Fame Isn’t Everything – “Watch Phoenix Rise” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

Fame Isn’t Everything – “Watch Phoenix Rise” – Full Free Maverick Movie!!

(pop R&B music) ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ Growing up I never had much ♪ That didn’t stop me
from chasin’ dreams ♪ In my mind I always
knew that I could fly ♪ There will always be someone
around to bring you down ♪ And something in your way ♪ Just focus and one day
you’ll find your wings ♪ You must reach high
and touch the sky ♪ Stand tall let
the world the know ♪ That you can have it all ♪ The only thing stopping you ♪ Is you ♪ Work hard and do
what you got to do ♪ It doesn’t matter
where I come from ♪ Or what other people do to me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ It doesn’t matter
what I’ve been through ♪ There are people
who believe in me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise – [Voiceover] My name is Pheonix and for as long as
I can remember I had a best friend named Angel. I guess I should start
from the beginning. Angel and I both grew
up in the flatlands of Oakland, California. We didn’t grow up in the
projects or anything like that, but we damn sure
were in the hood. My mother passed away
when I was real young so I lived with my grandmother
and my cousin Sasha. Angel lived next
door with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. I had to protect her
from the older boys in the neighborhood,
they were always trying to talk to
her and touch on her. Where we grew up,
girls weren’t allowed to be all girly. We used to steal
from the corner store and be just as
aggressive as the boys. Angel’s mom and her
boyfriend were always fighting when we got home. She used to say it
was time for round one when his 40-ounce
bottle was empty, so Angel and I spend
a lot of time together at my grandmother’s house. Since I was named Phoenix
and her name was Angel we kind of figured we
could fly out the ghetto with our wings. So we made up a poem that we
could recite to ourselves. – [Both] No matter how
bad, or how hard the times, I will have faith
in what’s right and the power of my mind. Work hard and success
will come in due time. These are my wings and
with those I will rise. (sighs) – I wish I didn’t have to take this stupid algebra
test tomorrow. – That’s why we’re studying now. Hope after I go tell Keisha to leave me alone
in English class. – Are Keisha Big Behind
messin’ with you? Man she a punk. Want me to come to
your class and hit her on her belly? – No, I’ll just avoid her. – It’s just like out
her in the streets when we see some
dope fiend or some shady-looking dude, you
know, carry yourself like you ain’t no punk. So next time she say
something to you, you gotta get your mean mug on and tell her kick rocks. Deep East on mine, brah. – Watch your mouth, young lady. I don’t wanna hear none of
that street talk in my house. – Sorry, Grandma. – Alright, Grandma, the
baby’s in the crib, I’m out. – Hold on, Miss Thang. I’ve already had my
babies, that little boy is your responsibility. – Grandma, stop
trippin’, I’m ‘a be back when I get back, kay? – You… – Okay? – I swear, that girl’s
gonna be the death of me. Onto the streets and bein’ fast. So, what are you girls doin’? – Oh, we’re studying
for a math test. – That’s my girls,
Phoenix and Angel. I can’t wait ’til you
both fly out of here and make your mark on the world. – We’re gonna take
you with us, Grandma. – Yeah, who else is gonna
make us banana pudding? – [Grandma] Oh, that reminds me. I got food cookin’. – Is your cousin
droppin’ out of school? I haven’t seen her
in like a month. – She hang out with
those grown men, like those dudes that
be sellin’ crack, but don’t tell
anybody or Grandma. She took one of those
at-home pregnancy tests. – But she just had a baby. – [Grandma] Phoenix!
(Angel gasps) What did I tell you about
leavin’ the milk out? Baby, what’s wrong? – You startled her. – [Grandma] Girl, hush. What’s that on your arms? Where did these
bruises come from? Angel, is somebody hurtin’ you? I swear, it’s bad enough
he does it to you– – [Phoenix] Grandma, don’t trip. But, can Angel spend the night? – Of course she can. I’ll let you two get
back to studying. (church bells ringing) – Hey, ugly girl. Where my Nelly CD? – Boy who’s you callin’ ugly? I’m prettier than anybody
in your whole family. (laughs) – Somebody lied to you,
you ain’t half as pretty as your light-skinned partner. – Yeah, whatever,
that’s why you’re not getting your CD back. You don’t need it
anyway, your granny don’t let you listen to rap. – Man, my granny don’t run me. I’m only 12 and I’m
out here gettin’ money. My cousin be on the spot
every day after school. – Boy, you stupid. You gonna end up in juvie. You a church boy, you need
to be in choir practice. – Man, I need to get my skrill. Watch in a few months,
I’m gonna come through with some hella clean, bump it. Yeah. And I’m ‘a park right in
front of your grandma house and pick up your
hoochie-ass cousin. – First it’s my best
friend, now it’s my cousin? Make up your mind, dummy. – I’m a pimp, I can
have both of them. And next time I see you you
better have my CD, punk. – Shut up before I talk
to your granny, buster. (screaming) – Woman, have you
lost your damn mind? How you gonna tell me
I can’t have no money? I want me a drink,
get me a drink! Gimme this. – [Woman] Here,
take it, take it! Just leave us alone! – Stop, you can do
that to my mother. No, stop! – You little slut, How y’all nothin. – Get off her! – You worthless. – No! – Just like your– (smashes) (panting) Hah, you see that there? You see that? That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I’m gonna have to teach
your homegirl a lesson, too. – Come one step further and I will blow your
woman-beating ass off the face of
God’s great earth. – It’s like that? You and your granddaughter,
get the Hell out of my damn house. This ain’t none of
your business, no way. – It’s my business now. So look here, young blood,
I already called the police. So you can leave now
before they here, or test me at my word. (panting) – [Voiceover] Angel
and her mother stayed with us that night. By the time I got home
from school the next day they were gone. My grandmother told
me they had to leave for their safety, and that
was the last time it came up. I did it. I graduated high
school, I got accepted into UCLA and I wasn’t pregnant. That’s really an accomplishment
where I come from But then the reality
of poverty hit and my grandmother told
me that we couldn’t afford the tuition. I thought I was too
pretty to get a job, I wanted to be a model and
get in some music videos, and maybe marry a
basketball player. My cousin, Sasha, had
already been featured in some local videos,
and I begged her to help me get in one. – Girl, I can’t waste it
and do my makeup in here. I ain’t never been in
a music video before, and you know I’m gonna
show it to all my hair. – Girl, I can’t wait to
see who the artist is. You know I never met a
famous rapper before. – Mm-mm, I don’t care who it is, once they see me move,
they gonna make me wifey. – Sit your fast ass down. (lauging) And save some of that
energy for tonight. (laughing) – Alright. Dang, it’s about time,
Sasha, can we get this meeting started already? – Oo, don’t worry
about me honey. The meeting will
start when I start it. So, Phoenix, look. We want you to do this
video with us tonight. – For real? Oh my God. Who the artist? Too Short or E-40? – Uh-uh, girl, this a new
video for Tony Macaroni and XXL New Joint. Yeah, all be comin’ Trap Spot. (rapping, hip hop beat) – Tony, Tony, XXL, that
what good right there. Assistant! Eh, let’s take a break
while we light up the next shot. Hey you, go get your
makeup touched up and come back for
some close-ups. – Oh, hi, the director wants
me to get my makeup touched up. Can you do it for me? – Uh-huh. Have a seat. I meant to tell you,
you got some nice hair. You didn’t ask but my
name is Eileen Fonteneaux. I was raised in the
country but I got all my guys in the city. You know how they say
keep it one hundred? Well I keep it like
a hundred thousand. (laughs) All day, every day. – You’re a trip. How long you been doing makeup? – Mm, I’ve been doing
makeup for my mom and my aunties since I could
hold a mirror straight. Then I started doin’ hair,
eyebrows, nails, toes, I have a whole outfit
if you need it. – Dang, what don’t you do? – Girl if there’s
something I can’t do I haven’t found it yet. You should come down to my shop. – Oh yeah. – I have purses,
weave, girl, whatever, it’s down on McAurthur like
when you’re going towards the San Diego border,
I’ll give you a card. – [Sasha] What’s up, Eileen? – Hey, girl. – I need to come
