Five hotly-rumored Chinese drama pairings, Top 10 Chinese dramas at the moment 02.23.2020

Five hotly-rumored Chinese drama pairings, Top 10 Chinese dramas at the moment 02.23.2020

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update Feb 23rd 2020 edition. In this edition, some hotly-rumored Chinese
drama pairings and the top 10 Chinese dramas at the moment, but first.. Mirror Twin Citiesis an upcoming costume drama and it’s recently
confirmed its lead actors, Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen. The drama is based on a novel of the
same name and since they announced the adaptation many names had been rumored to lead it. There was Li Yifeng and Yang Zi, then he was
paired with Zheng Shuang, then it was Dilraba, then at one point it was Xiao Zhan and Dilraba. But now, as Chinese entertainment site Sina
has reported, it’s confirmed to be Li Yifeng and Yukee Chen. This marks Li Yifeng’s return to costume dramas since 2016’s Noble Aspirations 2 whereas Yukee Chen is in the currently airing The Love Lasts Two Minds. Mirror Twin Cities tells the story of a girl,
played by Yukee Chen, who travels to the paradise-like Desolate Clouds only to find out it’s not
a paradise after all. She encounters danger as she discovers the
Desolate Clouds’ dark secrets but is rescued by a man played by Li Yifeng. Mirror Twin Cities is slated to begin filming
at the end of the year. I will give more updates as they provide them. And now a segment about five hotly-rumored
pairings for some upcoming dramas. Now many websites have actually reported these
pairings but for me, as long as they haven’t announced it officially on Weibo, they remain
a rumor. But, it can be fun to speculate about these
things so here we go. Love in Flames of War
is an upcoming republican era drama and the rumored leads are Shawn Dou and Chen Duling. Set in a tumultuous time of war, the drama revolves
around a heart-wrenching romance between a young marshal and a young maiden. Shawn Dou recently starred in Ten Years Late
whereas Chen Duling starred in Another Me. Bright Moon of Great Tangis
an upcoming costume drama and the rumored leads are Jeremy Xu and Peng Xiaoran. The drama is based on a novel of the same
name and reportedly begun production late last year. Jeremy Xu’s last starring role was in Legend
of the Phoenix whereas Peng Xiaoran’s was in Goodbye My Princess. It’s Warm, It’s Sweet
is an upcoming modern drama and the rumored leads are Victoria Song and Vengo Gao. The drama revolves around the topic of marriage
and was suppose to begin filming the middle of this month but of course current conditions
have thrown a wrench in that plan. Victoria Song recently starred in Find Yourself
whereas Vengo Gao currently stars in Eternal Love
of Dream. Be Togetheris an
upcoming modern drama and the rumored leads are Vin Zhang and Sun Yi. The drama tells the coming-of-age story of
a group of close friends who tackle challenges together as the years go by. Vin Zhang recently starred in Love is Fate
whereas Sun Yi starred in All Out of Love. And finally Last Romance, an
upcoming modern drama with the rumored leads of Cecilia Liu and Ni Ni. Set in 19th century Shanghai, the drama tells
the story of two women from different backgrounds who forge a deep friendship. The drama is adapted from a novel which was
also previously adapted into the 1988 Hong Kong movie, Last Romance starring Maggie Cheung and Cherie Chung. Cecilia Liu recently starred in If I love
You So whereas Ni Ni starred in Love and Destiny. So what do you guys think? Which one of these would you most like to
see materialize? And now a reminder of some dramas that
premiered in the last couple of days. The Love Lasts Two Minds, the
costume drama starring Alan Yu and Yukee Chen premiered on Feb 21st. It is available on the iQIYI app with English
subs. A bit of a nuisance if you’re not used to watching
dramas on your phone but if you’re used to it like I am, it’s all right. Hopefully it comes to YouTube with subs
at some point. And I Will Find You a Better Home,
the modern drama starring Sun Li and Luo Jin also premiered on Feb 21st. It is available on YouTube, no English subs
at the moment. I checked out the first two episodes and it’s
an easy and enjoyable watch so far. Interesting subject matter, no overdubbing
and the actors are terrific. And before we get to the top 10 dramas at
the moment, a quick shoutout to Express VPN. Whether I’m at home or travelling, the first thing I do before I surf the net is log on to Express VPN and connect to a server. Not only do I use Express VPN to protect my
data from spies and hackers, I find it especially useful to unblock geo-restricted
content like dramas and movies on YouTube, Netflix and other websites. Express VPN is giving away three extra months
free on a 12-month plan to all viewers of my channel. All you have to do is use the link in the
description box below – The data is provided by Vlinkage, a marketing
consultant company based in Shanghai. The list is based on view counts on Tencent,
iQiyi and Youku, social media discussions and Baidu searches. The modern drama stars Zhao Benshan and Fan
Wei and follows Liu Laogen and his hilarious encounters
as he returns to lead his village again. The modern TVB drama stars Raymond Wong and
Selena Li and follows forensics officers as they search
for answers through traces left by the dead. The republican-era drama stars Huang Zitao
and Jackson Yi and follows two impassioned youths as they
devote their lives to their country. The modern drama stars Xu Kaicheng and Simona
Wang and tells the story of an aspiring actress
who gets into a fake engagement with a wealthy CEO. The modern drama stars Bi Chang and He Shufeng and revolves around the ups and downs of life
in a rural Chinese village. The costume drama stars Roy Wang and Ouyang
Nana and chronicles an ordinary boy’s transformation
into a hero who rids the world of evil. The costume drama stars Allen Ren and Seven
Tan and tells the story of an embroidered uniform
guard and a constable as they team up to solve a case. The modern drama stars Michael Chen and Loura
Lou. It follows four guys and three girls and their
adventures in the Love Apartment in Shanghai. The costume drama stars Alan Yu and Yukee
Chen and follows a state official and a constable as
they investigate palace corruption. The costume drama stars Dilraba and Vengo
Gao and tells the 2000-year spanning love story
between a monarch and a heavenly emperor. So from the previous edition of this list,
Eternal Love of Dream rises to number one from number three. The Love Lasts Two Minds premieres impressively
this week at number two whereas Under the Power remains in the top half
of the list despite ending it’s run two weeks ago. I also want to mention the top three Chinese
TV dramas at the moment. These are based on TV ratings and social media
discussions in China. At number three is Court Battle
with Yu Hewei and Carlina Zhang. Having just premiered a couple of days ago,
I Will Find You a Better Homewith Sun Li and Luo Jin, is at number two. And still going strong at number one is New
Worldwith Sun Honglei and Zhang Luyi. Also provided by Vlinkage, the list is based
on drama performances, social media discussions and Baidu searches. And in this list, there’s no separation between
web and TV, it’s just drama actors as a whole. He is currently filming Legend of Fei with
Zhao Liying. She recently wrapped filming Oath of Love
with Xiao Zhan. He recently wrapped filming Oath of Love with
Yang Zi. He recently starred in Under the Power with
Seven Tan. He currently stars in The Love Lasts Two Minds with Yukee Chen. He currently stars in The Great Ruler with
Ouyang Nana. He currently stars in Forward Forever with
Huang Zitao. She currently stars in Eternal Love of Dream with Vengo Gao. She recently starred in Under the Power with
Allen Ren. She recently starred in Find Yourself with Song Weilong. Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s popularity continue
to keep them in the list despite not having any dramas airing at the moment
whereas Victoria Song, Seven Tan and Dilraba continue their strong run at the top of the
list. So there you go guys. Hope this gives you guys an idea of who and
what drama’s hot in Chinese drama land at the moment. And that’s it for this edition but before
I let you guys go, I want to give a hearty shoutout to Marion Smith who recently became
a patron on my Patreon page. Thank you for your support for it allows me
to keep creating and sharing videos with everyone. And thank you everyone for watching. This show would not be possible without your support, whether it is through Patreon or simply by watching, subscribing and liking. So as always, I wish you clear blue skies, good
health and happiness. Until next time, cheers.

