Floyd Mayweather Reveals How He Spends His Money

Floyd Mayweather Reveals How He Spends His Money

100 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Reveals How He Spends His Money

  1. The really wealthy people don't have a need to flaunt it as Mayweather does. Truth is he's peanuts compared to them

  2. Hate this lil Punk with a passion son just don't know why the Lord wouldn't give him all the money in the world and be the lone person on earth JUST HATE THIS PUNK SON

  3. love money? cool? 😅🤣😂 Go to School Floyd! That's Cool.. Your money & Fame wilk never save you boi! 😅😂🤣 God Bless❤✌🙏

  4. Go on floyd top respect true professional
    Amazing fighter came from nothing
    Well deserved
    God bless you brother.😁👍👊

  5. I remember when his net worth a few years ago was only like 300 million and in just a few years he basically doubled it just from boxing……he will probably be the next mike tyson bankrupt trying to make a come up in movies

  6. mad how we accept things like this yet everyones exploding because nobodys donating to put out amazon forest fires, you got your own people living on steets eating out of bins but lets pay 1 man 350 mil for 20 mins.. crazy

  7. He talked about how he makes his money and how he has his money delivered to him, but the last thing he talked about is what's in the title…how he spends it.

  8. I like how Bill Gates and Warren Buffet dress.
    Not over the top, they wear what comfort to them.
    Not some hype Gucci jacket cost $5000

  9. Damn I wish I was AFFLUENT LIKE FLOYD MAYWEATHER, so that I can help out the needy people. That's my dream to help myself, my family members, and poor people!!!! Hopefully one day my DREAM WILL COME INTO REALITY!!!

  10. People say this is the real/genuine side of Mayweather. What he does on camera is for show. I know I know, he’s on camera in this clip. You all know what I’m trying to get at though. 🧐

  11. Soldiers sacrifice their lives for the country yet they get paid very less..

    All the actors, singers, entertainers gets millions of dollars…

    WTF is wrong with the world…

  12. What kind of world are we living in these people get paid millions to fight while law enforcement officers get paid only thousands to stop fights

  13. Fair play to have money and I respect the hustle. But personality wise this guy is an absolute flog. His personality is peasant, he is a poor man in the soul. I like Conner, he has cash and he invests it so it goes to work,

  14. Majority speak about Mayweather but take a deep look … this guy has manners , ability to listen when others talking, answering strong , short and correctly, his behaviour.
    Man that man deserved it

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