by the hair shop and change my hair
color next week. – It’s good, just
let me know, okay. – You know this my
little cousin, right? – Oh, this one? Here I am thinkin’
you’re a good girl. – I am a good girl. – Not if you hang out with
this one and her crew. – Now don’t hate. Look, Phoenix. I need you to get
your mind right, ’cause I got Boss Beat coming
over here to talk to you. (mumbles) – Who? – Boss Beat, girl he a dope
dealer slash rap label owner. I worked on a few of his videos. He a cool dude. As long as he get what he wants. You get what I’m sayin’? – [Boss] Sasha tellin’ me to
come on home, what’s good? Eileen, Eileen, girl you
know you too caked up to be doin’ this. – What’s up, Boss. I’m gonna go get
my other brushes. – Yeah, who you is? – Oh, hi I’m Phoenix. – Yeah I’m Boss Beat, you
already know what it is. Yeah, I like the way you
was lookin’ out there. – Oh really? Thank you, you know I tried. You see it’s my
first video shoot. I’m just thankful
for the opportunity. – Okay well check this out, man, I got this new rap
group, the Turf Gods, and they got this new single
called Blist and Blop. They’re shooting
a video next week, and I’m gonna try to get
you in to feature, yeah. Yeah, you seen
that black Hummer? That’s all me. Meet me in the back
in five minutes, we’ll see if you
can drive it low. – Meet you in the
back in your car? – Yeah. Get them panties off,
that ain’t the axle. – Sasha, Sasha! Come here, hurry up! – [Sasha] What girl? – Girl, Boss Beat just told
me to meet him the back of his Hummer with
no drawers on! – Damn, girl. – [Phoenix] I know, right! – Your first day on the job
and you hooked the big one. Mm, you make me proud. Here, take this. And tell him it
cost five hundred. Just bring me back
150 and we straight. – Damn – Phoenix. Where you goin’? (hip hop music) – [Grandma] Hey
baby, what you doin’? – Nothin’, watchin’
music videos. – [Grandma] Mm-hm, and
eatin’ all my nuts I see. – Sorry, Grandma. – What song is this? – Oh, this that new
video by Young Ludva Ludva, ah ah. You ain’t heard
this on the radio? This is my jam. – It sound kinda nasty. Who’s that girl right there? She looks kind of famliar. – [Phoenix] Oh her? That’s my hero. Her name is Essence. She been in all
the biggest videos. Trayson, Luda, Jay-Z, Kanye, and she from Oakland,
alright, I’m saying. – Hm, I know that girl. And her name ain’t no Essence. That’s Aisha Stevens. I used to babysit
her all the time. Her mother was a member
of the church for a while. – Granny, you lyin’, oh my… You gotta hook it up
so I can meet her! Oh my God, she can introduce
me to all the rappers, the ball players, the
actors, she know everybody! Oh, she even in this
month of Kiss Magazine. Look, see, they
got pictures of her hosting this party in LA. – Huh, looks like little
Aisha’s doin’ good for herself. Huh. What happened to
you and your cousin bein’ in music videos? (sighs) – I don’t even
wanna talk about it. I’m not even talkin’ to Sasha
or any of her ugly partners. – I’m not even gettin’
the middle of that. You’re grown, and she’s
grown with two kids. But whatever she’s doin’
is payin’ the bills. She came in here the other
day, gave me some money, and brought some
outfits for the boys. – Good for her. – Well yes it is good. It’s always good to
bring home some money. The water, lights,
food, clothes, ain’t none of that free. – Are you tryin’ to
tell me something? – Yes, baby, I love you, but since you’re
not goin’ to school, you need to get a job. – Granny, don’t
you watch the news? We in a recession. There ain’t no jobs out there. – Phoenix, quit
bein’ all dramatic. Now there’s a man at the church, a nice brother named Marcus. He’s got his own business
and he needs a receptionist. he left his information
in the church bulletin. Let me go find it. – Grandma, wait. You don’t gotta go do that. I don’t even know this
man, and I don’t know anything about being
a receptionist. – Hah, as much as you run
your mouth on the phone and be on that computer,
you’ll pick it up. Now I’m gonna go find his
information, and you’re gonna call him for an interview. – So you’re really
gonna sit there and act like you don’t see me? – Sasha, I don’t have
anything to say to you. – Whatever, Phoenix,
you’re my little cousin. You can’t ignore me forever. I practically raised you, okay? – No, Granny raised me, boo. – Really? So did Granny walk you
to school every day? Mm-hmm. Where was Granny when
them girls was tryin’ to jump you back in
junior high school? Or when you wanted
your first weave? – Look, Sasha, we were
both young then, okay? But we grown now,
and I ain’t about to get down with what you do. – So what you mean by that? You can’t get down
with gettin’ money? Check this out. I had my first
baby when I was 14. So I didn’t have the luxury
of gettin’ an education. I ain’t got no momma just
like you ain’t got no momma. So I had to figure it
out on my own, Phoenix. Shoot, Granny had
people at the church givin’ my baby clothes and food. Do you know how
embarrassin’ that is? When I had the second
baby, I promised myself I wasn’t gonna take another
handout no matter what I had to do. So at 17 I went over
to San Francisco, and start shakin’ my
ass at the strip club. Yeah, do you really think
I enjoy shakin’ my ass for dirty old men? Hell naw. But my babies got new
Jordans on they feet and they ain’t never
gonna go hungry. – Okay, I understand
all that, Sasha, but I don’t want to
go down that road. I have a dream, okay? I want to be something. – So what you sayin’? I ain’t nothin’? You know what, honey? I used to have dreams,
too, and then guess what? I woke up in the real world
where both of my baby daddies left me at. I woke up in the real
world where I was a pretty black girl
with a nice body and no education. So that only left me
with a couple of options. I don’t know why
I’m talkin’ to you. Your silly ass still
living in the world of lollipops and ponytails. You might look down on
me and my friends, honey, but guess what? I go to sleep just
fine every night. And when I wake
up in the mornin’ and look in the mirror,
I know I’m the shit. I got hella money in
my pocket and more men callin’ me to put
some more in it. So fuck you, Phoenix, and the
high horse you rode in on. – You know what? I ain’t scared of you. – So what? You don’t need to be. – What I told you about
using that type of language in my house? – Sorry, Grandma. – Phoenix, what happened? – Nothing, it’s okay, Grandma, just give me the number,
I’ll give him a call. – Are you busy or
do you have time for this interview? – Oh, oh my bad,
what’s good, brah? My name’s Phoenix. – Marcus Ram. Come on in my office. In the future, if you
ever get another interview with a prospective employer,
never refer to him as “brah,” and never chew gum. – Oh. I’m sorry. This is my first job interview. I guess I’m kind of nervous. – That’s understandable. So does that mean you have
no previous job experience whatsoever? – Oh, yeah, I used to, you know, charge girls to braid
they hair all the time. But I guess that’s… – So do you know Excel? – [Phoenix] Ex-who? – The computer program, Excel. Never mind. Do you have any
computer experience? – Oh, yeah, I’m
online all the time. Twitter, Facebook,
Skype, I do it all. (laughs) – Can you answer
phones and make coffee? – Oh yeah for sho’ I can
do that all day, too. I can’t make coffee
though, but I can run down to Starbucks and get you some. – Did you really just say “for
sho’ I can do that all day”? – Okay, sir, look. I know I’m coming off
a little immature, and maybe a little
inexperienced, but I promise you
I’m a hard worker, and whatever you
need me to learn, I can pick it up really quick. I just really want a
opportunity to learn something from such a
professional, handsome, well-groomed fella
like yourself. – Well thank you,
but I’m very aware of your potential, you don’t
have to sell it so hard. Listen, if you want
the job, just come in Monday at 8 a.m. – That’s kinda early, but okay. I can do it. I’ll be there. Um, can I ask you a question? – Sure. – Uh, what kind of
business is this anyway? – I am the owner and CEO of
Modern Marketing Solutions. I advise and create
marketing materials for high-end tech companies. Anything from brochures,
training DVDs, commercials. With all that said, Phoenix,
when you come into work on Monday, I expect your
dress and your speech to exude professionalism. Here, fill out these forms and bring them back to
me on Monday at 8 a.m. – [Phoenix] Oh my God,
thank you so much, Mr. Ram I promise I will
not let you down. I’m gonna be the best
receptionist you have ever had. – We’ll see, we’ll see. – Eight o’clock. Take care. (pop R&B music) – Where you goin’, P.? – [Phoenix] Off to go get
