Film History: Introduction to World Cinema – Timeline of Cinema Ep. 0

Hello everyone and welcome to our video series,
“A Timeline of World Cinema” I’m Bradley Weatherholt and I will be your
host on this journey through the history of film. This series will tell the story of cinema
over the last 100 years from it’s birth to modern day. Along the way we discuss landmark films and
major people throughout this history and we’ll also introduce major ideas from film theory. According to documentary filmmaker Paul Rotha, “Film is the great unresolved equation between industry and art.” But in order to understand the industrialization
of cinema, we must first understand the technology that formed and shaped this industrialization. To do this we developed a timeline. Episode 1 covers the birth of cinema in it’s
early roots before the innovation of the feature film. Episode 2 focuses on the rise of the feature
film and how industry developed the studio system to promote and exploit the new format. Episode 3 involves the Golden Age of Hollywood
whereby factors of politics, technology, and culture, the American industry dominated world
cinema. In episode 4 we will view the foreign response
to Hollywood and how a new wave of films swept the world of cinema forever. Episode 5 tackles New Hollywood a period defined
by the film school generation. A group who grew up on television and the foreign wave. Episode 6 delves into Contemporary Cinema and the impact of modern technology on the industry. This episode will also wrap up the timeline
and discuss the future of the industry and possibilities allowed with digital cinema. We hope that this series will not only educate
you, but also entertain. We targeted the material for the casual filmgoer
and also the cinephile. I want to thank you for taking this ride with
me. I hope that our journey is a story every bit worthy of a movie. I’ll see you in the next episode where we
discuss Pre-Classical Cinema.

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