Full Review | 2019 Fleetwood IROK | Luxury Class B Camper Van For Under $100k

Full Review | 2019 Fleetwood IROK | Luxury Class B Camper Van For Under $100k

A great looking, gas powered camper van with
some really cool tech options and can be had for under $100k? Yep, we’re reviewing a 2019 IROK by Fleetwood
and we’re starting right now! Hey there, Neil Balthaser here and welcome
to Ultramobility Reviews the channel where you vote for the RVs that you want me to review
each week. If you haven’t voted yet watch my Mini-Reviews
and vote at the end of each one! And if you’re watching live during the Premiere
then go ahead and ask your questions in the chat window and I’ll be happy to answer them. Let’s jump into this review starting with
exterior where we’re also going to talk about chassis specs and hookups. The IROK is built on the Ram Promaster 3500
chassis which means it’s just an inch under 21 feet in length and that means it can just
fit into standard parking spaces here in North America. The Promaster is a gas powered 3.6L V6 Pentastar
engine with a 6 speed transmission that can deliver up to 283HP and 260Ft-lbs. of torque. It’s front wheel drive and has a great turning
radius. As far as the exterior goes I really like
the look of the IROK. It has minimal graphics and Fleetwood has
upgraded the wheels to a matte black finish which give the IROK a more rugged look. If you opt for the granite crystal metallic
paint you get a unique looking van that’s pretty stealthy. Along the driver’s side it’s pretty clean. There’s no refrigerator vents here and I appreciate
that Fleetwood has aligned all the hookups and panels along a straight horizontal line
front to back to minimize drawing attention to the fact that this is an RV. Speaking of hookups all of them except the
gravity dump station are located up high. While we’re on the driver’s side let’s take
a quick look at the driver’s seating position. Here I am sitting with the seat pushed all
the way back. I’m 5’10” and I don’t really have much room
to recline the seat back any further. This isn’t a problem specific to the IROK
– all Promaster’s have this challenge. The steering wheel does both tilt and telescope. Let’s head inside now where we’re going to
also talk about specs, dimensions and features. The IROK comes in two floor plans: the FSL
which features a rear sofa which converts to your bed and the floor plan we’re in today
the FSD which features two twin beds in the rear. Here we are inside the FSD and in the back
you see your two sofas facing one another; along the passenger side is your galley and
across the aisle on the driver’s side if your bathroom. This coach has a very sophisticated feel with
hand rubbed, high gloss burl wood, AMG double needle diamond pattern seating which by the
way used to be a $1000 upgrade but is now standard and beautiful wood-grained vinyl
flooring. I do want to point out the interior height
which is 6’1″. Taller people may feel a bit squished in this
coach. I do appreciate the special touches like the
burl wood cover for the overhead vent and the aluminum, residential style door knob
to the bathroom. This coach feels like a much more expensive
Airstream but as you can see from the price here we’re under $100k at this particular
dealer. Let’s take a look at the galley where we’re
also going to talk about the electrical system. There’s plenty of prep space here although
it’s important to note that there are no counter extensions. You’ve got a nice solid surface Corian counter
top, an AC outlet to plug in your coffee maker or other kitchen appliance, a nice aluminum
sink with a residential style faucet AND an induction cooktop which is standard! You’ve got pretty good storage below the sink
and a cabinet above. I’m happy to report that as you can see here
both the drawers and the cabinets are positive locking. Some of the storage under your counter is
taken away by the 3.5 cu.ft. compressor driven refrigerator. But the bonus of moving that refrigerator
is a large wardrobe closet below your convection microwave oven. And as you see here the microwave is located
up higher so you’ll have to decide if that works for you or not. Take a look down: we are a little bit constrained
with the width of the aisle-way due to both the passenger side sofa and the bathroom inching
their way into the aisle. You’ll need to try this space out yourself
to see if you have enough room to move about. Let’s swing around and have a look at the
electrical system. Standard on this coach you get 3000wh – that’s
around 250ah of lead acid batteries, a 2000w inverter and 100w of solar. It’s great to see Fleetwood giving you 100w
of solar standard. For 2018 and 2019 model years you get a 2.5kw
propane generator as standard BUT starting with the 2020 model year that’s going to become
an option. Now what’s really impressive is that you have
two options for upgrading to lithium: The first is a 100ah (1200wh) simple lithium battery
upgrade for $4500. I’m not listing it here but basically they
just replace the lead acid batteries with lithium and all the rest of the standard features
stay the same. Or, you can opt for the $22k upgrade to the
Xantrex Eco-Freedom 7200wh (600ah) lithium battery upgrade that will also upgrade your