my hair did at this shop in the hunnys. This your car? Give me a ride. – Now this is a lot car. Stole this G-thang
like three weeks ago. Me, I be just smashin’ it. – Ooh, uh-uh, never mind. I’m better off on the bus. – Why you gettin’
your hair done anyway? You goin’ out this weekend? You’s crankin’ or somethin’? – No, I got this new
job and I’m tryin’ to look professional, you know. – Ah, I just seen you
on that video online on World Star, thought
you was gonna be the next video vixen. ‘Sup with that? – You did? How was hair, did
you like my outfit? How many times did you see me? Was I looking fly? Tell me, tell me, tell me. – Hella conceited. – [Phoenix] Dante. – My name Tay. – Boy, please. I’m the one who
gave you that name in the fifth grade, when we
said we was gonna be rappers. So don’t play with
me like that, Dante. It is nice to see
myself in a picture, in some videos and
then maybe a magazine and some movies. – Slow down, Beyonce. – Quit hatin’,
anything’s possible. – [Dante] That’s true. But, I’m about to dip. – Okay. – See you girl. – Dante. Now you know you
ain’t got no business ridin’ around in
this car with those dummy friends of yours. You already got one
case, is you tryin’ to catch another one? – Don’t worry about
me, supermodel. I’m good. – [Phoenix] There
really were no words that needed to be said. I mean, I ain’t
that old, but I know when a man is feeling me, right? It’s all in the way
that he looks at you, and look at me, can
you blame the brother? – Girl, don’t step on the stage and do too much, okay? – [Eileen] Didn’t I
say she was a mess? – I see. – Don’t be mad ’cause I’m a
five-star checkin’ y’all self. – I’m gonna bust
you upside the head if you keep talkin’. Keep it to your
own, girl, you cute. You got that little model shape. If I was your age I would model. You know, I thought you
said you had direction. No one can work on
modelling on the side. – Mm-mm. I tried that modelling thing. I’m cool. – Oh, quit tellin’
stories in my shop. That’s right, what
you did was appear in a little local video,
you took a couple of picture with a shady photographer,
you saw the ugly side and then you quit. If you’re talkin’
about really modelling, like gettin’ a
portfolio together. A resume. Gettin’ your face out there. I mean, the world is bigger
than the Bay Area, boo. Now that you got
yourself a little job you can get the stuff
you need, stack up your chips on the side. You know I got stuff in the shop you can borrow all
day, shoes and purse for yourself. – So if I do decide to take
this modelling thang seriously, does that mean you can be my
own personal hair stylist? And you know I’m gonna need
you to do my makeup, too. – If I see you really
takin’ it seriously, you not just on
Facebook tryin’ to be one of these little
bathroom in the mirror picture modelling,
then we can talk. – [Phoenix] Oh no she didn’t! (laughs) – Oh yes, she did. – I’ll get started
on a new logo, I’ll send you a rough draft, you can give your input
and we can go from there. – Cool, cool, now
you know this is the Raider nation, man, so
it’s got to be intimidating. – [Marcus] I know, I got you. I got you. – Marcus Ram. – [Marcus] Good to
meet you, brother, good to see you. Take care. Phoenix. Aren’t you supposed
to be off by now? – Yeah, I know, but I really
needed to ask you something. – What’s up? – Well, I know I’ve only been
working here for two weeks, but I really need the day off. – When? – Wednesday. – Today is only Monday. – I know, but there’s
this photographer in LA and he really wants
to work with me, and he’s really, really good, and I think this would be
great for my modelling career. It’s only one day, and I
would really appreciate it if you can give me the day off. – Phoenix, I think we
need to have a talk. Have a seat over there. First of all, as your employer, I’m very disappointed in the
tone of this conversation. I mean, the way you
ask for a day off, touchin’ on my face? – Oh my God, I’m
sorry, I just… I just thought that
well, you know. – No, I don’t know. – I thought that you liked me. – Listen, if I said or done
anything to lead you on, I apologize. – [Phoenix] But,
you gave me this job and I know I’m
smart, but come on, me and you both know
I’m under-qualified. And what about the way
that you look at me? – How do I look at you? – Like how most men look at me. With desire in their eyes. – [Marcus] That’s not the
look that I’m giving you. – Well what kind
of look is it then? – It’s just a trip
seeing you all grown up. – Huh? – Your grandmother. She used to babysit
me when I was younger, and at the time you
were a little baby. I used to help her feed you
and change your diapers. – Yeah, well, I
didn’t know that. I just feel so stupid. Ugh, I just, I just
feel so stupid. – Look, don’t feel stupid. Just know that just
because a man looks at you and shows you some
attention, doesn’t mean that he desires you. And it doesn’t give
you the license to try to play
him based on that. Oh yeah, don’t think
I didn’t peek in. – Hold on, I’m not
tryin’ to play you. I just wanted the day off. – Well go ahead,
take the day off. Good luck with the photographer, and if modelling is the career
that you choose to take, just let me know if you need
anything I can do to help. – Thank you, Marcus. I will take you
up on that offer. Did you used to know my mom? – Yes, I did. She was a beautiful
person, inside and out. You remind me of her a lot. – Wow. Thank you. That, that really
means a lot to me. Thanks for everything,
I’ll see you tomorrow. – See you tomorrow. – Bye. – [Dante] What’s wrong with you? Your granny finally told
you you’re retarded? (laughs) – Heh heh heh heh. I’m not in the mood. – What’s wrong? You trippin’. – Well, I got this
photo shoot lined up with this photographer,
and I thought my granny was gonna let me
borrow the money for my flight, but she’s
talkin’ about she don’t got it and I called all
my little boy toys, and asked them for
it, but they acting like I gotta give them
something in return for it. – Well, why you askin’
people for money, anyway? Don’t you got a job? – Well I spent my little
pay check on outfits for the photoshoot. – If that’s the case,
how much is the tickets? – Well, I just checked
online and roundtrip gonna hit me for like 150. I don’t got that kind of money. – Take it. – Oh my God, Dante,
thank you so much! I promise, as soon as I
get my paycheck next week I’m ‘a pay you back. – I want my money back, too. I’m not one of them sucker
tricks you be dealin’ with. – I promise, Dante, as soon
as I get my paycheck next week I’ll pay you back. – Mm-hm. – What you doin’ with
all this money anyway? – Shh. That’s my 60 stash. – Your what? – I’m stackin’ me
some loot on the side so I can throw some
26s on the wheel. (laughs) Gonna be standing out here
and you put me in the truck. – Oh, boy, you
know you don’t need no big old rims. – No, we all can’t be on the
cover of magazines, supermodel. (laughs) Some of us gotta shine a
different way, you feel me? – Well, I’m ‘a go in
the house and purchase the tickets for my flight. Thanks again, Dante. (plane soaring) – I know all the editors for
the hottest urban magazines. I play it smooth,
I love your look. So what we’re gonna do
today is some glamour shots. I got this killer dress
from LA’s top designer. – Oh, that’s what’s up. I’ve always loved high fashion, so what else are we doing? – I figure we go to
the Santa Monica pier, you know, get you in the beach, swim suit, do some nudes, then we head back here. – Hold on, did you say nudes? I ain’t gettin’ undressed for
you, I don’t even know you. You know what? Oh, hell no. You must have me
confused with somebody’s stripper or whore but I
ain’t either one, okay? – Hold on, baby,
this the big time. This is LA. Now if you’re really
serious about being a professional model, you
can’t be self-conscious about your body, baby. Plus you ain’t
got nothin’ to you I ain’t see before. – You know what? I ain’t nowhere near
self-conscious about my body. Like I said, I don’t know
you and I don’t trust you well enough to be having
naked pictures of me! – [Woman] Work hard and
success will come in due time – [Both women] These are my
wings and with those I will rise – Oh my god! You look so good! How’ve you been! Angel! – What are you doing here? – I know! – How’s your grandma,
your cousins? – So cool, oh they good. Yo I was just out here
tryin’ to get my little modelling career
started and stuff, and this so-called photographer had me come up in here
and take some pictures, but anyway, that doesn’t matter. What are you doing here? Do you live out here now? – Girl, yes. Me and my mom lived
out here ever since we left Oakland. – Really? – Well since you two
