Gary Goes Back Home to Give One of the Best Keynotes of His Career | NAC New Jersey 2019 Keynote

Gary Goes Back Home to Give One of the Best Keynotes of His Career | NAC New Jersey 2019 Keynote

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    3:40 – Why did you come to this conference?
    4:45 – The 2 extremes
    10:00 – Why I’m able to do what I do
    9:10 – How to chip away at other people’s judgments
    12:15 – It’s a game of the edges
    12:50 – Don’t confuse “Fuck You”
    14:50 – Why I love my shit
    18:30 – I love losing & hate being overrated
    20:00 – This is about losing and humility at the forefront and nobody is talking about it.
    22:50 – When I’m in a zone like this, it’s hard for me to…
    26:00 – The biggest confusion in American in 2019 is money = happiness
    30:50 – Entrepreneurship is scary
    38:37 – Google & Youtube will teach you anything, but it’s not about that
    42:00 – “How do I maximize a buyout for my company?”
    42:48 – “What was your first business?”
    45:00 – “How can I still manage something I passed off?”
    45:40 – “I’ve tried a lot things, but I seem to lose interest fast. Now what?”
    47:40 – “How do I scale my business? I spend $5k a month on Ads”
    50:00 – “I can grow my business to 10M, but I don’t love it as much as talking to trouble youths. What should I do?”
    54:00 – “How would you brand yourself in you were in my position? I have been in network marketing for +15 years”
    55:10 – “I’ve had a brick & mortar styling company, but unsure how to scale digitally with my new online course.”

  2. 1.02.52. Where Gary gives Drock the signal not to forget about the fly 52 yr old's brand. they will definitely check out for those DMs,…I love that woman though.. you got to do what you love

  3. One of the most important things that Gary talks about in this talk is Storytelling. I have ALWAYS knew that about him that he is an AMAZING storyteller. So much so that i even made a video on it. Feel free to stop by my channel and gain some value if you wish 🙂

  4. …. I'm just waiting for you to fucking hear it!! ..
    …. I hearing it #garyvee Looooove this fucking guy he's great literally life changing shit right here

  5. So much perspective he talks on I believe deep within the soul! Buying the big house etc… Is what I have not done nor ever willllll!!!! I just don't care at all. I am humbled by my own hustle endlessly. I am UNDER $7k from being 100% debt free going to start my own business at the beginning of next year once car is paid off.. I love Gary's videos soooooooo much!!!!

  6. Interesting new A.I. software replacing the GaryVee-like new age populair applaus addicted Social Media priests soon I am afraid…a friendly reminder to the dapper YouTube influencers/recruiters and mlm pimps amongst us

    – how real beaches look like…

    – versus dusty hotel rooms, keynote speaker events and church building mindfuk indoctrination events


  7. I know your ignoring most of my messages…

    – ignore this and you may be sorry for the rest of your life…

    – doors are closing soon!

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  8. Gary that is one hard lesson I learned this year and it was from you. “Information is free, don’t buy information”. I lost a lot of scholarship money trying to build my business but I learned my lesson;)

  9. PPS: (nice try Vee bro) Yet – the world moved on beyond popular Jersey Streetwise influencer gang-rands (with all respect to your message about real do sh*t vs fear entrepreneurship) – There ARE (A.I.) passive income systems Gary – no offense ace – yet you don't know what you don't know sir (click)

  10. This is not to recruit you – or get you in as a fundraising investor…

    – or make you have to do indoctrination sh*t you don't want to do…

    This is not just another mlm online opportunity or hidden agenda way

    – to make you part of the network marketing no-friends-left club…

    This is about a world wide disruptive automation movement

    – that is way way bigger than that!


  11. It did feel like different video,as I can say is your best keynote. I love the way you make point on self awaress and happiness, it's also important, I love dancing and recently I quite dancing and start network marketing but even after that I can't get dance out of my head so I start dancing again, now I am dance teacher and teaching dance online on my YouTube channel, I'm only 24 year old but I can say that… Happiness matter more than money…. Thanks Gary v

  12. You are the reason I started a YouTube channel and have been posting content on Tik Tok and LinkedIn. The impact you have on people is unbelievable.

  13. I wouldn’t encourage people to rent though intrests rates are low as shit and mortgages are cheaper then rent bro i mean in the UK university accommodation or as you guys call it colleg is more then a mortgage on a medium small house which is fkin crazy and crazier still the fact that governments will give us 100k in loans and grant to “study” which is way more risk then reward compared to if they gave us 100k loans to start up businesses ! ?

