EVANGELION 2.22 Theatrical Trailer

EVANGELION 2.22 Theatrical Trailer

Insubordination. Private appropriation of an EVA. Blatant extortion. These are all criminal offenses. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Yes. I don’t want to pilot EVA ever again. And just like this, you’re going to run away from things you hate. And what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with running away from things you hate?! We can’t let this happen. Cut the synchronization down to 28 percent! Wait. But, Ikari, if this continues the pilot will die! You don’t understand anything, Father! I was a fool to believe in you! You should just go and lose someone important to you too, Father! Then you’ll understand! Increase the concentration of the LCL to the limit. I have no time to be dealing with a brat’s tantrums. I still have direct control– Damn it… EVA is a mirror that reflects your heart. There is happiness to be found outside of piloting them. Stop being so arrogant, you fucking favorite! Cleansed of the original sin, it is now a purified world which no man can enter… You’re wrong! There’s no other Ayanami but you! That’s why I will save you!

85 thoughts on “EVANGELION 2.22 Theatrical Trailer

  1. This is awesome!!! O A O I'm fangirling like crazy now!!! Makes me even more excited for the DVD release!!! ♥
    EPIC TRAULER! > u <

  2. oh yeah. it was created in 1995 and 1997. I it's the best anime in my list. And the Rebuild version is practically the same, only angels and the technical stuff was redrawn! it's awesome!!!

  3. @silverglepha1985 Actually after watching the first rebuild film it would be more accurate to say it's the events of the series happening all over again. Plus I heard that they are going to make a new ending for the rebuild films

  4. Wjoever made this really did the epicness of this incredible piece of art justice. Buy it, watch it. (tough please watch at least 1.11 before – or the old series. It's great on its own, but even more emotionally satisfying if you know the old series) It is GREAT. Really great. Watch it, expecially the Shinji/Rei fans amongst you.

  5. @DiscoLeumas The events start differing greatly from the original storyline in the second movie – there's even a (very awesome!) new character.

  6. got this movie in Blu-Ray the day it came it, and have watched it roughly 6 or 7 times since then. LOVE this movie. I just wish I didn't have to wait so long for the next ones. I refuse to watch them on the internet, so I will have to wait for the english version to come out on Blu-Ray.

  7. Evangelion is perfection in so many ways.. but what i love the most is that AMAZING soundtrack. Mr Shiro Sagisu is just a genious

  8. @scary00001 The 90s animation is called Neon Genesis Evangelion. Got it? 1.0 is the first "rebuild" movie. 1.01 and 1.11 are the first movie with more stuff. Following in the same pattern, 2.0 is the second rebuild, where 2.02 and 2.22 just have some extra goodies. There was also a 90s movie called "End of Evangelion". Does that make sense?

  9. @scary00001 That's right. It's because they're meat-heads who want to milk it for all it's worth. I don't know how much the original creator is involved, though. he may or may not be to blame.

  10. @namedonimpulse actually, 1.0 and 2.0 are the theatrical versions, while 1.01 was the DVD version, but they later released 1.11 because 1.01 had lighting problems. The DVD version of 2.0 was 2.22, they skipped 2.02

  11. I watched the series back as a kid and I don't remember that girl with the glasses. Guess I will have to watch all the movies

  12. @Mcfaps shes new to the rebuild series, and she wasnt in the first movie, only in the preview for this movie at the end of the first movie

  13. @ArborVitalis Well, the "Rebuild of Evangelion" series are four films (as now, only two have been released) that are basically a remake of the original TV series and the D&R and TEoE films. In this new series of films, certain aspetcs are changed, for example, the pink dressed pilot is a new character created for the films (her name is Mari btw)

    And yes, 1.0 & 2.0=1.11 and 2.22, the later was just the name it was given for its home release with some extra scenes

  14. @Mounsieur Actually it's not a remake, it hasn't been explained yet but it might be a sequel to the original. It's not official or anything but based on some of the things that happen in the movies and some lines that are said it's possible that this is actually a sequel and the motives behind most of the same stuff happening again will most likely be explained in the next two movies.

  15. I saw it last night.

    It was the manliest film I have ever seen. Every scene oozes manliness.

    Yes, even the romantic scenes with Rei. Manly as fuck.


  16. @hotelmario510
    that's the first time I see someone describing evangelion "manly". Does your statement include Shinji? (I know he was a badass in there, but I just want to know)

  17. This is well done, but it's also really conventional and boring. These movies are a very different animal and I think editing them to look like a traditional epic mecha movie is misleading. The stereotypical boy saves world with giant robot is a cover for the story about self-hatred and existential doubt. It's why Anno's japanese TV spots for End of Evangelion were so visceral and disturbing. It's more about concept than making a "legit" movie trailer.

  18. calculo que ya lo habras descubierto, pero este es un trailer fanmade, para las peliculas nuevas de evangelion (Rebuild of Evangelion) que se desvian bastante de la serie original… pero son geniales igual. de momento hay 2 peliculas (rebuild of evangelion 1.0 y rebuild of evangelion 2.0) y la tercera estrena en en octubre de este año en japon.

  19. I saw my first Neon Genesis Evangelion for the first time, (NG) Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone, and i absolutely love it, and i cannot wait to see this one

  20. Just watched the movie it was the best I've never seen greater will for someone in any other anime I've ever watch. Truly amazing its a must watch.

  21. I love the eva rebuild series, 2.22 gave me the same feel and goosebumps just when I watched gundam unicorn. Amazing trailer!!!

  22. I turned the music off and played the last bit to heartache to this, i can send you the snippet i played so you can try it

  23. LPM llevo un año buscando el segundo tema musical utilizado en este trailler y no lo encuentro por favor si alguien sabe que me responda

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