guys know each other, let’s turn the game
up a little bit. Let’s do something to get
both of you guys noticed. Matter of fact, I call
my body paint guy, get a couple bottles of Moscato, and really get a party. – Mm-hm. I see you’re still
tryin’ to get girls out to the pier to get
’em naked huh, Trevor? – Wait, Trevor? I though his name was TR. – Girl, if you was tryin’
to impress hot models, would you tell ’em
your name was Trevor? (laughs) I don’t think so. – I probably wouldn’t. – Ha ha, I’m glad to be a
source of amusement for you two, but I’m a professional that’s
been published worldwide. You two ain’t nothin’
but a bunch ‘a wannabes. Get out my studio, I got
real models to work with. – Oh somebody’s butt hurt. – TR, come on,
don’t be like that. Don’t I make sure
you got a VIP table every time we go to the club? – Yeah. – Okay, and didn’t I hook you up with them three blond
chicks the other night? – Yeah, you did. – Okay, alright, so just
make sure that you know that this is my best
friend, Phoenix, okay? She’s off limits. – Anything for you, baby. But what brings you by? – Actually I just came
to get some pictures from that music
awards after party. – Okay. – So can you run and get
those for me real quick? I’m gonna go catch
up with my girl. – Okay. – Deuces. – Deuces, Trevor. (Angel laughs) Man, I missed you so
much when you left. – Girl, me too. I cried myself to sleep every
night after we left Oakland. We stayed in some safe
house for a couple months and then we transferred
to some housing out in Fresno, and I went
to that old high school, graduated, and then
moved here to LA. – Woah, I’m surprised
you ain’t at Cal Berkeley or Stanford or something. You were always so smart. – Thanks, yeah I
got accepted into a bunch of colleges,
but you know my mom’s just workin’ at
Denny’s at the time, so we couldn’t afford all that. My dad wanted to
help, but you know I still hate that dude. I just been bartending
and waiting tables, working at a club part
time, I just been really trying to work on my
“modelling” career. I tried to go to these
agencies to talk to them about runway modelling,
and they tell me, oh, you’re too thick, or
you’re too ethnic looking. So, I just been trying
to like urban print work and maybe a few music videos,
but don’t get it twisted. ‘Cause I’m not tryin’ to be
no Karen Stephans part two video vixen, you know,
chick, and all that. – You don’t even have
to explain yourself. I already know what
you talkin’ about. Man, I can’t wait to tell
you what my cousins and them tried to have me do, ugh. But it sounds like
me and you are trying to do the same thing. But they ain’t gonna play
us like we’s some suckas, ’cause me and you
together, man we could have this industry on
lock, believe that. – Yeah, sounds good. But, I mean, the odds
really aren’t in our favor. Okay, we don’t got a manager,
we’re not with an agent, we’re literally at the
bottom of the totem pole. – Well, if we’re at the
bottom, then we just need to do what we’ve always
planned to do. Rise. – [Voiceover] Angel
wanted to devote all her time to our
dream, so she decided to move back to Oakland
and we didn’t waste any time putting
our team together. Marcus and Eileen were
true to their word. We came together and
formed It Factor Models. – [Woman] Hey ladies,
you must be Angel and Phoenix from It Factor. You look so much better
than your pictures. I think so, I
remember what sizes you guys wear, so I hand-picked
a few things for you, and I wanna get you two into
the first scene of the day. – I like her already. – Action. ♪ Girl, you got it, you got it ♪ Don’t ever let them take it ♪ You the baddest
and I’m watchin ♪ I see I gotta be patient ♪ I need it and I want it – I need more energy, ladies. Give me a little
bit more energy. ♪ Give it to me ♪ Just do it like the songs says ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me (Man giving directives) ♪ Do it like the song says ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me ♪ Do it like the songs says ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me ♪ Do it like the songs say ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me ♪ Do it like the song say ♪ She gotta be at least a
nine for me to f- with her ♪ She get the job done so
you know she go to work ♪ Mommy’s so bad, she
know that we don’t – Yeah, that’s
nice, so like, TI, like you’re the greatest
rapper of all time. ♪ I’m losing my mind, she
got me goin’ berserk – Yeah keep goin’, keep goin’. ♪ See I’m known to flirt ♪ First to have class,
but I’m not a nerd ♪ Shrimp said it, boys,
so you gotta do it first – [Man] Let’s cut,
let’s cut that, nice. Good job, good job. Action. That’s nice. ♪ Girl, you got it, you got it, ♪ Don’t ever let ’em take it ♪ You the baddest
and I want you – Keep goin, keep
goin’, keep goin’. ♪ I see I gotta be patient – Dance, don’t stop,
we’re making a video here. ♪ I need it and I want it,
give it to me not the wrong way ♪ Just do it like the song say ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me – I like the girl
from the first shot. She is beautiful, who is that? – That’s Phoenix. ♪ Give it to me,
give, give it to me ♪ Do it like the song say – Yeah, yeah. Keep doin’ your thang, girl. ♪ Do it like the song say ♪ She gotta be at least
nine for me to f- with her ♪ She get the job done so
you know she go to work – You know what, y’all
two are not workin’. Move, move, hurry up. Get that, get that,
beat it girls. ♪ Losin’ my mind,
got be goin’ berserk ♪ This shirt’s sticky, baby,
see I’m known to flirt (girls laughing) – Hey, hey, hey,
how all you doin’. That was a killin’ over there. Y’all want some of this? – [Angel] Oh, no, no thank you we don’t drink
while we’re working. – Hey, how you doin’? You look like you could
be my next baby momma. – Oh, get in there, girls. – Better make off the other way. – Excuse you? – And I should beat
your ass right now for stepping on my toes. – Oh, no, I’m about to beat
the tracks of this one. You don’t know me. – No, no, no, no. We’re here on business. This is not the club. – And this hottie over
here better get out my way before she catches
this ass-whooping. – [Phoenix] What did you… – Oh did she just
put her hands on me? – [Phoenix] Yes, she did
put her hands on you. (girls shouting and arguing) – [Woman] Keep it movin’. (girls murmuring) – Oh what! Nice shoes. – Oh, okay. – Hold up, hold up, I’m not
tryin’ to harass you but, uh… – I ain’t tryin’ to harass you. I just love messin’ with drunks. (laughs) – That’s cute, but, uh,
I liked how you handled that situation back there, too. – Thank you. – Uh, you don’t work
for that director, so who are you? – Eileen. Eileen Fonteneaux,
It Factor Models. – Yeah, that’s good. In fact, wait, wait. I got a boy Marcus that’s
been pumpin’ up It Factor for the last couple weeks. – Mm-hm, that’s Marcus Ram,
he’s my business partner. And you just met our
two young starlets, Phoenix and Angel. – Yeah, they got attitudes. Nix that, I don’t like that. But they cute, okay. But you cute, girl what you… – How can I help you? – Oh, well, uh, It Factor,
yeah I see them being like next it girls, you get it like It Factor, we put
it all together. Put it in a pot, stir it
up, I mean we could do that. (laughs) – I know you’re a
really nice guy and all, but we’re a serious agency
and I ain’t got time for all this, man, so… – Wait, wait, wait,
wait, okay, I’m sorry. Look look, I’m Lloyd Loyal. You know I’m probably not making a good first impression
at you, but take my card, see I’m Lloyd Loyal with a… Loyal Publicity. Okay. 323 get seen. You like that? That’s catchy, huh? I came up with that. – Alright, well, I can
put a private investigator on retainer, so I’m
a check you out. – Check me out, okay? – Okay. – Alright. Thank you. – Nice to meet you. – Alright. – Don’t worry. – Checkin’ you out
right now, girl. (laughs) Yeah. How y’all doin’, do I know you? – Girl, I almost gave that girl a country ass-whoopin’. I almost pulled my shoe off. (laughs) Overall we had a good day. I mean the director apparently
liked y’all a whole bunch. So, it’s a good start, y’all. – [Angel] That because of
Phoenix’s superstar performance! – No, no, no, I did
have a little help. (girls laugh) – This is unacceptable. We agreed that you
would pay me 200 dollars to help you shoot this video and now you handin’
me 50 dollars? – Shana, Shana, look. The video went
over budget, okay? I’m sorry. But I mean, on the real,
what do you do anyway? – Well first of all,
I casted the video, dealt with the label,
damn near hand-picked the wardrobe,
found the location, hired the crew, and
all you did was show up and flirt with the models. – You know what, see
that’s another thing. I thought I made it real clear that in order to be a