inverter to 3000w and your generator to an underhood, second alternator. Additionally, Fleetwood upgrades your coach
air conditioner to a get this – 38,000 BTU unit that can run off your lithium batteries. To put that in perspective most camper van
rooftop AC units are 13,500 BTUs so this one has over twice the cooling capabilities. Finally, I want to point out that this coach
uses an Espar gasoline coach heater. That means the heater doesn’t use propane
but takes fuel directly off your main fuel tank. So if you upgrade to the Xantrex Eco-Freedom
lithium system where the propane generator is replaced by the underhood generator you
can go completely propane-less on this coach. Okay let’s head into the rear lounge/bedroom
where we’re also going to take a look at the bathroom. This is a very nice rear lounge. Two large sofas face each other and I gotta
say I love the AMG double needle diamond pattern stitching. There are two wood color options available:
black burl and walnut burl and 3 leather color options. 4 people are going to be able to sit in this
lounge no problem. I also appreciate the cup holders integrated
into the table top and that the table top matches the Corian on the kitchen counter. This is something that you’ll normally find
on much more expensive RVs. Unfortunately, there are no seatbelts back
here: 3-pt or otherwise so this lounge is strictly for lounging in when the coach is
parked. On the positive side this twin sofa configuration
does allow for pass thru storage from the back. Sitting on the bench seats is okay. The good news is that at 5’10” my legs aren’t
dangling but the overhead cabinets are a bit low and taller folks may find themselves hitting
their heads on them. There’s a 24″ flat panel LCD TV back here
and its on a swing-out armature and sensibly placed so that people can see it. Let’s see how this lounge converts to a bedroom. You can fill in the middle section and have
one large 65″x74″ bed. The bed dimensions are the same for both the
FSL and FSD configurations. In this FSD configuration however you also
get two twin beds when you don’t fill in the middle section. Here I am laying on the driver’s side. Keep in mind I’m 5’10” and you can see that
I just fit into this bed. You can remove the back rest and get a bit
more width. The dimensions are exactly the same on the
passenger’s side as well so if you’re taller then 6 feet then you may feel a little squished. Let’s take a look at some standout features
before heading into the bathroom. You can get the rear and side screen door
packages for $2,500 which seems a bit high to me. Additionally, for nearly $7k you can get a
roof rack system with ladder which is pretty cool looking on this already cool looking
van. A really unique upgrade is the exterior security
camera system which includes 4 camera that are integrated into the touch screen panel
in the back. If sleeping , you can push a dim glowing red
button on the monitor and turn on the camera monitor inside of the vehicle and view what
is going on outside. A huge upgrade is this power, drop-down loft
bed which can be electrically lowered and something that’s not listed here
is that Fleetwood uses the FireFly integrated control system that when coupled with a separate
iPhone app lets you monitor and control some functions inside your RV remotely! These are all really great features that I
haven’t found on any other RVs in this price range. All right let’s take a quick look at the bathroom
before I give you my final recommendation. It’s a nice looking bathroom. Even though it’s small i like the stainless
steel sink and again matching Corian. The residential type faucet and matching shower
head are modern and clean looking. Bonus points for having a proper toilet paper
holder with a cover to protect when you shower. Here I am seated on the toilet and I’ve good
adequate shoulder room and headroom – nothing’s really obstructing me. And here I am standing. I’m 5’10” and it is a bit tight in terms of
head room. But there is a powered rooftop vent in here
and I appreciate that little bit of extra cut out in the wall that gives me just a bit
more elbow room. Let’s have a quick look at tank sizes before
I give you my final recommendation. Nice size Fresh water tank and this coach
comes with a black tank flush system and heated tanks as standard. You can upgrade to a macerator for $2k. So all around a good plumbing system for this
coach with tank sizes that are going to let you boondock for 3-4 days. So what’s my final recommendation? Should you avoid the IROK? Consider it? Short list it? Or buy it? I think you should… shortlist it. The IROK is a beautiful coach inside and out
and it comes with some fantastic standard and upgrade features that aren’t available
anywhere else. With the Espar gas heating system and the
Xantrex lithium upgrade you have a fully off-the-grid camper van that can also be propane-less. Let me know if you agree in the comments section
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your taking the time to watch this video. That about wraps it up. Thanks so much for watching Ultramobility
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100 thoughts on “Full Review | 2019 Fleetwood IROK | Luxury Class B Camper Van For Under $100k

