Grandmama Drama! Mothers Argue Over Children’s Relationship (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Grandmama Drama! Mothers Argue Over Children’s Relationship (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated well your honor hello, this is a case of Lang vs. Brown Thank You Jerome good day everyone Mr. Lang you and your mother MS Lang have been waiting in agony to find out if you’re indeed the biological father of your little daughter Jenelle now, although you have serious doubt. Mr. Lang. You want nothing more than for this child to be yours Yes your honor. All right now Ms. Brown you and your mother are also here today claiming There’s absolutely no other possible father for your baby Except mr lang and furthermore you argue that neither of you can understand why the legs are so distraught today because They haven’t bothered to see the child in months Yes now miss Lang. I’m gonna start with you Why are you so certain this child isn’t your son’s? Because I found out that Miss Brown slept with my son’s best friend from the sandbox best friend and I don’t think she know whether it’s my sons or Mr. Dixon’s oh Really? Is that true? No, that’s not true your honor. I’ve never slept with mr. Dickson. Mr. Dickson, and mr Lang have been not friends for a while. They’ve been going at it trying to fight each other trying to find each other Okay, so you’re saying her assertion isn’t true? No, it’s not y’all right? So take me back Ms. Brown What is your account of how this relationship began and then Lincoln we was on and off for two years Because he cheated on me every other day. I I find out about more than 50 hundred girls. I promised you I would I’m not being a mod so many girls and it wasn’t her house. She’s been lied about him She didn’t like for him and I find out she’s lying for it handy It’s my son. Okay, I don’t mock you for that So your mother live for you girlfriend? No, I have no reason to lie for hackaton. I don’t have no reason to my I gotta Get some more tubes get some more. I want to understand this you were together He was doing his cheating. Were you sleeping with anybody else? No as well? Not that we know of your honor No, my son let’s do you unlike you know your daughter but oh no You know Give me sorry. Where’s you in the Biddy always? let’s get some order please now, I Don’t know if the kids are in a relationship or if the mothers are No, I stay out of the relationship when they was going back and forth on my mom was never in it I never got in it but she was always in I was always away. We’ll work it out Because Let’s be honest. There’s a child here Can I talk and we want to make sure that we’re being respectful in your were Also being respectful for the child’s sanity setting an example for the kids. All right, let me understand this story You were in a relationship. It didn’t work out you then find out you’re pregnant Yes, and what happens I was at the doctor I came home and I gave him the paper saying I was pregnant and he kept the paper. He kept it with him He even took it to school to show everybody. I want to have a baby on the way. He was excited He stayed through with me through the whole entire pregnancy birth and delivery. He was happy to have a baby You see I wasn’t sure about keeping a baby. I just started college. He’s begged me to keep the baby and so mr Lange when you found out she was pregnant you were happy about it ma’am. Did you have any doubts at the time? That’s why I’m not in it and what made you start to have doubts we missed when mr. Dickson got in the picture Yeah, I told me to stop messing with her because the baby she’s pregnant. What could possibly be his Oh so leaving You that she’s having a baby and you’re the father and you are happy about it Yes, then you get a phone call from mr. Dickson and he tells you Don’t be too happy because the baby is mine. Yes, man. I will see them in the car riding around together I’ll see him walking to her house or appointment while I’m like walking down the street and things like that Yeah, I put her together hugged up was this before or after the baby was born for? Miss Brown, do you have any idea? Why another man? Mr Dixon in particular would say he’s the father No your honor and I’ve never slept with him me and him was not even cool when we even seen each other We wouldn’t say nothing to each other. We just look at each other when we were cool. It was never like that It was always a group of friends. So why would he do that? Because I like I said before they were enemies he was trying to make mr. Lange mad. Okay, well When you guys were arguing in the kitchen, this is when you were showing and there was no doubt. She’s my grandbaby No, that was I was happy and I said what’s going on in here? What are you talking about? But he’s there she has sex with my best friend That’s not evil. I can’t plant it If you want more episodes of paternity court make sure to subscribe and click on the notification bell And so you’re saying she had sex with his best friend during the time She was pregnant or before she was on when she got pregnant up until this point you were supportive You thought you had a grandchild coming you were excited Grandmother. So in that moment, you said wait a minute, you know the singer that was plenty But I still told my son don’t be mean to her. Don’t be anything to her I could you with it you with them. You cannot say it’s not your child, Ms. Brown you Did or did not sleep with this bachelor tonight? Okay, and I am very sure that this is his baby. Can we spoke about it? I haven’t slept together with no one else and exactly that time is around exact time. I got pregnant you say that’s your Conception. Yes that was in middle argost in August. And so now the baby’s born. Yes Mr. Lange was there when the baby was born? Yes. He was there’s a whole sign the birth certificate. Yes. He did you did All right, let me see that evidence We both we both held miss Brown’s legs back while she was pushing the baby out. You all were there and cooperate. Yes it was only there like she said I’m just here to see if this is my Be able to look at it it tell that’s the only reason she was there to see for myself Cuz once this baby comes out I’ll be able to tell if this is my grandbaby. Okay? That’s what she’s okay, so now mr Landy see this panic you you’re there you cut the umbilical cord you sign the birth certificate Wouldn’t you look at this baby? Did you think the baby was yours? He thought it was his can I interject right there? He thought it was he is she looked like him to me – right there. I said, oh look at her get your baby Know all that and then he pulled the head