feature, the features had to be… Extra nice to the director. – It’s not my fault
you ain’t got no game. – Look, keep your
voice down, alright? – [Shana] What? – [Man] Be professional. – [Shana] You
worried about someone finding out how
shady you are, huh? Did you forget? I did the budget for
the video, dummy. I know they paid you
7500 to shoot the video, and I only spent 4500,
so where is the rest? – It’s in my pocket, okay? Look, I’m tryin’
help you get on. I’m tryin’ to do you a favor. You ain’t even actin’
like you appreciatin’ me. – Well you don’t have to worry
about helpin’ me anymore. Lose my number, scumbag. I was wrong for that,
I’ll pray for you. Scumbag. (clapping) – [Phoenix] Girl give
me a hug, that’s right. Give him the lip, huh. – I apologize, I usually
don’t talk like that. – [Angel] Girl, you do
not have to apologize, he deserved way worse than that. – You ain’t lyin’. But you know what, this may
be a blessin’ in disguise. We just started our
company, It Factor Models, we can use an over-achiever
like yourself on the team. You may be a good fit. You should call us. – [Shana] Oh, thank you. One more closers, right? – [Eileen] That’s right. – Talk to you guys soon. – [Eileen] Nice to meet you. Be a good look. Y’all ready? – [Voiceover] That’s
when things really started to take off. Eileen made sure Angel
and I kept doing videos. Shana and I started to
recruit other models. We would pick the
girls, train them, and put them straight to work. I didn’t think he could do
it, but Lloyd pulled it off. His job was to spread the
word about It Factor Models. I even went and found
Cherry so she could have the opportunity to really
get into the business and quit being
influenced by my cousin. Our faces were really
getting out there. We built great relationships
with artists and directors. On top of that, we were
making real good money. Then we got the news
that we were flying out to New York to do a
photoshoot with Essence for the cover of Kiss Magazine. – Mmm. French fries. You taste so good right now. But you’re so bad for me. (knocking at the door) Nobody’s here. – [Dante] Quit
playin’, it’s me, D. – [Phoenix] Oh, what’s
good in the hood! I hope you brought
me something to eat, ’cause you know, I’m starving. (laughs) – Nah. But I could slide down
to Quick Way though if you want me to. – Mm-mm, okay. – But I thought models was
supposed to watch they weight? – Mm, you right. I should put these
greasy ass fries down. But they taste so good. – P, you, you drunk? (laughs) – Whatever. I think what happened was, me and Angel we
went out for drinks with this really
obnoxious director, right? Then we went to this bar
and we got some more drinks, then some dudes, they
bought us some more drinks so, yeah. I’m pretty wasted right now. (laughs) So what’s up, brother? You stayin’ out of trouble? – Yeah, you know me, I’m good. I was hopin’ it on the
black post with my peoples I seen you got dropped
off, so I said, y’all lettin’ my little
celebrity find us, I don’t get to see you no more. (laughs) – Well, you know I be
on my little grind. Speaking of grinding,
what is you doin’ out there up on the spike? You know you ain’t got
no business out there. That’s why you on probation now. One day you gonna learn, these streets ain’t got no love for you. Like that. – One day, you gonna
learn that this glitz and this glamour and
all these cameras ain’t got no love for
you like that neither. (laughs) – Is that right? – Yeah. – You know, the more I learn about this game, the more I just feel
so used, you know. Even though I’m in
control and makin’ money, and all that, it’s just, it just feels so, so dirty. – Well you see, that’s
’cause they only lookin’ at what’s on the surface. It’s gonna take somebody
that really know you to really appreciate
what you got to offer. – [Phoenix] Is that right? – [Dante] Yeah. – Can you help me to my room, D? (giggles) – I love it when you
wear your hair like that. – Boy, what is
you talkin’ about? – Your hair. You know I liked this in
that Baller Boy video, and in that new model
spread in the new XXL. – You paid attention to that? – I know it’s
kinda sad, but, uh, I pay attention to
everything you do. Every video, every
flyer, every magazine. I even bought that boozy
jackhead ass Little Boss CD ’cause you was on the cover. – You know what Dante? I really don’t want to
sleep alone tonight. – P. You know how long I’ve
been waiting to hear you say that? What about your granny, though. – Come on she won’t be
back until tomorrow. She took a trip to Reno. She ain’t gonna be back. – I’m saying though, you drunk. I ain’t tryin’ to
take advantage of you. – Boy, you is not takin’
advantage of nobody. I know exactly what I’m doing. Come on. (dance music) – [Man] That’s it,
that’s good, that’s good, I love it, I love it. Give me the Charlie’s
Angels pose. There you go, that’s it. Miss Essence, good job as usual. Here’s some water for you. – Aren’t you the
best assistant ever? – You know I try
to be, I try to be. – That was outstanding
as usual, Essence. So I’m gonna see
you and your man at the club tonight or what? – Maybe. We’re talkin’ about
going out to Saint Crois, but I don’t know, we’ll see. It was a pleasure working
with you as always. I will see you soon. – So, what’s up with you? You’re going on a date
with the photographer? – Oh hell yes. He’s one of the
best in the country. It’s always good to
have one on your team. – Hey ladies, I just came by to say hi, and great job. So, I hear you girls
are from my home town. – Oakland, California,
born and raised. And we are such
big fans of yours. – [Angel] She’s not
even lyin’, we’ve seen every photo, every video
you’ve ever been in… – Oh yeah, and we even
watched every episode of that video reality
show you was on. – Oh no, not that show. – [Voiceover] It’s Timmy
Tim’s Search for his Gem, brought to you by
menthol cigarettes, cognac, and blunt wraps. And here he is, swaggin’
all day, Timmy Tim. – Now, ladies,
y’all know Timmy Tim has had a taste of
the finest ladies from Japan, to Amsterdam. Ain’t that right, Big Rob? – That’s right, my man Timmy Tim has some of the finest
ladies all over the globe. – And why is that, Big Rob. – ‘Cause you’s a playa. – I’m a playa. And a what? – A boss. – I’m a boss. I’ve made my decision. The one who I’ve chosen
to be my precious gem, to walk down that red
carpet of life with me is… Essence. – After I gave it to
you all that, god damn? After I gave it to you all that? No, I’m not leavin’,
I’m not goin’! – Hoo. Now then, Essence. Will you wear this ring
and stand by my side and be the envy of all haters swaggin’ around this world? Help me get this, baby. – I will, Timmy Tim! (applause) I look back on that
and I cannot believe that I was kissin’ on that
old ass geriatric rapper. But you know what? It sure did open up
some doors for me. – Can I ask you a question? – Sure, baby. – Um, is your name
Aisha Stevens? – How you know my real name? – Well, I’m not no stalker
or anything like that, but my grandma says she
used to babysit you. – And who’s your grandma? – Miss Griffin. – Momma Griffin is your grandma? – That’s her granny. – Girl, come over
here, give me a hug! We may as well be family! (laughter) Let me tell you a
little something about your old grandma. I used to think I was so cute. (laughs) And your grandma would
bring out that big old Polaroid camera, and I
would just pose and smile. And then I would trot
up and down the kitchen like it was my own
personal runway. Your grandma was the
best at finding out what a child was good
at and pushing them. Man I loved that woman. Now let me ask you
two a question. Why are y’all doing this? – Well, I guess
besides the money it’s for the fame and attention. – [Angel] Mm, access to
the finer things in life. That status, maybe
a rich husband and a mansion, a yacht
and a clothing line and maybe a perfume
named after myself? Hmm? (Essence laughs) Sorry I got caught
up in the fantasy. – Well, let me tell you a
little somethin’ about my life. I’ve been in the
game for what, nine, 10 years now? And I’m struggling to
pay rent on my beautiful overpriced condo in Malibu. You would think
that with my resume I can go onto any video
set and be a feature, but half of the directors
won’t work with me because I won’t sleep with them, and then the other
half are mad because I’m still not
sleeping with them. – But you’ve dated
so many famous men. – I dated rappers, label
CEOs, men that make 20 million dollars a
year just to play a game. They offered me money
just to be on they arm. They offered to take me on trips and on shopping
sprees, but in the end all they see is this
face, this chest, and this beautifully
