Episode 7: Jagged Little Thrill – Backstage at JAGGED LITTLE PILL with Kathryn Gallagher

Episode 7: Jagged Little Thrill – Backstage at JAGGED LITTLE PILL with Kathryn Gallagher

(rock music) – Hello everybody, it’s
our very last preview, and this is the vlog, and we
got places, and I’m not ready. Welcome to our last preview. Good morning, it’s opening night. It’s opening morning, it’s just now, it’s, now it’s better,
now it’s slightly better, this morning, I’m gonna
just, this week in the vlog, you’re just gonna spend
opening day with me. So I just watched this short film that my brother made about my grandmother, and her last year of her life,
which we didn’t, of course, know was her last year of her life, she only passed away in August, sort of right before
we started rehearsals, and I’m very lucky, though. She got to see “Jagged” in Boston, where she lived and taught
ballet for 50 years, and before that, she was
a professional dancer, she started dancing professionally
at 14, at Radio City, in the ballet company,
and the Diamond Horseshoe. Every time I would complain
about having two shows, she would be like “We used to do four a day.” And I was like “Okay, nevermind.” But she was just the
most extraordinary woman. We were very, we’re very similar people, she loved SVU also, and glittery things, she loved glitter, loved feather, actually, at her funeral, we made these feather pins for everybody
to put in their hair, because my grandmother loved all things fluffy, fuzzy, glittery, I know, it’s really
genetic for me (laughs). She would always remind me,
she was not a normal grandma. But, what’s normal, anyway, you know? But she said this thing in this
short film my brother made, where she was speaking about
dancing and performing, and saying that it’s the
ultimate giving of yourself to the audience, to someone
else, and it just was a really really wonderful
opening night reminder of how lucky I am, we are, to get this story, to be able to tell this story, and to be able to give it to you. So I wanted to say a really
really big thank you, for you. And I just feel extremely
lucky and blessed, and I can’t wait to open this show tonight and to have it officially
out in the world, and, so thank you to Grandma. So thank you, and as my grandma says “Hold hold hold, forever if you have to, “and then the curtain
closes, and you can die.” So, now we just keep holding. So, for those of you who don’t know, opening nights on Broadway are Christmas. I mean, this box alone is legendary. I, it is Christmas in here, I’ve yet to give out any of my gifts, so I have to finish writing those cards, but this is moving and
incredible, and I feel very lucky. Here’s Santa Claus right now. – Ho ho ho. – [Kathryn] Ho ho ho, bitch (laughs). It’s opening night, are you so excited? I’m crying. – Yes.
– [Kathryn] Oh my gosh. – I’m freaking out, mildly freaking out. – [Kathryn] It’s weird
that it’s opening tonight. – It is weird. – [Kathryn] But it’s really cool. – It’s like a party, but a show. – [Kathryn] You look hot. – I’m trying very hard, I’m
also sweating, cause it’s– – [Kathryn] It’s a warm top. – It’s vegan leather. – [Kathryn] Vegan leather for the vegans. – Doesn’t breathe.
– [Kathryn] Like this one. No, mm mm, no it doesn’t. – But thanks. – [Kathryn] You look
hot, babe, you look hot. Happy opening.
– Thank you. Thank you. – Party time, so soon. I almost forgot to show you
what I got the cast as a gift, if you saw the show in
previews, the first couple days, you remember at the first hallway scene. Bella is the editor of the
student poetry journal, and so I got these made, Greenport High, it says 12 five 2019, which is today, and it says a student poetry journal, it’s got a little pill thing, and then I wrote everyone little cards, and then I got the cast
incredible incredible CBD cream, thank you, American Eagle,
for sending this to me for our lovely company, which
is really good for your body, and so I’m very excited
to pass these out now, I’m gonna be like Santa. Okay, it’s the beginning, we’ve just been called to the house. Larbi, welcome back to the vlog. – Shaved for you. – [Kathryn] You look so handsome. (speaker drowned out by background speech) You look so handsome. – Thanks. – [Kathryn] Look at this whole get, oh, Abby, work, we got
a Rockette in the house, I say, holy shit, that’s legit. Oh my gosh, we’ve got
Kelsey, we’ve got Lauren, you can tell who’s gonna
be on stage tonight, and who’s not, because us on stage all look like me right now, not great, and then everybody else looks like a babe. Ready for your vlog? – Hey, what’s up, P way vlog? We’re here at opening night,
super excited about it, captain, how are you feelin’? – So good. I got cut out of the circle. (male laughing) – [Female] Explain what’s
happening, Kathryn. – Oh, it’s the legacy robe, and Dianne’s probably gonna make, say words that make me cry, and then Alanis will make us
cry also, but I’m gonna cry. – [Female] Did you bring tissue? – No, no. (company applauds) – I’m Katie Webber, and
I received the robe for Honeymoon in Vegas. – [Male] Yes. – Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory, and Tina. (company applauds) The tradition of the robe began in 1950, when Bill Bradley, a chorus dancer, in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, asked Florence Baum, a chorus
girl, for her dressing gown. Bill then sent it over
