Xiao Bai couldn’t have the ability
to break the magical barrier. But I just don’t understand… the reason why… you do this. It’s just like you said, Xiao Bai is born clever. But she is still a demon. The path of cultivation of
a demon is difficult. If it falls on a wrong path, it would be hard for
the demon to return. And you… happen to be… the best person to guide her. What’s wrong? Do you wish to chase her away? I dare not. Although I was born with
the Fate of Seven Prowesses, and destined to be alone, I’m always abided to Tao. I never confound right and wrong. I won’t fail you since… I have given you
my promise on this matter. I will help Xiao Bai… to cultivate into deity
as soon as possible. Who are you? Why are you here? I… Yes. Why am I here? I should have been… All demons who… trespass Mount Jiuxi… will have to be killed by sword. I didn’t trespass. I have been staying
here all this time. Nonsense. I know every
single one on Mount Jiuxi. It’s me, I’m Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai? I spent 500 years in total… to cultivate until
I transformed into human. How long have the little
white snake been staying here… to become a human? Your lie is too much. But you still need to
figure it out clearly. -I…
-You are behaving… recklessly now. I will tell Zi Xuan that… that… that you prosecute the honest. Prosecute the honest? You’re indeed not Xiao Bai. You have been following Zi Xuan. Why didn’t you improve at all? Zi Xuan. I didn’t get the chance to
tell you last night that… Xiao Bai has transformed into a human. So, this misunderstanding is caused. Figure thing out clearly
and being reckless? You even said prosecute the honest. It seems like I will need
to teach you to read. To read? Come. Zi Xuan has never taught me to read. Being a human, every outer behaviour… represents the personality of human. You can’t ignore any single detail. Memorize all of these books.Rain on the banks of West Lake.borrowed a paper umbrella,to understand what loneliness is.Simple words, but misses deeply.Life is long,
but the time catching up is short.
A couple of bitter drop of tears.Worry will turn
everything upside down…
just like getting caught
in a severe sickness.
Another life of regret.More tragedies beneath the tower,Mount Jin is coldhearted…and love dies hard.One step on a mossy rock
and the rain grows flowers.
One kiss disrupts
someone’s ordinary life.
Only fear…he has never seen such a sight.Strong liquor down
the mouth is like a droplet…
that dissolves into layers of
bitterness and spiciness.
Only when the heart opens
does armor become light.
Spend a couple lifetimes…Zi Xuan. It’s hard to study like a human. Can I… stop studying? Can I somehow learn something else? Sure you can. Music, chess,
calligraphy, and painting. Which one do you wish to learn? I wish to learn
the one thing you played. I wish to learn that. Alright.One step on a mossy rock
and the rain grows flowers.
One kiss disrupts
someone’s ordinary life.
Only fear…I don’t understand this. You didn’t learn to read. Of course you don’t understand. Can I learn that instead? Sure. I know this.Spend a couple lifetimes…Zi Xuan, how do you think of it? What is that? It’s me. A snake. Do you think it’s pretty? Yes, it is. It is. Then, it means I won. You lost. Since I won, can I turn back into my
original form to rest a bit? I’m really exhausted. Zi Xuan, what are you doing? Why did you freeze me? I’m sleepy, I want to sleep. It isn’t that easy to be a human. How can you face something bigger… if you can’t learn
to do little things like reading? It’s so troublesome to be human. I don’t want to be human anymore. What’s this? It’s in silver white colour.
It’s so cute. If you like it, then I’ll give you as a gift. Great! But remember this. Starting from tomorrow, you have to study hard. Be careful. This sword… is made by me from the
Mysterious Ice of the Mount Jiuxi. From now on, this sword belongs to you. This sword is filled with icy energy, which suits you
very well for practice. Then, I’m able to.. bring it along to travel
in the three realms. Everyone will be jealous… seeing me carrying this around. Zi Xuan, what’s the name of this sword? You can call it… Wan Liu Sword. Wan Liu Sword? I like this name. Evil creature. Do you still not know your wrongs? What wrongs do I have? It seems like, I haven’t changed your character yet. I will not be your ride anymore. No matter how long
you lock me up here, I will not bow my head
against you again. You disappoint me very much. You do not repent… and even stir up a lot of troubles. I guess none of you… know the whereabout
of the Black Water Dragon. Black Water Dragon is
a ferocious beast from Eastern Sea… who has no kindness at all. He gathers
all the fiercely energies in him. He should be restrained
under the deep valley of Eastern Sea. But now, he broke free and… is causing troubles
around the Eastern Sea. Who is brave enough… to set him free? Taotie visited the Eastern Sea. We have no
specific information about that. But the missing of the Water Dragon,
and the chaos around the Eastern Sea, are definitely related to
the chaos of the four seas. Taotie as the son of
the Dragon King of Eastern Sea, he definitely won’t agree with
The Empyrean Heaven… calming the chaos of four seas. But Mount Kunlun has no reason… to not notice Taotie’s behaviours. Taotie is the ride of master. He has always been loyal. Master is trying to protect him. Is White Emperor trying
to cover his wrongdoing? Master was thinking
to give him a chance… due to their
thousand years of relationship. If we knew it earlier, we would have killed
that evil creature. This scourge… would not have happened. Forget it. Whether it’s right or wrong, there will be an
arbitration in the future. Since the Black Water Dragon
is around the Eastern Sea. There’s still chance to make it right. Two of you go and stop it quick. Stop it from harming
the mortal world… and cause great suffering. Let’s not waste time. Ling Chu. The chaos can’t get worse anymore. Time is running out, I’ll go first. Zi Xuan, you go
and get the Demon Prison, then come and assist me. Who are you? Do you know where you are right now? You have a grand and noble appearance. The people from
The Empyrean Heaven… are indeed extraordinary. But it is the
Garden of Heavenly Peach here. You can’t enter it as will even if you
are someone from The Empyrean Heaven. Do you know it? In this case, you are familiar with this place then. You… Don’t tell me that
you are the Queen Mother, the owner of
the Garden of Heavenly Peach? If I were the Queen Mother, what should I do to you… when I caught you red handed… trespassing forbidden place? Please forgive me, Queen Mother. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean to trespass. I just wish to
get one Heavenly Peach. I’m trying to help my friend. My friend needs
one of these Heavenly Peaches. That’s why I’m here
to get it for him.

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  3. …hope i enjoy this one…
    Any suggestion cdrama worth to watch guys??
    Cdrama that you already watching…
    Can i have your list ..

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