sculptured ass. (phone ringing) Girl are you gonna get that? – Oh that’s just my
boyfriend, he’ll call back. – Let me see your phone. Hello? Oh, she stepped
out for a moment. With some
six-foot-eight-lookin’ brother. (laughs) I think he name was Lebron
or somethin’ like that. Oh, I’m bad, girl. I’ll be sure to tell
her that you called. Bye bye now. (laughter) – Oh my God he is wanna
kill me next time I see him! – Girl, you can’t keep no
boyfriend in this game neither. They wanna get all
jealous and insecure and they figure they
can’t turn no video ho into a housewife. And you can forget
tryin’ to keep your female friends around. They get jealous, just
because they don’t get as much attention as
you do, or they gonna turn around and call
you all stuck up. – Mm. – Why are we doing this again? – Mm, mm. – That’s the question
that I aksed you. If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve stayed my
black ass in school, married me a nice church
boy, and had myself plenty of babies. All this, beauty fades. What is what you do with
this, that lasts forever. Anyway, I have to go now. We told the paparazzi
that we were meeting them at Mr. Chow’s at around 8 p.m., so give your grandma
my best, and tell her, next time I’m in town I
will stop by and visit her. And I will see you
ladies on the red carpet. Bye. – [Girls] Bye. – I guess all that
glitter ain’t gold. – Mm-hm. Well you heard what
she said, we just need to step our game up. (phone rings) – Hey baby. (laughs) No, I’m not back in town yet. Yes, I’ll hit yoiu up
when I get I get back and we’ll kick it, for sure. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Bye bye. – So who’s that? Your little director friend? – Oh, no that was Boss Beat. He is so sprung off you girl. – Oh hell no. What the hell is you doin’
hangin’ with Boss Beat? Do you know what
type of guy he is? – [Angel] Girl, the dude
got money and power. And he don’t mind sharin’
it with your girl. But wait, you should see
the way people look at us when we go out to the club, you cannot pay for
that type of publicity. Mm-mm. – You know what? I kept my mouth
shut for too long. Angel, you’re doing too much. You’re just gonna make
a bad name for yourself and we don’t need that. – We? Who is we? We’re not little
anymore, okay Phoenix? I do what I do and it
ain’t none or your business who I do it with. Are you just mad ’cause your man ain’t a even a factor? Or is because I’m gettin’
more shine than you? (laughs) – Now let me tell you somethin’. Ain’t nobody jealous of you. I’m just worried
you’re gonna try to sleep your way to the
top everywhere we go. – Well you don’t got to
worry about me, okay? I’ve been takin’ care
of myself ever since me and my momma left Oakland,
and I’ve been doing just fine. So you ain’t got to
worry about Angel. (pop R&B music) – Naw, you just keep
doin’ what you doin’. (phone rings) – See? Right when I’m
ready for round two. Your phone start goin’ off
like a high school bell. – Hey, Dante, that ain’t cool. – Now who is Nathan? – Give me my phone. – So you keepin’ secrets? So you hidin’ stuff from me now? That’s how we rockin’? – Oh my God, calm down. Ain’t nobody keepin’
secrets from you. And if you must know, Nathan
is Essence’ assistant, see? He just texted me her number and told me to give her a call. – Mm. Well, don’t let me hold you up. Out of all these little “video
vixens” that you be with, that’s the only one
who’s really out here bustin’ power moves. – Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m thinkin’ like, what does she wanna
talk to me for? I mean, I know I’m
doin’ my thang, but I ain’t nowhere
near on her level. – You say she on
her way out, right? So who’s to say
you’re not gonna be her next successor? – Oh. I’m impressed. That’s a big word. What books you been
readin’ lately? – Play on me if you wan
to, but you need to go play with yourself and soak
up some of this game. Man, call Essence. – Hello? – Hey, Nathan, this is Phoenix. – Phoenix, hey, how you doin’? – I was just callin’
to speak to Essence? – Yeah, she’s right here. One second. it’s, uh, Phoenix. – Okay. – Hey, Phoenix. How’s everything
goin’, boss lady? – I’m doin’ fine. – Well I just wanted to
give you the heads up that I’m ‘a be
down in your area. i’m going to San Francisco
to shoot a infomercial and I was hoping that
you can come down, hang out and have a cocktail. – Really? Yeah, sure. I wasn’t doin’ nothin’ but
hang out with my boyfriend. – Uh… Well, you can bring him. What I’ll do is I’ll have
Nathan, my assisstant, text you the address
and I’ll see you around 11 a.m. tomorrow. – Okay, I’ll tell him. Alright, bye. – Alright then girl. Bye bye. – This is the one for you. – This is the one for me. But all y’all out
there remember, it’s not magic, it’s Madrid. – [Man] Cut, you, guys take ten. – I wanted to say
thank you for being part of this video today. – Well thank you, and
it really does help, that’s good. Thank you for your
time, you look fly. Hey, momma! – [Phoenix] Hi! How you doin’? – I’m good. Thank you. – [Nathan] Look at
you, it’s lookin’ like you gonna have your own line
of hair products one day. – I know, I can see it now. Wigs, by Essence. – Actually, Madrid and I already
have a deal in the works. – Oh, okay. – Yes. – I want you to meet
my boyfriend, Dante. – Hi, Dante, it’s
lovely to meet you. – It’s nice to meet
you, too, Miss Essence. – Well Dante, I hope
you’re not still mad at me for having a little
bit of fun with you on the phone that day. (laughs) – Naw, that’s good. I was ready to get on a flight and come see somebody
about my female. – Oh, please don’t. (laughs) – Essence, you did a great job. – Thank you, it was
lovely workin’ with you. – Who’s your friend? – Oh. – I’m sayin’, you really
feel you can just get at me like you don’t see me
standin’ right here? – No, I didn’t mean
it like that, man. – [Dante] Then what you mean? Come on, man. I oughta break your jaw. I know what you’re doin’, man. – [Nathan] Hey, he
just want what you got, that’s all it is. – Okay, just y’all go. – [Dante] Okay, alright. – [Nathan] Okay,
let’s go get a drink. – God, girl. – Essence, I am so
sorry, I did not know that he was gonna– – You know what? I don’t even wanna hear it. I already know what’s goin’ on. You two grew up on
the block, and you two are just so in love, right? – Yeah. Wait, I mean, how
could you tell? – I had one of those
just like that. And his name was Jay and
I loved his dirty drawers. But I had to let
him go as soon as he started to mess with my money. This fool had the nerve
to get into a fight with the artist
just because he felt like the dude was holdin’
me a little too tight. You know, some men
just can’t handle their women being in
the center of attention. You know what I’m sayin’, ma? – Yes, I do get
what you’re saying. – [Voiceover] Essence
took me under her wing and introduced me to her
industry insider friends as the new “it” girl. (dance music) My only competition was Angel, and she continued
to step her game up. The business was doing real well despite the fact that me
and Angel weren’t talkin, but you could feel the tension. – Girl, they just
like credit cards. Except for they Visa gift cards. Shoot you could use
’em anywhere they take a credit card at, and that’s
real talk, I’m serious. – How many did you get? – Now don’t worry
about all that, just know that I got all day. – [Eileen] I’ll spread the word. – Mm-hm. – But you know I gotta
get something out of it. – Now girl you know I got you, you know how we get down. – Just wanted to make sure. – Ooh, uh-uh. Here comes the diva. – Boo. – Let me get up out of
here before I catch a case. – The only thing you
gonna catch around here is a ass-whoopin’. – Is that right? – You can go run and tell
your little cousin that, too. She can come get
some if she wants it. – You know what? Hold this for me. – [Eileen] Uh-uh. No, no, no, no, no. – Hell no, you ain’t gonna
thing you’re talkin’. – No, uh-uh, uh-uh. Call you tomorrow. – Yeah, you lucky. – Girl what’s your problem? Since you got back from New York you’ve been trippin’ hard. I don’t know what the problem is between you and Phoenix,
but y’all better figure it out, it’s
bad for business. – Yeah, it’s Phoenix. She’s really on one. She’s jealous. She’s mad ’cause I’m gettin’
more work than her, okay? She’s messin’ with some
lane from the block and I’m messin’ with bosses. She can’t stand it. And then she had
the nerve to tell me the other day that
I was doin’ too much because she found out I was
kickin’ it with Boss Beat. – Oh really. – Yeah. It’s like, you trippin’. – I’ve known Boss
Beat for some years and if you’ve been
movin’ like that, somebody should pull
you to the side. – Now you sound like a hater. – Now you wait a minute. You had your little turn
