‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham and Winnie Harlow Surprise Aspiring Actor

‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham and Winnie Harlow Surprise Aspiring Actor

[GASPS] Oh, my God!
(LAUGHING) Oh, my God. This is crazy. Hey, guys, I’m Ashley Graham,
model, designer, entrepreneur, and body activist. I’m so grateful to
be where I am today. But the path wasn’t easy. Now, I’m so honored to help
others gain the confidence that they need to take the
next step in their lives to be totally,
unapologetically fearless. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is Isaiah. He’s an amazing guy
who developed a skin condition, vitiligo, at age 15. Vitiligo definitely
affected confidence. Because I used to be such
an outgoing, happy person. And then when I got vitiligo,
I became very anxious, very antsy. It just changed me completely. Isaiah’s dream is
to become an actor, but he is concerned
about actually making it. I knew I wanted to be an
actor since the age of five. Having vitiligo,
people are going to be focusing on my appearance
rather than my performance. So Total Wireless and
I want to give him the confidence that he needs. Can you tell us exactly
what vitiligo is? It’s basically where
my immune system, it’s attacking the melanin
in my skin, resulting in, like, white patches
in certain areas. It’s not contagious. It doesn’t hurt me. Only thing that it
affects is my appearance. The first time I
discovered that I had it, I had, like, a little white
patch on my shoulder here. When I went to the doctor,
they said, you have vitiligo. She told my mom, like,
you need to watch out for him because
people with vitiligo have a high suicide rate. Oh, really? He’s probably going
to fall in, like, to deep depression,
which happened for me. I wouldn’t go to the store. I wouldn’t step on the
porch because I was so ashamed about how I looked. How did others treat you
when you went to school? They started mooing at me when
I walked down the hallway, calling me cow, zebra. And before that, I was
teased because I was gay. So it was rough. How did all of this affect
how you saw yourself? Did you feel isolated? I felt alone. Do you know anybody
else with vitiligo. Well, the only person
that I know with vitiligo is Winnie Harlow. She was the first person
that I seen that made me feel like, maybe this is OK. Maybe I’ll be OK. She gave me the
confidence to audition for my first musical
theater show. Really? Yeah. People say if you can’t
see yourself doing it, it’s kind of hard to imagine
yourself being there. You know? That’s very true. Yeah. It took a long
time for me to see anybody that looked like me in
high fashion, or on TV, or– Yeah. –being anything except for just
called like, oh, that big girl. A lot of people would
tell me, well, you should probably go
into, like, writing or something behind the scenes. And that made me more
motivated to show you, like, I’m going to do this. Isaiah, this is the exact
attitude that you need to have. Because you’re
different, because you’re going to be the first, it’s
your confidence that’s actually going to open up those doors. I actually have a friend
that can relate to everything that you’re going through. And I want to
introduce you to them. So come with me over here. OK. We’re just going to walk
through here a little bit. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GASPS] (SCREAMING) Oh, my God! (LAUGHING) Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’m shaking. [LAUGHTER] Oh, my God. I cannot believe you’re here. I’m here. You’re here. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. [LAUGHTER] What is going on? How are you feeling? I’m so happy. Oh, my God. – Oh, it’s nice to meet you. Isaiah just told me that
he’s never met another person face to face that has vitiligo. Really? Never. This is my first time. That’s why I’m like, oh, my G. I’m so happy that you’re happy. I’m more than happy. I’m ecs– I’m– oh! I can’t even talk. I’m so choked up. You broke down so many
doors for not just people with vitiligo but
people that just you don’t feel like they
can do something because of a disability or
something that stops them from accomplishing their dreams. And you were a
that person for me. That’s what– people
always ask me, like, what would you say to
people with vitiligo? But it’s bigger than that. It is. It’s so much bigger than that. Like, we focus so much on
what other people think of us. And what other
people think of you is not going to help
you reach your goals. Is there any advice you
can give me on not caring what people think? There’s no easy answer. It’s really just working
every day on yourself and your confidence, and
knowing that within yourself that you are beautiful. And I remember being a
little girl and, like, looking at stars and wishing
on them that one day, when I grow up, maybe I’ll be normal. But people are always
going to say things. No matter– like, people
still say things to me. People still call me cow
or whatever the case is. There’s always going
to be that negative. But you just have to
focus on the positive. You have to remind yourself who
you are, who your community is, and that you aren’t alone. I’m also inspired
by you because going from being bullied
for being gay already and then having to deal
with this, like, you have a light about you. And it inspires me. Thank you so– that means a
lot coming from both of you. So do you feel like you’re
ready to take the next steps to pursue your dreams? I’m ready to take
on the world now. Like, I really am. I’m so glad you’re
ready because we have a few surprises for you. More? Oh, my God. What else could there be? It gets better. Oh, my God. We’re going to set you up
with a one-on-one meeting with a talent agent that works
with some of the biggest movie stars. And we also know how
expensive your dreams can be. So we’re going to
give you $5,000. Oh! Wow! [LAUGHTER] What’s going on? You turned pink like me. I literally– I’m like, what? [LAUGHTER] I’m gonna be so wet. You feel my palms, girl? I’m like, what’s going on? Oh, my God. Also, headshots– we
have to do headshots. And you’ve got two
supermodels here. So we’re going to
help direct you in having your next headshots. And we’re going to shoot them
right over here right now. Oh, my God! I’m ready. [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC PLAYING] Woo! Oh, a dead sell. You better hit ’em with that. Ah! He can twirl! I never thought something
like this would happen for me in a million years. I wasn’t expecting
Winnie to be here. I wasn’t expecting
this experience to be life-changing for me. It was so incredible
to meet Isaiah. Hearing his story was
so inspiring to me. I am so excited for
Isaiah’s future. Sky’s the limit. This experience has
changed my life. And I’m so grateful for that. [MUSIC PLAYING]

