-ERROR (English Cover)【Will Stetson】「niki」

-ERROR (English Cover)【Will Stetson】「niki」

Can you see, my wretched tears? Burning in these eyes now clear
All life’s vivid colors are blurring Tell me exactly what you’re leaving behind
I call your name as I fall from life The blue and red and white all are
Blurring with the light and I Shout within this world that is muted
Tell me exactly what you are looking for I chase your shadow, collapsing more
Give me the end these tears have bore Tell me, am I breaking down? All I am is broken now! Even so I want to keep
On breathing, I’m breathing Hey tell me if I just saw you
Like the dreams I have in my solitude My words now can’t even reach you
-ERROR On a distant day, empty
Tender light had shone warmly Flooding all the sky with its color
Tell me exactly what is the choice you made Tears fill my eyes as I lie in wait
The consciousness that floats on by Slowly starts to leave and I
Blur away completely to nothing Tell me exactly what you’re comparing to
It’s sad, but I can’t recall it’s hue When will this life go cold and mute? Tell me, am I still the same? Nothing left of me remains! Even so I want to keep
On breathing, I’m breathing Hey tell me am I just dreaming? Is this time the last we are meeting? My words are silent yet weeping
-ERROR Even if I give away
Even if I lose some day Even if my memories fade
I’d still wish the same I continue restlessly
Kill the error killing me Laughing out so des-per-ate-ly
-ERROR Tell me, am I breaking down? Do you know what’s broken now? Even so the tears I cry
Are hurting, I’m hurting Hey tell me did my words reach you? That last song I sang in my solitude
The colored words that I gave you Are gone and are blurring my eyes are burning
Tell me, am I breaking down? All I am is broken now! Even so I want to keep
On breathing, just breathing Hey tell me if I just saw you
Like the dreams I have in my solitude. My words now can’t even reach you -ERROR

100 thoughts on “-ERROR (English Cover)【Will Stetson】「niki」

  1. First kagepro and Kenshi Yonezu and now THIS? That's it, I'm turning on the bell feature. Love your work Will!

  2. That was fantastic!~
    I never have found English lyrics, that I liked for this song until now.
    I think I would lose it if you did +Reverse as well
    Please keep up the amazing work!~

  3. after scouring youtube for good vocaloid dubs for what feels like years, only now does youtube recomened decide to grace me with this man and his music…

  4. Will covered another famous Nikki song!!!!

    Insert glow eyes meme

  5. and i thought i couldnt love you and your work any more, this (and everything else you cover) is absolutely amazing!

  6. Why is this so good? I just keep replaying it when normally I'm more a shuffle kinda guy.

  7. This is incredibly beautiful. Amazing job!
    Now I’d love to see a cover of Leia from you someday, I think you’d do a great job of that too

  8. Man, I'd love to hear you sing some of Ferry or GHOST's songs, they've got a similar sort of lyric-feel to this (…or Wozworld depending on the song)

  9. An oldie but goodie! This song was part of my childhood and I've yet to hear its English version. Thanks for the wonderful cover!

  10. I'm so so so happy.
    This is my favourite song ever, and your voice is beautiful, so it's a wonderful combo.
    This song has a really deep meaning to me, I listened to this when my best friends started ignoring me, I listened to this when my crush rejected me, I listened to this when everything fell apart, and it gave me the strength to go on. I learnt to accept things, to reject toxic people, that if something goes lost it doesn't always need to return. I learnt to accept myself, to accept people, I learnt that life has more to offer. I learnt to live.
    Sorry, I got carried away haha.
    Thank you for making this.

  11. Nobody:

    WIll Stetson: -ERROR


  12. If I could publish gifs or any photo here, it would've been of the kid crying as he puts the stereo at max volume.


  13. Hey! I have a song request if you could possibly do it.
    It’s called prayer X by king gnu!
    It’s a very beautiful song and I love your voice. Another song would be
    Uso by SID another beautiful song.

  14. holy FUCK this cover gives me life
    this is inhuman?? ??? this is magical this is actually my new favourite thing, i'm going to listen to this for two weeks straight and then cry when my family tells me to listen to something else because this is LIFECHANGING

  15. I was honestly ecstatic to you covered this because your voice is so lovely and expressive!! I really teared up several times listening to this. It’s incredibly meaningful to me, and your voice just amped up how powerful it is. ;w;

    I dunno if you’ll see or respond to this, but I’ve really been wanting to post song covers for about 5 years now. Despite encouragement from friends, I really struggle with going back and forth about if I’ll be “good enough.” Singing and music are what I’m most passionate about, but I really lack the confidence to take the first step. Do you have any advice or words of wisdom??

    Thank you for blessing us with your uploads! Keep up the great work and take care of yourself 💖

  16. Omg i love this so much how did i only just find you? Also do you have any plans for covering "Hitchcock" by Yorushika? You absolutely nailed "Say It" and i feel like you would do great at Hitchcock as well.

  17. hey man your versions of these songs are really inspiring me to make some art pieces, can I upload a speeddrawing video with your version of otome dissection as background music?

  18. I remember this was my favourite Vocaloid song years ago (still is), but wow. This is by far my highest ranking English cover for this. This is amazing!

  19. … Okay i cried a little. There was so much in this voice, this song, these lyrics…
    Thank you, this was awesome.

  20. I have no idea how people consider this to be good. Your voice is weak and out of time. The lyrics are horrible, I laughed so hard at several parts. You don't even understand what the song is about. Please don't do +reverse, and pray to God niki doesn't see this.

  21. Your singing is really emotional and heartbreaking😭
    This epic cover is so underrated! I will listen to this forever, I swear.

  22. I have to be honest, I only listen to usually japanese covers haha. I decided to confess that you're the only one i listen to when it comes to the english cover, cause its so dang good :')

  23. I usually like posting joke comments and rarely post "serious" comments, but oh my God! So much raw emotion, I almost cried! You, my friend, are A M A Z I N G and deserve the world! I felt this song, if that makes sense. If you see this, know that you just gained a subscriber.

  24. I've been going back and forth between 2 UTAU versions of this song, memorized the pitches of the "ERROR" then came here and when I heard it…it doesn't match the high pitch of course but it hits the spot of strength it delivers. Dude you did an amazing job. Congrats

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