  14. This is IMO, one of the great talks of the modern era. Heartfelt, sincere, packed with value. Most importantly, addresses the core principles of life that will set people free.

  15. This video was amazing! Your energy is pouring through the screen, just seeing you work helps me
    deal with life, you're the greatest reminder to be happy. Love you Gary.

  16. So good! Gary’s heart just pouring out through the room. ❤️ it’s like watching him talking to his family…. all 2.5 million of us. ❤️

  17. This dude said he is going to do the GSX and Gary said its too expensive. what is GSX? cannot seem to find the answer (50:53)

  18. GaryVee is the Man of the moments… I've taken all of Gary's advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I'm on target to make a million. I've created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I would love some support & feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out. #TeamCena TV

  19. Gary, I dunno if you were watching the other speakers, but the guy before you kept trying to talk to us about how we can make passive income, blah blah blah and then u came on and crushed that, knocking sense into everyone.. It was fuckin great!

  20. Also dont think you are entitled to success just because you donate shit to charities, I know it make people feel important when they donate but it only makes them important to themselves not to others, they dont give a shit they just want your free stuff. Ok I am done now lol #Gary2020

  21. Every time Gary talks, I want to get out of my semi and start pushing it down the highway to my destination ….and then run through a brick wall. Let's go!

  22. Have a relationship with losing. Go do what you love and believe in. Stop doing dumb shit. Focus on yourself first because you got time for other people. 👌

  23. I'm watching this as I get ready for work, already exhausted before I even leave my house. When I get home tonight, I'm going to start doing something that makes me happy. I'd rather be exhausted with a smile on my face, knowing I'm doing something good for my soul than feeling stressed and depressed before my day even starts. I turn 29 at the end of the month btw lol.

  24. Was there , definitely inspiring and worth seeing you in person 💯 everyone else was just selling some fantasy gimmick “ you need to be branded” bullshittoo 💯 keep it up Gary 🔥🔥🔥

  25. The story Gary tells over and over again about him carrying wine to his friends’s cars who were flossing coz they had dope cars and working on Wall Street is THE BEST. I LOVE! That story, absolutely live it! Could listen to that every day

  26. The story Gary tells over and over again about him carrying wine to his friends’s cars who were flossing coz they had dope cars and working on Wall Street is THE BEST. I LOVE! That story, absolutely live it! Could listen to that every day

  27. Extremely Impressive, I enjoyed it a lot!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , doo check 🙂

  28. I was sitting there, saying to them I want to know what you know, having thoughts that I'm literally going to meet them and see where to we will be going, but when I said, so now we going to help my family back in my hometown ? they decided to call the ambulance and put me in that

  29. 2 years ago, I left my corporate career and sold my 350k$ house in the city for the same reasons Gary mentioned. Since then, I've been living on a rented farm in the woods and I am about to start my own online business. Will it succeed? I don't know. At least I have the merit of trying and following my gut. Am I afraid? Yeah! But I will do it anyways. It took me 2 years to put my life in order, but now I'm free to do what I want. Gary's right that it's fear of judgment that keeps us in our mental prisons. You can sell your house, but know that your life won't be fixed the next day. It takes time and a lot of mental cleaning up before moving forward. Great talk!

  30. It's funny, y'all simply believe I'm something, when I'm not even in the preseason and basketball is just a game, I can move it to different other things to not limit myself to a game of 4 quarters

  31. You can stay home, ma girl coming at me with cartoons sh it, you can stay home, I ain't rollin with cartoons relationships, gugluguglugu,, you can stay home, I need a woman, I need a giirl, a guuururrlll, not a girl, I need a guuuurrlll

  32. If you, girl, don't wanna roll with me today, thas fine, tell me that you don't want to roll with me and why you don't want to do that in your entire lifetime, and next day guess where you gonna be? in the same place, same town, and you gonna want some

  33. Progress, progress, progress As much as I don't quite give verses from the Word of God, I gotta give this, there is a time for everything and thas just so true, progress progress progress

  34. A good joke, right Let me think of a good good joke, I'm a tell you later, is just I'm so good at them, that I can tell them in a moment when you don't have it prepared, you just say it and see what happens.. Remebered of some time last year in my hometown, telling my friend that is nice how he held a vibe for a long period of time and he was looking at me, you crazy ma man, I'm like what's crazy in this?

  35. I love the Novak Djokovic comment at 19:25…he's the man! My favorite business guy likes my favorite athlete. 🙂 Great minds think alike…

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