66 thoughts on “Five hotly-rumored Chinese drama pairings, Top 10 Chinese dramas at the moment 02.23.2020

  1. I am so happy about Yukee Chen, she deserves being the main lead in these dramas, I love her! The pairing I wish for is Deng Lun and Yangzi if ever! But I am looking forward to the pairing of Jeremy and
    Peng Xiao Ran. After Goodbye My Princess would love to see her again and hope it doesn't have a suicide scene.

  2. Hi Marcus. I have a question. Why do you always list the top 10 web dramas but only the top 3 TV dramas? In China, TV drama has a broader audience and can be watched both on TV and online and in general has higher quality.

  3. Hello Marcus n hope you keeping well.
    Merci for the updates as always,๐Ÿ˜
    Would love to see Veng Gao n Victoria Song, hope it happens.
    Enjoying the Eternal live, Dr Cutie is truly amazing.
    Take care of you

  4. I just feel if they pair Xiao Zhan and dilraba the drama will be more interesting and a lot of people will watch it, their will be more views.

  5. All these male actors look so young urgh! Where's Elvis Han, Zhu Ya Wen, Ethan Juan, Mark Chao and Chang Chen? I really can't watch these young boys!! Their fresh faces and red pouty lips….๐Ÿ˜ญ

  6. Wow thank you for always including Dilreba to the list โค๏ธ Beautiful soul inside and out .We love you lil fox โค๏ธ๐Ÿฟ

  7. Drama under the power (finished viewing)
    Miss truth (seen to episode 14)
    Love lasts 2 minds(seen to episode 12)

    All 3 are crime investigation drama.but the first 2 are case by case basis
    Love lasts 2 minds involves only one drama plot developments with the mastermind in black and each murdered victim has one finger being cut off.
    But enjoy drama love lasts 2 minds most of all
    Cheers for an exciting drama time

  8. I would love to see Liu Shishi and Ni Ni togther in a Drama but a different one since that isn't my cup of tea storywise. Both are good actresses and have a similar acting style. And I adore both :D.