to speak and now it’s mine. Now I already heard
plenty of rumors about you sleepin’ with
rappers and directors, and here I am defendin’
you, telling folks that you not that type of girl. – I don’t believe you. – Tamika. – Huh. – [Eileen] What you
hear about Angel? – I heard that
you did a sex tape with three of the
Baller Boys, baby. – Wow. I only let one them
take me to dinner. – It ain’t about
what the truth is, it’s about what people believe. And keepin’ company
with Boss Beat is not going to improve your image. They might be paradin’
around, chillin’ with you, but I bet he’s
tellin’ his people that you looser
than drunk hoozie and easier than a fresh pie. Don’t you know men lie and
gossip worse than women? – That’s the truth. – The bottom line is it reflects badly on the agency. But even more so, you
know, Phoenix looks at you like you her sister,
she’d never hatin’ on you. – I know. – [Eileen] What’d you say? – I know she wouldn’t do that. I was just mad that
she thought that I was gettin’ down like that. – About time you got over it and got back to business. – Hey, ladies, I
got some good news. – [Eileen] Came to get permed? – No. – [Lloyd] Hah, that’s funny. – Go ahead, go ahead. – Look man, we came ’cause
we have some good news. We want to let y’all
know in person right? Here you go, why
don’t you read this. Go ahead, girl. – [Angel] Now why you so quiet? Let me see that. Is this for real? – You know, it’s probably
gonna come with money, girl. Tell your sister the good news. – Thanks, guys. – Alright. – Psh, please. She can’t whoop me. Girl, you is not
gonna believe this. Why is she walkin’ up
to the house right now? No, you ain’t gotta
come here, I got this. Alright, bye. – So I hear you’re
gonna whoop my ass, huh? – [Angel] Wow, your
cousin talks too much. – Oh so you’re not denying it. Well, run up then. – Hey, don’t let the
light skin fool you. – Oh, well don’t let this
pretty girl swag fool you, because I will still give you a deep East Oakland
ass-whoopin’. – Hey, I wasn’t in
Fresno for that long. It’s still deep East on mine. (laughs) – Oh my God. I’m the one who talk you that. How you gonna use it on me? – I know, and it
works every time. – Man. So did you really say you
was gonna whoop my ass? – I’ve been sayin’ a lot
of dumb things lately. And you know Phoenix, I’m sorry. – It’s cool, I ain’t trippin’. But you know I’m just tryin’
to look out for you, right? – I know, but it
just really hurt me that you though
that I was sleepin’ with all these dudes. – [Phoenix] I mean, well what
else was I supposed to think? Every time I look
up, you’re talking to a different
photographer, or rapper, or singer, or label executive,
or dope dealer or… – I get the point, P. – [Phoenix] Sorry. So really, girl, what’s
goin’ on with you? – You know, when I started
going to school in Fresno I was labelled the new
girl, and all the girls wanted to talk shit and pick on the new light-skinned
girl, and all the boys gave me the wrong
kind of attention for the same reason. And you know how I made
it through all that? – How? – I would go into
every situation and think to myself,
what would Phoenix do? You know? If a group of girls
tried to test me, I would just act like you. And if a boy ran past
me and grabbed my booty, I would chase him
and beat him down. (laughs) – Like I used to do with Dante? (both laughing) – Exactly. And after a while I
got the reputation of being the tough mixed
chick from Oakland, and all the boys
would kiss my ass ’cause they knew I was no punk. And then when the
girls blossomed they really did
everything I said. And when I moved to LA I
took that same attitude and drew all my strength
and determination and toughness from thoughts of you. You may not know it, but
you brought me though some of the toughest
times in my life. And you weren’t even there. I mean like, I guess
you can just say that tough girl came
out when I thought you were attacking me. – No, I wasn’t
tying to attack you, it’s just that I don’t
want no one thinkin’ that we get the
opportunities that we do ’cause ‘a any funny
business, you know? – Now you know my
mother’s story. She’s been used and abused
by men all her life. Now I told myself that
would never be me. And I may let these guys
take me out and buy me things and show me off, but
they get no nana. I’m serious, I’m really
stingy with the goodies and if anyone’s
running around here tryin’ to say they
hit it, they’re lying. I guess you can say
I try to play guys before they get a
chance to play me. Because I refuse to let
any man hurt me again. – Yeah, I… I’m sorry. You know what, come here girl, give me a hug. I, I just want you
to know, Angel, that you don’t have
to do all of that. Your quality of your
work is good enough. It just makes us
all look suspect. – I know that now. Eileen, she really
broke it down to me when we were talking earlier. Eh, speaking of
business, read this. – What’s this? What? Does this say that
Essence wants to sign with It Factor Models? Is this real? – Girl, this is more than real. It’s already happening. Marcus and Lloyd flew
down to LA to get the paperwork finalized today. And we’re gonna have a party
to celebrate next weekend. – Wow, we have one of
the most iconic models in the the game
working for our agency! – Yes. – This is, this is… – This is what happens when
two girls from the hood dare to rise. – Oh my God, Angel, stop. I’m just tryin’ to
soak all this in. – We don’t got time
for all that, girl. We got to go get
outfits for the party! – Ah! Come on, let’s go. I knew this was gonna happen. (dance music) – Eileen says she’s
gonna do your hair and your makeup at
the club, so hurry up. – Okay, I’m fine,
I’m just determined to find these pumps. (phone ringing) – Hey Sasha, are you okay? Is Granny cool? – Girl, Phoenix, Granny is fine. I was just callin’ to
make sure me and Tammy was on the guest
list for tonight. – Look, Sasha, I’m just
gonna keep it real to you, I don’t think you should
come to the party. It’s gonna be a lot of
models and photographers and people I wanna
work with there. – Little cousin. I know you not sayin’
what I think you sayin’. – Sasha, come on,
it is not like that. You wouldn’t even
have fun anyway, it’s not that type of party. – Naw, cuz’, just keep it real. You ashamed of me ’cause
I’m a escort and a stripper and you think you too good
for me to be at the party with people you
do business with. Just say it. – What? Maybe some things are
better left unsaid. – Oh, okay. It’s good. – Bye. – Oh yeah, it’s good. Come on, girl. – Hey what’s up, how you doin’? – Hey, what’s up with you, girl? How you doin’, what’s your name? – I’m good. Alindsa Rishan. – Oh my name’s Swagg,
where you from? – Hey, what up, Swagg? – I’m gonna catch you later. – It’s all good. Hey, what’s up with you, girl? – Hey little momma,
you ready to get some of that money,
holla at your girl. – Hey Tammy what’s
up with you girl? When you gonna be ready for
some of this swag daddy? – The only thing I’m
ready for is the money. Let’s talk about that. (laughs) – Hey, Dante, let me get one. – Thank you. Mmm. Dang, boy, you looking good. You must be goin’ to
that party tonight, huh? – Nah. I ain’t trippin’ off
that punk-ass party. – Yeah, your girlfriend
act like she ashamed of me, don’t want me to
come to the party. Like I’m too hood
for her new friends. (laughs) – Is that right? – What’s so funny? – I mean, you are hella ghetto. And grimey, and ratched. And some of everything else. So… – Like that? – [Dante] Come on Sasha. Don’t be like that. I’ve known you my whole life. Hell, I know how you came up. And I ain’t mad at you. But you know Phoenix
be around them squares. – Well if I’m too ghetto,
what you think that makes you? Boy, you ain’t nothin’
but a street dude and you been to
jail way more times than I could count. So if I’m too ghetto
to go to the party, what you think
they think of you? (laugh) Better yet, how long you think Phoenix gonna keep you
around once she meets Essence’s ballin’ ass friends? (laughter) You better be lucky
you got something while you could. We all know Phoenix
way out your league. – Now you trippin’. Phoenix lucky to be with
a young boss like myself. Ain’t that right, Swag? – [Swag] Yeah, bro, you
already know that’s right, bro, but you know what I’m sayin’, you know I’m your
partner, right? Now you know, but
your girl Phoenix, she’s bad, bro. I seen her in her video with
Young Sticky the other day, on my phone, you feel me? You know what I’m saying? But hey, no disrespect. I’m just sayin’, I’m
just sayin’ she bad. – She ain’t that fine. Only reason why dudes
be on her is because she be in videos and magazines. She ain’t nothin’ but a ho. – I know you ain’t
