Festival of the Lion King | Animal Kingdom | Full Show | 4K UHD

Festival of the Lion King | Animal Kingdom | Full Show | 4K UHD

22 thoughts on “Festival of the Lion King | Animal Kingdom | Full Show | 4K UHD

  1. sure love this show..thanks for taking us with you! i love the story and the music…i love timone's part of the show…and the monkeys! who doesn't love that song! 🙂 love how they did the lion sleeps tonight song as a sing along…awesome! the finale song was just too great!!!!!! 🙂 thanks again!!!

  2. This is a quintessential show when visiting Animal Kingdom! You guys had a great view of the entire arena! Well done!!

  3. I miss the Festival of The Lion King; it was my favourite at the Animal Kingdom. Thanks for sharing this with us. =)

  4. That was so amazing Seeing Lion king musical at Animal Kingdom. Even I Live Stream Too. Amazing video Mike and Jen

  5. Thank you very much for sharing it! I really love this "GIFT" singer and I was looking for the video she sang.!!

  6. I watched this without planing it… there was a short line and it was the first show of the day. My favorite movie is The Lion King so singing all the songs and enjoying this performances ended up in me tearing up of emotion…. I was so happy

  7. Absolutely fantastic show, you can’t go to Animal kingdom without seeing this. Thank you very much for the video brought back some very precious memories.

  8. Saw this in last month and I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. From the beginning to the end was amazing. This was definitely my favorite part of Disney World.

  9. Does anyone know what the aerial art that stars around 17:07 is called? It looks so cool but I can’t find anything about it when trying to look for it on the internet. If you know please tell me! Looks like aerial harness or something. I’d love to learn it 🙂

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