Final Cut – Hölgyeim es uraim

Final Cut – Hölgyeim es uraim

Are you talking to me, asshole? Shit! This is got to be a dream. My dears Ladies and Gentlemen! Please excuse the short delay there has been a slight technical difficulty. Does somone have a bellyache? Here! Let me show you! Everyting is alright? Yes! I expected to find this room
overcrowded with people at your feet. It’s you? How do you do? How do you do? I saw that in a nickelodeon once
and I always wanted to do it. What is your name? Masha. Masha? Nice. Your mama left you with a very beautiful name. My friends call me Catherine. I am Prince Vlad of Transylvania. You look absolutely beautiful. Well, where shall we go? A good movie, a dinner: tonight we’re having fun. I get bread from back home, fish from California. You can always tell a great kitchen like ours because of the milk-fed veal. That’s the secret. Milk-fed veal is pure white. Out here they got that pink veal. Slide over, honey. Peel out! Welcome to your home. Oh, do you like lemon meringue pie? – I don’t know. L…
– I’ll make you some tomorrow. Well, it was very nice meeting you, Angela. Good night, Vicomte. I knew you’d come. Where do we go, actually? Nowhere. Just walk a little bit. I’m beginning to like you, Mr. Bond. No! Call me James. More than anyone I’ve met in a long time, James. What on earth are we going to do about it? You like me because I’m a scoundrel. There aren’t enough scoundrels in your life. I happen to like nice men. I’m a nice man. No, you’re not… Hello. I’d feel great about it. Feel me! Why haven’t you told me, you were a virgin? ‘Cause you wouldn’t have believed it. You are right. If we end up together then this is the
most romantic day of my whole life. And if we don’t… …then I’m a complete slut. It was great, wasn’t it? When we’re making love, you just about take me right over that rainbow. We’ll have to get married, you know. What? The thing is… I think it’s quite possible that
we were born for each other, Yes. You’re someone I could
imagine having children with. – Really?
– Yeah. Hit the lights. Go ahead.
Turn ’em out. We’ll trade fours. It’s over! Charlie! Who is this fuck? Go away! So there you are… The ladie is with me. Leave her alone. She doesn’t want you, Don’t you see?! Darling, don’t be jealous. You feel that sting, huh, big boy? You made it easier to decide. Because I’ve decided. You can go to hell. Get out! I don’t care about you anymore! Om! I am sorry. I… I… It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok. I… Leo Johnson is history, Do you understand? I’m taking care of you from now on. Will you marry me? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here in the sight of God and in the face of this company,
to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony. The Lord, who planted this feeling inside your souls bless this bounds of wedlock! You are maried! She can kiss my ass. She won’t be any good in bed. Regina! What a way to talk. I give her one year. My bouquet! Wait! Good bye! I love you all! You know what we’re going to do?
We’re going to shoot the works. A whole week in New York.
A whole week in Bermuda. The highest hotels, the oldest champagne, the richest caviar, the hottest music,
and the prettiest wife! Wow! That does it! Days, months, then years go by… Hey, You! I shouldn’t tell it What? I saw your wife yesterday. So what? She was with another guy. They must be friends then. I just wanted you to know. That’s none of your business! It’s nice being married, eh? – Hallo, Howard?
– Mrs. Woodhouse? – Dr. Hill!
– Congratulations. -Really?
-Really. Are you there? – Would you drop by and see me….
– Yes, yes. I will. Thank you. Bye. Pepa Marcos. Is Ivan there? Wait a minute, please. It’s your wife. Ilonka? Good morning, Mr. Hello! How are you? l told you not to call me at work. What? I just have a lot of work to do. I have some overtime. I don’t think I can get home
before 9:00 or 10:00. I’m moderately happy about it. And you will please not call again. So I did a test and it turns out that I’m pregnant. I can’t. My head is throbbing. – You got a headache?
– I have a headache. – Bad?
– Like Oswald in Ghosts. Good morning! Dr. Lecter, my name is Clarice Starling. Come in. Sit down. I’ll see what I can do, then I’ll check you out. Oh, should I undress now? His eyes upon your face His hand upon your hand His lips caress your skin It’s more than I can stand Why does my heart cry? Feelings I can’t fight You’re free to leave me, but just don’t deceive me And please believe me when I say I love you! Welcome home, Mr Bailey! I could use a drink. I have some scotch. With water. No ice. What’s wrong? I am Addison DeWitt.
I’m nobody’s fool, least of all yours. Why you say this? You, my dear, are a slut. I am not! Don’t cry. You won’t have me on with your tears. Fuck you! I felt that’s the end of my life, love, and my beauty. THE WORLD IS YOURS What’s up? I was just nearby and thought to pop in. Is something wrong? Oh, nothing. Come in. Let’s have a talk. Come on in. I have a bar set up. How about a drink? No, thank you. And now, dear, if you’ll just sit here. I do love him, you know. The way he used to be. Something’s like crossed over in me. I can’t go back. Why can’t anything ever be perfect once? What shall I do, Prudence? We’re women. Our choices are never easy. My dear little child! lf he has released you… …my dear child, you must go. Child! Hallo? Don? Of my own free will… after having been duly advised and warned… of the meaning and consequences of this oath…. enroll in the Federal Service
for not less than two years…. and as much longer as may be required
by the needs of the Federation. Yes, Drill Sergeant! Today we’re going to do
marching up and down the square. I’ll call you just as soon as I get the results. I like to do a general examination
just to know something more. Let’s see how far along we are. And an arm.. There is your baby. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6… Comrades! Comrades! Paul! I had always heard your entire life flashes… in front of your eyes the second before you die. A man’s attitude goes some ways
the way his life will be. It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will
wake up and tell yourself that it was only dream. It is said that the world we live in
is not a bit different from this. Your suffering is over. Now you will find peace for eternity. – That’s for you.
– For me? I’m fainting! Never, oh, never nothing will die. The stream flows, the wind blows. The cloud fleets, the heart beats. Nothing will die. Open your eyes! Hallo? Don? Hallo. Hello, honey! It’s me. It’s your voice. You are alive?! You know, you’re the best. You are the last thing in my mind
before I close my eyes and the first one after I open them. I am terribly happy! When will I see you? Meet me at the city car barn in one hour. Okay, I’II meet you. It’s the chance of a lifetime. We have each other. That’s all that matters. Yes. Yes. Without you I can only die. Sailor! I’m going to have a child.

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  1. watch his films Hukkle and Taxidermia here!

  2. Both a tribute to and a remark about movies. They’re so similar to one another that the same things happen in them..
    This is a genius idea and I dig how animated movies were included.

  3. Még néhány csillámló péniszt és kibuggyanó mellet hiányolok de egyébként tehetséges az egyetemista srác aki rendezte!

  4. Remélem a jogdíjakat kifizette az összes felhasznált alkotás után mert különben ez szerzői jogot sért! Egyébként tehetséges ez az egyetemista srác csak kellett volna még pár aranyfüsttel bevont pénisz

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