talkin’ ’bout hoes. You will wanna be easy, Tammy. ‘Cause you been about. – You can say whatever
you wanna say about me, but I saw your girl
at the Marriott with some rapper
the other night. I was at the bar and
she was on her way with dude hugged up all the
way to the penthouse suite. – Man, brah, you
know it ain’t solid you know that ain’t true, brah. You know that ain’t true,
brah, you know your girl. – Swagg, brah, you
hand me that bottle? Think I’m’a slide, I’ll be back. Don’t do nothin’ crazy. – Hey, before you go. Look, you know Phoenix
is just young, sprung, and tryin’ to be seen. But when you get ready
for some of these grown woman goodies,
holla at your girl. (laughs) Woohoo. So, um, did you really see
Phoenix at the Marriott? – Girl, no, I was just
tryin’ to make her dude mad. She messed up our party. – Huh. Dang. – [Shana] You guys are
takin’ way too long. – Okay, Shana, let me
just go put this dress on and I’ll be ready to go. – You know she’s
gonna take forever. Why don’t you just go down
there and we’ll meet you there? – [Shana] Are you sure? – Yeah, I’m sure, I still
gotta look for these pumps. – Okay, Phoenix, I will
meet you two down there, but please, don’t take too long. Hello Dante. Oh that’s what happens when
you an’t got no home trainin’? – Babe, have you
seen my red pumps? – Shoes. Don’t ask me about
no shoes, Phoenix. – What? – What’s this I hear
about you hugged up with some rapper down
there at the Marriott? – Dante, what are
you talking about? Are you drunk? – Eh. Just ’cause I’m not on TV and I’m not in these magazines, that don’t mean I’m
stupid, Phoenix. – Dante, baby, look at me. I don’t know who
you been talkin’ to, but when I’m out
working, that’s what I do when I’m working. I’m not worried
about being hugged up with nobody but you, okay? Now, I have to go to the
party, so just chill. – No, not tonight. You ain’t goin’ nowhere. – Dante, stop,
what are you, stop! Dante! Stop it, Dante get off of me! Dante, let me go! (screaming) – Dante what are you doing? Get away from her! What the hell, we’ve
known each other all our lives! You know Phoenix
isn’t a cheater! Man. – Forget that! She probably picked them
little hoish ways up from you. Everybody know
Angel the number one little industry slut. – Phoenix, let’s go. Get your stuff. We’re leaving. (gun cocking) – This ain’t none
of your business. – Dante. – Go get your little
punk ass up out of here. Phoenix, she ain’t
goin’ nowhere. – No, Phoenix is my
business, she’s my sister. You know what, Dante? I never knew that you
would turn out to be a drunk and a punk. I thought that you
would turn out different than the rest of
everybody else out here, but look at you. You ain’t shit. You ain’t never gonna be shit. (Phoenix gasping) (gunshot) (Phoenix screams) – [Phoenix] No! No, Angel, get up! Get up, Angel, no! No! Angel, no! Somebody! – [Man] We are
gathered here today to lay to rest the earthly
remains of Angel Bates, a beloved daughter and friend. Angel was a rising star
in her chosen profession, and she truly did touch
the hearts of each of us who were blessed to
have her in our lives for just a brief moment. We say goodbye to Angel
today, but not to her spirit. That will live on in every
smile brought on by her memory and in the hearts of
all who loved her, until we go to meet
her in the next life. (crying) Amen. – I’m so sorry, I never
meant for this to happen, please forgive me. – It’s not your fault, baby. (crying) It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. – Phoenix, you have
to get up, baby. Do you want me to fix
you something to eat? – No, I’m fine. (knocking) – I’ll get it. Baby, do something with
yourself, you look a mess. Phoenix, get up, baby,
you have a visitor. – [Phoenix] Do I know you? – Hello, Phoenix, it’s
nice to finally meet you. I’m Laurence Bates,
Angel’s father. – [Grandma] I’ll
let you two talk. – I knew I’d seen you before. I remember you from the funeral. I, I’m sorry about
what happened to Angel. – No. Don’t apologize. What’s done is done. And the one
responsible is in jail. I don’t know if
she ever told you, but I was abusive to her mother. I have a drinking problem. That’s no excuse, but
Angel never forgave me. She didn’t want
nothin’ to do with me. But I stayed in
touch her mother. She told me about the agency,
about the potential for growth and how she loved her
best friend, Phoenix. Help me honor my
daughter’s legacy. – I mean no
disrespect, Mr. Bates, but I feel like I lost both my best friends that night. I just don’t want nothin’
to do with the agency, it would just bring
back too many memories. – Well then do somethin’ else. My daughter had a
dream to empower women, and I know you got
the same dream. Phoenix, help me honor
my daughter’s legacy and carry on the work
that you two were doing. I’ll be here for
you if you need me. Just call me. – Phoenix, it hurts me so much to see you in so much
pain, but you have to move on from this. I know you wanna close
your eyes, lay down, and pretend like nothing
bad ever happened, but you have to find
a reason to live. – I’m trying. But it’s like I have
all these questions running in my head, like
what made Dante do that? – There’s a reason
for everything, and we can’t question
what God’s plan is. Everyone from Angel to Dante, Eileen to Marcus, Shana, Lloyd and even Essence were put
in your life for a reason. Sometimes these people
are there to help us soar above adversity,
their support allows us to rise us to heights
we couldn’t have reached on our own. You think about that. – [Voiceover] I opened
the envelope and read it. Angel’s father set up a
trust fund for her to use when she turned 25. He transferred the
trust fund to my name in the sum of 75,000 dollars. – That story is so moving. Are readers are
really gonna be able to identify with you. So after you got the
money, what did you do? – Well, I used the money
to start We Rise Inc., and since then we’ve become
one of the most successful agencies in the industry. We represent
everyone from models, actresses, makeup
artists, writers, graphic designers, you name it. Oh and Eileen has
taken over as Essence’s business manager,
and in conjunction with Marcus Ram Enterprises
and Loyal Publicity, they’re producing a
talk show for her, which should air on
network TV next quarter. Oh, and Shana, she has become one of the most sought-after
video directors of her time. And we also plan on
opening Angel’s House, a shelter for women and children who have been affected
by domestic violence. – Phoenix, I want to
thank you once again for granting us this interview. I’m sure our readers
will find your story very inspiring. Do you have any parting words
to share with the world? – No matter how bad
or how hard the times, I will have faith
in what’s right in the power of my mind. Work hard and success
will come in due time. These are my wings and
with those I will rise. ♪Growing up I never had much ♪ That didn’t stop me
from chasin’ dreams ♪ In my mind I always
knew that I could fly ♪ There will always been
someone around to bring you down ♪ When there’s
something in your way ♪ Just focus and one day
you’ll find your wings ♪ You must reach high
and touch the sky ♪ Stand tall, let the world know ♪ That you can have it all ♪ The only thing
stopping you is you ♪ Work hard and do
what you got to do ♪ It doesn’t matter
where I come from ♪ Or what other people do to me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ It doesn’t matter
what I’ve been through ♪ There are people
who believe in me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ Some people gonna talk,
some people gonna hate ♪ Some people don’t
even like themselves ♪ Misery needs company, too ♪ We really wanna go,
what you really wanna say ♪ Trust and believe
there’s no limit ♪ To what you can achieve ♪ You must reach high
and touch the sky ♪ Stand tall let the
world know that you ♪ Can have it all ♪ The only thing
stopping you is you ♪ Work hard and do
what you got to do ♪ It doesn’t matter
where I come from ♪ Or what other people do to me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise ♪ It doesn’t matter
what I’ve been through ♪ There are people
who believe in me ♪ Watch me rise, watch
me rise, watch me rise – [Voiceover] As the
phoenix rises form the ashes it is reborn. It flies high,
brimming with new life. The phoenix emerges
from the fire stronger than it was before. Much like the human spirit,
the will of the pheonix is immortal and invincible. No matter how bad or
how hard the times, I will have faith
in what’s right in the power of my mind. Work hard and success
will come in due time. These are my wings and
with those I will rise.

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