  1. Great review Neil! I am still waiting for the "perfect" one. I like the twin bed Wonder but hubby (diesel tech) won't take the plunge due to engine. In the mean time we pull our 32ft Blackstone travel trailer with his approved diesel truck engine! I don't have the skill level to take off and go. In the meantime, I am still on the hunt for a class B so I'll be watching!

  2. Tks again Neil, nice coach and well equipped for the price, my only concern is the quality of REV products…see you next time.

  3. Hi Neil, You said tilt and telescope. I stopped to comment.
    I didn't like the Promaster because it didn't have tilt.
    Was there a change in 2019?

  4. Great review! Two quick questions: (1) Does the couch (non-twin) option have seatbelts! And (2) with the drop-down bed option is there a lounge underneath? Or does the drop-down convert to a bed? Thanks for the great review – definitely shortlisting this van, though once options are added it's well within the price range of comparable Class B's.

  5. Very solid review Neil! I like this van a lot and like the large array of options you can piece together to make this van truly exceptional. The fact you can go propane-less is fantastic. The price point is really solid even with adding the lithium upgrade options. The warranty is better than the manufacturers that charge 170 K but give you 1 year. I love the twin bed option a lot (in other vans as well). This has moved onto my top 5 list. Keep up the solid reviews!

  6. Hi Neil. Great review. I'm really looking forward to checking one of these out with the lift bed. I really think that's a great feature. Now if Ram would only come out with a AWD version of the Promaster. That will help in a lot of ways. Thanks again.

  7. Interested in other short camper vans? Check out this playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xa2hh4i-sk&list=PLLa6GUUz-_eA2R1mWtZXlDB4VlEY6eQVH

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    I am just glad Chevy/RRoadtrek Camper and Dodge is cleaning up their act paying attention to USA RV Class B❗️ 🚐 🗞 📰 21" length is short, very nice unit and the price is inviting❗️ Thank you Ultramobility…Heat from gas WoW …the bedroom pattern are nice, the cup holders make sense…I love it…2019 Fleetwood IROK

  9. Thanks for another good review. You have become our "go to" reviewer. Like the new shortlist idea and pics of you actually lying down on the beds and on the toilet for us to have a better idea of sizes. Did you have a feel for the comfort level of the beds? I presume most of these beds need some sort of mattress pad to make them truly comfortable?

  10. Nice review. Please compare this van to the PW Lexor. When equipped compareably, the prices are similiar. You didn't mention that the cabinets, although attractive, are stapled. I would be concerned with the quality of a Fleetwood proud t.

  11. Love the design and features just especially the option, you can get it propaneless. Just wish it was 4 season 😭

  12. Thanks for the great review (again!) of the new IROK, esp bed lengths as I could not find on-line, or in brochure. Q – what makes you call it a "luxury" Class B CV? Like Mary, I'd like to see a multi-comparison of vans this size w/similar attributes 3-4 side-by-side?). Most specifically the Travato K vs the FW IROK.

  13. Great review as always Neil. Seems like a very nice introduction class B. It's always nice to have another option in the Class B category. Do you think the restricted refrigerator size would be a deal breaker for long trips? Also, is the head room from the bottom of the AC unit or the ceiling itself? How do you like the separated framed cabinets (looks similar to the Midwest RV models), as it seems a bit inefficient, storage wise. Does the shower door handle stick out too much? Sorry for all the questions, just some of the things I noticed.

  14. Great review! I didn’t know Fleetwood has class B’s! What are you thoughts on the build quality like the cabinets Neil? Great job and thanks again!

  15. Lots of great stuff in this video. It seems to me the future is all electric with large lithium capacity, anything else will seem dated in 2 years. I'm not as big a fan of the quilted style of the upholstery. Too schmaltzy for my taste in an outdoor recreation vehicle. Even the burled wood although beautiful is almost too elegant for where it is. I prefer the more European, cleaner look, but that is just my taste.

  16. Great job, as always, Neil. With the power drop down bed, it looks like the overhead storage is modified, to allow for the bed in the up position. Are the sizes of the bins the same, but without doors?

  17. did the model you reviewed have the lithium, underhood generator, etc. wondered if that price they listed included those? thanks.

  18. Fantastic review Sir. XD As you know I am looking to Upgrade from my Revel and I sold my 4 Winds to my sister & brother-in-law. Yeah!! Being 5'2 1/4 inch,,hahaha the Ram chassis works well for me along with a shorter ceiling. This is a sharp vehicle and anyone familiar with the RV Ind,, will know that Fleetwood stands for quality and understated elegance. This Unit has a tasteful interior decor which I have been nagging about,, I know.;) I Luv the new textured design of the lounge area (Prefer the bench seating).
    Perfect for 1 -2 under average height person/people and it has the option of being "Propane-less" luv it.!!
     I have been at a cross-roads between the Coachman Crossfit or the PW Tofino,, but your review of this vehicle had so many positive attributes,,(for me:) that cannot be overlooked. Need to check warranty info. and if it has Duel wheels in back,, very important for a smooth and stable ride.but Wow,, you've just thrown a a really handy monkey wrench into the works. lol

  19. This looks suspiciously similar to the Midwest Auto Design’s Legend. Is it possible that Fleetwood and MAD have an agreement to market this with van jointly?