off. He said mama what’s up with this hair? Like that is his daddy hairline. Stop playing girl, please That’s what I said – that’s what I said – but it’s daddy at 51 years old. But anyway, so he put up quarterback I said Jimmy let that go The baby’s just born maybe it’s gonna grow some hair and just just knock it off Because if don’t do that, he felt like it wasn’t his hairline, right? So you still had doubts when the baby was first born You had a doubt did you mr. Lang Hado you did. Hey, excuse me honor its Facebook post of him talking about Oh, this is my baby. She has he has pictures that he’s posted of them together Oh you find out that this is my baby He has a lot of pictures saying so there was no doubt after the baby was born. Let me see that evidence So he loves the baby. No dad Ms. Brown. Now. Your mother said she thought she was only there to figure out if the baby Looked like them or not. I don’t really care about his mother’s about me and him look Like to think so but in this courtroom we call it the way we see it It should be about you too, but I hate to break it to you, baby You all got a lot going on in your million We do we do because whole time the whole two years moves in liberation ship every time we’d be on Facebook arguing anything his mom Will get on Facebook on her post Joanne start getting into it every single time So, why are you arguing? Yes, yes she was oh no, honey, I did get no child every day yes, I did to raise my grandbaby Okay, hold on I’m looking at some evidence now, I’m looking at the evidence that was presented these are posts. Oh It says say we don’t look alike. Laugh out loud boy. That’s all me right That’s you posting about the baby, right? I wouldn’t post anything about I don’t know if this is my baby or it isn’t that I’ve been what is a What a say, we don’t look alike me It was lately people get something. They it was people that said we didn’t look alike. So you were dressing claims Made by people that the baby didn’t look like you. Yes And then on another post you say yeah, that’s my baby. That’s right. So you’re saying no this baby does look like me Yes, but you also telling me in this courtroom that you had doubts. Yes. So what you were really doing on Facebook? Was just talk When you say that, okay, and so even when you had a doubt deep down inside You were defending this beautiful baby on Facebook saying this baby is mine. Yes, ma’am Okay, while he was doing all that and he’s saying he loved her why haven’t you seen her months? well Let me why every time I texted me say come get used to her cuz when she cooked when you come to visit She screams and cries like she don’t know you like screaming bloody murder I texted Every time me and him will have argument about him cheating His mother would get into it either try to argue with me or try to lie for her son Which she can I don’t doubt but don’t be in my face telling me a lie Just go go away with your son. Like don’t get on Facebook talking mess. She’ll get on Facebook. Oh, that’s your wrath I don’t like her like Girl, like I don’t know I can’t explain it. She would always get into it. She called you a driver you have it Okay, I think we can go back into Facebook. Okay? Miss lane. I want to come to you because I want to hear your side of this Okay. Are you on Facebook with the kids arguing? No, yes She’s going back two years ago your honor To the judges say you didn’t do it girls knock it off. Anyway, maybe two years ago But when they first got started together, she always thought I was saying things to him against her But I wasn’t I was always for her. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing that? Why talking her aren’t you what you win Chanel? I’m always for her but here, you know Facebook Arguing with young people was already leaving comments right you what was she doing what they in her opinion State your opinion in the comments. Yes, ma’am Excuse me your honor. It was a time that she was this opinion you were stating I don’t even know it was so long ago. I couldn’t tell it was so many. It was so many opinions There’s so many long times alone and so many inboxes okay what I’m trying to understand and I’m not really getting it cuz you said at First you were for her you were telling your son what he should do and get it ride and Write be adult and write What happened to changed her mind cause it’s just that’s nothing like you like the young girl this much But I’m not understanding why in the beginning when I thought she was pregnant with my granddaughter I had no doubt what so the table’s turned once you had that doubt, right and You got the doubt from the kitchen conversation right about her sleeping with the best friend, right? Then you got angry and you decided you didn’t care for her Well, not as much as I did at first, but but but but but I cared for her still. Okay, I’m still your what do you have – there’s two things I offered to pay for a DNA test When all Decimus was coming up – she would talk mess behind my back about the baby but not being Mr. Leng’s but when I confronted her she says she never said it and when we got into an argument That’s when the topic of the baby not being there’s came up. I offered to pay for a DNA test after that She never said another thing me Don’t sit there Do you want to watch fraternity court on TV go to paternity court dot TV to find your local listings Excuse me. I’m trying to remain calm Because I know it there’s a lot at stake here and you’re two passionate mothers who love your children But at this time, I think the only way we’re gonna be able to move forward is to get the results Give me the envelope before they set me off and we gonna all be up in here These results were prepared by DNA diagnostics and they read as follows In the case of Lang versus brown when it comes to one-year-old, baby Janelle Mr. Lang You are not are you serious That’s alone oh I swear that’s a lot the DNA doesn’t lie Mr. Lang Guys come back so we have finished. We just want to finish it. Come on I Could tell that that was not the result you were expecting and yet I have to ask you if mr Lang is not the father who is baby Janelle’s father No It’s not mr. Lange Sweetheart the science the DNA it doesn’t lie Okay, so you do know but you just don’t want to talk about it All right, I think she’s given her answer Mr. Lang, you’ve been delivered a blow and I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry. I couldn’t give you the answers You want it? This Court has resources from all of you to help you sort through this Yes, you may and I wish you all the best Court is adjourned You

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