  9. I am currently watching the great lord or ruler i don't remember & it is so bad & boring… The only reason i kept watching it was lu mu bai story & his acting was even better than the leading actors…. They were so bad …. Waste of time..

  10. I'm still fairly new to Asian dramas. Fell in love with Eternal Love. Currently hooked on Under the Power. Next is Eternal Love of Dreams๐Ÿ’“

  11. I would love to see Xiao Zhan and Dilraba pair in a period/ costume drama and with a good storyline for sure it will give a high ratings, I hope that some producers will listen to the fans ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers

  12. Hi marcus๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘‹how are you?
    I'm so happy for your updates today!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–
    Especially for li yifeng,it's been a while for him๐Ÿ˜Š miss him after watching the series with ZLY…
    Excited also for cecilia liu and Ni Ni๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“they are both great in acting๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘my god can hold my excitement ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’“
    I got surprised for alan yu for being top 6 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ sooooooo happy today thank u sooooo much marcus!!!๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’– God bless!!!!

  13. I downloaded the iQiyi app just to watch the love lasts two minds , i am on episode 4 , so how do you become a VIP member? Im on the one month free trial atm lol but the series is great so far , Yukee Chen is such a likable actress, I liked her on The Princess Weiyoung

  14. essa semana eu sรณ acertei o Under of the power, o resto passei longe. Mas faltaram varios excelentes doramas como: Miss truth, guardians of the ancient toath, Dr.cutie e outros. Pena, dilraba e vitoria jรก estou cansada, fazem doramas demais e um proximo do outro, isso cansa.

  15. Hi Marcus!

    I see you're back in Canada!

    I'm glad you were able to leave without a problem.

    He told you that I finished watching The Untamed, and I loved โ™ฅ especially the performance of Xiao Zhan makes me believe that it is so in real life (smiling).

    Yibo his role is totally serious (although in real life, it seems the same) hahaha

    I'm also watching Eternal Love of Dream, I'm delighted, I just have to wait for the chapters to go up (it makes me lazy) while I'm uploading them, I'm watching Leyend of Fuyao, it's excellent, I didn't like the voice that came to Vengo Gao, haha this something exaggerated.

    I like the role of Ethan Juan with Yang Mi

    Watching the following Dramas for filming, my sister and I read a story on the Web.

    Where they report, that the dramas in China, can only be 40 Chapters, and that they would see how many people could participate in it, because they said, that the last chapters, only added personnel, to lengthen the story.

    But that some Dramas would be transmitted as they were 50 or more, because they were already, to go on broadcast

    Wow another drama with Vego .. (I love his personality) hahaha Hara a great couple with Victoria.

    Vin Zhang also like how he acts.

    I definitely want to see Nini and Vego's (smiling)

    I used VPN when even the Opra server was working fine, and you're right you can see pages that are not allowed in the region

    Seeing the Top actors, Victoria Song didn't recognize her was she? Do you see something changed in the images?

    Thanks for sharing this information Cheers!…

  16. I loving the series name love lasts two minds ,Find yourself and handsome siblings ..i am watching this dramas ..all are great โคโคโค

  17. I have recently finished watching Taiwanese drama 'someday or one day'..a must watch drama.. soo uniquely made..Nd currently watching a new Chinese drama "I've fallen for you" this drama is light nd hilarious..loving it

  18. Anything with Shawn Duo, Peng Xiao Ran, Vin Zhang, Cecilia Liu, Elvis Han, Dilireba, Wang Duo, Xiao Zhan, Chen Xing Xu, and Ni Ni!!! And where's Bai Lu!
    Also The Great Ruler is fantastic!

  19. I sorry, but I donโ€™t like the drama of the pillow book and the Internal love. I donโ€™t get why it is a top 10 drama

  20. Marcum, I have one question. Can someone asked the director of the drama, why put costumes the man with white hair. But has black eye brown.

  21. Hi, thank you for this. Am so happy for "Under The Power".
    This is a MUST but MUST watch drama. It has everything as love, romance, fight scenes and a shout out for the leading actors that played LuYi and Jin Xia. LU YI could tell you everything with one single look. The leading lady as JinXia was a strong woman with a warm heart (I appreciate all that kickass ladies). Seriously, I will never forget this historical Chinese drama, foreva in my โค

  22. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ…OMG Seven Tan 2nd place am so happy for her.
    Even me that I didnt know much about her, I searched her name in all plataforms cos I loved her in Under the Power and then knew about her next drama "Go ahead" with Song Weilong. Really happy for her. Thank you Marcus.
    And lets not talk about Allen Ren (I admired his acting skills a lot) cos this is not gonna end. Here a new fan for this leading actors. Kudos to them.

  23. iam getting so frustrated with eternal love of dreams, the fight scenese are so lazy. they changed her from fighting smartly and elegantly in a bad sytuation to am thoughtlessly charging foreward and needs to be saved person xD Was it reallythat hard to gain Budget for this?? since they could profit from eternal love it shouldent have been…. the quality is lacking in many aspects and i think the main leads acted a lot better in eternal love and had better chemistry but oh well… i am ranting

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