  20. REV Recreation Group with seven luxury RV manufacturers. – Midwest Automotive Designs built 4 Floor Plans, the Dodge Promaster Legend Class B RV Van Floor Plan FSD are rebadged under Fleetwood IROK. https://midwestautomotivedesigns.com/sprinter-vans/promaster-legend-class-b-rv

  21. I love the interior. Reminds me of a Sees candy store…. Walnut burl is beautiful, too. Nothing can ever be too elegant or beautiful, IMO. As a 5'2 munchkin I would love this.

  22. love your channel,,u r soon going to run out of vans to review,,hence i say do reviews of truck campers,,Lance 650?

  23. So Neil, on the drop down bed, you have no living room space in the back? So you would need to make your own with the bed up…..lawn chairs and such? Also the bed looks like a full mattress and full size?

  24. Is this a four season van? How is the reliability? Is servicing a problem? I am 1 hour from Decatur Indiana(Fleetwood factory).

  25. Thanks Neil another great review and great value for money you guys have great range of vans to chose. FYI pick up my new van today. Kea Cascade

  26. Hey Neil :), well you almost got thinking about it but, nope. PW Lexor TS is more open bigger fridge, window in the bigger bathroom. I do like the air conditioner and the drop down bed though. Nice review good looking rig all n all. Thanks 🙂

  27. Watched the video again, and have a couple more questions: first of all, those "cupholders" in the table look like just holes cut in the table. Are there inserts that go in the holes, cuz if not, the only type of cup that's going to work in there are ones that have tapered sides. In other words, any cup or glass that's straight sided will fall right through the hole.

    Secondly, where does the A/C go when you have the powered drop down bunk, or does it only work when the bunk is in the down position?

  28. Very interesting review Neil. You stated down below . . .


    5 hours ago

    "quality was okay. i'd put it above hymer/roadtrek but below pleasureway. . . ." You didn't mention anything about "staples" as you did in the mini-review. Do you have an opinion on that point?

  29. Another great review 🙂 I think it's got a lot of new features, but the Pleasure Way Lexor is still better in my biased opinion 😉

  30. Pretty fancy looking for a good price. What did you think about the sofa cushions as a mattress ? Thick enough ? Any memory foam in there ? And any impressions about overall build quality ?

  31. Great video but a van built for shorter people, I am 6' 3", far from a giant, this is out of the question. I cannot even stand up in it.

  32. Neil – I would love a video (maybe you have done one and I just missed it) on the advantages/disadvantages on the two different rear seating layouts on many of these Class B vans. The twin bed vs the full rear lounge type thing. I just can't decide which one would be best for what I want to do. But, maybe that's just as simple as getting in them and experiencing them first hand?

    Regardless, love your videos. Thanks for all the work you put into them.

  33. I was surprised to hear you say "I appreciate these special touches" in reference to the residential aluminum door knob on the bathroom door. This is sure is a black and blue mark on the ol' hip every time you bang into this knob. This is one area where stealth is absolutely needed.

  34. Almost as nice as yours. Did you find it as comfortable as yours?. In California you looked extremely comfortable and that is what I’m looking for.

  35. i'd like to get your take on the pleasure way xlmb. including the 2019 changes. i'm a little sad because it seems they've gotten rid of the cherry wood finishes 🙁
    word on the street is that they have one at the happy daze in sacramento. i may drive up to see it soon, but i'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

  36. 1:34 Pretty stealthy..?? Compared to what..??!! It looks like a van conversion / camper van, nothing more, nothing less..!!

  37. Great review. Here's the link to the company that makes the IROK for Fleetwood . https://midwestautomotivedesigns.com/sprinter-vans/promaster-legend-class-b-rv

  38. Would love a complete Tofino review. Have to confess a bit of confusion on the different fridge. Also, some of the comments about driving the ProMaster have proved the same for me. I suspect the van was built for a much larger person. For a vehicle that is meant for traveling the country, ease of driving needs to be paramount…thx!

  39. I would love this coach if it were on the Sprinter chassis, but the Promaster is too small and causes the interior to be too cramped. The bed isn't even long enough for many people. That said, I love the upscale trimmings and the fact that there's an all electric setup available.