92 thoughts on “‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham and Winnie Harlow Surprise Aspiring Actor

  1. People need to understand that diversity is beautiful, a world where everyone looks the same would simply be meaningless.

  2. Winnie is a true superhero! My niece has Vitiligo, and she is not treated very kindly at all by some people. The confidence that Winnie has is rubbing off on my niece slowly. Thank you Winnie.

  3. People who bully people for being who they are need to get their act together and need to take a couple of seats😒… BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL IN THE SKIN THEY’RE IN AND CELEBRATE YOUR DIFFRRNCES❤️ you’re beautiful and you’re amazing everybody here is amazing and you can do anything that your HEART DESIRES😌

  4. I still remember her from ANTM
    I'm so happy that she's inspiring people now.. And he's courageous and he'll definitely reach his dream 🤗😇

  5. Ashley Graham is an inspiration for all. She has helped a lot of women overcome their fears and insecurities.
    Just love her for that.

    Edit : Thank you for the likes. If you can pls subs my channel. I would only take about 5 seconds 🙏🙏

  6. I have Vitiligo and I faced lot of abuse in my society and school. Now I am fearless and strong at 30 and happily married. I am from India.

  7. I find it very strange that we breed these very characteristics into our pets; piebald is a desired trait a lot of the time.
    Yet when people like these two wonderful humans exhibit those characteristics we shun them…..smh.
    I like to think nature looked at them and said "you…you will be even more unique than the rest. You have the strength for it."

  8. I hv vitiligo too since i ws 2 and now m 25. It hd been a struggle and still is.I hd been called names confidence level is extemely low. But yeah i do love one part of my life tht i am blessed with such amazing parents and brother. No matter hw much i hv been bullied they alwys got my back.😀

  9. Ashley Graham is absolutely stunning!!!

    And I absolutely love how we, as humans, are starting to open up and love eachother as we are, and embracing our uniqueness!

    What an honorable time to be alive!!

  10. Greetings Ellen Show. This video was just so precious, inspirational & priceless. To GOD be the GLORY. Be safe,healthy &blessed always

  11. as a person with vitiligo, this is inspiring. And absolutely beautiful. But most importantly powerful. Beauty has no race, gender, religion or creed. 🙏🏽

  12. Winnie Harlow is so beautiful and attractive and sexy. Like for me personally, I think it makes her even sexier that she has vitiligo. Like I´m in love with her.

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  15. Being different is beautiful I wouldnt ever change a thing I have disabilities because of cancer that left me visibly different. This guy is amazing brave and strong I'd totally hang out with him

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