Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1/8) Movie CLIP – Pleased to Meet You (1967) HD

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (1/8) Movie CLIP – Pleased to Meet You (1967) HD

He’s so.. so calm and sure of everything He doesn’t have any tensions in him He knows what he believes and what he thinks is right and why and where he’s going Mom, there is one thing that I must tell you He was married before and he had a son it was so tragic Both his wife and his son was killed in a train accident in Belguim 8 years ago [sobbing] And John I haven’t even told you his name Mom, i- it’s John Wade Prentise isn’t that a lovely name? John Wade….. Joanna Prentise I’ll be But mom, mom there’s something else that I must tell you John’s been concerned about very deeply concerned. He’s been worrying for the past week whether you and dad would be upset if John clears throat Well, it’s about time! I was wondering where you’d been mom this is John doc doc .. doctor Prentise I’m so…. pleased to meet you I’m pleased to meet you Misses Draydon I take it Joanna’s already busted out with the big news. well she has umm told me a great deal, but all very quickly too well she she’s only known me for ten days So she can’t tell you what I’m like that could be another problem Misses Draydon I’m medically qualified so I hope you wouldn’t think it presumptuous if I say you oughta sit down before you fall down he thinks you’re gonna faint because he’s a negro. well I don’t think I’m going to faint, But I’ll sit down anyway

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  1. I love this movie I'm 50% cherokee 20% cerlo 30% white i think color should matter my fiancé is white in we getting married in September

  2. I like this movie because I'm from Mexico and my grandfather is French and he come to the Sierra and married with my grandmother that is tarahumara and all of my family is brown but I'm withe and blue eyes and some times I don't feel that I'm not part of that family but with the time I finally I understand that the color of your skin doesn't matter, only matter the person that you are now

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  5. They have only known each other for 10 DAYS, not years, not months, DAYS….and they are ready to be married!!! Heck No. who cares about their racial background

  6. If I were a parent of that girl I would do my up most to try to get her to reason with her that although she may really be in love with him in only ten days, and it may even last, she is rushing into things she has no knowledge about as she has been cared and spoiled in her rich life to date. She has known no other world and does not even work!  She (in the movie) is talking to her mom like she is Cinderella swept off her feet by prince charming and we know life just isn't that way at all. Add to the fact, that her man is having to rush off on a plane to another country as he is a doctor needed elsewhere. One should never feel pressured to get married because, of lack of time per a schedule. That is absurd. There are millions of reasons to be married to this man/woman and millions of reasons she/he should not marry. They need time to really think things over and not rush anything. They need time to really get to know one another. What is wrong with a one year engagement before their wedding? Makes sense to me. She will find herself married yes, but alone and far away from her parents she is so use to living with. It will be a huge adjustment for her and it will make her very sad for a very long time. Eventually, the Cinderalla bubble will burst into reality and real life will awaken her with a start of "what am I doing here?"

  7. You know,  I can't help but feel like every time joey and Dr Prentice open their mouth I hear a couple of unrealistic spoiled brats talking. They knew each other for 10 days and they just spring this on them without warning. They both sound a little spoiled and inconsiderate with him throwing around ultimatums and her not caring about anyone's feelings. I do love the movie; it has a worthwhile message, and the actors are some of the best, but some of the characters are a little nuts.

  8. It has taken at least 1200 generations to take the melanin off my skin.
    It would take just one more to destroy that heritage!

  9. Look at all the poor wittle inbred, butthurt, pea-brain racists in these comments. You fuckers are living in 1850 and should have been a jerk off session. What a bunch of sad, pathetic cowards.

  10. Judging by the comments below , I'm dealing with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. – One of the greatest films ever made!!

  11. Judging by the comments below , I'm dealing with a bunch of twelve-year-olds. – One of the greatest films ever made!!

  12. It's still relevant nowadays. I'm a French white Girl and I saw so many white people who were so disappointed when many of my friends introduced their blacks boyfriends . Le racisme a encore de beaux jours devant lui… 🙁

  13. Am I the only one who noticed that Hepburn's eyes look wet and glassy throughout the entire film? It was driving me mad lol

  14. Great movie. I really enjoyed Katharine Houghton's representation of a younger and more idealistic generation who don't see the big deal in race. We see it in the help's assistant and the white meat truck driver as well. This movie wasn't just talking about differences in race, I'd argue that the larger topic was about older and younger generations and their particular views on race.

