Did you know there are seedless
watermelons now? Ji-hoon, I really like you. (Yellow) Hey. I have a question. Okay. Shoot. Why are you here? (Saving) I’m the main photographer
of your band, Yellow.
Did you not know? What? I didn’t know we had our
own band photographer. And who confirmed this position
of yours? (Yellow band, Ji-hoon) Who are they? Hey, I told you about them.
They’re the band, Yellow. Don’t you know
I started following you ever since I first saw you? Just show yourself. Don’t you ever study? What can I do? I like you. Following me won’t get
you any job. Go study. You must study more given your
looks. Or you’ll be in trouble. I thought my heart was going
to stop when you stroke my hair. I was just kidding.
Did I upset you? But seriously.
How could you be so handsome? Do you even belong
to this planet? (Yellow band, Ji-hoon) And you look so hot when you’re
working on your music. I guess you want to be
the hottest guy on Earth. Look at her. She’s not even answering me. Come on, Ji-hoon. I don’t need
anyone to confirm my position. You should have gotten used
to me. It’s been years already. Nice. This one is a good photo. Ji-hoon. Come out and have some
watermelon. I just sliced one. Sure. I heard there are seedless
watermelons now.
Dr. Woo Jang-choon cultivated
them for the first time. Who is Dr. Woo Jang-choon? Considering how my feelings
haven’t changed, I’m hopeless. -I’m serious.
-I saw it on YouTube. Have you heard Wetter’s
recent songs? -That artist is talented.
-Right. -Have you heard the songs?
-They were great. -I knew it.
-I almost forgot. I wrote some songs for our demo. I’ll finish them tonight,
so you can hear them tomorrow. My gosh, we don’t have
much time left. Hey, lower your head
when you spit out the seeds. I thought there was
a mole on my arm. Did you do that on purpose? Hey, we should practice hard.
We don’t have much time.
-I agree.
-We should practice all night. -Let’s start that tomorrow.
-Got it. Let’s clean up. Are they going to give us
a discount for the studio? I called them earlier. Where’s my phone? -Do you want me to call you?
-No, I’ll find it. That’s weird. Who’s going to
do the dishes today? -Whose turn is it?
-Sorry? I’m going to make you do it. -What?
-Just play along. Just order jjajangmyeon.
Don’t order that. -Hey.
-Help me out then. (I’m on the bench
where we had ice cream.) When I saw the texts, an evil
thought crept into my head. I thought about deleting them. -Hey, I found your phone here.
-What? Okay. Come at six tomorrow. When she broke up with you,
you were in so much pain. (Ji-hoon, did you
take an umbrella?) Why are you here?
You should be sleeping. You didn’t take an umbrella
with you. That’s why I’m here. What about the guys?
Did they go home? Tae-min went home, and Dong-woo
is sleeping at your house. Did you see her?
Is that where you went? I didn’t mean to read the texts.
I saw them by chance. Are you going to see her again? That’s my business, not yours. She only texts you
when she’s miserable. She didn’t like that you were
a musician. What did she say? Did she say she misses you?
Does she want to rekindle it? Why does she always do
whatever she wants? Hey. Whom I date is up to me.
I can handle it. Don’t meddle in my business. Are you serious?
You can handle it? You couldn’t say anything when she said what you were
doing was pathetic. I don’t know what to do with you
when you throw a fit like this. But you’re getting on my nerves. I won’t say anything about
taking photos of us and all, but don’t cross the line. You don’t get a pass anymore
because you’re young. Don’t talk about her like that. Let’s get some box meals. -You wanted gimbap, right?
-Yes. Where’s Tae-min? He said he was going to call
when he heads out. What about Soo-a? She was here,
but she left a while ago. She said she’ll be
gone for a while. My gosh, this is delicious. I was right.
The best lunch is ramyeon. Ji-hoon! Take the umbrella! The best lunch is ramyeon. I like gimbap with cheese more. I guess everyone is busy today. But where did Soo-a go? She said she was going to some
kind of a flower expo in Ilsan. She certainly went far just
to see some flowers. She could’ve gone to the
intersection to see the flowers. -Can I have some soup?
-Go ahead. I’ll bring water. Gosh, this is hot. Hey. Ji-hoon. Where are you going? (Everything you do,
they were all yellow) (From “Yellow” by Coldplay)

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