  40. Thank you for a wonderful review. Do the heated tanks mean you can use it in the winter? I currently have a 2017 Ascent and wanted to retro fit with tank heaters but PW dealer explained that wasn't a good option.

  41. A very nice machine.. However, I would not consider this because of the bathroom.. For my wife and I ..a dry ,larger bathroom is a must! Too bad really.. this one has everything else we like.

  42. Have you checked out the Adria? It has a very unique bathroom! Plus, it has my large refrigerator! The best part is the price! It is under $65,000! The only thing I don’t like is no induction cooktop! Also the recessed sink. But overall, it seems very cool! I wonder if it has good electrical features like lithium batteries, solar, etc. https://youtu.be/9D0qM0q496k

  43. Hi, Neil, thanks for this review. I really like this overall, especially the option to go propane-less. But basically it's a no go due to the height restrictions; both the bed (length) and inside cabin height are not generous enough for us. Thanks for always making height (and width) considerations very clear and demonstrating it. This is why I always look forward to your videos – I know you will include that essential info. Thanks again!

  44. As a single lady I appreciate the twin bed configuration, however, as a person who prefers home cooking versus restaurant food the kitchen area without any fold outs is not appealing. The hall way between the bath and kitchen area appears to be very narrow also. Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion regarding today's van options.

  45. ugh, this decor trying to look like the Four Seasons hotel is a drag – not just this Fleetwood, but the Leisure Travel and others too. This "upscale" fad can't end fast enough.

  46. I have looked everywhere to try and find out towing capacity for this unit. It is not on the fleetwood site. Did you happen to notice when you saw it in person? I want to tow a can am spyder, approx. 1500 pounds, and trailer is approx. 700#., so need a minimum of 2200 pounds, and another on this chassis I have bee looking at is right about 2 thousand, but I hear that is simply because of things on the undercarriage, otherwise this chassis would easiy handle five thousand pounds.

  47. One of my favorite looking vans so far, especially in the darker exterior color. Wish it had a little more head room inside seeing that I am also 6’1” and also leaning toward the cassette type toilet. Still years from buying one just thought I’d comment anyways. Nice review as always.

  48. That door knob would have to be replaced immediately or I'd be wearing bruises constantly from it sticking out in such a narrow passageway.

  49. Nice review, wish it had lighter inside cabinets to make it feel more spacious.Thanks for your efforts on reviews and taking time to comment on replies!!!

  50. I like the coach I had a Sprinter Loaded Weekender by Midwest Automotive Designs before all part of the same company called REV Group RV. The options are overpriced but I would go with the Lithium setup.

  51. Really the door handle.. lol.. awful… A quartz counter tops would had been on point . This thing looks dated inside and tacky!

  52. Just saw one in Austin, Tx. Very nice coach. If I found one used for the right price it goes to the top of my list.

  53. The prices of the add-on optional features are just over-the-top!
    The rear seating area — I really like the design of the upholstery, it’s beautiful — desperately needs seat belts — the lack of them is a dealbreaker for me.

  54. The bed lift is definitely attractive. Although the interior is beautiful, the dark color makes the small, short space feel even smaller. Change the residential doorknob out. I envision bruising & catching! As a single, shorter female, this would almost be perfect. I like the upgrade options.

  55. I wood like to ask you how you feel about 3 major camper vans I intend on buying one of these 1/Leisure travel van 2/pleasure way 3/coachman

  56. Thank you for this review…. we are decided between this and the lexor and i'm tall and you sitting the back with the headroom shows that I wouldn't fit so its definitely the pleasure way!

  57. I would make a note to self: People looking at your fine videos and do not think about insulation…. I live in McAllen Texas with heat index is 106F …. I am interested in coaches … any ….. that understand that these vehicles may be used in and around Texas beaches and federal parks and I can assure you air conditioning is important and a word or two about insulation would help …. also keep in mind if outside is 100+ then even with venting it is the same inside and if the coach is stapled cabinets or laminated surfaces …… well short lives….. just like people. Thanks for your kind attention

  58. I don’t understand something, If you don’t have The traditional generator but opt for the under the hood generator how does that work? Is the V6 engine under the hood the generator?

  59. Someone has an IROK in Camp Lejeune. I've seen it numerous times and thought it was a regular van that was converted for mini bus duty.

  60. Excellent and thorough review, but no info on cockpit window privacy shades. Fleetwood has a long history of being “Leak-wood” and having detailed finishes, but this coach seems “UN – leakable” and appealing in design and finish.
    Good job!
    Thank you. We’ll be looking for your reviews…..

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