  15. This is absurd; absolutely unthinkable!! How can they even think of getting married when they only knew each other for 10 days?!

  16. The acting in this movie was of the first rank. Everyone in this movie did an outstanding job. Even the nonverbal cues stood out top and was top notch.

  17. I remembered as a kid growing up in the 80s and 90s as when i saw Nightcourt (Mac whom is a black man married to an Asian woman), Soul Man on HBO when i was 4 (white man and black woman), La Bamba in theaters (white girl and latino boy), Scarface on TV (a white woman and a latino man), Angel Heart on video (white man and black woman), Serpent and Rainbow in theaters when i was 5 going on 6 (black woman and white man), Tales from the Darkside The Movie in theaters (Rae Dawn Chong and James Remar whom one is a black woman and a white man), MASH the series (Lebense American man and Asian woman married) to seeing Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (white woman and black man and it's a classic from 1967) in class when i was 12 to reading some issues of X-Men where Storm has an affair with a white man taught me growing up there is nothing wrong with interracial love.

    They taught me love has no skin color/ethnicity/different cultural background but who the person is. I have been supporting interracial love/marriage since i was a kid seeing those couples in those shows/movies/comics! i wouldn't mind having me a girlfriend or wife who is light ebony, East Indian, Asian or whatever.

  18. It's crazy because nowadays I can't go anywhere without seeing couple's like this. Just imagine 20 years from now.

  19. This is why actress win Oscar's or at least it used to be. That one long look from Hepburn, no need to show up ladies we have a winner!

  20. 1:18 "Doc… Doc… doctor Prentice… I' m SOOOO pleased to meet you!" Yes, of course…

  21. If I was parent I would be more concerned about age gap she is 23 and he is 38 it’s not big deal she is an adult but I would ask couple of question first

  22. Hepburn's acting here is so incredibly vivid as her thoughts progress from stage to stage of recognition and emotion…such a great actress…!

  23. I've seen most Hepburn movies about 30 times. There are a few I've seen more than that — the few that my husband likes well enough to watch over and over with me. This is one of those. It's funny that Hepburn won one of her four best actress Oscars for this because, if you think about you'll realize she really plays a supporting role here. In fact, all of the female roles are supporting roles here. If I were king of the world, she would have gotten an Oscar for The African Queen instead. Poitier and Tracy are really at the center of the story. Poitier is charming in that way he had, as Tracy is charming in his own peculiar way.

    There are still very serious racial problems in the US. It's encouraging though to realize that this movie couldn't be made today, when interracial couples are ubiquitous and taken for granted in movies and on TV.

  24. Funny how when white men date and marry black women there is no shocked reaction, but when a white woman dates and marry black men, it's a total shock, and people are upset, and disappointed, people literally lose their friggin minds!?

  25. Why would a white person want to marry a black person? I just look at mixed race marriages and I wonder what wrong with the white person that a black person was all they could get.

  26. That look she gave! Ha ha. Either she doesn't like his skin color – or – he's the young man her husband's been having an affair with.

  27. One of the first harbingers of the full out Leftist assault against whites.
    Aimed to brainwash white women into breeding with lower IQ non-whites, the white woman/black male push has accelerated ever since in Arts, Academia, and Porn. All that is left is to make having white babies a crime.

  28. I own this movie. Go out and get it! Katherine Hepburn is one of my favorites. Her performance in this was outstanding!!!!

  29. Cheesy corny crap.The whole premise is stupid.They want to get married after knowing each other for ten days? Even if he was white it would be a problem for the parents.

  30. See this is a back when females we're into a real men. Listen to the way she described him, she said he's calm and so sure of everything and has no tension in him. Nowadays, females love rough and rugged guys who are rude/arrogant/ignorant, will yell at you, or be ready to fight if you say one word to them. That's what they consider a man or a protector these days.

  31. Oh. Grand dieu Poitiers qu'elle élégance qu'elle prestance qu'elle personnalité Sidney Poitiers vous êtes merveilleux vous avez un sourire ravageur.quelle. présence.

  32. Would it be possible to use part of this clip in a student project? We'd like your permission to do so.

  33. This looks so forced. Interracial dating doesn't suit Blacks. Blacks do it out of desperation, hopeless and dispair.

  34. they made portier's character so desirable that the only thing you would have to dislike about him would have to be just the color of his skin…very brilliant scripting.

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