to Arthur Partington, a chorus dancer at the Imperial Theater, where “Call Me Madam”
was opening that night, with a note proclaiming
the robe had been worn by all the Ziegfeld beauties,
and would bless their show. A cabbage rose from one
of Ethel Merman’s gowns was attached to the robe by Arthur, and it was sent on to the opening of the next chorus
musical, “Guys and Dolls.” The Legacy Robe is awarded
to a member of the chorus who has the most Broadway
musical chorus credits. The honored recipient puts on the robe, circles the stage three
times, counter-clockwise, and everyone touches the robe. – [Male] Yeah.
– [Kathryn] Yes. – The recipient, still wearing the robe, then visits all the dressing
rooms, and the show is blessed. (crowd cheers) It is truly my great pleasure
to present the Legacy Robe, for “Jagged Little Pill,” to Heather Lang. (crowd cheers) – [Kathryn] For sure, the shirt sleeves (speaker drowned out by applause) (crowd cheers) – God, this room is blessed, I am blessed, we are blessed, this is a freakin’, all of it is a damn blessin’, baby. I am so lucky to be in this
space with all these humans, I’m out of breath ’cause I
did like 500 run circles, and up and down stairs,
that’s a blessing, too. – [Kathryn] (laughs) I love you so much. – Freakin’ blessed. – [Kathryn] Freakin’ blessed.
– Love you, so much, Kathryn. (audience cheers) (female screams) – Hey. (rock music) – [Male] Wow. (rock music) – Alanis. Thinkin’ of the other
night, you have you, like “Oh my god, Chicago.” So, by the time, ooh, we’re
focusing, there we go. By the time that you guys watch this vlog, we will have just performed
on Good Morning, America. So it is now Saturday, and
we’ve just done the matinee, and we’re going to rehearse
for Good Morning, America, and I hope it turns out
well, you’ll know by now how well this rehearsal went
by how well the show went, so I’m gonna show you a little
bit about what that’s like. Come, follow me, you
have no choice, ha ha. And what’re we doing? – We are having a spacing
rehearsal for our appearance– – [Kathryn] So what’s this blue tape mean? – [Jennifer] Good Morning, America. This is the interior of the
Good Morning, America studio. – [Kathryn] Can’t they just come here? – We’re not “Cats.” – Oh, dammit, I want to be “Cats.” I want to be “Cats” so bad. Hey guys, what did you do today? Are you tired or something? – Just a quick matinee, and now we’re doin’ a lay
flat before rehearsal. – [Kathryn] Is the show
exhausting, or something? – No, no no, no no. – [Kathryn] No? You just, maybe you guys didn’t
get enough sleep last night, that’s why you’re tired, no. (group laughing) – [Female] Stay out of personal space. – Oh, yours is a medium? – [Kathryn] Thank you. – Maybe we can try it.
– [Male] Oh, me? – [Kathryn] Elizabeth. – Yes? – Are you excited to
Good Morning, America? – Good morning, yes. – [Kathryn] Baby, are you
happy that we opened the show? – Yes. – [Kathryn] Are you hungry? – Yes, yes. – So, where at, if any of you have done Good Morning, America
before, by any chance, we’re on the second floor,
we’re not on the ground floor, it’s where the Michael and
Keke, and whatever show happens. – [Female] Keke Palmer? – [Kathryn] Keke Palmer. – Yes, so it’s a multi-sided. ♪ Yeah, yeah, ♪ ♪ You live, you learn,
you love, you learn, ♪ ♪ You cry, you learn,
you lose, you learn, ♪ ♪ You live, you learn,
you swing, you learn, ♪ ♪ I recommend bitin’ off
more than you can chew, ♪ ♪ To anyone, I certainly do, I ♪ – So now, we just finished
Good Morning, America, and me and Jane and Lauren
are in my dressing room, talkin’ ’bout love and stuff, crushes and, they have boyfriends (laughs). – [Lauren] Well, we’re all bisexual. – That’s true. – Bisexual, hey. – We all like ’em all, baby, what’s up? So, you know, that’s pretty much what we’re talkin’ about, and– – We bisexuals must– (group laughs) – And Zhalia. – [Lauren] Yeah,
seriously, we need Zhalia. – This is a pretty queer csat. – It’s a queer-ass cast. – There’s not many straight
people in this cast. – [Lauren] No. – We’ll get ’em. – [Lauren] We’ll get ’em. (group laughs) – Yeah, we’re basically,
you know, that’s it. Talkin’ ’bout, we’re
like, is it girl talk? It’s a– – Girl talk. – So what I’ve learned
from re-watching this vlog, is that it was a very big week, and I just wanna say
thanks and I love you, and come back for the very last episode of Jagged Little Thrill next week, boy. Well, fun times. (Kathryn kisses) (rock music)

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  1. Best vlog series since long. Sorry to say that but the vlog for Hadestown was a complete waste in comparision to the Jagged Little Pill vlog serie. I'm sad that next week is the last episode?.


  3. Broadway vlogs are always so much fun to watch, even for those of us born in the Jurassic Period and who are light years away from their own theatre kid days, minimal as they may have been, but Kathryn has taken the format and elevated it to such a beautiful, transcendent place that it’s extraordinary to watch. She just seems like such a wonderful person with an insightful, genuine soul and a gorgeous, giving heart, and seeing her journey was not only entertaining but moving as well. Thanks to her and Broadway.com for letting us be a part of it all. ❤️

  4. Is it me or is Ira Mont in like every production on broadway as the stage manager. I see him pop up so much during these diaries.

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